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The Naive Girl


I am 33 now and have the most pleasant memories of this chick that gave me all my wishes at age 19 that I had been desiring since I was in 6th grade. Since sixth grade, I had my eyes on all girls as they were showing signs of women hood. I had been peeking sneaks at my old man's Playboy rags since 4th grade. Not that often because the pictures were not that much of a turn on until I saw the girls in my class beginning to have bodies like those in the zine.

Later after my first wet dream (still remembering the dream that accompanied that) was I beginning to look at the girls differently and well as the pictures in the old man's collection. My interest was in tall skinny chicks. I just loved those long legs. I did not why until much later when I found out those sticks can do wonders.

In high school, I attempted to get friendly with white chicks that had long legs but they were snobbish about talking with a black dude. The white girls that loved black cock by then were in my mind sluts; they just wanted black meat. I was more interested in seducing a chick that did not know it was coming at least directly.

Nothing happened in high school to satisfy my craving. However, in college my long desire was achieved.

I entered this math class and there must have been 250 students there. My jaws dropped at the number. There were maybe 15 black guys in the total and double the black sisters or maybe triple. I did not count. Twice a week this large body went to smaller classrooms having maybe 50 students and the student teacher desired us to sit like in grade school which was alphabetically. Low and behold this long legged white chick dropped her lovely ass into the desk in front of me. She had to be five feet six or better with a blonde ponytail and blue eyes; one hot bitch let me say. Immediately my cock stained in my trousers. She never even gave me a glance when sitting down; cold bitch I thought; another one of them.

A sister was sitting next to me, smiled and said, "Hi!" I figured she just wanted to get into my pants sometime during the quarter.

After that class broke up the sister stood up by me and whispered,

"If you think you're gonna get that black snake of yours into her, you are dumber than you look." I said, "I have no interest in the bitch, she's colder than ice in January." She said, "Then why was you sitting there half the class with a boner?" I am sure I was red but...

Well about 4 weeks into the class the topic for the day was going over my head. I decided I would try something. I wrote a note saying, "This topic today has gone over my head. Since you are making A's in this class, can we meet in the student union or lounge and would you be gracious enough to help me understand it so I won't get behind?" I slipped the note over the shoulder of Sheri sitting in front of me. She took it and then five minutes later slipped it back to me. It read, "Be more than happy to Jerry. I am in the union every day from 5:30 to 7:30 PM catch me there." When the class was over, I mentioned to her I would see her later because I did not want to get behind.

I met her as planned and she cleared my fog over the topic. I told her I owed her a meal or beer and pizza sometime and to collect whenever she had free time and left without any indication I wanted her so bad. When I got back to the dorm, I had to relieve the pressure that had built up from sitting next to her and smelling her wonderful odors.

The next time we saw each other in class she asked if all was okay. At least she spoke to me. I thanked her again for the help. Her response was, "Any time," which caused an immediate erection.

The sister next to me saw it and punched me hard to let me know she saw the pressure in my pants.

Two weeks had past and nothing else out of the ordinary happened other than her smiles and greetings now when we were next to each other. I left most of my books in the chemistry building so I would not have to carry them all over campus. This one afternoon as I was walking past a lab I heard some glass break. I turned and went in and it was Sheri standing over broken glass and some liquid on the floor and with fear on her face.

I startled her by asking is it serious or just a mess. She looked at me and said, "I guess more of a mess then serious. I was clumsy and dropped the beaker of water."

I said, "Let me clean it up for you. Good thing it was not some chemical."

I proceeded to get the mess cleaned up and we chatted about the chemistry class. Well, we were taking the same 101 course but different teachers and times. "Jerry, maybe when you have some time could you help me understand some of this stuff. It is going over my head and I would hate to get less than an A; my parents will kill me.

I responded with, "Be more than happy too; that is if I understand it. Shall we do it at the union again and when will a good time be?"

Her response was "How about today after I run this experiment and collect the data?"

"Great, I will stick around and we can walk to the union together if that's ok."

"Great, that will be super. Then I won't be getting behind."

When she said behind I just had to look at hers and sure enough, it was awesome under those tight fitting jeans that were hugging those lovely, lovely globes of butt cheeks. My cock woke up.

As she was assembling the glassware, I could see some of her connections were not tight which would cause her not to get the right readings. I pointed it out to her, stepped in to fix them, and in the process my elbow ran across one of her tits as she had her nose in looking at what I was doing. Neither of us did or said anything about the tit rub.

When it was up and running, I said I would lean back on the bench behind her to look over the experiment and help if I saw something askew. She smiled at me.

I leaned back and closed my eyes. Because of lack of sleep, I fell asleep. However, my mind did not. It was thinking of her hot bod. I was startled awake upon hearing, "Ouch." I popped my eyes open and she had burnt the tips of her fingers slightly by touching some hot glassware. I instinctively grabbed her white hand and placed it under cold running water. In the process, I felt my cock pressing hard against my trousers. The damn thing would not shrink because I was holding her hand in cold water. It must have grown in my catnap thinking of her hot bad.

After the pain had subsided I helped Sheri put things away and off to the union we went.

After helping her with her chemistry I was in the process of saying, "Glad to been of help," she said, "If you have time I will treat you for dinner for cleaning up my mess, helping me with my burnt fingers, tightening my glassware and this tutoring."

I responded let us go Dutch since I owe you also. She smiled and off to the union cafeteria we went. As we were eating, we chatted about our backgrounds, high school, friends, and goals. I did not tell her one of my goals was to bed her. We chatted for quite some time and I made up my mind to be a perfect guy and not hit on her.

It was 9:30 and she said, "Jerry would you mind walking me to the dorm? It is late and I will feel so much more comfortable with you as an escort. Then I do not have to call for one and they give me the creeps anyway."

I responded with, "Be more than happy."

The dorm was not out of my way so off we went and I let her get in and waved bye.

As soon as I got into my dorm, pressure relief time.

Over the next week, we saw each other in math a couple of times but that was the extent of our contact. I was always checking into the chemistry lab when I was in the building but Sheri was never there.

Then one day she was. I dropped in and asked if all was well. She looked up with a surprise look and said, "Damn you show up just when I need a guy."

I smiled and asked what the problem was. She said that a cork was stuck on a piece of glass and she was afraid of breaking it and cutting herself.

I took it from her and got it off. In the process I noticed she had not lube the cork for easy on and off. I then took the lube and cork and showed her how much to apply and the process. In the process of showing her, I had a smile come to my face thinking of KY and me and her. Naturally, my cock responded to the thought.

After handing it back to her she thanked me and looked me in the eyes and said, "Jerry, when you were placing that cork onto that glassware it must have stirred some other thoughts in your brain because I noticed that bulge again today like the other day when you were holding my hand under the cold water."

She had floored me with that comment. I looked at her and said, "Sheri, let's face it. I am a guy and when I am around pretty and sexy and hot women my hormones go to war and standing next to you using that lube with the cork and glassware stirred them up also. She smiled and said, "Thanks for being honest."

"Do you want me to stay or can you handle things now?"

"Thanks Jerry I am fine. Catch you tomorrow in math and I owe you again."

The next day in math class she handed me an envelope. The note read, "I'd like to invite you to my birthday party, Friday night two weeks from now at the Northeast Club, at 8:30. Please come, I think you will have a good time." There was a PS to it, which read, "Some of your sisters and bothers will be there," which had a smiley face drawn.

I leaned forward and said, "I will be sure to be there."

Knowing she grew up in town and having gone to a mixed school, I knew what she had meant by brothers and sisters and that I would be comfortable.

In the math classes we just had short visits up to the day of the party.

At the party, it was big by the way, were family members and friends.

She welcomed me and introduced me around to her family as her gift to salvage her in chemistry and she was my tutor in math. Her parenets thanked me for the help and blah...blah.

Well the party went great and I met some other hot chicks. I danced with many and some with Sheri. One dance in particular was a slow close dance, you know the kind. Well she whispers into my ear, "I feel your hormones are at war with each other." I whisper back, " Are you glad?" I got a nice hug. She is five foot seven and I am five foot eight.

I left the party with one of the sisters and a brother. We went to his place and had fun.

Tuesday following the party Sheri hands me a note. It read, "Are you ever going to ask me for a date? I am not hot enough for you?"

I pondered how to reply. I left class without answering other than a wink and smile.

Thursday I received another note. "I have another problem in chemistry. Can you drop by the lab tomorrow?"

I leaned forward and said, "Sure Sheri I will be glad to drop by the lab tomorrow."

She turned and said, "Thanks."

Friday after classes I dropped by the lab and she was there. I walked in and she smiled but nothing was on the bench. I had this confused look on my face. She walks up to me, places a hand on my shoulder and one to my crotch and said, "It's not the chemistry that I'm interested now it's physics," as my cock was expanding at a rapid rate.

I looked down at her and said, "I guess I have a physics problem also. Something is very constrained."

"Well I'd like to help you with it and it might help me at the same time."

I was floored by her boldness. I was assuming she was opening to be another prick teaser. However, her hands on my crotch was no longer a tease.

She then whispers, "Take me somewhere where I can study, please."

I phoned a buddy to see if his pad is available. Thank God, it was. My boner was not going down at all.

I grabbed her books and said, "Okay, lets go to class."

In the car she said, "Jerry you are the first black guy that has not hit on me. I also know that you get horny around me but probably you do that with all girls. I have never seen a real black cock, only pictures. Some of my girlfriends sleep with black guys and tell me all about the size and stamina of their boyfriends. I know black guys want white girls in bed. I get wet thinking about it but have not relaxed enough to sleep with one until now."

Did I hear right?

"Jerry why are you different? I was hoping that for the last month you would ask me for a date. However, it might have worked out better because it has gotten to the point I am asking you. Please do not think of me as a tease for asking you. Nor am I am slut that sleeps with hot guys of my choosing. Jerry I am still a virgin."

My heart leaped into my throat, my cock roar to attention and I could not talk for a few minutes as my cock was killing me with it being constrained and rock hard and pointed to my kneecap.

"Jerry you look uncomfortable. Is it your cock because it is straining in that position?"

I answered, "God yes Sheri, it is killing me."

"Would it help if I opened your trousers and gave it some room?"

"Uh huh that would help."

She reached for my buckle, undid it, lowered the zipper, undid the bottom, spread the fly wide open, reached in and wrapped those soft warm hands around the ebony pole.

As she lifted it out of my boxers I looked down for a second and she was staring at the monster I am sure.

As we continued to my friends place it grew harder and thicker.

Her comment was, "My God Jerry no wonder my girlfriends talk about these things."

She started to feel it, wrapping her fingers around it, which they barely did. Then she started to wank it, slowly. It was obvious she did this before to cocks to prevent her dates from getting blue balls, I assume.

I was shocked when she lowered her mouth and engulfed the head. I could barley get the car stopped and to the curb when I did not even have time to warn her that it was on its way.

God, it seemed gallons of my nut juice were firing down her throat. I was humping that sweet wet warm mouth as if it was my last cum. When it was over and I was deflating, she lifted up, looked at me and not showing a drop of cum said, "My God Jerry. That is the most cream a guy has ever fed me."

I reached for her and went to kiss her. She opened her mouth and we went to serious frenchy kissing. God I never had tasted my own cum until this time.

When we broke the kiss she asked how far and I said, 5 minutes. She then opened her jeans, lowered them slightly, took my right hand, and slipped them into her panties. She was wet and hot. My cock got a life of its own and started to rise again. She giggled when seeing it and said, "I really need to study that a lot when we get to your friends place."

"Well we are here so you can get to your homework as soon as we get in the unit."

We both got our trouser up and headed for Jim's place.

As soon as we were in the door, I made a move on her to kiss her well. As we were kissing, I was opening the buttons on her blouse as she was opening mine.

When the blouse was open, I just reached under her bra, lifted it above the top of her tits, and went immediately to sucking one and massaging the other. God they were my perfect specimens; so soft, natural and pliable. She placed her hands around my neck and moaned as she was pressing her cunt into my rigid pole that wanted this white chick's cherry.

I kept sucking but used my hands to undo her jeans. She went for mine at the same time. Both jeans dropped and both out hands went to grouping for each other's sex toys.

I had made the conscious decision a long time ago if I ever got a cherry I would let the girl pop her own instead of me doing it and making it miserable for the chick.

"Sheri, lets get comfortable on the sofa. I would love a lap dance. Let me get a towel so Jim doesn't get pissed from a stain."

When I returned with the towel, she was naked. So was I. The eye of my 10" cock was starring at the ceiling. She kept starring at it as I approached. I was wondering if she had changed her mind.

As I was putting the towel down, she asked me what a lap dance was.

I grinned internally and said, "Well come here babe and I will show you."

I sat down and the said, "Sheri just straddle me with you legs. Let my cock rest on your belly and let me suck and play with your boobs."

She did as I asked. We kissed some before I opened my mouth to suck in a whole breast. She was a 34 c and it fit so nice into my mouth.

I heard, "Oh God Jerry that feels so goooooood. No guy has ever been so tender with me. As she was enjoying the tit treatment, I used a free hand to spread her lubrication well from her pussy to her ass hole. After a few minutes of playing there, it seemed she wanted a finger in her. I kept alternating my mouth between her tits and worked a finger into her pussy, then two and then three. God that pussy was so hot and wet. The female in heat odor was getting to me but I decided she was going to fuck me, me not her. That must have taken 15 minutes but she was humping my fingers pretty darn good.

I then took the other hand, flattened it and moved it so my middle finger could strum her clit. As soon as I touched it she gushed a cum, moaning sounds of pleasure and her nip in my mouth was hard as a rock.

I left my hand still but Sheri decide to move her hips to get my finger to glide over her clit. She achieved another orgasm.

She was wet with perspiration. She breaks us apart and says, "Jerry, it's time for you to take my cherry but please be gentle."

I took her face and looked her in the eyes and said, "Sheri, you pop your cherry on my black cock anyway you want. We are sitting here like this so you can control it. But before we do anything more should I put on a raincoat?"

"No Jerry please don't. My girlfriends tell me it's a wonderful feeling and just to be sure I have been on the pill several months."

"Okay babe if you still want black meat come get it."

She raised up and located the head which I had pretty much positioned, pressed her tits into my chest and began a very slow decent. I knew that it had to be hurting some if this was the first time. I was watching her face as she was grimacing. However, she continued taking more meat into her but her mouth opened as if she was going to scream. Instead, she buried her head into my neck. She was dripping wet with perspiration and said, "God if babies can come out, this dam thing should go in. All the while pulling me tighter to her as the pain must have been increasing as the cock approached the cherry. The cock hit and she stopped and was catching her breath. I said, "Sheri, relax and then when you have your breath fuck my cock for awhile at this level but do not go further. That way you will be stretching and getting used to the full feeling.

My balls where churning to unload. I needed this time to settle also.

She followed my suggestion and was getting into a rhythm. I kept saying, "Slow and easy, slow and easy." I did not want her to have me shooting.

After she appeared to be very well lubricated and sliding reasonably easy I said, "Sheri you have two choices to pop your cherry maybe a third. One is to drop down and push to see if it breaks, the other is pull way back and fall on it with all your might and the third would be the same but tell me and I will jam up at the same time."

"Jerry let me try the first and if it hurts too much, let me rest and let's do the third."

"Okay babe do your thing." What surprised me she started the humps again and was going at it at a pretty good pace.

I said, "Slow down babe, you will have me squirting if you keep this up."

With that comment, she dropped herself. She busted her cherry and she screamed, "OOHHHhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...God!!!"

As she clutched me and squeezed me tight and shook. This caused my to blast my load and I growled in her ear as it was pumping hot love juice into her. With each pump she was gripping me tighter and tighter as I was filling her now initiated cunt with its first of many loads of man juice.

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