tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Naughty Coed Ch. 01

The Naughty Coed Ch. 01


Unlike most transvestites I had never really dreamed of dressing like a girl. Sure I had done silly things like wearing make-up and bows for a school play, but never went all the way.

I did experiment with other boys in school. Once at a sleepover in the seventh grad I sucked my friends tiny cock while he slept. Then during high school when I was a freshman I made out with my one friend's boyfriend after a party.

We all went back to his parents house and all three of us kissed for awhile. Then I went to bed and they had sex without me.

It was during my freshman year in college, away from home and friends for the first time, that I took things a step further. After my roommate and I came back to my dorm room after a party, we began masturbating on the floor together. We were so drunk we couldn't even stand up.

So I crawled over to him and began sucking on his cock. It wasn't that big, maybe five inches. He became really hard and gagged as it hit the back of my throat. Within minutes he came in my mouth and choked on his sperm. Still it tasted great.

The next day he swore me to secrecy and that was it. He preferred girls. I on the other hand was more flexible. Sure I liked girls, but I did enjoy boys too.

Two weeks later on a Saturday night a knock woke me up. I looked at the clock and it was 3am. When I opened the door I was greeted by my one friend Mike. It seems by roommate had spilled the beans on me and now a very drunk and desperate Mike wanted to bust a nut in my mouth before going to bed alone.

"Listen man," he explained, "I'm not gay. I just so horny and I really need a blowjob. You interested?" My roommate was spending the night at his current girl's room, so how could I resist.

I invited him in and he collapsed onto my beanbag chair. Not wanting to waste any time, I unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans down. His cock was already stiffening up nicely to its full seven inches. Mike had a nice tan muscular body, so his penis sat nicely in a cloud of black pubic hair on dark brown skin.

I kneeled between his legs and sucked three or so inches into my mouth. Bobbing my head up and down, I got a nice rhythm going. Mike began moaning in pleasure. Encouraged, I began fondling his hairy balls and rubbing his thighs.

Within minutes he exploded into my mouth. He immediately pulled up his pants and began to leave in embarrassment. Neither of us said anything.

The next day I saw him at lunch and only smiled. He didn't say anything about it, but he did blush a little. From then on he was a little uncomfortable around me, but it didn't stop him from stopping by for a regular BJ. In fact I serviced him about once a day and got quite good at it.

Over the course of the year I let my hair grow to about shoulder length. Since this was the 80's, long hair was pretty acceptable in guys. Especially if you were into heavy metal like I was.

I also purchased a pair of leather boots that had two-inch heels and started wearing tight black pants. Since I only stood about five-six and had a thin frame, I got mistaken for a girl a lot by strangers. Plus I had always acted a little gay anyways.

It wasn't until a party near the end of the spring semester that it dawned on me to try dressing as a girl.

I attended a party at a local metal band's house. They all lived there together and threw regular parties. I had only been to a few, but really wanted to live this one up. So I put on my tightest black pants. They were bell-bottoms that laced up the front. I wore my black boots and a ruffled black shirt. To top it all off I had teased chestnut hair up high and added a little eyeliner. What I had went for was the look of a rocking metal star, but instead ending up like a pretty hot girl.

So at the party I hung out and chatted with various people. One rather handsome senior talked to me for over an hour. He kept touching me lightly and even leaning close to whisper to me for a moment. It never dawned on me that he thought I was a girl. He never really caught a clue either probably because of how drunk he was and the fact that my name is Ashley!

After spending the entire school year sucking only one cock, I was pretty hungry for something new. So when he invited me out to his car to smoke a little weed I couldn't resist.

We walked out to his car and I about jumped out of my pants when he grabbed my ass. We got in his car and climbed in. It had bucket seats, so I sat crosswise a little to face him better. He packed a bowl and handed it to me. What a gentleman! After hitting it, I handed it back. It was really good weed. I don't blame him for only wanting to share it with me.

We passed it back and forth for a bit. I kept leaning closer while I did till I was almost in his lap. Finally I leaned in and kissed him. Our tongues twirled around like wild and I started rubbing his cock through his jeans.

He had his hand on my ass and was squeezing for all it's worth. His left hand kept trying to get between my legs, but I pushed it away. I wasn't ready for another guy to touch me that way. Not sure why.

Finally he unzipped his pants in frustration and said, "suck me." I did as order and engulfed about half of his eight inch cock. It was fantastic. The bell end kept smashing against the back of my throat, but I had learned to control my gag reflex. He then shoved my head down hard and his cock head went down my throat. I gagged, but held on and sucked.

Suddenly he jerked a little and shot a huge wad of cum down my throat. As his dick softened, I pulled my mouth off and leaned up to kiss him. He kind of pushed me away and said, "I don't kiss girls after the blow me."

I was kind of shocked. First that he thought I was girl and second that he was suddenly such a jerk. "You jerk," I yelled and got out of the car. I ran back to my dorm crying.

He got his own justice when he went back to the party and bragged to a bunch of guys how he got some hot girl to swallow him whole. They didn't waste anytime telling him that the hot girl was actually a guy.

I guess he turned white as a ghost and started freaking out. Nobody ever heard from him again after graduation.

Nobody gave me any grief for the incident. In fact some of the guys said they couldn't blame him for wanting me to suck his cock.

So as my freshman year ended I came to the decision it was time for a change. Or at least to try it for awhile.

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