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The Need Is Great!


My wife and I have had a good, six year, marriage and a good sex life. However, I had one secret that I kept from her. I enjoyed having sex with men. When I was a teenager an older man groped me and I didn’t back away. I enjoyed the thrill and was hard instantly. Ever since then I had occasional meetings with men who were gay and bi.

Jenny is 24 and I’m 29. This is my second marriage and her first. We get along wonderfully. Jenny is a very sexy woman and she turns me on easily. I’m happy and content with our sexual episodes and, I believe, so is she. This thing about male sex, however, is never far from my mind.

Jenny and I began using the internet to find various things and eventually I found the chats. I used them innocently at first, but then I found the more erotic chats and became curious. Having not had male sex for at least seven years, I was intrigued with the bi and gay chats. It got so that, after Jenny was asleep, I secretly got on the chats and used Instant Messages to talk to the men. After a while these IMs were so hot that I found myself jerking off while chatting. This aroused my need to experience a sexual encounter with a man. I began to look for a possible partner. There were several that looked good from time to time, but I was hesitant to actually make the plunge.

Meanwhile, my sex with Jenny got even better. She was amazed that I was so horny at times when she didn’t expect it. Even if she wasn’t in the mood, she became so and eventually got into it. This was great for both of us but, there still was my growing need to be with a man.

After about a month of chatting I could not resist any longer. I made arrangements to meet with a guy on a night that Jenny was working. As the day grew near I got hotter and hornier, but I still felt guilty about doing this because of Jenny. I met Jim at a diner for a cup of coffee. I knew that the guilt wasn’t strong enough to overcome my need for this.

I followed Jim to his home, not far away. We were both so horny we didn’t waste time. He led me to his bedroom and we stripped right away. Jim was thin but wiry. He was muscular, but about a foot shorter than my 6’3” and he had a beautiful cock that looked like it was 8” long and very thick. Mine is no slouch at 7 ½” either. There was no kissing, just sex. First, I sat on the bed and Jim came up to me with that gorgeous cock staring me in the face. It having been so long since I sucked on a cock, I made love to it. I rubbed it around my face and licked it on the underside and at the tip. I sucked the sweet pre-cum from Jim’s piss hole. I loved it. I could not wait any longer and I plunged Jim’s hard cock deep into my mouth. I kept taking him in till he reached the back of my mouth. There was about an inch or two left. I took a deep breath and relaxed my throat. Then, I grabbed Jim’s ass and pulled him into my throat as far as I could. I could feel his pubic hairs against my nose and his ball sack against my chin. I was in heaven. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t keep him that deep. I had to breathe. I backed off a bit and sucked him thoroughly, using all my experience to bring him close to climax. He began moaning loudly and pushed on my shoulders.

“I can’t let you do that to me any more or I’ll cum. I want to suck you too,” he groaned.

I reluctantly let his lovely cock slide out of my mouth and breathed in his musky aroma. Jim laid me on his bed and kneeled on the floor. He then caressed my balls and kissed my inner thighs. I lifted my legs and he licked my balls. His lips and tongue slid up my shaft and the tip of his tongue began to lick the underside of my prick near the head. This always drives me up the wall. I began moaning loudly. Jim’s wet lips took the head of my cock in and he plunged down to my balls. I had all I could do not to cum right then! He slowly backed off and began a rhythmic, back and forth movement while his tongue licked all around my shaft.

“I have to have you back in my mouth,” I said, pulling him upward.

Jim let my cock fall from his mouth and moved so that we were in a 69 position. He then took my throbbing cock back into his mouth and began to suck again. I put one hand on each of his ass cheeks and pulled him down until the head of his cock hit my nose. I opened my mouth and pulled him deep into my throat. This was heaven, feeling my cock being sucked and sucking on a beautiful, wet cock was what I needed.

We made it last as long as we could, backing off every once in a while, and then plunging in again. But, there was only so much we could take of this pleasure. I held off until I felt Jim’s throbbing cock swell and he mumbled something to me. I knew he was going to cum so I let go. I felt my cream spurt from the head of my cock and shoot up to fill Jim’s mouth. Jim’s cum began to shoot into my mouth and down my throat. He had a big load. I kept gulping and swallowing, loving the taste. I sucked him until I knew I had swallowed his entire load. I felt his cock begin to shrink. Jim sucked and swallowed as much of my cum as he could, but because he was on the top, some of it escaped his mouth and dripped down my shaft and over my balls. But, then he lifted my legs around his shoulders and licked and drank all the cum that covered my cock and balls. He even went down and licked my asshole clean.

I looked at the clock and said I have to get home before my wife does. We promised to IM each other and get together again.

I felt a sense of relief as I drove home. My male sex urge was fulfilled and there was more to come. I was a bit worried and kind of scared to face Jenny though. In my vivid imagination I could see her spot the difference in me, and suspect something.

That didn’t happen and Jim and I had several trysts since that first one. I knew it was wrong, but I needed it and I could not deprive myself of it.

Jenny was experiencing the things going on in the chat rooms too and, although I thought I was careful in deleting all my correspondence, she found me out.

What happened after that is a very interesting story. More to cum?

Mr Lucky

Always glad to receive comments on my stories and always glad to trade stories by e-mail.

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