Joyeux Noel


His hand started to move towards his cock.

"That's it. Do it. Touch your cock."

His fingers found the hot, rigid flesh.

"That's it," I whispered. "Now stroke it."

He did as he was told. I fingered myself in unison.

"I love to watch a man stroking himself. It's so exciting for me. Knowing that I'm exciting him like that."

He was pulling down the skin on his cock, making the tip swell upward. I started to breathe hard.

"Oh, that makes me so hot," I moaned.

And I wasn't lying. It really did. I straddled him and felt my nipples with one hand and fingered my pussy with the other while he held his cock up and stroked it right in front of me. My head was swimming.

I love the thought of a man touching himself because he's attracted to me. Because he's turned on by my body, or by words. The thought of a man rubbing his own cock, or a woman fingering her pussy for that matter, because of me, makes me incredibly hot.

At this moment, writing these words, I'm wet just thinking about it. The thought that you, my dear reader, might be rubbing yourself as you read this -- makes me want to touch myself too. Oh, I'm so hot thinking about that. Please touch yourself while you read the rest of my story and I'll do the same.

By the time I lowered my pussy on his face I was on the verge of coming. I felt his tongue inside me, licking me, devouring me, and my body shook with desire. He brought me to orgasm in an instant.

"Oui ... oui ... comme ca ... comme ca ... mon Dieu!"

I was straddling him, facing his feet, staring at his rock hard cock, my body shuddering. Once I collected myself, I lowered myself until my breasts brushed his skin, and brought my lips to his cock. I took his cock in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head until he moaned out loud. I took him deep in my throat and out again. I wanted him so badly.

All the while, he continued to lick me. Sliding his tongue from my ass to my lips and over my clit. He would sink his tongue deep inside me and then slide it out and over my clit. He was making my body quake with desire.

I could barely concentrate it felt so wonderful. I could feel another orgasm approach and pressed my pussy against his face. I took his cock deep into my throat and felt my body once again start to convulse. My orgasm overwhelmed me as I sucked hard on his cock.

It felt so good to make love like that. But I wanted more. Needed more.

I repostioned myself to face him, straddling him, my eyes on fire, my hair disheveled.

"I'm going to fuck you now" I growled. "I'm going to fuck you like it's your last day on this earth."

I lowered myself onto his cock and felt him penetrate me slowly. It had been so long, it felt magnificent. I raised and lowered myself on him, rotating my hips and arching my back, relishing the feeling of his glorious cock in my pussy.

I leaned back, my hands braced on his legs. I arched my back and my breasts heaved. My nipples were pointing to the ceiling.

"Je suis si chaud!!!" I screamed. "Mon Dieu, je l'adore!!!"

I pressed myself down on him and felt him go deep inside me. He was six inches at most but he felt so huge to me that I couldn't help but cry out.

"Ohhhhhh, tu es si grand!!! Oh, mon Dieu!!!"

He was so turned on he was grunting out loud. Low, animalistic sounds. He grabbed me by the hips and started to push his hips upward. I was starting to lose control, and I loved it.

"Oh, oui. Fuck me! Fuck me!" I panted, my eyes squeezed shut. My hair was everywhere, a disheveled mess.

He started thrusting into me, with lightning thrusts, one after another, causing my breasts to bounce. And me to cry out.

"Oh, c'est si bon! C'est si bon!"

I felt dizzy, like I would faint. I leaned foward and pressed my breasts against his chest, my mouth at his ear.

"Tu es parfait!" I whispered hoarsely. "Tu comprends? Your cock is perfect for me! Oh, I'm going to come again."

He put one hand on my shoulder, pressing e down, and reached down to rub my clit with the other. At the same time, he slowly rotated his hips. I tipped my pelvis so that my clitoris rubbed against his fingers. Waves of pleasure washed over me.

Our bodies moved together, rhythmically, and my orgasm washed over me. Not a tidal wave this time, more like a rising tide that kept rising and rising until it flooded over. It was glorious.

I lay against his chest, playing with his nipples. I was so satisfied and still he hadn't come. This marvelous man with his splendid cock. All I could think of was making him come. To make that beautiful cock spray ribbons of creamy cum.

Every now and then I'd arch my back and feel his cock slide into my wetness. He was still hard.

"You feel so good inside me," I whispered. "You fill me up. You satisfy me."

"I'm glad," he said simply.

"Now, I want to satisfy you," I said, looking into his eyes. "I want to give you the best orgasm of YOUR life."

"Twist my arm," he said with a smile. I giggled like a schoolgirl.

"What shall I do?" I said, conspiratorially. "What would turn you on most? What would make you have an orgasm plus grand?"

"What you've been doing." he said. "It's wonderful. You're incredibly beautiful and sexy."

Now I wanted to please him more than ever.

"I can be anything. Do anything. Just so it pleases you. How do you want to come? Hmmm? Dis-moi. Tell me. Do you want to come in my mouth? I'll swallow your cum gladly. Or fuck my breasts perhaps? I'll push them together and let you slide them between them until you come all over my neck and face? I'll do it. Or, do you want to fuck me in the ass? Would that turn you on? Anything you desire. I will give it to you. I want to give it to you."

He smiled and gently touched my cheek.

"What I want. What I really want. Is just to fuck your pussy. It's the sweetest, tightest, most beautiful pussy I've ever made love to."

I touched his lips with my fingers and he sucked one into his mouth.

"What a beautiful man you are. But how? How do you want to fuck me. On top? From behind? Standing? How do you enjoy it most?"

"Well, I enjoy any and all ways. But right now, I feel like making love to you face to face. Sitting up. And then, well, let's see what happens."

"OK. Show me what to do," I said, placing myself at his mercy.

He sat upright and pulled my legs so they wrapped around him. He pulled my body close to his and lifted me up. As I arched my back, I felt his cock sink into me. He looked me straight in the eyes and kissed me deeply, for the longest time. Our kisses became more passionate.

He held my torso and lifted me, so strong yet so gentle, until my breasts were at his face. He kissed them, then took each nipple into his mouth and sucked them. It felt heavenly. Then he lowered me onto his shaft and I gasped. Then, he did it again. I swore I could feel his cock throbbing, growing even bigger than before.

Each time he lifted me up, it made my heart race. I could feel the tip of his cock, his thick swollen tip, spreading my labia and I knew he would soon be impaling me again. He would lick and suck and gently nibble my nipples and then slowly lower me onto his cock. Again and again he did it, and he would rock backward to push himself deeper inside. My body started to writhe.

"I love your nipples. They're so beautiful. So delicious."

His words were like heavenly music to my ears.

I reached back to play with his balls. He let out a moan. I gave them a squeeze and he moaned louder still. I watched his face closely, to know when and how to take him to the next level. I gently dragged my nails over the tender skin and suddenly he was leaning forward, forcing me on my back, on top of me, still inside me. It took my breath away.

"Wrap your legs around me," he instructed and I obeyed.

His hips free to move, he started to pump me, over and over, thursting his hips so that his cock penetrated me fully. His face was at my neck, kissing it, licking me, inhaling my scent. I reached down with both hands and found his ass, pulling him into me. It was so erotic. I lifted my hips to meet his thrusts.

His pumping grew faster, more urgent. He lifted himself and braced his body with his strong arms, looking me straight in the eyes. I could see an animalistic desire growing in his eyes, and could feel it between my legs. I felt a sense of anticipation, even a bit of fear.

He thrust his pelvis hard and I felt his cock sink deep into my wetness. I had a sharp intake of breath and my eyes got big. He asked if I was okay, and I nodded. Then did it again. And again. I didn't want it to stop. He quickened the pace and I could see he was getting closer to his climax.

He reached down and lifted my leg up, so that it rested on his shoulder. Then the other one. Then, he plunged himself inside me and I let out une petite crie, a scream. He had never been so deep. I could feel him pressing against my insides. Again, he thrust into me and again I let out a cry. Here I was, intent on making him come, and he was about to give me yet another orgasm.

He was sweaty now, bracing himself on his strong arms. His face was a picture of ferocious libido. He pressed down on me, my legs pinned back against my shoulders. I was totally exposed, vulnerable. He had me trapped with my pussy wide open to him, and he was pounding his cock into me. Over and over. So deep. So wonderfully deep. My body was starting to tremble and I knew it wouldn't be long before I was in the throes of another orgasm. Again he thrust into me. And again I cried out.

"But I want YOU to come. I want to please YOU!" I cried.

"This is what I want. To watch you come. To HEAR you come. While I come at the same time."

I looked at him, knowing what to do.

"Then fucking take me! Use me! And I'll come! I'll come so fucking hard!"

He got a wild look in his eyes. Then, suddenly, he flipped me over on my stomach and pulled my ass into the air. I yelped as he spread my legs with his own.

"Then give me your fucking pussy!!!" he shouted.

I felt a mix of fear and desire. I was on my knees, with my head on the bed and my ass in the air. I was totally at his mercy, ready to be used by him. He guided the tip of his cock to my swollen, dripping wet pussy, held my hips, and with one massive thrust impaled me with it. I screamed with pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh oui!!!!!"

"You want it, don't you?" he growled. "Tell me how much you want it."

"Oh, oui! Je veux! I want it so bad. I want your fucking cock deep in my pussy. I beg you! Fuck me with your big fucking cock!"

"Like this?" he asked in a dark voice as he slammed his cock inside me. I screamed again.

"Oui!!! Comme ca!!!! Comme les animaux!!! Like animals!!!"

He thrust into me again, pulling my hips toward him and grinding his pelvis into me. My body began to spasm.

"I'm going to come again!!! Mon Dieu, you're going to make me come again!"

He started to pump me hard. With his whole body. With his whole soul. It was like a wild beast. A mad, fucking beast.

"Give me your pussy!!! I love your fucking pussy!!!"

I braced myself against the headboard and pushed my pussy against his thrusts. Again and again he drove his cock deep inside me. With every thrust I cried out, my mouth open and my eyes shut.

"Oh come baby!!! Come with me!!!! I'm coming!!!!"

My pussy contracted and spasmed as the most explosive orgasm of my life erupted from deep inside me. He arched his back and plunged deep inside me, holding it there. He let out the loudest, longest moan. I could feel him explode inside me. He was filling me with his cum. He thrust and moaned again and I could feel him spurting his seed deep inside me.

When his orgasm ended, he fell against me, his hot sweaty body pressed against mine. He stayed inside me for the longest time, laying on me, pressing into me, as if he didn't want it to end.

And neither did I.

"Joyeux Noel," he whispered finally.

Joyeux indeed.

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I loved this story. So erotic, so descriptive, and completely unrushed. Thank you for a fun time.

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