The Neighbor


This is a work of fiction and all characters are at least 18.

Our neighbor moved in next door when I was about 13.

A young entrepreneur in his early twenties, Mason was a gorgeous man; tall and well dressed and charming, I developed a crush on him almost right away and my parents were just as easily charmed. It wasn't long before Mason was a frequent guest at our house. My parents invited him over all the time for dinner or to watch a football game or just for a couple drinks. He always made an effort to talk to me and ask me about school and my activities, but I was so shy I could barely manage to squeak out a conversation. My little girl crush must have been painfully obvious, but was he was nice and I couldn't have asked for anything more.

As the years went by, I convinced myself that crushing on him was pointless. I was just some skinny kid and here he was this handsome successful adult, he was so far out of my league it was almost funny. Still, unrequited love dies hard and even though I dated a couple boys they never lasted long. I always held a candle for Mason. I got a little better at chatting with him when he came over, but any minor compliment from him always got my heart racing and color rushing to my cheeks. He'd say something small, that my haircut flattered my face or that I was growing into a lady so fast, I never knew how to respond besides stammering and flushing crimson.

Everything changed just as I was about to finish up my junior year of high school. My parents decided to remodel the house and as a result, my room got moved to the old guest bedroom which just happened to face Mason's house. I couldn't lie to myself, I was excited about the prospect of maybe innocently seeing him through the window. There's no way I could have known just how wrong I was about the innocence of the whole situation.

One night as I was getting ready for bed I saw something shocking. It was Mason standing in his bedroom, but he wasn't alone. A woman was with him and the things they were doing were so far beyond anything I'd ever experienced with a boyfriend. She was naked and kneeling in front of him, her lips wrapped around his cock and sucking vigorously. His fingers were tangled in her hair as he pumped her head back and forth. I stood there dumb founded; in my underwear with my arms raised above my head about to put a night shirt on. I barely managed to pulled myself together and drop to the floor just as I thought Mason looked up. Tentatively, I peeked out over the window.

"This is so wrong..." I thought to myself. Feeling a twinge of sadness, I watched the man I'd been trying not to crush on for years get it on with another woman. Somehow though, I couldn't look away. He still had her by the hair and roughly pulled her up, only to push her down over the bed and give her bottom a hard spank. His cock stood erect and he stroked himself up and down, I just couldn't tear my eyes off it. It looked so big, even from far away, I was convinced something like that couldn't possibly fit inside anyone! I was about to be proven wrong however, as he thrust his entire length inside her. Soon he was fucking her hard, pounding into her like a beast. His hand had never left her hair, pulling her head back and chocking her with the other hand. It was so intense, with the way she was being tossed around I couldn't tell if she was enjoying herself or if he was really hurting her.

As I watched, I put my hand under my panties to feel my own pussy; I was wet. Holding my breath, I gently dipped a finger into myself and felt the walls of my cunt. It was warm and wet and small, I couldn't believe I'd never done this before! Feeling brave, I slowly inserted a second finger. I played with myself like that for a bit but it wasn't very satisfying, I just couldn't reach far enough inside and my wrist was starting hurt from bending in that funny position. As I removed my fingers, they brushed lightly against my clitoris. Hm, now that felt interesting! My slick fingers slid and circled around my clit until I was struggling to keep my moans silent and sweat was building on my thighs. My arm was getting tired but I couldn't stop, it felt so good and I could feel something building up inside me. It was almost indescribable, like I was climbing some huge mountain and racing to the peak. When I reached the climax is was like a shockwave through my whole body, making me buck my hips and convulse on the floor. My clit was the epicenter of this explosion, so sensitive that I could barely continue touching it.

That was how I had my first orgasm, so intense and powerful that I had to bite into my arm to keep from screaming. As I lay there, panting, asking myself what the hell had just happened, and drenched in a combination of sweat and my own cum, something clicked inside my mind. Whatever this sex business was, it was clearly awesome.

From that night on, I turned into a chronic masturbator. I spent every night before I fell asleep rubbing my clit in a frenzy, I started watching porn and imagining that the men were all Mason and the women were all me. My favorites were the videos that paralleled what I'd seen that night at my window, rough violent sex. All the filthy things I watched online only fueled my desire to touch myself and cum as hard as I possibly could. Soon my fingers weren't enough and I went online to research incognito toys, then went to the store on my way home from school and bought an electric toothbrush. My face was bright red as I handed it to the cashier, I was so humiliated and ashamed of myself for taking something as normal as a toothbrush and corrupting it like this! But cumming just felt too good, I couldn't resist. My shyness around Mason returned and magnified, I couldn't even look him in the face when he came over for dinner. How could I possibly be expected to interact with him when every night I was secretly fantasizing about being fucked by him?! It was all too much, I usually ended up excusing myself as early as possible and bolting out of the room.

About a month after I'd begun my nightly habit I was playing with myself as usual; one hand thrusting the handle of the toothbrush deep into my cunt and the other one furiously rubbing my clit, biting my lip to keep quiet, when I just happened to open my eyes and realized something beyond awful. In my rush to start playing, I'd completely forgotten to close my blinds and as a result was totally exposed to anyone who could have been looking. As fate would have it, there was Mason, peering out of his room into mine. If I could have died from shame on the spot I certainly would have. Instead, I scrambled to the close the blinds as the blood drained from my face.

I spent the rest of the night curled up in a little ball wishing the for some way to just kill myself instead of having to see Mason ever again. Maybe the house would collapse, maybe I could throw myself off a bridge, anything seemed better than eventually having to interact with him.

The next morning when my dad came in to wake me up I looked like a wreck

"Oh honey" he said in a sympathetic voice "Did you not sleep well last night? Well you go back to bed, mom and I are going out to do some errands and should be back around 3 or 4."

"Thanks Dad, I'll do that" Secretly a little happy that I'd escaped accompanying my parents on their boring outing

"By the way" My dad stopped at the door and turned back to me "Mason called, he asked if you could help him with some yard work around noon. I told him you'd be happy to!"

If only I'd eaten more junk food in my life, maybe this news could have induced a heart attack and I would have been free, but sadly I just had to pull the covers over my head and pray to god it was all just a bad dream.

Three hours later I was shuffling up to Mason's doorstep and still praying for some kind of miracle like a lightning storm or a swarm of locusts. Unfortunately it was a warm, sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I was wearing denim shorts and an old t-shirt in preparation for some gardening. I gloomily rung the doorbell and waited for the worst.

"Hey good to see you! Thanks for coming over, I just have some flowers I need planting in the back and it'll go a lot faster with some help" Mason was all smiles as he opened the door and gestured for me to come inside. As usual he was dressed to the nines, a crisp white shirt, dark denim pants, even his house slippers seemed chic. Mason was the only person I knew who would have the audacity to dress like this and then garden. My mouth gaped open and I stared at him like an idiot as I walked inside. Could it be that he hadn't seen me? A whole load of gardening went by and Mason made nothing but pleasant conversation. It seemed like it was true, and I was so ecstatic that I enthusiastically engaged in his chitchat.

After about an hour Mason suggested that we go get some water. I was practically skipping as I followed him back inside, totally oblivious to the way he was looking me over.

"So as long as we're here, I have some photos I want to show you of my lastest project, I just had them developed this morning" Mason said as he reached for an envelope sitting on the counter

"Sure, that sounds cool" I idly took it from him and opened it up. I looked at the photo inside and choked. The picture was of me, lying out on my bed with my fingers stuffed inside my cunt and the bristles of my toothbrush against my nipple. I felt dizzy as I quickly flipped through the rest,I was in all of them. I couldn't believe that this slutty person in the photo was actually me, I looked so depraved with my mouth open in ecstasy.

"W-wha..." I couldn't even speak as I stared at the photos and then at Mason in horror

"It seems that someone here is a filthy little slut" Mason cooly took the pictures out of my trembling hand and thumbed through them. "Who would have known".

"How the hell did you take those?!" My voice came out somewhere between a squeak and a shrill noise

"Oh please" Mason rolled his eyes as he put the photos down and leaned towards me "You forget to close the curtain all the time, you've practically been inviting me to look and see what a lewd, disgusting girl you are".

The words were getting caught in my throat, I wanted to shout and scream and tell him he was wrong, that wasn't me, maybe someone else was like that but I was just a normal girl! I couldn't though, all I could get out was a pathetic sound, more of a whimper than anything else.

"You've... you've got it all wrong, I'm... that's not me!" the words barely stammered out of my mouth. Unconsciously I raised my arms to defend myself from his accusations, shrinking away from him in shame from all the things I knew deep down were true

"Is that so?" Mason slowly walked towards me, forcing me to back up against the wall, and pinned me on either side with his arms. He was so tall, practically towering over me. I'd never felt so small in my whole life.

"Then maybe you can explain to your parents why they've got it all wrong when I send them these photos in an unmarked envelope. Or better yet, I should make copies and plaster them all over your school. Won't that be a lot more exciting? A phone call from the Principle, informing your parents that their daughter is a young exhibitionist slut. Maybe that'll be a better time to explain why they've got it all wrong".

"Please" I whispered, my body starting to shake. This wasn't like the Mason I'd gotten to know, he seemed like a completely new person. "Please don't, why would you even do that?! What do you want from me?"

Mason smiled down at me. I imagine that even if the devil was possessing him that smile couldn't have been any more twisted

"I want you to be a good girl and do exactly what I say from now on, then I promise I won't show a soul these pictures" He reached down to grab my jaw and forced me to look up at him

"You see, I know you were spying on me a little while ago". I squirmed against his grip and tried to wiggle away from him but he held me there and leaned in close to my face "Good little girls don't spy now do they? If you're going to properly obey me then you have to learn that bad girls are going to get punished" he scolded me a in a low voice, eying me up and down.

"I don't understand what you're talking about" I tried to look as innocent as possible

Mason stopped smiling

"Good girls don't lie either" He let go of my face and tangled his hand in my hair, then yanked me roughly over to the kitchen table and bent me over.

"Stop!! What are you doing?!" I wailed as he used one strong arm to pin me down while the other began unbuttoning my shorts "I'm sorry I spied!! Please, just let me go!". He pulled the denim down my thighs and let them fall to the ground, exposing my panties. They were the kind of panties a kid would wear, pink with little yellow ducks all over. Mason's free hand was all over over my ass, rubbing and squeezing my fleshy bottom.

"Now let's look at this slutty ass, its so big these childish panties can hardly contain them!" Cupping my ass he jiggled it in his hand, making me feel like a cheap whore.

"Did you think wearing children's underwear would fool people into thinking you're an innocent young thing, fucktoy?" His hands felt so good, I couldn't stop myself from moaning softly. My pussy itched and started to get wet. I couldn't believe I was getting turned on from his sexual abuse!

"I've been watching you all this time pet, you used to be such a skinny little lolita tease but I knew you would blossom into a slut. Wearing skimpy clothes all the time, acting so cute and pure when you talk to me, its only been a matter of time before you were ripe enough for me to pluck you" I could hear the lust in his voice as his hand moved all over my body, feeling me up and caressing me. "There's no point in trying to fight me, I'm going to mold you into my pet no matter what you have to say about it"

I couldn't go anywhere with his other hand around my throat holding me down but something about his words were breaking my resistance in a much deeper way. Had he really been desiring me all this time? I stopped struggling and looked back at him, my eyes wide with curiosity.

"I'm going to have to discipline you for being naughty, you deserve this punishment after all. When I'm all done, I want you to thank me like the good girl I know you can be."


I let out a yelp as his hand came down hard on my ass cheek, making a crisp noise.

"This is what happens you're bad and upset me" Mason's voice was calm but stern as his hand spanked me over and over again. My bottom felt like it was fire from the stinging blows, I desperately squirmed to escape the swing of his hand but it was no good, he had me completely pinned down and at his mercy. Most of the blows landed on the meaty parts of my ass but a few smacks landed on my thighs and stung more than anything else. After what must have been an eternity of spanking, he took a step away from me. On the verge of tears I gasped and heaved, my body shaking violently from the pain. I turned my head to look at him, like a wounded animal.

"Don't you have something to say to me whore?"

I just stared at him, fighting back tears

"It wont be very pleasant if I have to remind you what you're supposed to tell me"

"Thank you for the punishment!!" I blurted the words out, anxious to avoid another round. I couldn't believe that I was saying these words, it was almost like a different person had taken over my body and was complying with this blackmail. Although I had to admit, now that he'd finished hurting me the pain was quickly disappearing. My ass still felt hot and tingly, but it was enjoyable. I realized that I was soaking wet and I scrambled to stand up so he wouldn't notice the dampness of my panties.

Pleased with my submission, Mason was all smiles again.

"Now that's a good girl. Alright little toy, follow me" He turned and headed into the living room. For a wild second I considered making a run for the door and getting as far away from him as possible. I wasn't wearing any pants though and Mason was probably a lot faster than me. If he thought I was being bad again, would I be in for an even worse punishment? In all honesty, even if I didn't want to admit it to myself yet, I was kind of enjoying this. I'd always wanted to be the object of his desire and now he was paying so much attention to me! And even better, my crush who I'd been fantasizing about was going to fuck me! In some twisted sense, this is what I'd always wanted. I took a deep breath and trailed quickly after Mason

He sat me down on his couch and positioned himself so his body pinned me there and he was looking down on me.

"You did the smart thing, not trying to run away" I gaped back at him, how did he know that's what I was thinking?!

"I..." I tried to speak but was totally at a loss. Mason laughed "You're like an open book little toy, I can read you so easily"

He took hold of the ends of my shirt and lifted it over my head and tossed over his shoulder. My breasts weren't very big so I often didn't bother with a bra if I could help it. This was one of those days, and I was completely exposed to him. I instinctively moved my arms to cover myself up but he grabbed my wrists and roughly forced my hands away.

"Mmm..." Inspecting me like an object he moved his hands over my chest, twisting my nipples harshly. I squeezed my eyes shut and cried out but there was no denying my nipples hardening under his touch.

"Look at these lewd tits, so small and yet they look like they were made for me to torture" Mason gave one a slap and I yelped again. His blow surprised me but it didn't hurt so bad.

Mason stood up and unzipped his pants, pulling them down and freeing his erection. It looked huge, so much bigger than when I saw it from my bedroom window. I should have been disgusted, but his cock was amazing. I felt unbelievably ashamed, but I wanted it. Whatever horrible dirty thing he was going to do to me, I wanted it.

"I can see it in your eyes toy, you want this fat cock don't you" Mason was stroking himself with one hand, the other had wrapped itself in my hair. "Well lucky for you, you're going to get it. But you see first, I want to make sure you realize what its going to take for you to get this gift from me and to keep me from exposing your nasty little habit from your family"

"Anything, please, I'll do anything, whatever you want from me just don't tell them!"

"Admit that you're a filthy girl and that you're going to belong to me from now on and become my property"

"What?! There's no way I can do that!"

Mason signed and started to put his cock back inside his boxers "That's too bad, I guess your reputation as an pure innocent daughter is over"

"Wait! Okay, okay... I... I'm a filthy girl who promises to be your... your property from now on" I wasn't sure what I was more desperate for, his silence about my masturbation or his cock. I needed it, I was practically salivating just looking at it. Almost as if my body was moving on its own, I leaned forward and opened my mouth to take his dick

"Now that's much, much better" with one hand on my head he directed me down to his balls. "I want you to be a good girl for me and lick and suck my balls. Be gentle, or I'll have to punish you again and this time I won't take it easy on you". Dreading the thought of an even harsher spanking, I gave one ball a tentative lick. He groaned and praised me. Feeling excited and encouraged, I lapped my tongue all over. I was kind of enjoying the sensation of his smooth balls in my mouth, and I found myself swelling with pride from the moans he was making.

"Good girl, oh yeah, that's it, good girl" Mason stroked my head gently as I kept his balls slick with my tongue.

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