tagBDSMThe Neighbor Ch. 02

The Neighbor Ch. 02


It's been a month since Stephanie moved next door and she has become a regular in our home, visiting us several times every week. Her personality won over Jonas right away and it doesn't hurt that she flirts with him either. I could sense his unease at first, as if he was worried about what I was going to say, but now he seems to be pretty at ease with the situation. Of course he doesn't know the real situation. Stephanie has given me several orders that I have to follow or risk getting punished and she gets a thrill out of the risk of Jonas catching us.

Today she ordered me to invite her over for dinner. She also ordered me to wear a mini black dress that she made me buy and it is unlike anything I have ever worn before. It is very form fitting and definitely shows off my assets with a plunging neckline. It ends just below the curve of my ass. When I wear it, the thing pushes my breasts together, giving me the look of way more cleavage than I am used to showing and I can only imagine how much of my ass is visible when I bend over. It isn't at all elegant.

Stephanie comes for dinner and I cook a nice sized meal served with wine. Jonas nearly falls out of his chair when I walk into the dining room in my dress. He has never seen it before and is shocked that I am wearing something so revealing.

"Megan, where did you get that dress?" he asks with his jaw hanging open.

I knew the questions were going to come, but I am not prepared to answer them. This is so different from anything that I have ever worn before and I can tell by the look in his eyes that he doesn't approve. My own mouth drops open and I begin to sweat, wondering how to explain my sudden change in style.

Stephanie saves me, however. "Oh I picked it out for her. It shows off her incredible body so well doesn't it?" Her eyes twinkle above her sly grin and it makes my pussy wet.

Jonas changes his whole attitude about the dress right away and just like a horny teenage boy, he is smiling and agreeing with Stephanie. Since it is her who bought the dress for me, he is alright with it. So we sit down at the table and begin to eat. Jonas is at the head of the table with Stephanie to his right and me to his left, which puts her and I face to face. As we begin to eat, Stephanie starts to talk and flirt with Jonas, asking him to tell her all about his job and acting like it is so intriguing.

While the conversation is going on I feel Stephanie's bare foot sliding up between my thighs. I have to adjust myself slightly by opening my legs wider and pushing myself forward so she can reach her intended target, my bare pussy. I know better than to make it difficult for her to reach, and I won't lie, I am a little bit turned on being dressed like I am.

There is a nervousness that my husband will catch us and that heightens the thrill. Stephanie runs her toes into my wet slit and I gasp causing my husband to give me a look, but just for a moment as Stephanie keeps engaging him in conversation. I can see his eagerness to please her.

The food that I have slaved over is absolutely delicious, but I am having a difficult time focusing enough to even pick my fork up to my mouth and chew it. What is happening just below the table and a mere foot or two away from my unaware husband is wrong on so many counts, but it feels incredible and I don't want it to stop. The funny thing is that if Stephanie and I weren't carrying on a secret lesbian affair and Stephanie was still treating my husband like she is right in front of me, I would be pissed at both of them, she for being such a flirt and him for falling all over himself to show her attention. Jonas is so into his conversation with her that if I wasn't getting my pussy stroked by her big toe, I would be feeling like less than a third wheel right about now.

Of course the truth is that I know Stephanie is being so playful with Jonas because she is keeping his attention away from me and I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep my breathing steady and not make any more loud gasps. I am glad that she is flirting so openly with him because I can enjoy the action going on between my legs without too much worry.

"Isn't that right Megan?" I hear it but it seems like it is coming from the other room or maybe it is on the television or something, but I don't remember turning on the television. I open my eyes and see, to my dawning horror, that I am the center of attention all of a sudden.

"Umm, I ah, I'm sorry, I was just..." I stammer and stutter and of course I look like a fucking idiot, but what am I gonna do? I have a toe sliding away on my clits, pushing me closer and closer to climax and I have no clue what the conversation is about. I look at Stephanie, who is the one who involved me in the conversation, and can tell that she is amused at my predicament.

"Are you feeling alright honey?" Jonas asks me, taking my hand in his hand. "You look all flushed, are you feeling feverish?"

Flushed? Of course I am fucking flushed and it isn't because I have a fever. It is because I have a foot rubbing my pussy and Stephanie is having so much fun that she isn't stopping.

"Oh yeah, Jonas is right," Stephanie agrees, knowing full well why I am flushed and enjoying seeing me squirm.

"I am a little hot all of a sudden," I manage to reply, which isn't a lie at all. "Could you go turn on the air conditioner please Jonas?" I ask, finding it very difficult to keep my voice from wavering. Stephanie's toes are quickly pushing me toward the point of no return. I am going to cum while sitting right here at the dinner table with my husband wondering what is going on.

"Of course honey, I'll turn it on right away," Jonas says, rising from his chair with a look of concern on his face.

"Maybe she could use a glass of cold water while you're up," Stephanie adds.

"Yeah of course, I'll get that."

I hold my breath until Jonas walks out of the room, then all the air hisses out of me at once. I slump down in my chair and my hips start moving all on their own, humping shamelessly on Stephanie's foot. She has slid lower in her own chair and pushes her heel up against my whole pussy, letting me grind against her.

"Are you going to cum slave?" Stephanie whispers.

"Oh god yes!" I enthusiastically whisper back.

"Better hurry before Jonas gets back."

I grab her foot with my hand, not caring about anything anymore except my own pleasure and grind my pussy even harder against the soft underside of her foot. I am moaning and gasping and grinding her beautiful, sexy, soft foot and if Jonas walks back into the room at this moment, I won't be able to stop myself because I am finally cumming.

Considering the unique way I reach the plateau, it is a powerful, intense orgasm that rips through my whole body, sending me into spasms like a seizure. I am dimly aware of Stephanie pulling her foot away from me and sitting back up in her chair, a knowing grin on her face. As my orgasm subsides and my brain comes into focus, I realize how I must look, all slouched in my chair with my legs spread wide open. Just then, Jonas enters the room and I notice a bit of a cool breeze hitting my back from the duct pumping more cool air conditioned air into the room. I have the presence of mind to close my legs and since my legs are covered by the tablecloth I know that Jonas has seen nothing.

Stephanie has picked up a placemat and is using it to fan me as Jonas hurries to my side and hands me the glass of water. I take a drink from the tall glass before saying, "I want to go lay down right now."

"Hey Jonas, just put her to bed and let me clean this up," Stephanie offers.

"Oh, thanks Stephanie, but you don't have to do that. I'll..."

Stephanie cuts him off, "I know I don't have to do it, but I want to do it and I really don't mind at all. You take care of Megan and don't worry about this mess."

"Are you sure?" Jonas asks.

Stephanie is already standing and stacking plates. "I used to waitress. I'm a pro at this stuff Jonas. Put her to bed. I'll do what I can and I'll lock the door on my way out."

''Thank you so much Stephanie. I owe you one."

Stephanie, the little minx, winks, smiles and says, "Oh goody, I hope it's a big one." Then she quickly makes her way out of the dining room and into the kitchen. Jonas just stands for a few moments staring at the door she has exited before he realizes that I am still sitting here and quickly helps me to my feet and leads me down the hallway toward the bedroom.

As I walk, I can feel two drops, one on each leg, slowly making their way down my inner thighs. I have cum so much and the further we get away from the dining room, the more I can smell my pussy juices. In fact, the smell is so strong that I worry that Jonas might smell it, so I stop him in the hallway and say, "Oh, I left the glass of water on the table. Would you mind?"

"I'll grab it, you go get undressed and lay down," Jonas says, turning back the way we had come. He is so good to me when I am sick, waiting on me hand and foot and I feel guilty about using him like I am, but I need to clean myself before he notices the mess.

I quickly rush into the master bathroom and mop up with a washcloth. I strip out of the dress and turn to see Jonas standing in the doorway watching me. As naked as the day I was born, I squeeze past Jonas and climb into bed, pulling just the sheet over my body. I can see that Jonas wants to say something and I can imagine what it is, but he just sits on the edge of the bed and passes the water to me.

Dutifully, I take a gulp of water and say, "Why don't you go help Stephanie clean up, I'm just going to fall asleep anyway."

"Are you sure?" I can see in his eyes that he really wants to go back out there with Stephanie, but he is still worried about me.

"Of course. I'm going to be fine. In fact I'm already feeling better."

"If you need anything..."

"I know, I know, I'll yell if I need you," I assure him, then kiss his cheek and lie back on my pillow. He leaves me alone and I lay here replaying the events of the evening over and over in my head until I fall asleep.

I dream and what a dream it is. I am woken up in the middle of the night by the feel of someone crawling between my legs. When I look down, I see that it is Stephanie and she has a smile on her face. Without saying a word, she begins licking my pussy. I look to my left and see my husband beside me sleeping soundly. Stephanie's tongue work on my pussy is wonderful, but I am terrified that Jonas is going to wake up and there is no table blocking his view of what is happening between my legs.

"Stephanie," I whisper urgently. "What are you doing? What if my husband wakes up?"

Picking her face up out of my crotch Stephanie licks her creamy lips and loudly says, "So what, let him wake up and see what kind of a lesbian slut his wife really is."

I am aghast as I feel Jonas stirring next to me, as if he is waking up. I shush her as she goes back to licking me and I am praying that Jonas stays asleep. "Please," I begin whispering again when the movement to my left stops. Jonas has rolled onto his side and is now facing me, but still sleeping. "Don't do this Stephanie. You'll wake him and he'll kill us both." I am worried that he will be devastated that I would betray him. I don't want to hurt him is what my concern is.

Once again Stephanie pokes her head up and without lowering her voice says, "Nah, he'll be fine. Maybe he'll want to join in and then I can tell him to shove his cock in your mouth so you'll shut the hell up." She dips her face back down and begins to really go at my pussy.

Jonas snorts and his mouth opens and closes a few times. I bite my lip as his hand comes up and scratches his forehead and then nearly yelp out loud as his other hand slides across and lands on my breast. I hold my breath and wait for him to open his eyes, but he never does. My problem now is that I am getting closer and closer to climax and I am unable to stop it for fear of Jonas finding out my secret. I can't pull away from Stephanie, Jonas will surely wake then. All I can do is lie there and wait to be brought to orgasm by Stephanie's delicious tongue.

Since Jonas hasn't woken up with Stephanie talking so loudly, I hope that maybe he will sleep right through my orgasm. Then Stephanie will climb back out of bed and sneak out the way she had come, leaving Jonas none the wiser. I know it will be difficult to go through an orgasm without moving or making a sound, but I am determined to do it. I have to for the sake of my marriage.

Stephanie's tongue feels so good on my clit and if she just keeps licking and sucking on that I am going to have a nice little cum. Nothing I can't handle and still not move or so I think. Instead of just finishing me with her tongue though, Stephanie has other ideas.

I feel her pick her face up again and watch as she gets up on her knees between my legs. She is shaking the bed with each movement, causing a few more snorts and grunts from my still sleeping husband. I can see her face clearly as she stares down at me, but the rest of her body is in shadow. I think that maybe she is going to get up and go, leaving me wanting to cum, but knowing that it will be for the best if I don't.

Instead she smiles then leans forward and that is when I see what has been hidden by shadow. Strapped around her waist is a strap-on dildo and it is at this moment that her intentions become clear. I watch in horror as she leans down and places the tip of the large fake cock against my pussy.

"No please Stephanie," I whine, but she just shoves her hips forward, driving the full length inside me in one push. I grunt, feeling so full all of a sudden. She pulls back and drives it deep again then starts fucking me as hard as she can manage. The whole bed is jumping back and forth and Jonas's hand on my breast is bouncing around.

While Stephanie fucks me harder than Jonas ever has, she starts to talk very loudly. "You like my big cock fucking your wet pussy don't you slave? You like me to fuck you while your husband sleeps right beside you. What are you going to tell him when he wakes up?"

"No, please," I moan but I don't want her to stop. It feels so good and I am going to cum. She is fucking me so hard and so fast and my pussy is making obscene slurping sounds and her hips are slapping against my hot, wet pussy and then I am cumming and I don't care if my husband wakes up because it is so good.

I wake up with a start and sit right up in bed, my eyes wide open but unseeing in the darkness of the night. My heart is pounding and I am sitting in a big wet spot. It has been a crazy, vivid, wild dream, so vivid in fact that I actually had an orgasm in my sleep. I go to rub my eyes and that is when I realize that my hand is covered in my cum. It is the smell that tips me off.

I sit here for a good minute or two and my eyes begin to adjust to the dim light enough to see that Jonas is not in bed with me. I look at the clock on my nightstand and see that it is very late. It isn't like Jonas to stay up so late, especially when he thought that I was sick. So I decide to go look for him. I climb out of bed, still naked and go searching. As I pad silently down the darkened hallway, I can hear voices coming from the living room. I creep up to the end of the hall and peer around the corner.

Jonas and Stephanie are engaged in a heated conversation. Stephanie is talking about her life before the move and how she had a boyfriend with a fetish for feet. Her laugh is infectious and I find myself smiling as I listen to her story from my hiding place in the hall. The way they are sitting is such that Jonas's back is toward me and Stephanie is facing me more or less. At one point while she is listening to Jonas, she takes a drink from her wine glass and spots me. Thinking that she is going to point out to Jonas that I am here, I quickly put my cum coated finger to my lips to shush her.

I see the half grin on her lips as she nods her head to prove that she is still listening to Jonas, who seems to be slurring his words a bit more than he normally does. I wonder briefly if she is trying to get him drunk enough to pass out so her and I could fuck. For some reason, I step out into the light so she can see my naked body.

I watch her try to keep up the conversation and keep glancing at me without being too obvious. Then she leans forward so that she is closer to Jonas and says, "You know, sometimes when I think about it, I wonder why I didn't make him into my personal foot slave." The whole time she is telling him this, she is looking over his shoulder at me. Before she leans back, she winks at me.

"What do you mean by a personal foot slave?" Jonas asks her and I sense that he may have been somewhat intrigued. There was a time when I wondered if Jonas had a thing for women's feet because there was a few times when we were playing around before making love and he would pick my feet up and kiss the bottoms. A few times he licked them and sucked my big toe into his mouth, a very strange, somewhat ticklish sensation, but really quite pleasant.

I asked Jonas once if he liked my feet and he said that he liked my whole body. He seemed almost embarrassed that I would mention it, so I dropped the line of questioning and left it alone from then on. After that, it seemed like he played with my feet only when he had a few drinks in him and he spent very little time there.

"Well you know, he obviously was a foot freak who wanted to play with my feet and I won't lie to you, he was kind of hunky, in a goofy sort of way. I've often thought that I should have made him pledge his obedience to my feet. It might have been nice to have someone to lavish my aching feet." While Stephanie talks, she has kicked off her heels and is now holding up her feet, turning them this way and that.

Was that noise I just heard, the sound of my husband swallowing loudly? I think it probably was since he did that often when he was in a rather uncomfortable situation.

"Oh, yeah ah, I guess I see what you mean," Jonas replies in his halting way. I am used to that too.

"Jonas, what do you think of my feet?" Stephanie asks him, lifting both her feet up and toward him so he could see them better.

She's moving in for the kill and I'm going to be the spectator. I wonder if she has gone to the bathroom yet and washed my cum from her foot. If she hasn't, it must smell strongly of my pussy.

Clearing his throat, another sign of nervousness, Jonas nods and says, "They're very nice feet Stephanie."

"Hmm, maybe you could be my secret foot slave Jonas. Would you like that?" Stephanie is laying it on thick and why the hell is my pussy so wet again?

"Uh, Stephanie I don't, I ah..." Jonas is flustered, so much that is certain and even though I can't see his lap, I am pretty sure that he has a fairly good sized hard on in his pants.

"Oh come on Jonas, don't try to hide it anymore. I saw your eyes going to my feet the minute I walked in here with those high heels on. In fact, I've been catching you staring at my feet all the time when I'm over here. When I take my shoes off you practically drool. I'm not judging you Jonas and I'll never make fun of you. If you like my feet, you can have them, if you'll agree to be my foot slave."

"Shit Stephanie I can't do that. I mean what would Megan think? Hell, if I even wanted to entertain the thought of doing that, you know, Megan would freak."

I see Stephanie flash me a glance then she places her feet right in his lap. I am standing here watching this gorgeous woman seduce my husband and I am so fucking wet again that I start to finger myself. It is a surreal situation for sure.

"We don't need to tell Megan," Stephanie purrs seductively and I hear a low moan from Jonas. I can just imagine what she is doing with her toes to his cock. "Besides, it's not really cheating. You'll just be playing with my feet." I watch as she lifts her feet up and places them on each of his shoulders. "Would you like to become my foot slave Jonas?"

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