The Neighbor's Brat


"Sure," I said.

She grabbed at the hem of the large t-shirt she had on and pulled it up over her head to reveal a very small red string bikini. I couldn't tell which triangle was smaller, the ones that barely covered her tits, or the one that hardly covered her little pussy. They were all so small and left nothing to the imagination as to the contours of her nipples or twat. She spun around for all to see that the suit fell just inside her existing tan lines.

"My, God, Lauren," remarked Gretchen. "You've become such a show off!"

"When you got it, flaunt it. Isn't that what you told me?" Lauren said not showing any inclination toward covering herself. "Besides you should see Gretch's."

"Oh, yeah?" said Cindy. "How about it?"

"I'll wait, thank you," Gretchen said, her cheeks flush with embarrassment. "Besides Laurie got me drunk at the mall the other night and talked me into buying it."

"Come on, Gretch," Lauren said, prodding her friend. "We're all friends here. Give Johnny a treat!"

I just smiled shyly at Gretchen who certainly wasn't as uninhibited as her friend. Gretchen reluctantly stood up fully and pulled her little sundress up and over her head. As she shook her full head of long thick wavy blonde hair about her shoulders I checked out her suit. It was orange and consisted of two narrow strips of material the rose up from her crotch to scarcely cover her full breasts then crisscrossed down her back and disappeared into the crack of her ass. There was a string woven through about her waist to more or less keep everything together, but gorgeous flashes of her pale blond skin showed through everywhere.

"Wow," said Cindy.

"That is one hell of a swim suit!" I said as she spun around a couple of times.

"I can't believe I'm wearing this," Gretchen remarked with the flush of embarrassment still reddening her cheeks. "It feels like I've got nothing on."

"You don't," said Beth. "I'd never have the nerve to try that on, much less wear it in public."

"Well, where Suzy is taking us isn't exactly public," said Cindy.

"And just where the hell is she anyway?" said Gretchen pulling her sundress back on.

"She called a while ago to say she was running late," Lauren replied.

Just then, timing being what it is, a red Mustang GT came roaring around the corner and pulled up in front with a screech. A gorgeous redhead came flying out of the little convertible. She grabbed a bag from the back seat and ran up to the lawn.

"Sorry I'm so late, but Kevin just wouldn't let me get out of the house this morning. She wore a skimpy little black bikini under a mesh cover up. "One thing lead to another and well here I am. Are you guys ready?"

Yeah," they all sang out almost in unison.

"Let's grab our stuff and go," said Lauren, pulling her t-shirt back on.

"Well, I'd better get going," I said as the girls moved back toward the house to get their stuff. I moved away down toward the sidewalk. "Sounds like you'll have a great time. Have fun!"

"Wait a minute, Johnny," Lauren called out to me. "Say, Suzy. I thought you were going to drive your mom's van today."

A funny look sprang across Suzy's face.

"Ohmygod!" she said. "I forgot all about that."

"We can't all fit in my Jeep," Lauren said.

"Not in mine either," said Gretchen.

Beth shook her head as well.

"What are we going to do now?" Suzy asked.

"Say, Johnny" Lauren said sidling up to me. "What are you doing this afternoon?"

I could see her glance across the street at my minivan and hear the wheels turning in her cute little head.

"You want to borrow my van?" I asked.

"Not exactly," Lauren said. "How would you like to drive us, I mean if your wife doesn't mind?"

"Well, she's up North with the kids this weekend. Do I get to ride on the boat?" I said in an excited little boy voice.

"What do you say, girls," Lauren called out to the others.

"There's just going to be Ron and a couple of the deck hands," Suzy replied. "Maybe he can keep them company."

The others shrugged or smiled.

"Then why don't you grab your stuff and wheel your van over. I think we're all ready to roll."

"Uh, sure."

It took only a couple of minutes for me to toss a change of clothes and beach towel into a bag and get the girls loaded up. Suzy sat up front since she was the only one who knew the directions. The others split up in the back seats. Lauren put herself in the middle seat so that every time I glanced in the rear view mirror there was her cute little face. She started to play this game of licking her lips seductively whenever she saw me look back through the mirror.

"Turn on the radio," Cindy said.

I switched on the radio. Being a fan of big band jazz, there was a CD already loaded in the player. The strains of Billy May's band lead to a swinging tune sung by Bobby Darin. A couple of the girls looked at me out of the corner of their eyes, but Gretchen and Lauren seemed to dig it.

"I like swing music," said Lauren.

"I'll put something else on if you want," I suggested.

"That's okay," said Suzy coolly. "This is all right."

It took about hour to get across town to where the boat was docked. The drive took us along a large canal lined with docks and boathouses and walkways. The farther we drove along the bigger were the boathouses, although many of the docks were empty, given the beautiful day. Finally Suzy directed me to park near a large boathouse at the end of the drive.

"I can hear it," Suzy said as she led us up to the building. "Ron must have it out and ready for us."

She led us through a gate on the side and out along the walkway. Just past the corner of the boathouse I caught a glimpse of it. It wasn't just a Hatteras; it was a 65-foot Hatteras resting in its dock, gleaming white in the bright sunlight. I had heard about them from friends who were into boating but this was more than I expected.

"It's about time, Suzanne!" called out an older guy wearing a captain's hat.

"Hi, Ron," Suzy said greeting him with a polite, social hug.

"Welcome to the Cormorant," he said as he welcomed us aboard, paying special attention to young ladies of course as Suzy introduced each of us.

Mike and Tim, the deck hands, gave us a brief tour of the ship, from the richly paneled stateroom to the smaller cabins, the plush dining room to the spacious sundeck. This was like a floating palace with fine wood, plush appointments and polished brass everywhere

"I guess you'll be the only one who wants to see the engine room," Mike said to me with a wink before taking me down to show off the twin V12 diesel engines that were clean enough to eat from. I complimented them on how impressed I was with the boat and they seemed rightly proud. After taking a look around, Mike brought me back up and excused himself.

"We'll be putting off a few minutes, so back to work," he said with a wave.

The girls had settled back on the sundeck when I emerged from below deck following my tour. The sundeck was large with padded seating around the railing and a handful of lounge chairs and tables set up for sunbathing and relaxing. They had all stripped down to their swimsuits and had helped themselves to the bar, judging from the wine glasses at their sides. There was Lauren in her tiny red string bikini, Gretchen in her orange strip thing; Cindy in a green flowery two-piece; Beth in a modest tankini; and Suzy in her little black bikini. I took a seat at the back railing and enjoyed watching the young lovelies applying their sunscreen.

Reclining to take in the rays, made me think of what heaven must look like. I pulled my shirt off and leaned back against the railing, letting the sun and breeze flow over me. The Cormorant was moving smoothly out from the channel and onto the lake. A great feeling swept over me as I looked down at a few of the other craft that were making their way through the sparkling great lake. For the day I could pretend to have it all, I guessed.

"There's beer in the fridge, if you want," Suzy called over to me.

"Thanks," I replied, getting up slowly. "Don't mind if I do."

I helped myself to an ice cold Heineken and stepped back out into the sun. This is getting better and better, I thought.

"Excuse me, Suzy," I said taking a seat next to our hostess. "But what does your father do?"

She looked at me for a moment and then smiled.

"He's a business vulture," she said, sounding sort of bored. "He buys up failing companies, keeps the best pieces and liquidates the rest."

"So how'd he end up with this?"

"It's a long story, but let's just say that he picked it up after the dot com stock market fallout."

"Whatever, this is a beautiful ship. Just beautiful."

"Thanks," she said glancing over my way. "He only lets me use it a couple of times each year when they don't need it for entertaining customers."

"Well, thanks again."

"Say, you don't mind if I ask you a personal question do you?" she said, lowering her voice and glancing over at Lauren, as if making sure her friend couldn't hear.

"No, not at all."

"Is there anything going on between you and Lauren?"

"Like what?" I said surprised by her question. "We're just neighbors."

"Yeah, but I've heard about you two from the others. I think she really likes you."

"Hey, I'm a married man, you know. And besides, she's got to be half my age. If anything is going on it's just innocent play."

"Well it didn't take you too long to agree to drive us."

"Just being a good guy," I said. "It's not like something's going to happen with the whole lot of you around. It's probably safer that way anyhow."

"You never know what can happen when we start cutting loose."

"Well, I appreciate your concern, but everything's on the up-and-up."

"If you insist, but just be careful. Lauren's a nice kid. I wouldn't want to see her get hurt."

I nodded my head and Suzy settled back onto her lounge chair, tucking her red ponytail back behind her back. I got up and walked back to the railing and leaned against it, taking another swig of Heineken. Man, this is the life, I thought.

"Hey girls!" Suzy shouted looking off to the side. "Here comes a freighter. I told you about the drill!"

A great lakes freighter was heading back up north. I could see a couple of deck hands waving up near the bridge. Suzy and Lauren jumped up and ran over to the railing, pulled their tops off, and waved them high in the air toward the freighter. I could see the glint of sunlight on the lenses of what must have been binoculars that the sailors were holding.

"Come on you guys," Lauren called to the others.

Cindy shrugged and reached back to unclip her top before moving to the railing to join the others. Gretchen joined them but simply pulled her suit to the sides. That left just Beth as the holdout, who crossed her arms over her large boobs, well contained in the top of her modest suit.

"Come on, Bethany!" Gretchen shouted in an excited voice. "If I did it you can too."

"Oh, what the hell," Beth said as she hopped up from her seat, pulled her top off over her head and let her full pale breasts tumble out into the sunshine. She had a truly outstanding rack, with large firm breasts that must have been double d cups at least.

"So what about me?" I called out. "Do I have to moon them or something?"

"Hell no," Suzy cried out. "The last thing they want to see is your pasty white butt!"

The freighter gave off a series of whistles and I could hear the cheers of the sailors as they passed by many yards away. The girls giggled together as the freighter passed by and they returned to their lounge seats. The remarkable thing was that none of them put their tops back on, although Gretchen tucked her tits into her suit for a moment before realizing that the others were topless. She then just pulled the straps covering her tits to the sides. Even Beth became more used to the idea and let her large boobs sway in the open air. It took me a few minutes to get used to the sight of these five lovely half naked ladies sunning themselves and let my hard on subside.

Chapter 3

After another glass of wine was poured, they began to turn over to get some sun on their backsides. Not surprisingly, Lauren was the first one to ask me over to spread some protection on her back. I sat at her side and slowly spread the SPF over her supple back from neck down to ankles. I made sure that my hands worked on her shoulders like a massage so that she was so relaxed that she didn't notice the extra time I spent covering her firm little ass. I chuckled to myself when I took the measure of the space between her legs: it was three fingers wide. When I finished with Lauren, the others began asking for the same treatment.

"Make sure you get everything," remarked Suzy as she pulled the back of her suit bottom up the crack of her round well-tanned butt.

Then came Gretchen who pulled the straps of her wild suit off from her shoulders to give me a clear shot. I took some extra time on her since she was so pale and had such creamy smooth skin that needed protection. Cindy was next in line and asked for an extra massage on her right leg that she claimed had a pulled muscle. In doing so, she parted her slender legs so far apart that I could easily get a good glimpse of her young womanhood as the thin material of her suit pulled taut against the lips of her pussy. That left Bethany who seemed nervous and reluctant at first, but who warmed up as I began to do my thing to her backside. Although she had a fuller figure than the others, it wasn't like she was fat. She was just tall and broad shouldered, yet very feminine, with lovely ample curves. Her full pale breasts mushroomed out to the side as she lay on her belly and I tried to make sure they were protected.

"Get this, girls," she said in her husky voice. "I think he's trying to cop a feel."

"Well, not like you get all that much action," Cindy remarked.

"At least I'm not a slut," Beth replied.

"At least I'm not a virgin," Cindy retorted.

The other girls purred from the catty comments.

"Well, I think it's time for me to get another beer," I said standing up and surveying my work by checking out the glistening young bodies arrayed about the sundeck.

I took my time getting another beer. I noticed that Mike and Tim were sitting in the dining room checking out the scene, so I though I'd join them for a few minutes.

"So what's your deal, Johnny?" asked Mike quite frankly. "How'd you get in with them hot babes?"

"No deal, man," I replied taking a long sip. "I'm Lauren's neighbor. They needed a ride and asked me along. Here I am. What can I say?"

"We figured you were gay, you know, just one of the girls," Tim cracked.

"Nah, just the average friendly old fart from across the street," I said chuckling at their assumption.

After shooting the breeze for a few minutes I excused myself outside to enjoy the sun.

"He's probably got some more ass to kiss," said Tim with a snort.

"Yeah, but what fine asses," Mike said.

"He'll never do it," I heard Beth say as I came back outside.

"Do what?" I replied.

"Take your suit off," giggled Cindy propping herself up on her elbows so that her tits jiggled in the shadow under her.

"Why should I?"

"Well, here we are with our titties hanging out, and we all know that you're checking us out," Lauren answered. "It's only fair that you show a little skin too, don't you think?"

"But there's only one of me and five of you," I protested.

"So does that mean we have to gang up on you?" Suzy said.

"No, no." I said reluctantly. "I can take a hint. But only in the interest of maintaining social balance here."

Just the thought of exposing myself in front of these half-naked young women began to have an effect on me. As I stood there, I pulled at the drawstring on my swim trunks and pulled them down exposing a bit of pale skin on my lower belly. I took a sip of my beer and set it down on the table by Lauren. The girls began a rhythmic clapping urging me on in anticipation of what was to come. I slowly began to ease my suit down until suddenly my cock popped out. Then I shoved the suit down and stood in front of the girls as naked as a jaybird. The girls applauded.

"Whoo, hoo!" shouted Suzy.

The others cat called as well.

"I didn't think he'd do it," Beth remarked with a giggle.

"I think he's enjoying this a little too much," remarked Lauren.

"Don't use up all the sunscreen protecting that big old thing," said Suzy, pulling her sunglasses down her nose to get a better look at my half-staff penis.

"You had better use something on that," Lauren said handing me her SPF 30. "I don't think you or wifey would want you to get a sunburn on it."

"Not that she would care or even notice," I replied taking the tube and uncapping it. "But I sure as hell would."

"I want to watch," said Cindy as she sat up to watch me while I took a seat in the vacant lounge chair that just happened to be next to Lauren.

"Hey, this is private," I said trying to turn away as I spread the sunblock on my belly and hips.

"Oh, does our big boy need some help?" said Lauren, reaching over to grab at the tube of goo. "Here, let me help."

"You'd really like that, wouldn't you?" I remarked.

"Well, duh," she replied.

"Okay, Miss Smarty Pants," I said. "Have at it!"

I held my legs apart so that all of the girls could see my genitals fully exposed to the sun. It was a strange feeling to be sitting here showing myself off to them. It was something I never would have thought I'd be doing. Lauren sat up and turned to face me. She squeezed an ample amount of the white cream into her palm and rubbed her hands together. It felt as if her hands were shaking as she took my cock in hand and began to slowly work the protective lotion onto the pale skin waiting for her. I heard Beth and Gretchen giggle.

"Now I know he is really enjoying this too much," cracked Cindy as she and the others gathered around to watch as Lauren stroked the lotion onto my semi-erect penis and down onto my balls.

"More lotion quick," Lauren called out.

Suzy grabbed the tube and squeezed a large blob out directly onto my cock. Beth giggled nervously. Lauren let her hands wander a bit over my hips and belly to help spread the lotion but returned to stroke my cock a couple of times very long and slow and gently.

"Okay, now she's the one enjoying herself too much," I said, finally as I felt things begin to slip a bit too far along. "Besides, you know what this means?"

"What?" Lauren said, wiping the residue from her hands on her pert little tits.

"I get to do you!"

"No way. Un-uhh!" she said pulling back from me.

"Come on Laurie!" Gretchen said. "You already told us you had the hots for him."

"You weren't supposed to say that!" Laurie retorted.

"Come on, Chick, Chick, Chicken!" cried Suzy.

"Oh. All right. But just this once!"

Suzy poured another glass of wine for the girls and they watched as Lauren adjusted her lounge chair and leaned back rigidly.

"Here, use mine," said Cindy tossing me a purple container.

"What is it?" I asked, trying to scan the label quickly.

"Spray on. I think you'll find it more fun," she replied.

I sat on the lounge beside Lauren and pressed on the plunger. A purple foam smelling vaguely like grapes came out and I drew circles around her pointy tits with it. I squirted a blob on her navel and made a curving line on her lower belly just above the string of her bikini bottom. The others laughed.

I began at the top and began to spread the foamy lotion around her firm young tits and up to her shoulders. I made sure that her nipples were well coated and also erect before moving downward. Once her belly was done I slipped my hand lower but ended up spreading some of the blob on her bottom.

"Oops!" I said. "I guess we know what this means."

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