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Girl Next Door


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Lasse glanced in the rearview mirror while the red Volvo abruptly swung out in front of him. He screamed and hooted. It was hell for a nice guy like him! He was on his way home and he was somewhat in a hurry because he had been invited to dinner at a neighbour’s house and he was already late. His job was sucking the life out of him. Lasse was the principal of a reputed school in Stockholm. The school year was approaching completion, so the air was filled with both pupil and teacher talk. Some students were dissatisfied with corrections on final exams, while other students did not even show up at school in the last week.

If only we could re-introduce corporal punishment into the system, he thought. His thoughts wandered off and he envisioned a naked teenage girl's ass bent over his desk, and how he would slap her cheeks until they were red. It would be a good punishment; he fantasized and smiled to himself. Who would the butt belong to? Was it Susanna or Annelie? Her name and phone number was scrawled in many of the school's restrooms along with the words "fuck" and "whore." Was it Therese? She was also a little nymphomaniac. He had a good handle on his female student's reputations. Naughty girls. Not that he ever would dream of admitting their thoughts about the school's pupils for anyone but himself. He had been a teacher for many years and was now he was a respectable headmaster. What if people knew what was going on in his head? His thoughts would not leave the fantasy of the tail over the desk. What if it could belong to ... Sarah? He immediately dismissed the thought.

Sarah. She was the neighbour’s daughter and forbidden fruit. She was a nice girl with a good reputation. He wondered if she would be joining them for dinner. What does it matter if she is at home? He thought, shaking his head to get rid of the thought. He was close to her family, he had known them since they moved in ten years earlier and he had seen Sarah grow up from a little girl to a young woman. She was only 18 years old with blonde hair, and extremely sexy. Lasse used to secretly watch when she was out on the porch and sun tanning in a small bikini. Her small breasts rose just under the top. He envisioned her blond hair that lay like a halo around her head and her small lips slightly apart. The small lips around his big ... No! He was ashamed of his thoughts.

He parked the car in his driveway and walked across to the neighbouring house. He knocked and waited.

"Come in. The food is hot and ready, so you came just in time, "said Britta as she took his thin summer jacket.

"It's about time you got here, you have to start taking it easy with the work, or you are going to end up in the ground before your time," Peter joked and pointed to an empty seat at the table where Lasse sat.

"I can take it easy when I retire, and there is some way to go," laughed Lasse. He noted that the table was only set for three people and felt a sting of disappointment. He shrugged it off. Lasse was in a good mood. Good food with good friends was always nice. The phone rang and Britta went out into the hall to answer.

"Peter, it was Leander and we need to come in right away." Both Britta and Peter were doctors and tonight they were on call for the hospital. "I'm sorry that we had to end this, but please stay if you wish. There is chocolate mousse in the fridge. I rented some movies, so just make yourself at home. We're probably going to be back in a few hours" Britta told him.

"No problem, I understand," said Lasse...

Britta and Peter rushed to the hospital. Lasse brought out the dessert and sat down on the sofa in the living room. He turned on a reality show for a while, but decided to look more closely at the movie rental engines. Suddenly the front door opened.

"Hey, I'm home!" called a high-pitched voice.

Lasse balked. It was Sarah. She came into the room and looked at him with surprise.

"Hey, Sarah. Your parents had an emergency at the hospital, but they will be back in a few hours. We just ate dinner. There are leftovers you if you are hungry. "

"I've already eaten," she replied and took off her shoes. What are you looking at?" she asked as she sat down on the sofa.

"Oh, nothing special." Lasse was distinctly aware of Sarah's presence. A recollection flashed through his head: the small lips around his big ... but he forced it away. The reality show was still on, but his thoughts had gone on an entirely different direction. Sarah was sitting right next to him. He looked at her from the corner of his eye, but pretended to watch television. He changed the channel and happened to end up in the middle of an intense love scene. It was an erotic thriller. He was embarrassed and was about to change when Sarah said: "Do not change it! I want to see. "He looked at her in surprise, but she stared at the television screen. Lasse could not help it; he felt his penis begin to grow. Little Sarah, who sat next to him, had her eyes glued to the TV screen. He saw her chest lifted up and down as she breathed more intense. She did not seem aware of him and she had not noticed his "condition".

Now Lasse could not fight back his thoughts. He saw in his mind how he could take Sarah's hand and hold it against his growing penis. Would he? Before he could stop himself, his penis had found its way to Sarah's hand. He was now growing harder. She tore herself from the TV and looked up at him with surprise in her eyes. Lasse looked into her eyes, pulled his hand towards her and placed it between her legs. Sarah's eyes widened and a small gasp left her lips. But her hand remained on his dick. And not only that, he felt her grip become firmer. She started to move her hand lightly up and down over his bulging penis. He sighed loudly and closed his eyes. It must be a dream, thought Lasse. He opened his eyes and met Sarah's gaze. She looked into his eyes before she shyly looked down towards her hand, and its activity. Her grip on his cock was still strong as she massaged it.

Suddenly, Lasse was overcome with the reality of the situation. What the hell was he doing? Here he sat, a little over forty years old a, respectable headmaster, and he wanted nothing more than for little teenage Sarah's hand to never let go of him.

"Sarah ... No, this is not possible. We have to stop ... "he groaned.

“But I won't stop. I want to continue." She replied breathlessly.

That's it. Lasse stopped fighting back and gave himself over to her. He leaned back, closed his eyes and exhaled deeply. He dared not to look at Sarah for fear that she would change her mind. The pulse of his beating heart and his penis flexed against his underwear. Her lovely hand rubbed the bump on his jeans.

"Are you sure you want to?" He asked, holding his breath.

"Yes." She replied.

Lasse grabbed her hand and pulled her up off the couch. She was so petite, and reached him just to the chest. He bowed his head against her lips and gave her a kiss. She responded to the kiss and brought her tongue in his mouth. Lasse was quite weak in the knees. He had dreamed and fantasized about this moment, but always struck off fantasies before they went on too long. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to the study farther down the hall. There was a couch, a desk and everything faced a window that looked out on the front of the house. He had to keep watch. How would it look if Peter and Britta came home just when he, a trusted family friend, and their 18 year old daughter were being ... naughty?

Lasse sat on the sofa and to her surprise Sarah fell down on her knees in front of him, between his legs. It felt like his cock was about to burst in his pants. He opened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. One hand slid his pants down along with his underwear and with the other hand he pulled out his penis. Finally! Sarah's gaze was frightened. His groin was level with her face. Had she even seen a cock before?

"You don't have to do anything with it. Want to come and sit beside me?" he asked.

She did not answer. Instead, she took hold of his cock and gripped the shaft with her little hand. Then she pulled up her hand, and then down. He shivered with pleasure, leaned his head back and groaned.

"Is it nice?" asked Sarah.

"MMHHM ..." was all he could get out.

He looked down at his penis with Sarah's hand around it. She pulled up her hand, took a firmer grip and pulled down his foreskin, exposing the reddish-purple swollen gland. As if bewitched, she stared at it. Lasse swallowed hard.

"Do you want me to do something?" asked Sarah.

"Not unless you want to ..." he said slowly, looking at her.

She brought her hand up and down the shaft as she moved closer. Suddenly she leaned forward and bowed her head toward his cock. With wide eyes, he saw the small lips enveloped the upper tip of the gland. He stared and could not believe it happened. He felt her tongue on the small slot on the top of the gland, before it went further down and licked the rest of his shaft. It pulsed and throbbed in his entire midriff. Sarah's mouth enveloped his cock again and she pressed her lips against it while her mouth went up and down his cock. She sucked his dick.

"Mm ... it's so nice ..." he groaned.

She continued to suck and lick. It felt like his cock was going to explode and pump out gallons of seed across Sarah's face at any second, so he pulled back and quickly and gently pushed away her head. She looked up at him in surprise, with the small lips still parted. He stood up next to her with his dick standing straight out. Although she stood up, but just to sit down on the couch. She was wearing a short skirt and when she sat down with her back against the seat it slid up a bit. She had a pair of light pink panties. She pulled her skirt up further, raised her hands under it and pulled off her panties. Then she pulled up her legs and put her feet on the edge of the sofa. The whole time she made eye contact with him.

"I want you to ..." she began and looked down. "I have not done it before, so you must be careful. But I want." she continued.

Lasse could not take his eyes from her pink opening. It was almost hairless, except for a blond tuft at the top. The light pink outer lips were parted, revealing the interior was darker. It looked soft and swollen, and glistened with moisture. He swallowed hard, tearing his eyes from it and looked into her eyes. They were shiny and he saw fear and expectance. The moment was lost when the crunch of tires on gravel and a loud engine noise broke through his thoughts. Both Lasse and Sarah winced and looked out the window, but the car drove past and continued down the street. The sound of it brought reality back to Lasse bringing tremendous amounts of guilt. What the hell was he doing? Had he really thought... with Sarah?

Moments later flew the not so distant memory image into his brain. The small lips around his big ... cock. He groaned involuntarily. Sarah looked at him, still with his legs on edge of the sofa and the expectant gaze. As in a trance, he went up to her. He leaned over her and kissed her. She returned his kiss and brought her hand down to his cock and closed her hand around it. It was as if a flash went through him and he started pounding his cock against her hand while kissing her intensely.

She slid down so that she lay on the couch and he was kneeling on the floor with his tongue in her mouth and his dick in her hand. He heaved himself up on the couch so that he lay on top of her. The maneuver caused his cock to slip out of her hand and was then placed between her legs. Lasse heard her swallow and when he looked up at her, she looked nervous.

"Uh, we need protection ..." she said, and looked even more nervous.

Lasse put out his hand against his jeans and pulled out his wallet. With one hand he unfolded it and pulled out a bunch of condoms. He sat up, looked down at his cock and for once he cursed its size. He had to take it very slowly and carefully so as not to hurt her. Sarah watched with fascination as he rolled on the rubber. The condom went on a little more than halfway down his cock. He looked at her again.

"Do you really want to do this?" he asked, stifling a groan at the sight of her wet slit.

"Yes ..." she breathed.

Lasse breathed out and approached her. He laid down gently on top of her and put his cock between her legs. His thighs slid against hers when he slid his hips forward. The rubber-coated cock went up so it came to be right at her opening. Memories mixed with fantasies teased at his brain, but he pushed it away and tried to ignore his insistent horniness while he focused on his task. Anytime he would wake up, stare into her bedroom ceiling with morning solstice in hand ...There was no other explanation, this simply could not happen, but it must be a dream.

Lasse brought his cock towards Sarah's lips and she gasped when his dick was touching them. Gently he let it find its way in between her soft folds until it was received. He could not help but emit a low moan. He brought down his hand and with one finger he confirmed that he had been right before, she was wet. Sarah winced, but he kept the finger. Lasse supported his body on his free hand and his knees, while he continued to feel on her finger. He buried his head in her hair next to the soft neck and breathed in her sweet scent. Slowly he let his finger slip between her soft lips and into the narrow hole. She closed tightly on his finger.

"Mmm ...” she cried.

He brought his finger further inside and pulled it out again, and then in and out, in and out several times.

"Oh ...," moaned Sarah.

Lasse struggled to maintain composure. But he could not wait any longer ... He pulled out his finger and put his cock in her tight inexperienced opening. Very slowly he brought his cock forward. Sarah gasped. It received but he pressed on. He knew how she froze. But he knew that it would be easier for her if he took it even slower. As he continued to press on until he penetrated her.

"Ouch, be careful!" She wailed.

Lasse had to take all his self-control to not push the whole cock at once into her lovely tightness. Instead he lay there completely still and felt the tip of his cock head enveloped by Sarah's newly opened little pussy. He pulled back slightly and then back to the same position. He heard her moaning weakly. He repeated the movement, and she whimpered again. The third time he slid into another centimetre before he pulled back.

Sarah winced. "Aah!”

Lasse had pushed in more than half of his glans, which had required all his restraint. With great effort, he managed to muster the self-control needed to slowly bring his glans back and forth in her unaccustomed opening. His tactic worked because he felt Sarah relax. The tip of his cock went in and out with much more ease. Now it was time, he thought. He braced his knees and pressed the glans and went in completely. Sarah screamed, but did not push away. Without waiting, he pressed inwards few centimeters and began to cock back and forth.

"Aww ... aaah ... ooh..." Sarah was breathing heavily while Lasses cock went in and out of her. "It's so big, it hurts a little, but it's so nice ... "she continued.

Her little panting was joined by Lasse groan. He worked his way further. She was so wonderfully tight and his cock was about to go under the restrained horniness while it penetrated deeper and deeper. With one last powerful thrust he pushed all the way. His big cock filled little Sarah altogether, and he filled her again and again as he pulled back and started pushing again and again.

“Aah... ah...ooh. Oh yeah. It... is... so... nice...!" Sarah moaned.

He was now completely on top of her. She had the weight off their beautiful legs around his waist and held him by the arms, and really pressed against him, which was why he came even closer. Lasse felt a familiar feeling propagate from the scrotum up to the handle, but he really did not want to come over so he pulled out of Sarah's tight holes. It hugged his cock all the way when he pulled out of it, so he had to focus really hard not to come. He was not finished yet. Lasse took Sarah's hand and led her to the desk by the window.

"Stand here and bend forward." He instructed her, and turned her down on the desk with a firm hand. She obeyed and stood bent over the massive and polished desktop. Lasse stood behind her and had time to think that he was that he was going to fuck the little banned Sarah from behind, before his cock found its way in between her smooth labia and again pressed into the glans penis in her still tight orifice. This time, he would not hold back, and pressed the whole dick in her at once and began pumping in and out.

"Ooo ..." exclaimed Sarah before she uttered a series of small groan that followed each thrust of his cock. She was indescribably tight and his cock was massaged by her interior when he pulled his cock back and forth, in and out.

"It feels different ... so nice ... More ..!" moaned Sarah.

Lasse did his best to satisfy her desires and pushed into her even harder and deeper. He pumped so that his balls hit against her and so he ran into the bottom of her when he shoved his body all the way to the root. Suddenly he got an inner vision, a fantasy that he had seen before him earlier in the evening. This desk was of the same type that was in his office at the school. While he pumped on and fucked little Sarah hard, he slammed into her lightly on the buttocks.

"Ouch, what are you doing?" She asked feeling offended.

"You ... have ... been ... a ... naughty ... little girl ... The words came out of him intermittently while he drove his cock in and out.

"Yes, I'm a bad girl ... "she breathed. “Run your big thing in me, I want more! "

"A really bad girl ..." Lasse groaned loudly.

A second blow landed on the same ass and a pink blush began to show itself. Sarah let out a lengthy moan and Lasse continued to fuck her little pink pussy which was matched by the redness on the buttocks. He pressed his penis significantly and then pulled it out completely. With a single motion he pushed his cock all the way into her while he slapped her other hams. He pulled out his cock again and grabbed her waist. With the cock standing straight out and hands around her waist, he approached her again. He turned his head slightly as he looked into her dark pink pussy, then he put his cock at the opening and pushed his big cock right into her.

Sarah was not prepared to be laced with such force, so she screamed. Lasse was egged on by her unprepared scream and pushed even more. In the end, he drew barely out, but just pumped inward. He did not place the entire cock in Sarah's tight pussy pounded him on her time and again. With a wild frenzy he worked Sarah's pussy. He fucked her so hard that his cock was about to explode with pleasure.

A car pulled into the driveway. Her parents were home.

"Aaaa!” Lasse groaned loudly and felt kit pumped up from the scrotum up against the stem and out through his dick. He pushed hard a few times while Sarah moaned, exhausted. He pulled out quickly and ran out into the hall. He got hold of his shoes and his coat and rushed back to the workroom. Sarah was gone. She must have run out and up the stairs to her room. The moment the door was opened, Lasse pulled up the window, jumped onto the ramp and pushed the window back down. He ran over to his house, locked up and slipped into some pyjama pants. It had been a close call. He stood in the hall for a few moments and breathed. He looked down to see the full condom still hanging on his cock. Sarah. She was a bad girl after all.

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