The Neighbour: The Photo Shoot


I remained in silence, just holding her hand, giving her confidence. She looked as if she was searching her mind, wanting to continue.

"I'd never shared my orgasm with anyone before."

"It was so erotic not only to feel you touching me, but to know you were watching me. It made me cum harder than ever in my life

"And I could tell you liked it, too, Miranda."

"I did..." recalling those moments in my mind, sorry that I had not caught them on camera, but perhaps that was the best way, the way it was meant to be.

"I could see how hard your nipples were under your crop-top. And having you watch was so erotic, too. When I closed my eyes as you photographed me I pretended that you were touching me. That's what turned me on so so much" She sighed, as she was struggling with her thoughts. I felt her grip tighten further on my hand, as if she was seeking reassurance.

"It's alright Jules, honestly, it's alright."

"And now, these pictures of me". They're so beautiful and sensuous. I can see your loving touch in each one of them; I can also see how much it arouses you to look at them, at me lying there."

"Do you like my breasts, Miranda?"

I just nodded, aware that I was blushing, my face feeling as it it were on fire, aware of my breathing, irregular, loud, my heart thumping as she asked me these questions; anxious that if I were to speak, I would stop her, stop her from what? Thinking out aloud, nods, only a sigh escape from my lips...

"I could tell you did when you took them in your mouth. It felt so good."

"I felt so warm and safe as you held me and touched them."



"How far have you gone with your boyfriends?"

"Just played around a little."

"I sometimes let them touch my breasts, through my top."

"Maybe rub me down there on the outside of my clothes."

"They want to go farther, but I' just wasn't ready, not then at least."

"Have you ever looked at girls? Thought of girls in a sexual manner at all?"

"After gym class" she paused slightly, "In the changing room, I feel a little tingly when I see a pretty girl undressed."

"I got really tingly when I saw you yesterday Is that sexual?"

"Would you like it to be?"

"If it could make me feel like it did yesterday, of course"

"Is that how you mean?"

"Are you ready for sex Jules, do you think?"

"I don't know…. But I know I'm ready to feel what I felt yesterday . . . with you."

"In fact, thinking, I'm not just ready; can you make me feel like that again?"

"And Miranda?"


"I need to feel it again. Do you think I could make you feel like that, too?

"Would you like to, do you want to? I asked cautiously..."

"Oh yes, that would make me feel so good if I could pleasure you like that!"

My hands cup your cheeks, as we stare into each other...

"Will you show me how to do it Miranda?"

She looked at me, hesitantly, her breathing was fast, and the apprehension was noticeable in her voice. I stared at her for several minutes, emotionally confused; here she was, asking me to seduce her, part of me wanted to. But part of me did not, the trust of her parents, taking advantage of her, my mind was in total confusion. I guess she saw the confusion, as she reached my hand, and clasped it.

"I won't be offended if you say no."

I just giggled, smiled, as in an instant I made a decision, my hand bringing her hand to my lips, softly planting a kiss on her slender fingers. She sighed, as I sucked on a finger, imagining it was my boyfriend cock, I licked it, sucked on it, running my tongue over the tip and down the shaft of her digit.

She gasped, and giggled, the morning sun catching her hair. Her hand returned to the bed, whilst we looked, stared at each other, a slight awkward moment, before my hand caressed the back of her hair, cupping her, pulling her towards me lips, as I lent forward, feeling our lips touch as I tentatively kissed her, soft light butterfly kisses, feeling myself tingle with the feeling, aware of the conflict within my mind.

The kiss deepened, running my tongue across her lips, parting her lips, as she eagerly accepted my tongue, one hand still caressing the back of her head, the other gently cupping her left breast, caressing, stroking. She gave way, collapsing onto the pillows as we continued kissing, the kiss slowly becoming bolder, more passionate, and her hands slowly becoming bold, caressing my body.

Finally our lips parted, panting, gasping. I realised we had rolled over, as I looked up at Jules, her face red, flushed, watching her breasts heave as she inhaled deeply. I smiled, reaching up and lightly caressing her breasts…


This is the first attempt of fiction, please let me have your comments, good or bad as long as they are constructive, so perhaps allowing me to improve.


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