The Netball Match


Josie was running late of her netball game, so I had to drive her there as she got changed in the back of the car!

We chatted on the way as I tried my best to watch her undressing till I nearly went through a red light then I thought I'd better keep my eyes on the road.

We got there and Josie jumped up and said "Cheers babe can you pick me up in an hour and a half? "

"I'll stay and watch if you don't mind babe?"

"OK!" she said looking worried as she knows how like to check out the girls!

"It's ok hun I won't perv I promise!" I said smiling at her.

She smiled back kissed me and ran off to the girls already waiting on the court.

I parked up and I watched from the car as I managed to get parked right behind the court.

The girls were getting really hammered by this other team and I couldn't help laughing as another goal went in and one of the girl's glared at me as I laugh from the car!

I quickly stopped laughing, but it was too late within minutes all the girls on Josie's team were looking my way, are they didn't look happy!

I just ducked down in the seat and tried to hide.

The game finished and I waited for Josie, it seemed like ages so I decided to go looking for her.

Without even knowing I opened the door to the ladies changing room's and most of the girl's were naked or had towels on I quickly closed the door before I was seen, but I did get a good look of Britney and Lara's tits!

I made my way back to the car and waited for Josie.

Josie got in the car and asked if I enjoyed the game?

I chuckled and said "yeah it was entertaining!"

"And what about the changing room show you saw as well" she laughed.

"Well that wasn't my fault! I went looking for you and just open the door and there was Britney and Lara topless getting changed!"

"Well did you like the view" she said grinning at me.

"Well yeah it was nice, but I shut the door straight away."

"Yeah I know they said"

"What they saw me! oh shit!" I said.

"Oh its ok they laughed about it, they said they it was a blast!"

"Really!" I said relieved and now I wanted to see them naked again!

"It's really nice not having to drive home after a match, babe as I can have a quick drink with the girlies after the game." Josie said as she lent over gave me a kiss on my cheek.

"Oh that's why you took so long!" I said.

"Yeah we go straight to the bar and have a quick drink then go and shower after!"

"Oh that explains why everybody was still in the showers!"

Josie laughed "Well we have netball training tomorrow will you drop and off and pick me up again babe?"

"Sure I will princess, I'd do anything for you, you know that!"

"I know babe I love you."

We kissed and made our way home.

The next day came and Josie was ready nice and early today, we got there and I got out this time and went with Josie to the court side as the girl's arrived.

They did a few warm up's and then had a run about trying new moves out for the next match.

I couldn't help noticing how sexy they all looked in there netball gear. I was trying to hide my hard cock and rub it at the same time.

The girls all had a chat in the middle and then broke up into two teams and one team was short so they all shouted for me to join them, but with my cock hard I didn't want to move until Britney and Lara grabbed me and pulled me on to the court, luckily I had managed to lose my hard cock in time.

They put me in defence and they started I didn't really know what to do so I watched the girls and picked it up really quickly.

Lara was trying to shot but she never managed to score after about 10 minutes to game ended and we went off to the bar.

We got our drinks and sat down.

"Josie it's a shame your Chris isn't a girl as he was really good out there today!" They all laughed and agreed then spent the next 10 minutes on how they should turn me into a girl on the team which was a little uncomfortable!

They all head off for the showers and I headed back to the car. Before I got there Britney appeared out of nowhere and kissed me and pushed my back against the car, her hand went into my trousers and found my cock as she rubbed it she pulled them down and sucked on my cock, god it felt good but so wrong at the same time.

"Please Josie take your time in the showers" I said under my breath as Britney sucked me off with her wonderful mouth.

I groped at he tits as she sucked my cock and suddenly I saw Josie heading towards the car, but she was still a fair distance away so I grabbed Britney's head and fucked her mouth fast and quickly filled her mouth with my cum and then I told her to hide as Josie was coming but she stood up and said I was a twat and walked off. Thank God Josie hadn't seen us and she got in and we went home.

The next week went by and it was time of the next match, Lara phoned Josie and told if she knew anyone who could play as Katie had pulled out due to work!

Josie said she couldn't think of anyone and Lara said she'd ring the others see if they could bring someone!

An hour later the phone went and Lara was chatting to Josie and she bust out laughing and then looked at me I had a bad feeling about this, had Britney said that she sucked me off?

Josie finished chatting and then went and washed up as if nothing happened so I relaxed and went back to watching TV, Josie joined me and we cuddled and then the door went. Josie answered it as I watched TV then I was grabbed from behind and a cloth of chloroform was put over my mouth and I passed out.

As it turned out the whole team had turned up so they could shave me bear and dress me as a girl to play in the game.

I woke up I was tied to the bed naked and with no body hair. I looked around and saw the whole netball team laughing and giggling looking at me. I looked down I saw my hard cock sticking up.

I closed my eyes and hoped it was all a dream. But then a mouth started to suck my cock to cheers from the others. I looked down and saw Kelly kneeling between my legs and her head bobbing up and down on my cock.

Lara walked in with a wig and a new team uniform, good thinking girls we don't want him giving himself away during the game do we. Kelly looked up and smiled "don't worry Lara I'm make sure his balls are drained!" as she rubbed my cock and then eased it into her pussy. Kim looked shocked at what she was seeing and Lara went over and stood behind her and put her hands under her top and cupped Kim's small tits as Kim continued to watch on!

Sarah saw what was happening and dropped to her knees and lifted Kim's skirt and then pulled her knickers down. Kim was now totally lost in desire she didn't care who was touching her she just wanted and needed to cum!

Sarah stroked and kissed Kim's legs and moved her hands inside and parted her legs wider, then brushed Kim's pussy with her fingers. If it wasn't for Lara holding her up behind her and playing with her small tits she would have collapsed on the floor, as her legs had gone as Sarah worked her tongue along Kim's slit.

Kim came at once which made Lara smile and she kissed Kim.

Sarah continued to lick Kim out not wanting to stop so soon and she managed to make Kim cum at least 4 times before she was happy.

Kelly was now sitting on my face as Josie was now riding my cock. Josie sucked on Lara's tits as Britney was sucking on Josie's tits.

It was all too much for me and I erupted into Josie's pussy. The girls cheered as I filled Josie's pussy and now they cleaned me up and dressed me.

They untied my feet and then re-tied me as they slipped on my knickers and short netball skirt, then they did the other leg pulling them up and admiring there work, they put on some make up on me and the wig.

They untied my arms and sat me up but still kept tight hold of me so I didn't escape. The padded bra was put on next and they all had a laugh by squeezing my fake boobs. My t-shirt was added next and I was done they stood me up and all gasped as they where all please with there work and then they took me to a mirror and even I was surprised.

"So you will play then?"

"NO WAY!!!" "I can't leave the house looking like this!!" I panicked

"Its ok we'll smuggle you into the car so you're not seen and no one will recognise you at the game, after all how many of your mates watch netball?"

"Please Chris we need you!"

"OK but if they guess I'm a bloke I'm gone!"

"They won't, you look ace Chris!" Britney said as she stroked my smooth leg.

It was nearly time to leave and the girls all started to strip off and get into there uniform,

Lara had told them all to not to tease me, as they didn't want me hard again before the game and have to drained my balls again!

It didn't take long before I was hard, and Lara was first to my hard cock and rubbed and then she sucked me off. Britney laughed as she said I looked like a chick with a dick!!

Which also set the others off but I didn't care as Lara was sucking my cock so well.

I soon shot my load in her mouth and she happily swallowed the lot and got up with a big smile on her face please with her work.

We made our way to the court and played to game and we won 9-5 which was their first win of the season so the girls were well happy!

We all went to the bar and get some drinks the girls were all buying me drinks and before to long I was very drunk. Some guys were also in the bar and trying to chat up the girls without much luck until Lara went over and was talking to them for a bit and then they headed over. Lara got the girls to turn me over and right in the bar Nic pulled my knickers to the side to expose my arse and she lobbed up my bum hole and the guy shoved his bug hard cock into my arse as the girls all watched, even the girl behind the bar came over to watch as the guy fucked my arse!

Only the girls on the team knew I was a bloke and even the girls had there hands in there knickers and Lara had spotted the girl behind the bar and had her hand inside her knickers as she watched on.

The guy filled my arse and he was replaced by his mate he was bigger and felt really good as the cum made helped as it slide in and out nicely.

Britney was now naked and she was undressing Kim as Sarah was licking Josie's pussy.

I moaned as I shot my load into my knickers!

The guy fucking me was now really going for it as he worked his big cock in me!

Britney was sitting on Kim's face as she parted Kim's leg she was expecting Britney to lick her out but Britney offered Kim's pussy to another guy and Kim was shocked to feel a cock pushing into her tight virgin pussy, she tried to close her legs but Britney was ready for her and held them open and pushed her pussy down tighter on to Kim's face.

Britney squeezed Kim's small nipples and said "lick my pussy bitch." Kim had no choice but to lick her pussy. Britney smiled as Kim did just that enjoying her ordeal, then she was rewarded by Britney rubbing her clit as the guy fucked her.

For the second time the guy fucking me came inside me and the cum dribbled out and down my legs as I looked around to see my Josie moaning away as Sarah ate her out as Kelly sucked and kissed on Josie tits! The girls then all made our way to the changing rooms and I was soon stripped naked and the girls where all over me grabbing and stroking my smooth naked body!

Lara slide her pussy down on to my hard cock and Kim sat on my face and I licked the guys cum from her pussy who had only cum in her minutes before!

Lara fucked me wildly and she soon came on my cock and then Sarah climbed on and rode my cock grinding her tight pussy down on my cock, Sarah reached forward and played with Kim's tits as Kim came on my face!

Britney saw her chance and she quickly pushed her pussy on to my face and then also as a bonus she sucked on Sarah's small tits.

I moaned and said I was going to cum and Sarah fucked me faster as I shoot my load into her pussy as she also came with the help of Britney rubbing her clit and sucking on her nipple's. Sarah rolled off me and Josie licked and cleaned up my now softening cum covered cock as Britney clamped her thighs round my head as she came on my face.

Josie cleaned me up and she made sure she picked up my netball uniform as she led me to the car wrapped in a towel. As we traveled home Josie said the uniform will defiantly be out again!

Oh I hope so I thought to myself!

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