tagLesbian SexThe New Adventures of Katie Ch. 07

The New Adventures of Katie Ch. 07


It was the final day of Katie's new employee retreat, which had been nothing more than a way for her boss to have Katie be her personal sex toy which she could use anyway she wanted and whenever and wherever. Vida Reyes had taken Katie in her office for her lunch break, using her by herself or with others. This was the first time she allowed Katie to be used sexually without her presence. However, it was time to go. Marcia, Katie's host for the weekend, had informed her she would be leaving the resort early the next morning and to be ready to leave when the driver arrived at her room. The driver was to knock on the door a series of two, three and two times for his identification.

Katie slept very well, considering she had experienced multiple orgasms the day before. Having taken a bath, Katie put on the yellow dress Marcia laid out for her on her bed the previous evening. It consisted of a very fine material, almost paper-thin. The dress was low cut in front, with a back going down to just to the crack of her ass, and in front to several inches above her knees.

There was knocking at the door. Katie heard the two, three and two knock series. She opened it and was led out of the hotel by the driver, who grabbed her bags. They took the elevator down to the lobby, and the driver said Katie should wait while he got the car.

Katie stood at the lobby desk waiting for the driver to return, when all of a sudden she felt hands grab her body and lift her off the floor. A blindfold was quickly placed over her eyes. She was carried for what seemed like two minutes out of the lobby, down a couple flights of stairs and into a cool room. Katie was thrown down on a large table and the blindfold was removed.

Standing over her were four nude women she did not know. Joanie, Judy, Raven and Pamela were friends of Vida's, Katie's boss at Xetymew, the biggest computer corporation in town. They knew Katie would be at the hotel, and they were told to do whatever they pleased as long as she was back at the office the next morning.

Katie wasn't saying much. She was too dazed from what had just occurred. But she was muttering, and it was too much for the girls who stuffed a pair of panties found in the hotel locker room into her mouth and wrapped duct tape around her head to keep it in place. Katie tasted the panties and knew they had just been worn. The women tore off her dress with ease, as if it were really paper, leaving Katie naked below their grips.

With Judy and Joanie holding her down on either side, Raven and Pamela started feeling Katie's body. Raven placed her hand on Katie's soft but firm breasts. She took turns of attacking the breast with rough and gentle strokes, and licking and biting her nipples.

At the same time Pamela felt up Katie's ass with one hand and used her other hand to gently stroke her belly and pussy, finally pressing a finger and then two into her wet labia. Pamela leaned down and started sucking on her labia and clitoris, causing Katie to arch her back in acceptance.

Her stomach muscles tensed up as she tried to stave off an enormous orgasm, and she breathed hard through her nose and clenched her teeth on the panty gag. Katie tensed her whole body and then let go with an orgasm that shook her head, arms and legs.

The gag was removed and Pamela kissed Katie hard, forcing her tongue into Katie's mouth.

"Next!" Katie heard someone from behind her say. With Pamela still tongue fucking her mouth, Judy and Joanie took their turn at Katie. Both held Katie's arms and legs on either side. The inside of Katie's thighs were slippery with her own sweat and cum. Judy began pinching and twisting and pulling Katie's erect nipples, causing Katie to raise her breasts higher off the table. Joanie was licking up Katie's cum and bringing her closer to another orgasm. Sweat was pouring down Katie's face as she was so turned on by her submission to these strangers.

Every time Katie arched her back her muscles tensed harder. Joanie used her fingers to spread Katie's pussy open, and Joanie was licking Katie's inner labia, bringing her to the heights of ecstasy. At the same time Judy was sucking on Katie's right nipple and pinching the left on between her fingers.

Katie was grasping for air as she was moaning and breathing hard in response to the manipulation of her tits and pussy until she came for a second time. Joanie captured some of the cum with her tongue.

Lying spent on the table, Katie held her head back trying to breathe in air as she was still coming down from her orgasm. Judy crawled on top of Katie and placed her pussy over Katie's mouth.

"Eat me!"

Katie didn't hesitate, licking and kissing the pussy and breathing in its flowery scent. Katie was still held down and her own pussy was being cleaned by one of the women. Judy began grinding herself on Katie's face, with Katie's tongue sometimes licking Judy's ass. Judy picked up the speed and forced herself down as she came over Katie's nose and mouth. Katie was struggling to breathe as she swallowed and licked off all the cum she could. Judy pushed herself down Katie, wiping her pussy along the way, and kissed Katie hard on the mouth.

Then Raven got on top of Katie, and then Joanie and Pamela. Katie brought each woman off orally and had her body used as their pussy rag.

It was already late in the afternoon when the women got up and left the room. Katie laid out on the table for a few minutes to catch her breath, then got up and looked around for something to wear. Her dress had been torn to bits. She left the room and saw a pool nearby. Walking into the locker room, Katie found a wet white bikini drying on a towel. She put it on and found her way to the lobby, where the driver she met earlier in the day was sitting and reading a newspaper. He looked up, got out of the chair and said the car was outside as he walked toward the door.

Katie, still dazed from her gang bang, didn't put two-and-two together, and never suspected that what had just happened, or what had occurred over the weekend, was a set-up.

She was just happy to be going home, take a long hot bath, have a restful sleep, and go back to work in the morning.

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