tagBDSMThe New Boss

The New Boss


Joe rushed into my office and asked, "Simon, have you heard the bad news?"

"What bad news is that Joe?" I asked with a quite audible sigh.

"The new boss starting next week, Chris Smale?"

"Yes I know that Joe, Chris Smale, the mystery man, what about him?"

"It's Christine Smale not Christopher, our new boss is a female." Joe said with a look of disgust on his face.

I laughed at my worried colleague, "As long as she is better than Peter was, I honestly don't care Joe."

Joe grimaced and left to find someone more sympathetic to his news. The wholesale toy distributing company we were employed by had needed a new general manager for years. The board had recently sacked the old manager Peter Wirth, much to the delight of most of the employees, myself included. I decided to keep an open mind on Chris Smale and see what effect our new manager would have on the running and profitability of the company.

Christine Smale started in her new position the following Monday and immediately created a buzz of excitement through the office and warehouse. The managing director introduced her to the staff at a group meeting before the commencement of work. Our new general manager was short, about five feet six inches, with a very shapely figure covered by a smart, dark blue business suit. Her blonde hair was tied back tight while her green eyes looked directly at each person as the introductions took place. A genuine looking smile greeted each employee along with a firm handshake.

All the males were immediately attracted to our attractive new boss but one thing worried me right from the start. Chris looked far too young to manage a busy company like ours, surely she couldn't be out of her late twenties? How could anyone that age have the business savvy and experience needed for her position? My thoughts were interrupted by her maiden speech to the staff.

"Thank you for the warm welcome everybody, I look forward to meeting you all individually over the next few weeks." She smiled and looked around the group. "Please be assured that I do not intend to make changes in any department without consulting the people concerned. I want us all to work as a team and make this company an efficient and agreeable workplace. Ok, everybody let's get rolling and thank you again for the welcome." With those few words Christine left the group and retired to her office with the managing director.

Over the next couple of weeks some of my concerns about Chris' age disappeared as she made small but effective changes to some of the departments. Today it was my turn for an in-depth interview about my position of warehouse and dispatch manager. I re-checked my papers to make sure I had everything I needed for our meeting and knocked on her door at exactly four p.m. as required. I entered at her call and for the next hour we went over my job description with a fine-toothed comb.

At five o'clock we could hear the staff leaving for the regular Friday drinks at the local pub. Chris' secretary Rita knocked and put her head around the door and said goodnight.

"Do you want to get away Simon?" Chris asked. "We can finish this Monday if you like."

"I'm fine to keep going if you are." I replied as Rita disappeared.

"Good, thank you. I want to discuss the build up of orders at the end of each day in the store, some of our customers are waiting too long for their goods." Chris looked serious, "Is it a labor problem?"

"I have tried to get some changes in the store and dispatch area for years but your predecessor wouldn't listen to me." I replied. "It's definitely not the staff, Bill and Steve are excellent workers and very loyal."

"That's the impression I have too." Chris said with a smile. "Why wouldn't Peter Wirth try your ideas?"

"To be honest Chris, because if Peter didn't have the idea himself, then changes never happened."

Chris smiled and nodded as if I had confirmed her own opinion. "Ok tell me your ideas Simon, like a beer while we talk?" She reached under her desk and pulled off her shoes. "Ah that's better."

"A beer would be great." I replied as my guarded respect for my new boss increased a little more. "I have some drawings of the warehouse that I hope will make my ideas clear to you."

Chris took two cold cans of beer from her small office fridge and we sipped as she listened attentively to my ideas.

"The main problem is that our biggest selling items are stored way down the back away from the packing area." I explained. "Bill and Steve spend too much time walking up and down the aisles, and it's tiring too."

For the next twenty minutes I showed Chris how a simple swapping of the popular lines with the slowing selling items would save a large amount of time and energy every day.

"Excellent work Simon, how long would it take to change the stock around?"

"Bill, Steve and I could do it in one day." I answered confidently.

"But then we lose a complete day's dispatch?" Chris queried.

"Not if we do it on a Saturday," I replied, "The boys will have to be paid overtime of course, but they are willing to work."

"Stuff the overtime costs, it has to be done." Chris replied with a smile, "Can it be done next weekend?"

"Yes, no problem, I've already asked the boys if they are free."

"Excellent Simon, go for it." Chris said cheerfully, "And thank you for your presentation, simply done and well prepared. I am impressed with your work, unlike a few of your colleagues, who will remain nameless at this time. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that last bit, it must be the beer, keep it confidential please."

"Of course Chris." I grinned, secretly pleased that there could be some changes coming. "I'll arrange for Bill and Steve for next Saturday and thanks for the beer." I gathered up my papers and continued. "And if I may say so, it's great to have a manager who actually listens to the staff, thank you."

"Thank you Simon, I'm always open for good, sensible ideas." Chris searched for her shoes under the desk. "Time we hit the road, it's been a busy week, have a good weekend won't you?"

"Thanks Chris you too." I left her office and made my way home in a very happy frame of mind, things were looking good at work after too many years of inaction.

Steve, Bill and myself started at 7.00pm the following Saturday and worked hard with only a short break for lunch. Both storemen could see the advantages in changing their area around and worked enthusiastically until the job was completed around 4.00pm. The three of us were standing admiring our work as the door through to the office opened and Chris walked into the warehouse carrying a six pack of beer in each hand. She looked stunning in a black suit with white blouse. The skirt was very short, well above her knees and black stockings showed off her shapely legs.

"Hello Simon, Bill, Steve, have you finished already?" Chris asked.

"Yes, Bill and Steve worked very well, we finished a few minutes ago." I replied, aware of the effect Chris was having on the boys. "We are ready to go Monday morning."

"Excellent work, here have a pack each, I thought you could use a cold drink." Chris smiled as she handed a pack to each of the workers. "Put your finish time down as five o'clock." She added almost as an afterthought.

Bill and Steve were grinning like Cheshire cats as they thanked Chris and myself before leaving to go home.

"You've won them." I grinned. "I'll lock up."

Chris just smiled at me then walked down the aisles inspecting our work as I locked the warehouse doors.

"Great job Simon, that should make things far more efficient, come into my office and have a beer?"

"Thanks, I could do with one, I'll just wash and clean myself up a bit first."

I followed Chris' swaying arse in the tight skirt into the office area, happy that I was going to spend some more time with my sexy boss. After a wash and tidy up I walked into Chris' office to find her sitting behind her desk with her jacket off. The white blouse was a see through material and a lace bra could be seen clearly through the fabric. I sank gratefully in the chair as she passed a beer over to me.

"You're dressed very smartly for a Saturday." I commented while trying to keep my eyes off her extremely well filled bra.

"I went to a morning wedding of an old school friend with lunch and all the speeches afterwards at a restaurant." Chris replied with a smile. "I was on my way home and thought I'd call in and see how you were going. So Simon, what's your story?"

"My story?" I asked, surprised by the question.

"Yes, I know so little about you, tell me about yourself."

"Oh, well, I'm single, I got close to being married about eighteen months ago but we called it off, a mutual decision. I live alone, no current girlfriend at the moment."

"Interests? Hobbies?" Chris seemed genuinely interested.

"I play a bit of golf, I like home decorating and gardening. I like all sorts of music but not opera or rap, I enjoy cooking, and movies and I love to drive out in the countryside. Oh and I do a bit of short story writing too." I smiled and decided to find out more about my lovely boss. "And what about you Chris?"

"Oh, tit for tat is it?" Chris smiled as she stretched her arms above her head, tightening the blouse even more over her breasts. "Ok fair enough, I can't be the secret boss forever can I?'

"Whatever you tell me remains between us." I replied, trying in vain to stop staring at her chest.

"Yes I know that Simon, I know you are one I can trust here. Ok, I'm thirty-three, and yes I know I look younger. I'm divorced and live with my parents at the moment while I search for a place of my own. Shifting from interstate to back home has been full of little problems and living with my parents is just one of them."

"They treat you like you are a teenager." I laughed, relaxing as I finished the can of beer.

"Oh yes! You are so right." Chris sighed and smiled, "I love them so much but........, anyway, I love the theatre and movies, walks on the beach, eating out and picnics with a nice bottle of wine and good conversation." She paused and looked at me for a few seconds before asking, "I also love giving and receiving oral sex and I love being spanked, what about you?"

I blushed bright red and my mouth must have dropped open in surprise.

"Shut your mouth Simon, the wind might change. I really took you by surprise didn't I?" Chris seemed so cool and confident.

"Ummmm y'yes you sure did." I managed to stammer while I tried to gather my thoughts. "What a question out of the blue."

Chris loosened a button on her blouse and opened the collar to display some more curved smooth skin. "Judging by the way you've been ogling my breasts I guess you are a tit man, right?"

I decided to fight fire with fire. "Well that blouse shows your lace bra so clearly, you have been teasing me something awful. Yes, from what I can see you do have lovely breasts, but I also love a nice arse like the one I followed in from the factory."

"Touché Simon, yes I have been teasing you and it's been making me very horny." Chris smiled sexily again, "My panties are the same lace as my bra, would you like to see?"

I nodded as my cock strained against my pants, I could not believe my luck, the new boss was propositioning me!

Chris swiveled her chair sideways and beckoned me with a finger to come around the desk. I struggled to my feet, unable to hide the erection in my pants and walked the few paces around the desk. As I stood and watched she grasped the bottom of her mini skirt and slowly pulled it up to her waist, sure enough the white panties matched the lace bra. Chris then raised her right leg and rested it on the shelves behind her desk, slipping a couple of fingers under her panties and rubbing her pussy

My boss looked directly at my erection, licked her lips and asked, "Obviously you are enjoying the view Simon, are you circumcised?"

Once again I nodded as I gazed at the sexiest sight of my lifetime.

"Mmmmmm, I love the feel of a smooth cock sliding in and out of my mouth, the round knob with its little hole, and the shaft with the veins standing out. You'd better sit down again Simon, before you fall down."

I staggered back to my chair as Chris rose to stand in front of her desk. Quickly she loosened the remaining buttons of her blouse, pulled it out from the confines of her skirt and opened it to show the low cut bra. She smiled as I gazed at the revealed cleavage of her beautiful firm breasts then she pulled the lace material down to allow her breasts to fall free. Small hard nipples stood out from the dark aureole as Chris moved a few steps back to sit on the leather couch. I moved to stand and go over to her but she held up a hand like a policeman directing traffic so I remained sitting on the chair. To my surprise Chris opened her handbag and removed a lipstick and small mirror.

"Patience Simon, this won't take long." Chris said as she applied bright red colour to her lips. With an evil giggle she continued, "I love to leave red marks down your cock, I can't deep throat but I love to see how much I can get into my mouth. And it's a reminder for you when you get home."

"Perhaps you need regular practice?" I said boldly.

"Maybe I do, but let's not get ahead of ourselves." Chris said as she finished applying the gloss. "Watch me Simon."

"As if I would be looking anywhere else." I retorted.

Chris just smiled at me again as she slipped out of the blouse and quickly removed her bra. Leaning back onto the couch she raised her hips and slipped the white panties and mini skirt down her slim legs. Again I licked my lips as I stared at her trimmed pubic hair and lovely large breasts. Chris moaned as she grasped her left breast in both hands and raised the nipple so she could flick it with the tip of her tongue. Dressed only in the black elastic topped stockings my sexy boss slipped off the couch onto the floor and crawled over to me on hands and knees with her large breasts swaying free.

Chris stopped just short of me and looked into my eyes with an expression of lust. "I may be in charge in the office Simon, but I'm quite submissive in the bedroom. Take charge and tell me what to do. Make me suck your cock and swallow your cum."

I swallowed and breathed deeply as I comprehended Chris' last statement. 'Take charge' I thought to myself, how many times had I dreamed of being in this situation and now it was being offered to me on a plate.

"Simon, please." Chris interrupted my thoughts as she knelt before me.

"Remove my pants Chris." I instructed as I stood up in front of my hard nippled boss.

"Ohhhh yes Sir!"

Chris' hands quickly loosened my belt and unzipped my pants. She slipped them and my undies down my legs and pulled them off together with my shoes and socks. My hard cock stood straight out as I sat back down on the chair and spread my legs wide apart. I reached out, took a handful of her hair and pulled her head so her mouth was directly at the tip of my cock.

"Open wide you naughty girl."

Chris closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide and moaned as I guided her lips to my waiting cock. With pressure from my hand on her head, I watched and felt my shaft slide slowly from my sight. I stopped pushing when I sensed the head of my cock bump against the back of Chris' mouth. She moaned as she pressed her lips around the tight skin to leave a bright red lipstick mark. I pulled her head back and she looked up at me as I released my grip on her hair.

Her eyes were shining with excitement as her tongue lapped around my knob and poked the tip at the hole. "Fuck my mouth please Sir." She pleaded.

Who was I to refuse the request of my cock-sucking boss? Again I grasped a handful of hair and pulled her mouth down my shaft as I thrust my hips forward. Back and forward I pulled her head as she gasped and spluttered as she tried to synchronize her sucking and breathing. Soon we fell into a sort of rhythm and my cock was sliding in and out of her mouth like a piston in an engine. Perspiration was dripping from my face as I endeavored to hold back my certain orgasm. Both of us were moaning and Chris kept looking up at me, the excitement in her eyes telling me how much she was loving the experience. My hips thrust forward and I moaned loudly as the inevitable occurred and my juices started to spurt into her mouth. I tried to hold her head still as my body shook violently with an amazingly powerful climax. My eyes were closed but I could hear and feel Chris sucking vigorously as she slurped my cum into her mouth. I let go of her hair and collapsed panting back into the chair.

"Mmmmm thank you, your naughty girl loved that."

I opened my eyes to see Chris sitting back on her heels, grinning at me and licking her lips. I wiped some perspiration from my forehead, shaking my head as I gasped air into my lungs. When I had calmed down and regained my breath I reached out and Chris placed a hand in mine. I pulled her up off the floor and into my lap where she put an arm around my neck and cuddled in to my chest. Both of us were lost in our own thoughts and we did not speak for some minutes.

Finally I asked, "Did you plan this Chris?"

"Honestly, no I didn't." Chris paused then continued. "I was attracted to you when we met but I know how difficult in-house affairs can be. After all I am the new boss, but I guess my hormones just got the better of me today."

I lowered my head and kissed her tentatively full on the mouth. As our lips parted Chris smiled and pulled my head back down again and we kissed with great passion. My left arm was supporting her back as my right hand gently caressed her shapely breasts. Chris closed her eyes and moaned as I fondled and squeezed the firm flesh, pulling and pinching her hard nipples. As my hand slid lower down her stomach to her pussy Chris mouthed "please" and she opened her legs a little wider. I ran my middle finger through the fine pubic hair, up and down her slit, teasing before I pushed into her wetness. I pushed the finger deep before withdrawing it and adding my index finger. Slowly I finger fucked my beauty, rubbing my thumb on her clit as I felt her climax with waves of pleasure shuddering through her sexy body.

"Whew, thank you Simon, I really needed that," Chris gasped as she sucked air into her lungs.

"My pleasure, are you free tonight?" I asked. "Can you come home to my place?"

Chris glanced at the wall clock as she replied, "Shit no I can't, my parents have arranged a 'show Christine off to the relatives evening' and I'd better get going." She kissed me and then clambered off my lap. "I'd rather spend the night with you, but duty calls."

As we dressed I said, "How about next Sunday? A picnic at the beach perhaps, I know a lovely place that is usually pretty deserted. And after we could go back to my place?"

"Any chance of Saturday?" Chris asked with a mischievous smile as she threw her panties to me. "Here's a souvenir for you."

"It's the work golf day, I'd better not pull out of that." I grinned as I sniffed her panties.

Chris grinned ruefully as she fastened her skirt. "You can't say no to golf cause you're fucking the new boss can you?"

I laughed as I finished dressing, "Not really and I just want to say again, what happened here is just between you and me."

"Thanks Simon, I was sure I could trust you and I know you will prove that too me." Chris paused as she searched for her shoes under the desk, "Next week I may find a reason to reprimand you, just to show the rest of the staff that you are not the boss' favorite."

"Good idea, some think the rearranging of the warehouse was unnecessary," I moved around, stood in front of Chris and buttoned up her jacket. "Don't do me any favors here naughty girl but do what I say in the bedroom."

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