tagBDSMThe New Boss Ch. 02

The New Boss Ch. 02


The New Boss Part 2:A Weekend Away

(This story is a follow on from my story entitled The New Boss. It can be read separately or as a continuation from part one.)

I sat at my work desk, finished checking my hand written note, then re-read it again one last time. ‘Pick me up as soon as you can after work on Friday, we will stop for dinner on the drive down. I have organised all food and drink. Underwear is forbidden. Wear nothing else but a one-piece outfit that buttons or zips right down the front. Bring all your toys and a desire to obey. Absolutely no masturbation or playing for the rest of the week. Ring me tonight if you have any questions. Shred this before I leave your office.’

Happy with the wording I placed the sheet in a folder with some other papers and walked through to the office of Rita, the personal assistant of Christine Smale, the recently appointed General Manager of our toy distribution company.

“Is Chris available for a couple of minutes Rita?” I asked. “I have some figures she asked to see.”

“Yes come through Simon,” Chris called to me through the open doorway.

“Go right in Simon.” Rita grinned.

I smiled my thanks and walked into Chris’ office as she waved me to close the door. She surprised me with a new short sexy haircut that reminded me of Sharon Stone at her sexiest.

“Good morning Chris, “I’m sure these figures will interest you, they look very promising.” I said as I closed the door before laying the papers out on her desk and pointing to the top sheet. “Your new haircut looks very nice, it suits you to have it short.”

“Thank you Simon, oh.” Chris smiled but in stopped mid-sentence as she saw my hand written note.

As Chris read I looked closely at the wonderful girl with whom I was going away the following weekend. Not for the first time I marveled at how lucky I was to have met such a sexy and kinky lady, who was also an excellent manager. I knew well the luscious body with the large breasts and shaven pussy hiding under the prim business suit and I couldn’t wait to have her under my control for two full days.

“That looks excellent.” Chris said as she scribbled some words on the bottom of my sheet.

My sexy boss grinned as she turned the sheet for me to read ‘Yes Sir! Can’t wait, I’m permanently wet!’ and when I nodded she shredded the note as per my instruction.

I moved around to stand beside Chris in her chair as she perused the inventory figures on the desk. A shiver ran through her body as I placed a hand on the back of her neck.

“The collar goes here.” I whispered very quietly as I gently rubbed the smooth skin.

A soft moan escaped my boss’ lips as she looked up at me and placed a finger between her red lips, moving it in and out in a very suggestive fashion.

“Tsk, tsk, naughty girl.” I whispered before moving away and standing on the opposite side of the desk.

I removed a small black notebook from a pocket and jotted some notes and when Chris poked her tongue at me I scribbled a couple more lines.

We grinned conspiratorially at each other then tried to look businesslike as Rita knocked, opened the office door and said, “Excuse me Chris, but Darren and the new clients have just gone into the boardroom. They are about five minutes early but I’d thought you would want to know.”

“Yes, great thanks Rita.” Chris said, rising quickly to her feet as Rita returned to her office. “I’ll check those figures later Simon and call you with any queries.”

“Fine, thanks Chris, oh just quickly, would you mind if I left an hour early on Friday? I’m going away fishing with a friend for the weekend.”

“No problem Simon, you have worked many extra hours, enjoy your weekend.”

“Thanks Chris, I’ll get out of your way.” I winked at her and mouthed ‘good luck’ before returning to my office.

I was late getting home that day after collecting some fun toys from the city's leather gear shop. As I opened the front door of my home I heard Chris’ voice leaving a recorded message on my telephone set. I rushed to speak to her but she hung up just before I picked up the hand-piece.

Cursing my luck I pressed the play button to hear Chris say in sexy Mae West type voice, ‘Hey big boy, I mean sexy Simon sir, you’re not at home? Fuck! Oh hell I guess me using the F word puts another note in your little black book. I’m so horny Sir, can’t wait for my training to begin. Underwear not allowed; oh orders like that make me so wet, fucking hell, how will I sleep tonight without a play? My mouth, arse and cunt are yours Sir to use as you wish.’ Chris giggled and paused before continuing in her real voice. ‘Now just between you and me sweetie, Darren and I signed up the new client today so big changes loom at work. I will talk to you tomorrow and the MD will confirm your promotion at a staff meeting on Friday morning. Ok love you sexy Sir, see you tomorrow, kisses on the stiff bit.’

I laughed at her farewell words before erasing the tape and eating some dinner prior to checking the leather gear and attending to some packing for the weekend.

The following day I spent well over an hour in Chris’ office discussing my forthcoming promotion to Assistant Manager. Chris’ professionalism showed as not one word of the coming weekend was mentioned while we deliberated over the future plans for the company. I was delighted with the salary and perks package offered to me and assured Chris that she would not be disappointed in my work. A trip to our interstate distributors with Chris was planned for two months time after I had settled into my new position.

When our meeting concluded Chris came around from behind my desk and gave me a big hug as she whispered, “Two more days big boy, mmmmmmmm.”

A squeeze of my cock, a quick kiss and a cheeky grin ended our time together and as I wiped some lipstick off my lips Chris opened her office door.

Rita watched as Chris and I shook hands and my sexy boss said, “Congratulations Simon, I’m sure we will make a great team, but please keep the news quiet until tomorrow.”

“Of course Chris and thanks again.” I replied as I smiled at Rita and returned to my office to think over Chris’ plans for the future.

The General Manager announced the company’s new contract and my promotion to Assistant Manager at a senior staff meeting in the boardroom on Friday morning. I copped the inevitable dirty looks from William and Ben, the employees who were senior to me. But I wasn’t concerned about the reaction of the ‘flowerpot men’ as all the other employees gave me genuine congratulations. The day passed quickly with a series of meetings and then I left early as planned for my ‘fishing’ weekend. I made another quick trip to the leather shop on my way home and then filled in the time before Chris arrived by packing the food and drink and ensuring all was ready for the weekend.

To my surprise I heard the sound of Chris’ car in the driveway earlier than expected at 5.45pm. As I opened the front door my sexy friend came running inside and threw her arms around me.

After a long deep kiss Chris said, “Oh Simon, it’s been such a busy week, I really need to give up control for a couple of days.”

“And so you shall my dear Christine.” I said as I held her at arm length and admired the simple floral outfit with the front buttons as instructed. “Very nice, you have dressed well.”

“Thank you Sir.” Chris smiled and curtsied as she looked down at her dress. “I would have preferred one that had just the thorns and not the roses, but I had to settle for this.”

I laughed and played with her nipples through the thin material. “No bra too, good girl. Do I need to check for panties?”

Chris answered by lifting the front of the dress to display her smooth hairless pussy. “I got up early this morning to shave specially for you.”

“Good girl.” I said as I reached for a gift-wrapped parcel on the hall table and gave it to Chris. “For my naughty girl, you may open it now.”

“For me? Oh thank you kind Sir.” Chris smiled as she ripped open the patterned paper to reveal a leather collar in a small open box. “Oh Simon, it’s beautiful.”

My beautiful boss’ shaking fingers explored the smooth red leather with the black felt lining and as she turned the collar over she saw the small engraved plate with the words ‘Naughty Girl’. To my surprise she fell to her knees and offered me the collar that I accepted and buckled it into place around her lovely neck.

Tears welled in Chris’ eyes as she said, “Oh Simon it’s beautiful and it feels so sexy, so, ummm so right.”

“It really suits you.” I assisted Chris to her feet, we kissed again and I wiped the tears away. “Ok darling, let’s get going, the sooner we get there the better.”

Chris helped me carry the bags and food to the car and after we loaded everything she passed me the car keys and said, “I’m all yours Simon, treat me safely and sanely and you have my full consent.”

“Nice words naughty girl,” I said as we settled into our seats. “The safe words are as before, amber and red. You gave your parents the address of where we are going?”

“Yes I did, and thank you for thinking of that. I can assure you that if I’m not home safe and sound Sunday night and not answering my mobile phone they will contact the local police poste haste.”

As Chris clicked her safety belt into place I took a pair of wrap-around sunglasses from my shirt pocket and instructed, “Put these on and keep them on until I say so.”

“But it will be dark soon, I won’t need sunglasses.” Chris protested.

I sighed and pulled the little black book from my pants pocket.

“Oh shit, I’m sorry Simon Sir.” Chris said as she grabbed the sunglasses from my hand and put them over her eyes. “Hey I can’t see anything, it’s all black!”

“Really? What a surprise!” I said as I started the car and reversed it from the driveway. “And guess what my sexy subbie?”

“Ah what?” Chris said doubtfully.

“You will remain silent for the next hour.”

“You must be fucking joking, owwwww!” Chris’ protest stopped as I slapped her thigh. “Ok ok, you’re the boss, Sir.”

I grinned as I gunned the lovely BMW up the street as my pouting boss and I headed for our weekend cabin near Wilson’s Promontory. I could sense that Chris was fuming in silence as I cruised at the speed limit down the freeway and out into the countryside. She was totally surprised to be out of control this early on our trip and the folded arms across her chest gave away her state of mind. As the kilometers passed by Chris slowly calmed and after fifty minutes her hands were relaxed in her lap.

My timing was perfect as just after an hour’s driving I slowed and turned the car into a roadside stop where I knew the café sold tasty meals. I switched off the ignition, turned in my seat and gazed at my sexy companion. I reached out and removed the blacked-out sunglasses while Chris sat and looked straight ahead through the windscreen.

“Time’s up, you may speak now.”

“Thank you.” Chris’ reply was short and to the point although a few seconds later she added, “Sir.”

“Silence doesn’t come easily to you does it?” I asked calmly.

“No Sir.”

“Put your hands on your head.”

“Yes Sir.” Chris muttered as she slowly obeyed my instruction.

I reached over and grasped her upper arms as if placing them in a certain position, then suddenly slipped my fingers into her armpits and started tickling like crazy.

Chris reaction was instantaneous as she shrieked. “No Simon, don’t, ha ha ha, I’m so ticklish, ohhhhhh ha ha ha, stop pleeease.”

I stopped tickling, pulled Chris closer to me and our lips met in a long deep sensual kiss.

As we parted I asked again, “Silence doesn’t come easily to you does it?”

“No it doesn’t Simon and you know it.” Chris giggled and grinned at me. “You bugger, I’ve been so wound up all week and all I wanted to do was talk to you and you made me be quiet, for a whole hour!”

“Come on let’s eat and you can talk all you like about work until we get back in the car.”

Chris gave me a dirty look and poked her tongue out so I made another note in the little black book and hopped out of the car. Chris quickly joined me and we held hands as we walked across the car park to the café where we had a tasty late dinner and discussed all the changes at work. The red collar around my subbie’s neck attracted some strange looks from fellow diners but Chris seemed oblivious to the attention.

“Ok, no more work talk for the rest of the weekend.” I said as we settled back in the car.

“Yes Sir!” Chris saluted as she reached for the sunglasses and slipped them on.

I loosened a couple of upper buttons on her dress and she grinned and then moaned as I slipped a hand in to play with her breasts. As I pulled and twisted her hard nipples my free hand pulled a set of light nipple clamps from my pants pocket. Chris yelped as I placed a clamp on each nipple and then refastened the dress.

As I started the car I told her, “You can take the glasses off sweetie but the clamps stay on until the two hundred kilometer sign.”

“Oh god, only another ninety-five to go.” Chris moaned as we pulled out onto the highway and passed a sign.

“Remember the safe words.”

“Amber,” Chris giggled as she removed the sunglasses. “Sorry Sir, only joking, may I talk?”

“Of course you may, so tell me my sweet, have you ever played golf?”

“Golf? The topic is golf?” Chris asked incredulously. “My pussy is dripping and you want to talk golf?”

“Yes the topic is golf.” I replied, “And don’t be too cheeky, I already have a lot of notes in my black book.”

Chris sighed with resignation as she realised that I was controlling the conversation. She did her best to contribute to topics on sport, music; food, politics and travel while the pain from the nipple clamps continually interrupted her concentration. The kilometers flew by and I thought that Chris must have had her eyes closed as we flashed by the two hundred kilometers advisory sign. We passed the signs at five-kilometer intervals and I knew that Chris had seen them but she didn’t mention the clamps. Finally the large sign directing us to Wilson’s Promontory loomed in the headlights and I slowed the car and turned right onto the minor road.

“What’s wrong, why are we stopping?” Chris asked as I stopped the car, switched on the interior light and unclipped her safety belt.

“Because I want to take these off.” I replied as I opened the front of her dress.

“Owwwww,” Chris winced as I eased a clamp off each nipple. “I could have put up with them a bit longer.”

“Brave girl.” I said as I leant over and kissed each nipple. “The weekend is but a pup my dear.”

I unbuttoned Chris’ dress from her neck to waist, opened the front to completely bare her beautiful breasts and clipped the seat belt back into position. Then I checked the map to get the turns in my mind, switched off the interior light and gunned the car towards our cabin.

“Free speech my sweet, the topics are all yours.”

Chris’ reply was to place her hand on my thigh and gaze out the windscreen. In silence she watched the road ahead as the BMW’s bright spotlights showed the corners of the country road. The kilometers rolled by and as Chris maintained her silence I began to wonder if she was having second thoughts about the weekend. I was able to glance across and look at her face as I slowed the car to pass through the small town of Fish Creek. Chris’s expressionless straight-ahead gaze gave me no clue to her emotions at that time and my worried thoughts grew stronger. Nearly twenty minutes later I saw the advertising sign to the cabins and slowed the car as I found and turned into the gravel track. Slowly I proceeded down the track until I saw the small sign directing us to cabin number three, our home for the next two nights and days. Fifty meters down the track the headlights lit up the small timber cabin surrounded by neat lawns and flowerbeds.

I stopped the car next to the steps up to the verandah, turned off the ignition and turned to speak to Chris who had not shifted in her seat.

“Are you ok honey?” I asked.

Chris turned with a serious expression and looked me directly in the eyes. “To be honest Simon,” She said slowly and paused, “I’ve never been more excited or turned on in my life, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Chris burst out laughing. “Gotcha babe, I knew my silence would get to you. Two can play the silence game you know!”

My look of concern turned to understanding as I too burst out laughing. “Damn smart woman, I thought you turned submissive when the sun went down?”

Chris leant across and kissed me. “I’m all yours when we walk through the front door babe. Come on, it looks lovely and I need your cock so bad.”

“Grrrrrrrr you naughty girl, get inside, NOW!”

“Yes Sir!” Chris grinned and jumped from the car.

I found the key in the hiding place as described by the owners and we soon had the car unloaded and everything inside the cozy cabin. Chris ran gleefully around the large bed-sitting room, her bare breasts bouncing as she explored the kitchen area and the bathroom.

“Oh I love it Simon,” Chris cried loudly as she bounced onto the bed. “Can we use the hot tub tomorrow please Sir?’

“Of course we can naughty girl, come over here, now.”

“Ohhhh yes Sir!” Chris quickly jumped from the bed to stand in front of me.

“See that corner over there?” I asked as I pointed with a finger.

“Ah, yes Sir.” Chris replied uneasily.

“Go stand in it, face to the wall, and don’t turn around until I tell you.”

Chris wrinkled her nose in annoyance but followed my instruction and walked slowly over to stand in the corner.

I grabbed my overnight bag and unpacked some of the toys into a drawer beside the bed. After checking to see that Chris was not watching I searched her bags and found two vibrators, a long flexible dildo and the inevitable butt plug. I added them to the drawer with my toys, stripped off all my clothes and walked over to stand right behind my lovely companion.

“Ready to obey naughty girl?” I asked quietly as I placed my hands on her shoulders and started to lift her dress off over her head.

“Pllleeeeeaasse.” Chris moaned as she raised her arms to assist the removal of her floral covering.

I threw her dress aside and as Chris lowered her arms I grabbed her wrists and placed them behind her back. She moaned loudly as I tied her wrists together with a length of silk rope. Next I turned my sexy boss around and watched her eyes flash with excitement when she saw I was nude. She licked her lips in anticipation as I led her across to stand on the carpet next to the bed. Another low moan escaped her lips as I pushed her down on her knees and thrust my cock at her open mouth. Chris’ tongue flashed out and licked the pre cum from the tip as I grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and thrust my cock between her lips. I set the pace and moved her head back and forward as her lips sucked hungrily on my cock. I loved the feeling of power and control as I looked down at my obedient cock-sucking boss.

To Chris’ surprise I pulled her head back and my erection plopped from her mouth. She yelped with pain and shock as I pulled her back to her feet without letting go of her hair. With my lover’s arms still secured I turned her around and pushed her face down on the bed. She wriggled and tried to stand but I held her down as I pushed my cock between her legs where it slid easily into her very damp pussy.

“Yeeeeeeeeeessssss fuck me!”

I grinned at the words as I push my penis fully into Chris’ vagina and stayed motionless for a short time allowing both of us to experience the different feelings. Slowly I withdrew and then pushed back in again to the hilt, setting the pace as I gradually increased the rhythm. I thrust back and forward as I used my boss’ sexy body for our mutual pleasure. Naturally it wasn’t long before we both reached a shattering climax, my cum rushing into her pussy before I collapsed panting onto the sheets.

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