tagInterracial LoveThe New Kings Ch. 3

The New Kings Ch. 3


Angela worked hard to empty her man's balls. She did not think about the cold concrete floor upon which she kneeled, or her aching jaws that stretched over the veins and skin of the magnificent black cock. All she could think of was how to make him feel so good he would let her be his girl again.

Just a few weeks earlier , before she met Thomas, she was a southern white girl who married her high school sweetheart and settled into a middle class life with no children and a husband that drank too much. After her husband's death she realized she had no livelihood, no money, and a future of working odd jobs at real estate offices. She had always been told how beautiful she was,

but at the age of forty two that would not do her much good. Now, as she sucked on the black cock of this handsome millionaire, she realized that this was the best she could hope for, and she better not blow it. She needed him desperately.

"Tighten your lips and stroke me faster with your mouth, bitch" Angela worked her head faster up and down the cock. She let the cock sink deep into her throat as she looked up at Thomas with her blue eyes. After a few minutes she let the cock pop out of her mouth long enough to slide down the side of the shaft with her tongue until she was able to take big long licks of the ball sack

before returning to stroking the cock with her lips.

"OK, I'm going to cum. Watch closely how I squeeze the cum out of my dick. You will be expected to do this in the future. I will cum on your face, and then you will thank me for the privilege and honor of having a man who has a load of cum for you."

Angela listened carefully to everything he said, she wanted to follow every instruction. So when he pulled his cock from her mouth and jerked it off on her face, she watched carefully to how he stroked his cock as it spurted cum all over her face.

"Thank you Sir, thank you for your cum. Your cum is wonderful and I am so lucky you allow me to have it on my face" She gasped gratefully, as she continued to stroke his balls and ass with her hands.

Thick wads of cum decorated her face, as she continued to look at his cock and face, looking for

direction as to what she should do next. When he said "Lick my cock, balls and crotch clean" she

was eager to obey. She gave deep licks to his cock and balls, thinking how wonderful it would be if she could make him hard again. He lifted one leg up slightly so she could better lick his crotch.

"When I say you are done, you will quickly go to my study and retrieve my video camera and tripod and set it up in the dining room. Then get my thickest belt from the closet and bring it to me. I will be relaxing in the living room." Angela listened as she concentrated on licking the bottom of his scrotum where it was most sensitive. Thomas looked down at her efforts, looking for ways she could improve her service to him, his cock beginning to thicken once more, until finally he said "You are done. Go do as I have told you. Do not wipe the cum off your face."

Angela balanced on her red high heels, naked, and made her way to the study, trying to focus on his instructions. She knew he kept the camera tripod, and camera, in the corner of the room. She did not let herself be distracted by what he wanted the camera for, or the punishment she knew was coming. So far so good, she had made him cum, she had given him pleasure. Maybe he will forgive her, let her be his bitch again. Her punishment was justified. She is a stupid woman that needs to be taught a lesson. She will do anything Thomas wants.

She set the camera up in the dining room and went to get the belt, her tits jiggling as she hurried down the hall. When she brought the belt to him, as he lounged on the couch in his bathrobe, her breath was shallow with anticipation. She kneeled, gave him the belt, and, not being sure what to do next, she began to kiss his feet. The black skin feeling good against her soft white cheek, and plump red lips.

"Go lean over the dining room table. Stick your ass out for me. Keep your legs straight. Keep your arms straight so that your tits are available to your Master when he beats your ass."

"Yes sir" said Angela and obediently assumed her position in the dining room with Thomas immediately following.

"Now, a white bitch needs to show the world how much she wants her black Master's belt across her ass. I'm not letting anybody claim I'm doing something against your will. After all, this is still

Charleston, South Carolina. So the camera will document your sincere begging for each stroke of the belt. After each stroke I will throw the belt across the room. You will count the stroke, thank me for it, and go get the belt. Then you will kneel, give me the belt, and beg for the next stroke.

Do you understand bitch?" Thomas casually walked to the camera and switched it on as he spoke,

then returned to the naked Angela, her back arched, her tits swaying under her, obviously doing her best to present her ass the way Thomas wanted.

"Yes sir" She said, when almost immediately the belt came down across her round soft ass.

"Ahhh!" A cry leapt from Angela's lips. Then she heard the belt as it landed on the floor across the room. She had never experienced that kind of pain before. Her mind could only think of the pain. She slumped against the table, she could feel the mark of the belt on her ass. It took her too long to recover. Thomas walked back to the camera and turned it off.

"Get out! If you can't take your punishment like a big girl. If you don't want to have a strong man who is willing to discipline you, I don't have time for you. Get out!"

Angela was jolted out of her confusion.

"No Sir, No Master. I want you to belt whip me. Oh my God!" She fell to her knees and kissed his feet. "You are right. I need to be punished if I don't please you." She stumbled to the camera and turned it on. Then she retrieved the belt from the floor and kneeled before him.

"Please belt whip me and teach me how to be your good bitch. I want to do everything right for you. I want to obey you and make you feel good all the time. I am a stupid bitch and need to be belt whipped when I don't please you. Please belt whip sir" She stood and leaned over the table

continuing to beg for the next stroke of the belt. Thomas idly mauled her tits as she stuck out her ass for him.

"Then we will start again, if you insist" And the belt came down with breathtaking force.

"Ahh! One, Sir. Thank you sir" She grunted as she stood and walked to the belt that was thrown across the room. Thomas watched her walk away and return, then kneel and beg for another stroke. In this way, Angela must participate in her own subservience, she must totally accept her life as his bitch and servant. Thomas will require this of her everyday, until she knows of no other way.

Again she leaned over the table and stuck her ass out. Again the belt came down.

"Ahh! Two sir, Thank you sir"

At the number ten, tears rolled down her cheeks, mixing with the cum and snot that involuntarily

erupted from her nose during.

"Te...Ten, sir, Thank you sir" She stuttered in misery. Thomas laid the belt across her burning ass.

"Put the belt away and clean yourself up. You may freshen your make up, but remain naked. Be quick about it and come to me in the living room when you are done. We will see if you have learned to obey."

Its over! Is all Angela could think. She vowed to never displease Thomas again, never require him to discipline her with the belt. She quickly washed and made herself as pretty as possible, committed now to do everything he asked instantly, without question. So when she knelt before

him and was instructed to lick and tongue fuck his asshole she did not hesitate.

"I may often enjoy my balls being emptied after discipline" Thomas told Angela as she ministered to his tight shit hole"That is one of the many times you will practice your ABCs. Asshole, Balls and Cock worship. As you are doing now. I will expect you to beg for this privilege, and perform your service with gratitude. You must also learn to throat fuck properly, as well as take a hard fuck up your ass hole. All with gratitude. You may now, move up to my balls, bitch."

"Thank you sir" Angela moaned as she lick at the big luscious balls. She listened to every word and only thought how her Master was kind enough to give her instruction. She was grateful, and so lucky, to be on her knees licking his balls.

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