tagErotic CouplingsThe New Neighbor

The New Neighbor


Even through the window, Chase could tell that the woman was a looker. Her long blonde hair easily reached her wide hips, while her arms seemed to be smooth and muscular. He could tell that she was definitely on the larger side, but that suited him fine. That's where his preferences ran to, anyways. "More cushion for the pushin'", he thought to himself as he peered over at the new neighbor. She and a male (Chase couldn't tell from their actions whether they were friends, dating, or married) had begun moving items in yesterday, starting with the furniture. It appeared that now they were bringing in all the boxes and knick-knacks. Curious, he kept glancing towards the large picture window as he watched TV, hoping to catch a glimpse that would tell him what type of people these new neighbors were.

They seemed to be nice people. They shared in the job of bringing items into the house, opened the door for each other, and seemed to work nicely in unison; obviously they'd been together long enough for a system and easy camaraderie to have been concretely established. Working together to bring in the larger, heavy items and boxes, muscling open the door... it was almost like a dance. Chase kept glancing over, enjoying the way that the woman's shorts stretched across her voluptuous bottom, showing off the indent between her buttocks. The white tank top she wore soon dampened with sweat, showing the rich purple hue of her bra, and the tendrils of hair brushing her neck and cheeks began to stick to her skin. Chase found himself daydreaming of how she would look in bed. "Probably a lot like that," he thought to himself. "Cheeks pinkened from exertion, damp hair caressing her neck, eyes shiny with excitement, skin moist with a light sheen of perspiration... breasts heavy and full, swinging as she moves..." He closed his eyes, allowing his imagination to take over, unzipping his trousers as he did so.


Several days later, Chase was outside, reading a magazine and swinging in his hammock, when he began to hear subtle noises from next door. Thinking the new neighbor just had her TV louder than normal, he tuned it out, returning to the article on trout fishing that he had previously been thoroughly engrossed in. A few minutes later, a guttural cry rent the air, and he lifted his upper half off the hammock, wondering if he ought to run next door and make sure everything was alright. As he debated, more noises filled the air. A loud moan, followed by harsh panting and an almost indecipherable sound of "thwack, thwack, thwack, thwack...."

"Good God," he whispered aloud, "the woman is a sex goddess!" Lying back down, Chase put down his magazine, content to listen to the drama unfolding next door. His home hid his backyard from the curious gaze of passersby, while the shrubs he had planted, as well as the neighbors' low picket fence, ensured his complete privacy. As a bachelor, he had need of privacy. Although he was by no means a player, he had his share of women friends, and even if one were not over, he preferred walking around his house nude or wearing only boxer briefs to being fully dressed.

Another loud moan interrupted his reverie, and he fumbled with the button on his now-snug shorts as the air continued to be a conduit between his next door neighbor and himself. Gripping his cock firmly in one hand, he began to slowly pump as he closed his eyes; if he strained his ears, he was able to hear every word.

"Oh fuck yes, fuck me harder!" She was screaming to her lover, her voice hoarse in her passion. The thwack-ing sounds grew louder, and Chase smiled as he placed the sound as that of a tight ball sack vigorously slapping a wet pussy mound during a ferocious, uninhibited sexcapade. His hand moved faster, and a soft moan escaped his lips as he again imagined his beautiful, well-endowed neighbor resting doggy style on her bed, her large breasts swaying with the force of the thrusts from her lover, her long blonde hair a veil around her shoulders as she took the hard length deep into her weeping pussy.

Rhythmic moaning filled the air, turning into fast, coarse grunts as the speed of the thrusts apparently increased. "That's right, you fat slut, giving me your gorgeous body to pound.... Take it like a woman, that's a good girl! Ohhhh, god yes, your fucking pussy is squeezing me so fucking tight, it's all I can do not to cum right now...." Chase heard a man say roughly, a loud smack punctuating every pause. Gripping himself tighter, Chase tensed up, imagining pounding the luscious pussy of his new neighbor, watching her flesh wiggle and jiggle as he moved, grabbing a hard nipple to pinch as he drove himself to completion...

"Ohhhhhhhh," he gasped as his cock began to jerk, his cum erupting like a geyser from the head. He threw his head back, breathing harshly, still pumping hot seed from his cock, as he listened to the neighbor complete his own play. Breathing heavily, willing his heart-rate to return to normal, Chase lie still as the voices next door quieted, a heavy-handed smack and a barely audible "That's my good girl," wafting to him on the breeze. He smiled. If the pleased voice was anything to go by, his new neighbor was quite a ride.


"Can I borrow your lawnmower?" Fleshy pink lips parted in a pout after the question, obviously disappointed about something.

"I... I beg your pardon?" Chase asked, borrowing time until he could find his tongue again. His neighbor had finally made an appearance on his front step, in an outfit that made his jaw hit the floor. Jean short-shorts, a loose turquoise tank top, and a white sports bra was the frame for her natural beauty today, while her feet were encased in a pair of black sneakers. Gold earrings framed her round face, accentuated even more since her hair was pulled up and in a ponytail at the back of her head. Her beautiful blue eyes were emphasized by sooty black lashes, and shone with intelligence and humor, almost as if she could read his thoughts.

"I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself properly, have I? My apologies, I'm Myra, I moved in next door about a week ago," She explained, a smile lifting her lips and making her eyes sparkle even more brightly. "I've been working on unpacking and haven't gotten around to meeting anyone. I was just going to start on some outdoor stuff, but my lawnmower doesn't seem to want to start, and I just can't stand long grass in the yard. It makes me feel so unbearably flustered, like a chicken with my head cut off. I can't start one thing without being side-tracked by another!"

Laughing, Chase extended his hand to the up-beat woman. "I'm Chase," he said with a warm smile, his eyes heating up and running down her length appreciatively as he remembered hearing her tête-à-tête from 2 days ago. "I can understand what you mean. I think if I put off mowing for even a day too long, my yard would be overrun by dandelions!"

Myra nodded, a smile gracing her beautiful face. "So, would you mind if I borrowed your lawnmower?" she asked again, her features turning somewhat serious as she questioned him. Chase shook his head, brown hair ruffling the tips of his ears.

"Absolutely not," he asserted, then, inserting a seductive wink, added "As long as if you don't bring it back by the time I need to landscape, I get to call in a favor."

Myra giggled, sticking out her hand. "Deal!"


Chase watched her unashamedly from the upstairs window, where he had the best view of her cleavage. He sighed, his eyes lovingly tracing every curve of her large body, lingering on the sites he found most fascinating... such as her beautifully formed buttocks, her prominent breasts, the elegant curve of her neck, and her well-muscled calves.

"Down, boy," he murmured, feeling his cock stiffen in his jeans. "Don't scare her off." Chase continued to watch her, unmoving, just memorizing her curves, the sway of her wide hips, the way her waist was tapered to give her the perfect hourglass figure. The sun beat down to caress her golden skin, gently kissing her face and highlighting her hair. The epitome of a woman, Chase thought, to be able to arouse a man without lifting a finger, but still capable of hard labor. He smiled at the double entendre as the lawnmower wound down and shut off. Quickly, he made his way downstairs so that Myra wouldn't suspect a thing.

The knock on the door coming quicker than expected, Chase glanced down to find his erection at least not blatantly obvious. Grinning to himself ruefully, he walked to the door and opened it. As expected, Myra stood there.

"How did the ole girl work for you?" He asked with a smile.

"Great!" She responded, a dimple appearing in her cheek as she beamed back at him. Then her face fell a little. "Unfortunately," she said somewhat shyly, "I ran out of gas just as I was done." She peered up at him through her eyelashes coquettishly, completely out of character for her previous 'good girl' look. "I don't have any money to give you to replace it, but if you'd like to come over for awhile, I can pay you back." Myra stretched her hand out to Chase invitingly, a coy smile gracing her face. Almost in a dreamlike state, Chase took her hand, barely remembering to close the door behind him as she tugged him towards her home.

Opening and closing the heavy front door was as far as they got before the clothes started to come off. Grabbing Chase's shoulders, Myra pushed him up against the door, a firm leg coming up to twine around his waist, her lips pressed hotly to his, her tongue flicking out to taste his lips as she pressed her molten core as close to his erection as she could possibly get. Chase threw back his head in tortured agony; Myra gave a throaty laugh.

"Do you think I wasn't able to see you in your window today?" she asked coyly, grinding herself against him mindlessly. "Or that I couldn't make out your..." she paused, gripping his hard cock in her hand, "delicious hard-on through these shorts?" Chase gasped at her firm grip, his shaft throbbing as if thrilled at the attention. Not trusting himself to speak, he grabbed Myra by the back of her neck, pulling her to him for a bone-rattling kiss, his lips forcing hers apart so he could explore the cavern within. His tongue explored her mouth leisurely, taking his time as he felt out the hidden recesses. His fingers flexed lightly on her neck, his other hand pushing her tank top straps off her shoulders so that he could caress her bare skin. Giving a tiny moan of surrender, the sizzling temptress melted at his feet, her bones seeming to dissolve as he kissed her.

Chase grinned as he broke off the kiss, sensing that much more of it and Myra would faint. Nuzzling her neck, he pushed her tight shorts from her waist, revealing the sexy g-string she wore. Goosebumps rippled across his shoulder blades, and he snapped the elastic at Myra's waist, chuckling as he heard her sharp intake of breath. His warm breath made Myra's hair stand on end, and he blew gently upon her neck, delighting in the way her eyes immediately rolled back into her head.

"I want you," Myra whispered desperately, her hand, now removed from his throbbing cock, running down Chase's side to give his buttock a hearty squeeze. Chase nipped her sensitive throat with his sharp teeth in response, squeezing her neck a little tighter in his broad palm.

"Good," he growled against her satiny skin, his hand moving to free himself from his shorts, "Because I'm gonna fucking pound that luscious cunt of yours until you can't take any more.... And even then I just might not be done." As he had hoped, a slight tremor of excitement rippled through her voluptuous body, and raising his head from her neck, he took the time to peruse Myra's face, gauging her reaction. She was not at all displeased by his choice of language, he could tell, and after the scene he had heard while in his backyard a few days ago, he knew he could step a little out of the box... the thought excited him even more than he already was.

Aroused beyond comprehension, Chase's fumbling hand seemed to take forever to unbutton and unzip his shorts. Of course, it didn't help that Myra had raised her plump arms and removed her tank top. She smiled sensually at him as she did so, and he looked down to see that her top must have had a built in bra, for her breasts now hung loose, the pert rosy nipples just begging for attention. She leaned into him, kissing him deeply, rubbing herself against him, and he forced himself to focus on the buttons of his shorts. Finally, finally it popped open, and Chase groaned aloud in relief, then looked to Myra with a disarming smile.

"Want to go for a ride?" he asked devilishly. Before Myra could respond, Chase had grabbed her hips, twirled her around, and wedged her between himself and the door. Grinning into her passion-flushed face, Chase stroked his hands down to her buttocks, and in one smooth motion, lifted Myra up, impaling her soft body on his hard cock. Her g-string pushed to the side of her already sopping wet pussy, his entry was effortless. As soon as he was completely sheathed, he paused, leaning against her, staring into her eyes.

"Is there a reason your nails dug into my back?" He teased with a lopsided grin. Myra groaned, her inner muscles trembling around Chase's cock.

"No, it's just... God, you feel so fucking good," she breathed, staring into his eyes.

"Just wait," Chase responded, "I'm not even close to being done with you." And so saying, he adjusted his grip on her and began to slowly thrust inside her, flexing his hips experimentally as he watched Myra's reactions flitting across her face. Amazement, wonder, arousal, and lust all danced with fiery passion, and Chase was hard-pressed to keep from immediately spilling his seed. Myra's soft, fast panting, the way she tossed her head back in ecstacy, the feeling of her legs wrapping tightly around his hips... He shuddered as he lost control, and Myra cried out as his cock exploded inside of her.

"Oh you fucker, I wasn't even close yet," she smilingly snarled, leaning forward to bite his neck fiercely. The pain kept his manhood pumping for longer than normal, and as his legs weakened, he let Myra slowly slide down his body until her feet hit the floor, fearful that he'd lose his grip as his muscles relaxed. His hands, however, stayed on her, his thumbs moving to gently circle Myra's nipples, his fingertips massaging the mounds of her breasts.

"You are so beautiful," Chase told her reverently, bending his head to suckle a pebbled nipple. Her gasp aroused him, and his half-flaccid cock came straight back to attention. Noticing, Myra giggled through the haze of arousal.

"Ready for round two or something?" She flirtatiously spoke, her hand finding his sac and cradling it in her warm palm.

"No," Chase responded, his voice muffled from his lips still being firmly pressed into her breast, "I'm ready to complete round one. Where's your damn bedroom?"

"Who cares?" Myra moaned, trembling, nerves tingling from nipples to pussy and back.

"I do, because I'm not going to continue fucking you on the floor," Chase answered, chuckling hoarsely against her warm flesh.

On a throaty sigh, Myra drifted back close enough to earth to lead Chase to her bedroom, located in the back of the house with a large French style door that led onto a small enclosed patio. Chase got a small glimpse as he walked past on the way to Myra's bed; surprised, he turned and looked closer inside the room and a smile lifted his lips as he saw a variety of love-making objects, implements, and contraptions, concealed by frosted glass windows. He wondered when Myra had brought those into the home, as he didn't recall seeing them. Turning, his flesh immediately sizzled when he saw that Myra had made herself comfortable on the bed. She lie there, propped with pillows, her long blonde hair streaming over her shoulders, completely at ease and completely bare to his gaze.

"You are so fucking gorgeous," Chase said as he moved towards her in an almost dream-like state. "Your curves make me so fucking hard, and the color of your nipples is just divine. Your hair..." he lifted a lock to his nose and inhaled, "reminds me of jumping into a cold river on a hot summer's day." His hands roamed over Myra's body, and he watched in interest as her heavy-lidded eyes fluttered in a vain attempt to stay open. Gently, his hands smoothed her body, touching her shoulders, down her arms, back up to caress her soft breasts, before dancing down the delicate flesh of her belly to the glistening mound of her pussy. His gaze locking on her face, Chase probed her wetness with a forefinger until he located her swollen nubbin of womanhood, and he smiled as she gasped and arched her back slightly.

Grasping Myra's legs, Chase tugged once and pulled her to the edge of the bed, letting her long legs dangle while he knelt to the ground. Lifting behind the knees, he brought Myra's legs to rest on his shoulders, and leaning forward, he inhaled the delicious scent of her pussy. Giving a last glance at her flushed face, Chase lowered his head to the feast set before him. The normally delicate scent was now musky, potent; proof of Myra's needy arousal. His thumbs spread her labia to reveal the pearl inside, and he licked his lips in anticipation, but he didn't want to go fast. No, he wanted to prolong the agony, keep her hovering on the edge as long as he could.

His warm lips began kissing the inside of Myra's soft thighs, his thumbs now gently massaging the outer lips of her tantalizing pussy. His mouth somewhat open, he pressed his tongue to Myra's flesh as he kissed her, tasting the residue of his previous encounter, and his eyes almost rolled back into his head with delight. The delicate quivering of Myra's thigh muscles alerted him to her enjoyment, and eager to oblige her pleasure, Chase moved closer to her pussy, his lips now pressing feverish kisses to her smooth mound, his tongue darting out to taste the silky dewdrops lingering there.

Deciding it was time to start employing his fingers, Chase gently inserted his index finger into Myra's sopping wet pussy, and was rewarded by a low guttural groan and an indistinct tightening of inner muscles. "Relax, darling," he murmured into her feverish flesh, "I've yet to even begin." His only response was a slight wriggle of hips, as if she was impatient for more. Pressing his advantage, Chase's tongue began lapping at the shiny pearl nestled between Myra's two lips, his finger slowly moving in and out of her hot cunt. Soft panting, in rhythm to his licking tongue, drifted to his ears, and he groaned into her pussy as his cock stiffened further. He inserted another finger, and lifted his head to gaze at Myra, licking the moistness from his shining lips.

"Do you like that? Do you feel like a good little slut, spreading your legs wide for me, begging for my attention? Play with your nipples, Myra, I want to hear you moan, I want to hear your passion," Chase instructed her. Eyes barely open, Myra nodded distractedly, her hands moving to her breasts, where she began pinching her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Soft mewls escaped her, and satisfied with her response, Chase lowered his head again, this time sucking her clit into his mouth, swirling it with his tongue.

"Oh fuck!" Myra keened, her hips rising fractionally. Chase kept her still, his hands pressing down on the top of her large thighs, as he used his teeth to gently roll her sensitive nub, tongue still flicking at it. A third finger joined the others, and he curled them upward; finding her g-spot, he firmly began to stroke.

"Oh holy shit!" reached his ears, and Chase flicked his gaze up to see Myra writhing on the bed, her eyes scrunched shut, her nipples a dark rose as she continued to viciously pinch them. Her back arched high, her legs pressing down on his shoulders as she moved uncontrollably in response to Chase's stimulation. He added a fourth finger, and began a steady, thrusting rhythm, the fingertips still pressing into Myra's g-spot. His thumb he moved to her swollen clit so that he could watch her as she orgasmed.

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