tagErotic CouplingsThe New Office Ch. 01

The New Office Ch. 01


I arrived early on a sunny Monday morning in mid-April, the air brisk as I stepped out of a cab in front of a gleaming 40-story office tower just off Central Park. The building housed the boutique data management company with which I had just accepted a probationary entry-level position. I had moved to the city just a few days earlier, twenty-seven years old and recently single, having split with a long-term girlfriend a few months prior. I knew more or less nothing about the job, but the starting salary was attractive enough to make it a worthwhile gamble.

The building's immense lobby was cast in dark marble. The only person present was a blazer-clad young woman, standing behind a small rounded kiosk, whom I tentatively approached and asked for directions. After inspecting my driver's license, she glanced down at a computer monitor and directed me to the thirty-fifth floor.

I took an elevator upward and walked out into a chic, modern reception area filled with bright natural lighting allowed in by tall, broad windows. A receptionist, her short auburn hair brushed back and to the side, sat at a desk, hallways leading off to her left and right. The young woman's large, wide-set brown eyes were the centerpiece of a pale, beautiful Scandinavian face, her mouth at first glance serious but upturned ever so slightly at the corners.

"I'm Rachel. Welcome to the office."

The young woman stood, revealing an almost impossibly statuesque physique, her long legs covered down to mid-thigh by a black business skirt. A white blouse was buttoned tightly over her bust, nearly to her neck, the sleeves cinched around the middle of her toned upper arms. She had wonderful posture, the small of her back accentuated by a firm slope above and below. I guessed her to be about twenty-three.

As we met, Rachel reached out to take my right hand with both of hers and held it gently for a moment. "We're happy to have you. It's been a while since we hired anyone new." The peculiar expression had not left her lips, but a hint of mirth in her brown eyes put me at ease.

"Our space is a little tight right now, so you'll have to share an office with two others for the time being. I hope that's not too much of an inconvenience. Why don't we go introduce you right away?"

She gestured for me to follow her as she exited to the right, taking me into a broad corridor with what appeared to be offices on both sides, the contents obscured by frosted glass. I could make out vague silhouettes in some, but nothing more.

As we walked, Rachel described the building's amenities, which included an extensive gym facility in the basement, a rooftop restaurant, and even a coffee station replete with barista on the thirty-fifth floor itself. The company rented a number of floors, all linked internally with open staircases.

Finally the receptionist stopped and knocked at a particular office with a closed door. Someone replied, "Come in!"

Inside were three large desks arranged facing inward, with the open side accommodating the doorway. Resting on each desk was a computer, a phone, and scatterings of paperwork. A wall-to-wall window opposite the entrance gave a view of Central Park, imparting a sense of openness to the room. Large rectangular wardrobes stood to each side of the door, with filing cabinets lining the other two walls.

Two women sat inside the room. The first, located at the left-hand desk, had an unconstrained mess of dark, unruly hair curling around a heart-shaped face. Her full lips, small nose, and striking brown eyes conveyed a threatening degree of intensity. A form-fitting grey shirt with long sleeves left little about the topography of her medium-sized breasts to the imagination. She looked to be in her late twenties.

Rachel moved to introduce us, her hand resting gently at the small of my back. "Maria, this is the new data manager we finally hired. You've seen his resume. He'll be in here with you." Maria nodded but did little else to acknowledge my presence.

Rachel turned back toward me. "Maria will be your immediate supervisor. She'll monitor your workload and will be directly responsible to our management committee for your progress and performance. But I'm sure you won't let her down." She smirked at me.

The pale young woman situated at the right-most desk had been quiet the entire time, holding the receiver of a phone to her ear and looking off into space absently. She sported a pair of thick, stylish black glasses which contrasted beautifully with her large green eyes. Her dark brown hair was held back in a low, messy bun. Like Rachel, she wore a crisp white button-down, although hers had long sleeves gently cuffed at the mid-forearm. The top-most button clasped was just above the center of her exceedingly prominent bust, leaving visible the arching heft of what appeared to be soft, natural breasts. Given the girl's willowy frame, the sight was hypnotizing.

I felt a sharp pinch on my butt, drawing me out of my reverie. Rachel darted her eyebrows upward mischievously. "Adrienne," she said, turning back to her right, "come over so I can introduce you to your new office mate."

Finally Adrienne hung up the phone and stood, revealing a pair of dark, tight pants. She walked around her desk with her hand extended formally. I could see that she was slightly taller than Rachel--probably just under six feet in flats. As we shook hands, the girl almost eye-to-eye with me, I strained to keep my attention on her face.

The receptionist was the first to break the ice. "Adrienne and Maria will help you get started. In case you have any logistical questions, you know where I sit. I'll see you around!" She again took my hands, squeezed them, and left me standing there.


Maria immediately arose, a manila folder pressed to her chest. She was wearing a pair of tan pants that highlighted impressively rounded curves, her well-defined butt forming a perch leading into firm legs. Including her slight heels, I put her height at 5'7. She walked by me and exited into the hallway without a word, going the opposite direction from Rachel. Adrienne uselessly called out, "Maria, wai--", to no avail as the other woman walked purposefully on her way.

"Well, I suppose that's my desk?" I asked cautiously, gesturing toward the station in the back middle of the room. She nodded. As I walked over and took a seat, she did the same.

As I started reviewing a stack of training documents that had been left on my desk, I couldn't help but glance periodically up at Adrienne, who from my desk was visible largely in profile. I noticed for the first time that the outlines of her bra were apparent through the thin white shirt stretched taut against her chest. My life having been totally devoid of interaction with women over the past few weeks, I lost myself to daydreaming about Adrienne's chest.

At that moment Maria came striding back in and stopped in front of my desk. "Come with me. I'm going to show you around," she announced, her tone implying that refusal was not an option. Without thinking, I stood immediately. Maria glanced downward to the left leg of my pants, the unmistakable outline of arousal on full display. I could see her eyes flash as she set her jaw. She spun and walked back out.

I followed Maria out into the hall and hurried to catch up with her. The sight of her three-dimensional ass extending and compressing as she walked was enthralling. As I got closer I noticed what had to be the arching outlines of her hip-hugging panties.

Even when I finally caught up, Maria did not look at me. Instead she glared straight ahead and pointedly remarked, "You're going to have to keep that to yourself. It is NOT acceptable in this workplace."

I stuttered. "I-I'm sorry?"

She stopped and backed me into the wall of the empty hallway, her finger poking into my chest. She was considerably shorter than me but I was intimidated nonetheless. "You know exactly what I'm talking about."

With her other hand, she grabbed my still-firm cock through the cloth of my pants. "Either get a girlfriend to tend to your needs or take care of it on your own during off-hours. But don't bring it here." She punctuated the final sentence with several angry, emphatic tugs, apparently to clarify any ambiguity.

My heart raced as I felt myself throb in her still tightly-clenched hand.

"It won't be a problem. I promise," I said quickly.

Maria let go abruptly, took a large step back, and shook her head, presumably realizing that she had overstepped herself. As we resumed walking down the hallway, her tone softened. "Listen, I understand. Adrienne was practically hanging out of her top back there, and that wasn't appropriate either. Your reaction was natural. But that said, I can't waste my time wondering whether you're thinking about work or sex. I need someone who can focus." She raised her eyebrows, confirming that I understood. "Now let me explain our data entry system...."


By the time we had finished reviewing the more or less inscrutable code of rules and procedures that governed the office from day-to-day, it was approaching 6pm. Still wanting to make a good impression, I stayed in the office until well after Adrienne and Maria had gone home for the evening. As I gathered my coat and began walking toward the exit, I heard a familiar voice. "Hey! I didn't know you were still here!"

Rachel was still perched at her receptionist's desk, a lone lamp casting light onto documents strewn all over her workplace. She looked at me invitingly. "Looks as though you've had a long day. Want to get a drink upstairs?"

I certainly couldn't resist the chance to spend more time with one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. "Sure thing. But only if you promise that it'll immediately followed by two more. I could stand to loosen up a little after a day like that," I joked.

We entered the elevator together and Rachel pushed the button for the top floor. When the door opened a moment later, I had a difficult time believing we were still in the same building. The decor was dark and modern. A large, stylish aquarium filled with exotic fish decorated one wall. Even the lighting in the aquarium was intimate.

Rachel grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the back, where we slid into a small booth for two. A beautiful view of Manhattan sat to our immediate side as snippets of strangely wistful music made its way to us. Shortly after the waiter approached us with drink menus, Rachel leaned in conspiratorially and whispered, "Order me something good." She jumped up again and headed for what I presume was the restroom.

In her absence I ordered two of the less extravagant specialty cocktails described in whimsical detail on the menu. When I saw Rachel returning, my mouth opened involuntarily. She had undone several buttons on her shirt, revealing a hint of considerably larger breasts than I would have suspected, and several strands of hair now fell alluringly across her face. She grinned at me as she smoothed her skirt and sat back down.

"What's the matter? You said we needed to loosen up, didn't you?" She laughed, dimples appearing at the sides of her mouth. She leaned forward and reached a hand up to my tie. I reviewed her beautiful face as she focused on the knot, undoing it enough to release the top button of my shirt.

As she looked up to find me staring at her, I cast my eyes downward, where I was no less embarrassed to find myself looking directly at her chest. Even with just a brief glance, I could tell that her breasts, although considerably smaller than Adrienne's, were no doubt spectacular.

I quickly struck up a conversation about life in the office. As the night went on, we refilled our glasses two or three times, and I found that Rachel was eager to gossip. She revealed that Adrienne had joined the company straight from Harvard a few months earlier but that she rarely socialized with other employees, and in fact hardly ever spoke to anyone on non-work-related subjects whatsoever.

With respect to Maria, Rachel confided that she had been with the company for several years and was desperate to reach the executive echelon as soon as possible. The supervisor was known around the office as a draconian taskmaster, someone not to be trifled with.

As Rachel cautioned me to stay on her good side, I found myself agreeing. "Oh, don't worry, I've already learned that for myself."

"What do you mean?" Rachel asked, her hand lightly resting on my forearm atop the table.

Suddenly realizing that the details of our hallway interaction might not be appropriate for repetition, I tried to cover my tracks. "Actually, nevermind. It's not a very good story."

"No, really, I want to hear it!" Rachel leaned in and rubbed my arm, a big grin on her face.

Against my better judgment, I related the incident: "Not long after you left earlier today, Maria seemed to get the impression that I was a little too... interested... in our other office mate. Out in the hallway she made it very clear that she did not want to see any, um, extracurricular activity between us."

Rachel opened her mouth in exclamation and raised her eyebrows. "You naughty boy! I bet she caught you checking out Adrienne's boobs just like I did!"

I looked away in embarrassment. "Something like that..."

"Well, she does have literally the best rack I've ever seen. But I guess now I know your type..." She glanced downward at her own chest and looked back up with a sneaky smile.

We stood to leave around 11. In the elevator down to the ground floor, generic music played as Rachel leaned lightly against me, a contented look on her face.

On the sidewalk outside, I turned and began to thank her for a fun evening. She looked at me with her eyes wide, a blank, expectant expression on her face. As I finished talking, she paused for a moment, then leaned up and kissed me. I was taken aback for a moment as our tongues met, my hands finding her waist, her arms wrapped around my neck. Her kiss felt aggressive and passionate but not drunken.

After just a moment I pulled away, my mind reeling at the prospect of Maria discovering the situation. "Rachel, I can't do this. Not yet. I could get fired, not to mention the fact that Maria would kill me."

"Fuck Maria. I like you," she whispered back, gazing up at me with a smirk.

I couldn't help but return her smile. "Well, listen. I need to get my feet under me here before I get involved with anything like this, even with a girl as wonderful as you. Come on, I'll put you in a cab and we can talk about this later."

Her smirk turned into an insouciant grin. "Fine, but I'm going to get my way, whether you want me to or not."


Not long after lunch the following day, Rachel came to our office and asked if she could borrow me, saying something about medical clearance. I groaned, dreading the prospect of vaccinations or some other intake requirement.

Maria noticed my discomfort. "Don't worry. They just need to get a baseline on your vitals and take a medical history. The health department is down in the basement with the gym." She turned back to Rachael. "Keep an eye on him. So far he's proven to be a little... overenthusiastic."

Rachael and I took the elevator down past the ground floor, exiting onto another hallway with large signs: "Gym" over an arrow pointing left, and "Health Dept." over an arrow pointing right. Rachel grabbed my hand and led me to right. As I turned the corner, I almost bumped into a young woman walking by in a short white lab coat.

"Oh, hi! We were just looking for you," Rachel said.

The girl flashed a vivacious smile, her blue eyes twinkling. Her light brown hair, voluminously haloing her face in small crimped curls, ended just above the lab coat, which sat over a v-neck red sweater. "Well, I can guess what he's here for." She turned back to me. "I'm Kelly. It's time to take some measurements."

Kelly pulled me along into an antiseptic room with neatly lined shelves and tables covered with medical paraphernalia. I turned to see that Rachel had followed closely behind us. Kelly looked back at her. "I've got it covered from here. You can head back upstairs."

"Actually, I've been told that I need to stay. For auditing purposes." Rachel smiled at me and shrugged.

Kelly rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Just try not to get in the way," she replied, closing and locking the door. She turned back to me and handed over what appeared to be a medical history questionnaire attached to a clipboard. "Here. Fill this out."

As I sat in a nearby chair and addressed the paperwork, Kelly and Rachel retreated to a corner of the room and appeared to review some documents together. At several points I noticed the two steal glances in my direction and appear to argue about something.

I stood up with the completed form and handed it to Kelly, who began to review my entries. Rachel addressed me directly: "Okay, handsome. Take it off for us."

I narrowed my gaze for a moment, unsure whether she was kidding. Kelly chimed in. "She's right. We're going to take measurements so the company can order some new clothes for you, and I have a few other basic medical diagnostics as well." I finally realized they weren't joking. I unbuttoned and removed my shirt, followed by shoes, socks, and pants. I finally stood wearing only boxer-briefs before them both. The room was cold and I was suddenly nervous.

Kelly began to conduct what seemed to be a thorough and systematic assessment of my proportions using a cloth measuring tape. Neck, chest, sleeve, waist, inseam--everything a practiced tailor would need to craft a bespoke suit. I felt her warm hands on various parts of my body and tried hard to focus on anything other than what was happening. She was gentle but focused as she notated the results on a chart. Rachel stood nearby, monitoring the situation closely.

The medical staffer then asked me to sit as she wrapped a blood pressure monitor around my right arm. She took a reading and appeared satisfied with the results.

After disinfecting a small area on my arm, Kelly leaned over to draw a blood sample. I could see partially down into her red sweater, her lightly supported breasts swaying freely. As she finished and applied a small bandage, still bent forward before me, I felt myself harden involuntarily and saw the outline of an erection rising in my shorts.

Kelly looked up at Rachel, apparently not having noticed my excited state. "I know we haven't hired any men while I've been here, but are you really sure this last part is necessary? I mean, I don't mind, but... does he?" She nodded in my direction.

"It doesn't matter whether he likes it or not. We need it for the file." Rachel turned back to me with a look of triumphant satisfaction. "Please take off your briefs."

I found myself confused, wondering what "the last part" could possibly entail. I wanted to abide by Maria's instructions but had also just been told explicitly to expose myself. Shrugging, I pulled down my boxer-briefs and my hardened cock sprung upward, pointing directly at Kelly. Rachel openly gawked, while Kelly's reaction was more understated. "All right. This shouldn't take long."

I braced myself. Kelly picked up the cloth measuring tape that had been sitting nearby and again leaned down, re-exposing her breasts in the process and making me harder still. It was only when she stretched the tape against my erection that I realized what was happening.

My length continued to bob up and down slightly despite Kelly's best efforts. She turned to Rachel. "I know this is a lot to ask, but could you help me here? Just hold him steady."

Rachel, standing to my left, made brief eye contact with me. "I thought you'd never ask." She then reached out tentatively with her right hand. Using her thumb and forefinger, she clasped me firmly just below the crown. I felt myself surge with excitement. Kelly remained focused on her measuring tape. "That's great. It's definitely in the ballpark of seven inches. Just give me a minute to get as accurate a reading as possible." She was now deeply bent at the knees, positioned directly in front of me, looking squarely at my arousal.

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