The New Office Ch. 01


Adrienne then opened her locker and hung the tanktop and towel inside. I was shocked to suddenly feel Rachel reach a hand behind her and plunge it downward inside the front of my shorts. She took hold of my hardened cock and simultaneously hitched down my clothing, exposing me in the dark, crowded space of the locker, and then slipped me into the narrow gap between her upper thighs.

At that moment Adrienne reached back and unclasped her bra, sliding it down, forward, and off in one smooth motion. The side swells of her stunning breasts were visible to us even from behind. Rachel lowered a hand to touch the head of my cock from where it emerged between her legs and began slowly pumping herself forward and back along my length. Although she used droplets of my pre-cum to smooth the motion, I also felt a sticky wetness through the insubstantial cloth of her yoga pants.

Adrienne then dropped the sweat-darkened bra onto the bench behind her and dipped to the side, in profile to us, as she pulled down and stepped out of both her green shorts and underwear at the same time. Her dangling breasts reached heavily downward but retained their youthful density. The sight was too much. I slipped my hands up into Rachel's top from below, my palms pinned against her large breasts by the tight elasticity of the bra. Her writhing against my cock became more pronounced.

At last Adrienne dropped her shorts into the locker, wrapped the towel around herself, and walked off in the direction of the shower. I closed my eyes and began pumping my hips, Rachel's fingers encircling and twisting around the head of my cock where it protruded before her. She periodically tensed her thighs, trapping me in the warm, slick area between her legs. We heard a shower turn on somewhere down the tiled hallway.

The involuntary pumps of a world-shattering orgasm set upon me. I felt an inrush of cool air just as I began to ejaculate, my mind lost in the feel of Rachel's breasts and the strong firmness of her ass fighting back against me. My eyes remained closed, my cock still thrusting between Rachel's thighs as I fired shot after shot of semen.

Finally I descended from the peak of release, still holding tightly to Rachel's chest, her nipples hardened between my fingers. She tickled my cock with her fingers one last time and then stepped forward out of the locker, pulling me with her, my hands still trapped in her top.

Rachel flipped her shirt up, releasing me, and bent forward, apparently examining the bench before her. I looked down lazily, still disarmed by the entirety of what I had just experienced. Before us sat Adrienne's bra where she had inadvertently left it. The garment was one of the largest I had ever seen, the inner sides of its cups forming upward-facing concavities. A pool of white semen had gathered in each, with the remainder of my release now fading into the carpet where it had fallen. I realized that she must have opened the door to the locker just as I had started to cum.

"Look what you did, baby... You left all... that... just for her... or was it for me?"

Rachel swirled a finger around in one cup and sensually raised it to her mouth, applying the cum to her lips as if it were a balm. For the first time I noticed her large, perky nipples standing elegantly on high, flawless natural breasts. They were without question smaller than Adrienne's but quite large by any other standard. She stepped forward again, grabbed my limp cock with one hand, and kissed me aggressively, the salty hint of my own fluid on her lips an unfamiliar experience.

We both noticed the sudden silence as Adrienne's shower turned off. "What are we are going to do about this?" I whispered frantically, gesturing downward. Rachel looked me in the eye, then reached over and picked up the bra, pressing the too-large cups to her own sizable breasts and rubbing back and forth for several seconds. She carefully replaced the item on the bench in its original position, her chest now gleaming with the remnants of my emission. "There," she said. "All cleaned up." The bra, which had been damp with sweat even before I came, looked no different than it had when Adrienne initially removed it.

Rachel lightly pinched her hardened nipples and pulled the cloth of her sports top back down over her bust. "I'm going to finish working out." She walked away, her ass swinging back and forth more saucily than I would have imagined she was capable of.

Despite Rachel's satisfaction with our clean-up efforts, I couldn't in good conscience leave the bra there for Adrienne to unknowingly coat her chest in my semen. I grabbed the item and stuffed it deep into a nearby container marked "Laundry".

Afterward I darted back to my own locker, undressed quickly, and retrieved a fresh towel from the nearby stack. As I headed nonchalantly for a shower of my own, a door opened and Adrienne stepped out, wrapped tightly in the white towel I had seen her carrying earlier. She looked beautiful, her vibrant green eyes taking in my bare upper body. A slight upturning at the corners of her mouth betrayed a piqued interest. She quickly lowered her gaze and walked away toward her locker.

I showered leisurely and returned to the locker room, my thoughts still fixated on the recent events. Adrienne appeared to have taken her things and left. After changing, I walked out toward the mats, where Rachel was alone, still stretching.

She glanced upward as I approached. "Adrienne was bouncing all over the place on her way out. She said the cleaning staff must've taken her bra. I don't suppose you kept a... souvenir?" She eyed my gym bag suspiciously, her half-smile alluring.

"No, I put it in with the other laundry. I'm sure they'll figure out whose it is eventually--there can't be too many girls with her chest size running around."

"I suppose that's for the best," Rachel replied. As I began to walk away, she called out behind me, "But if it were mine, I would've worn it all day!"


A few days passed. The health assessment fiasco seemed to have blown over, given that conversations between me, Adrienne, and even Maria had returned mostly to normal. Rachel, by contrast, had steered totally clear of our office ever since the apparently intense conversation with Maria that had taken place before she joined me and Adrienne in the gym. Sometimes she would stop by for a few minutes after seeing Maria step into the elevator, or while I stayed late, but by and large we saw little of one another.

Finally, on the Wednesday of my second week in the office, Maria left in the late afternoon, ostensibly going to a business meeting upstairs. Adrienne remained, typing away at her desk while I reviewed yet another batch of files. I heard a gentle rap at the door and saw Rachel standing there, wearing a blue scoop-neck short-sleeved shirt and her typical skirt, her hair pulled back and lips outlined in red. She smiled at me and walked in toward my desk.

"Hey, how's it going? I haven't seen much of you lately," she began.

Adrienne looked up from her desk. "You know Maria said you're not supposed to be in here, right?"

I was suddenly confused. Had Maria really banned Rachel from our office?

Just as Rachel started to respond, we heard the familiar click of Maria's favorite pair of heels headed back toward the office. A look of mock panic crossed Rachel's face. She darted around to my side of the desk and pushed me to the side. Before I could react she had already dropped down and crawled into the space beneath the large, high desk. I remained positioned off to the side, my legs extended parallel to the desk so that Rachel had enough room.

Adrienne stared at me forcefully, eyebrows raised, as Maria re-entered the room. She wore a business-like black blouse with short sleeves that ended just below the shoulder and her typically tight black pants. "What's going on? Did I miss something?" she asked, looking back and forth between us.

The situation was completely in Adrienne's hands. I froze up, not knowing whether she was about to out the guest kneeling covertly beneath my desk.

"Oh, it's nothing," Adrienne replied a little too quickly.

"Hm. Doesn't seem like nothing. I hope the two of you don't have something going on behind my back." Maria shot me a pointed look and sat back down at her desk.

With Maria back in the room, I was compelled to begin at least a facade of work, receptionist under my desk or not. I moved my chair forward, legs stretched widely so they could rest to the sides of Rachel, who from what I could tell was sitting on the floor, her legs tucked beneath her. I hoped she was comfortable; Maria rarely left her desk twice in the same hour.

Just after I had settled in, I felt Rachel's hands press against my inner thighs as she quietly readjusted her position. The contact lasted longer than seemed strictly necessary.

At that moment, Maria shuffled through some papers on her desk and looked up at me. "You know, I've been looking through your paperwork for the past few days and there are some things I should probably explain in more detail." She stood, picked up a stack of paperwork, and walked over to the chair in front of my desk. "Do you have a minute?"

I saw no plausible way to decline the invitation. Maria knew that I had nothing time-sensitive due today. "Um, sure," I replied. I could still feel Rachel's presence between my legs -- she had never released her loose grip on my thighs. Her touch was thrilling, on the one hand, and terrifying on the other. I could feel the beginnings of arousal.

"Good." Maria sat down, her thick, dark hair curled around her copper face as beautifully as ever. She looked down at the paper and began discussing some highly technical guidelines for our current project. Rachel's hands suddenly crawled higher up my thighs, one coming into direct contact with my growing cock. I felt her pause, probing, and then resume her ascent.

Glancing down, I watched Rachel toy with my fly. Seeing where she was going, I tried to brush her away, but she suddenly pinched me on the inner thigh. "Ouch!" I yelped.

Both Maria and Adrienne looked up at me quizzically. "I am so sorry. Banged my knee. I'm just a klutz today." Maria resumed her explanation, but Adrienne continued staring. At last she appeared to return to her work and began typing.

A moment late, an instant message appeared on my monitor. It was from Adrienne. "What's going on under your desk right now?"

I typed back, "Nothing. But I seriously have no idea what to do. Can you get Maria out of here long enough for Rachel to make a break for it??"

Adrienne made a mock show of thinking it over, a little grin on her face. Rachel, meanwhile, had resumed her assault on my fly and finally opened it, taking my fully hardened cock in her hands. I foresaw this situation ending poorly.

Finally Adrienne started typing again. "I'll get rid of her if you'll take a picture on your cell phone of your lap right now." She turned and raised her eyebrows at me. As I was considering my options, I felt a fantastic warmth envelope the head of my erection. Even without looking I could tell that Rachel had just taken me in her mouth. I messaged back. "No way. Maria would be pissed if I pull out my phone right now."

Adrienne looked in my direction, her eyes challenging me. Another message: "I want to know what's going on over there. You have one minute to send me something, or you're on your own."

Aside from Adrienne's deadline, I had at best another few minutes before I was going to peak--aside from the sheer pleasure of having Rachel's lips wrapped around me, I found the reality of getting a covert blowjob less than three feet away from my gorgeous supervisor to be tremendously arousing on a psychological level. Knowing that I could never conceal a full-on orgasm from Maria, and that I certainly couldn't stand up and walk out, it seemed that Adrienne was my only hope.

With one hand I took out my phone, hoping that as soon as Rachel released me for even a second, I could tuck myself back into my pants and discreetly snap the photo. With the other I made a last-ditch effort to gently guide Rachel's lips off me. She resisted, sinking her teeth into me ever so slightly. Her stunning brown eyes glanced upward, taunting me. She noticed the phone and smiled as much as she could without releasing me.

Seeing no alternative, I took the requested picture: the final product depicted Rachel's lips wrapped tightly around the thickness of my cock, her eyes enthralling, her eyebrows low and commanding. I forwarded it to Adrienne and said a mental prayer, hoping she would be satisfied and get Maria out of the room without delay.

Maria, in the meantime, had seen me fooling with my cellphone and was not pleased. She stood up and leaned forward, her forearms planted on the desk and her face just a foot from mine. "I'm taking the time to explain something to you. Could you at least do me the courtesy of giving me your complete attention?"

At those words, Rachel surged her lips forward, taking several inches of my cock into her mouth as she pumped lightly around the base with her right hand. She, like Maria, also seemed interested in having my complete attention.

Maria was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, and I have no doubt she had enough experience with men to tell by my body language and tone of voice that something was amiss. At that moment, though, Adrienne's phone buzzed. Maria's head swiveled. "Is there anyone in this office who can concentrate on work for more than thirty fucking seconds? What could possibly be so important?"

She raised herself up from my desk and walked over to Adrienne's, where the busty brunette had quickly picked up her phone. Looking at the screen, Adrienne went still. Rachel, meanwhile, had continued pumping, her tongue twirling around the head of my cock in a way that I could tell was designed to make me cum as quickly as possible.

Adrienne recovered her composure and also stood abruptly. "I'm sorry, Maria. I can't believe this slipped my mind, but I had a problem with Operations earlier this morning and it looks like they're ready to address it. I was hoping you could take a walk down and help me."

Maria wore a skeptical look, but sighed in resignation. "Fine. Let's get it over with." She led the way out the door, her ass even more arousing as I approached ejaculation. She was probably a magnificent lover. I involuntarily pictured her bent over a desk, her pants around her ankles, waiting to receive my cock.

Adrienne bent down to type one last message. "I want to see you after work. Upstairs, 8pm." She walked out of the office, her chest bobbing as usual.

At that precise moment, I felt a chill as Rachel released me from her mouth and pushed back on my knees, forcing me outward from the desk. She stood, stretching slightly as I sat fully aroused before her.

"Be sure to forward me that picture. I couldn't believe you would be that daring!" Rachel said, fixing her skirt. I decided she didn't need to know, at least for now, that I had taken the picture only because Adrienne had demanded that I do so. She spun and turned to leave.

"Wait a second," I exclaimed. "You put me through that ordeal and now you aren't even going to finish?"

She half-smiled at me. "I told you I'd never let you get fired. But today I was more interested in watching you scramble than in making you cum. Maybe next time."

"Next time?" I said in disbelief.

"Oh, don't worry," Rachel replied with a teasing look. "Feel this." She stepped forward over my lap, my cock hovering below the entrance of her open skirt, and for a moment I thought was was about to lower herself down onto me. But instead she took my hand in her own and raised it between her legs, lifting her skirt in the process. Her upper thighs were slick as I massaged her soft lips through the dampened underwear. But after a moment she stepped backward, again pulling down her skirt.

"Like I said earlier, I really like you. But until you agree to go on a date with me, a real date, things are going to get more and more interesting around here." Her brown eyes hardened. "And who knows? Maybe sooner or later, Maria will find out about everything you've been up to." She turned and walked out of the room, leaving me sitting there, my erection softening. I wondered how things could possibly get any more "interesting."

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