tagRomanceThe New Restaurant

The New Restaurant


It's my turn to pick a place for our weekend date. I've heard of a funky new restaurant that's opened up that not too many people know about, including you.

I dress carefully for you. I put on my sexy black lace push up bra, black lace suspender belt and thigh high pantyhose. I put on my new short black skirt, and tight button up red shirt, which shows my large breasts off to perfection. I spray on some perfume and put on my stilettos. As you arrive to pick me up, your eyes almost pop out of your head.

On the trip to the restaurant, its all you can do to keep your hands off me in the car. You rest your hand on my stockinged leg, and allow your hands to ride up my leg, under my skirt. I feel you jump as you realize I'm not wearing any underpants, and I'm sensing you're wondering what sort of night you are in for.

While driving, you tweak and rub my clitoris, feeling me getting wet under your gentle, probing touch. I reach over to put my hand on your leg, and as my hand moves up your leg, I can feel your cock is rock hard through your jeans.

I direct you to the restaurant, which is well hidden to the untrained eye. If you didn't know what you were looking for you would never know it was there. As we enter the darkened doorway and climb the red lit stairs, I feel myself trembling in anticipation. At the top of the stairs we are greeted by a gorgeous blonde waitress. She has giant, perky breasts and is a black leather skirt, a black leather zip up bustier and thigh high black leather boots. I sense your confusion and can feel a sense of excitement growing inside of me.

As she leads us to our table, we can hear moaning and groaning from other tables which we know are there, but cannot see. We sit at our table and begin reading our menus. The waitress takes our order and leaves. I stare into your eyes and can see desire and want for me. While staring at me, you notice me start to shift in my seat. My face changes and you are unsure of what is going on, but you know that look on my face means. You remain confused. I begin shifting in my seat and you notice my eyes start to roll back in my head, my body start jerking and my hands gripping the table. Still you are unsure of what is going on. I smile at you and point to the flashlight on the table and motion for you to look under the table.

You grab the flashlight and bend down to look under the table. There you see my legs wide open with my dripping wet pussy on display. Well, almost on display, because the gorgeous waitress's face is buried in it. Licking, sucking, probing. As you take in the scenario in front of you, you also realise that the waitress is on her knees, skirt hitched up, and also wearing no underwear. You look at me again, and I nod. You put your hands under the table, and probe the waitress's sexy ass. You reach between her legs and insert one finger into her dripping wet pussy. You remove your finger from her pussy and gently insert it into her ass. Her licking of me becomes more frenzied, as she inserts one, two, three, four and finally five fingers inside me. I feel her whole had slide up inside me and I start to push back onto it as I begin to come hard. You can hear me coming, you can feel the table shaking. A few more gentle licks from the waitress as I'm coming down, and she removes her ass from your finger and slips out from under the table and walks away.

You sit back up in your seat staring at me incredulously. I have a Cheshire cat grin and you are smiling back at me. The waitress brings our entrée, serving us as though we had never seen each other before.

After the entrée, I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. I come back to the table, sit in my chair and slide underneath the table. I crawl over to you and touch your cock. Rock hard. I unzip your jeans and pull your hard cock out. I start licking around the head, sucking out the pre-come that is waiting there just for me. I run my lips up and down the shaft. I feel your enjoyment and hear your gentle moans. I begin to suck the tip of your cock, slowly taking more and more of you into my mouth until you can feel me gag. I again start to run my lips and tongue up and down the shaft of your cock. Suddenly you are aware of two pairs of lips on your cock. Yes, the waitress has joined me under the table, and we are kissing each other over your cock. I feel the excitement increase in you as your cock grows even harder. I'm wishing I could see your face, and knowing that you would love to be watching having your cocked sucked by two women. We push your chair back slightly, so your cock and our faces are visible to you from under the tablecloth. I am loving seeing the look of enjoyment on your face, and am loving kissing another girl with your cock in the middle of us.

The waitress senses it is time for her to leave and does so. You pull me up from under the table and sit me on your lap with my back to you. You can feel my pussy dripping onto your hard cock. You spread my legs and ram your cock into my hot, wet pussy. You reach around and start frantically rubbing my clit, other hand squeezing my breasts. You feel me tense up and start to come. You can feel my pussy pulsating on your cock and feel yourself beginning to come. You're coming hard. I can feel you shooting your load of wetness inside of me. Again, we feel the waitress underneath the table. She is licking my clitoris and gently licking at your cock while you are coming inside me. As quickly as she appeared, she is gone. You are spent and I am spent (for now).

I remove myself from your cock, pussy dripping with your come mixed with mine. We finish the remainder of our meal with a gleam in our eyes of what we know will be happening when we get home. As I sit there grinning to myself, I think, "we'll definitely have to tip the waitress!"

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