tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 05

The New Slave Ch. 05


Chapter 5: A Doctor's Touch

The doctor was more than fascinated by what she had learned. Further, he fascinated her physically, not to mention being extremely aroused. Her fun and games with him had led her to be more than wet, an anxious feeling spreading throughout her stomach and legs. She wanted more but wasn't sure if he was capable of more.

Being a woman, she was more than aroused by each of the slaves, especially the new ones. Each one possessed characteristics that would make them desirable in one way or another. The very least she had done in the testing of the new slaves was to watch as a skilled technician milked them to orgasm. She more than enjoyed watching them twist and jerk as load after load was coaxed from their balls. Just the act of watching the new slave being forced to cum would elevate her arousal, enjoying the show as the technician's hands worked the slave into a panting spurting mess.

It wasn't often that she would take a new slave for her own personal testing, one on one as they say. Being new to her group of slaves, they were more than eager to please her. And she was more than eager to be pleased. Some of them would remain in her lab while she allowed them to pleasure her with their mouths. Others would be taken to her private chambers where she would experience them in her own way, and on some occasions, several times. But it was rare that the doctor continued the relationship with any particular slave, since she had an abundance to choose from, depending on her mood or desire at the time.

The doctor had her trusted staff, training personnel, serving girls and a small number of female slaves. She had very few female slaves, but the doctor allowed all of them their own time for sexual play. And some of them had voracious appetites when it came to sexual play. The doctor took very good care of all her personnel. All of the male slaves were there for a purpose and the doctor didn't want the females interfering with business. The doctor was by no means a prude, but she had a keen business mind and the idea of everyone sucking and fucking all day didn't make for good business. Sperm was in high demand and there was no room for it being wasted with serving girls, female slaves, or just randomly pumped out onto the floor, sheets or wherever. Besides, the vast majority of male slaves were there to supply a steady supply of their personal cream to the doctor. She had not become a doctor or a wealthy land and business owner by spending all day involved in sexual escapades. There was time for business and there was time for play. But there were rare times when supply was high and demand was low. During those times, she didn't mind what the females did with the male slaves. In essence, the males were fair game to the females.

Ross was now a lot more relaxed, no longer scared. His cock showed that, as the doctor continued her soft slow rubbing of the huge oozing shaft and head. His entire demeanor was now relaxed, even though he was still fully restrained. The doctor understood where he had been and what his mental state must have been. She almost regretted her little act with him, but knew that it set the tone for what his purpose was. He understood his place. Even with his woeful story of his past several years, she still couldn't take her eyes off of his gorgeous cock and his balls that didn't seem to empty. Still standing next to him she could suddenly feel the wetness between her own legs, almost matching the amount that the new slave was producing. He was sopping wet and so was she. She knew that it was time to continue her examination. She watched intently as she released her grip of his cock, seeing it twitch several times. Within a few minutes it began to grow soft, but still very fat and thick as it lay on his stomach.

Moving the surgical tray out of the way, she stepped up closer to his face and looked into his eyes. They now showed no signs of fear but almost excitement. He was relaxed even to the point of smiling.

"Are you comfortable enough? Are your arms hurting?" she asked him. He shook his head no. She looked at him seriously.

"You understand why you are here, don't you?" she asked.

He shook his head yes, returning her gaze. He made a lot of eye contact, for a slave.

"From what I have seen of you so far, you may be used for several different positions. Obviously your balls are over producers, pumping out amounts more than any male I have ever seen. I'm still amazed at how much you can shoot. That is one thing that I want from you, and on a regular basis. You will supply me with as much as you can produce, and over time you will be able to produce even more than you ever thought possible. Medically, I can help you to produce more sperm than you ever imagined. You really don't have any choice but I would be happier knowing that you would cooperate with me. Will you?" she asked. Again he shook his head yes, but this time looked away from her. She did notice that his cock was now flaccid, lying softly on his stomach. Obviously the thought of his future possibilities was not an arousing thought to him.

Still looking into his eyes, she continued. "I have to admit, this is a beautiful cock, one of the best that I have ever seen. I have plenty of ideas on how to put it to good use. I still want to examine it further; you do have some 'different' attributes in that regard. It's obvious to both of us what use it can serve. I know that you have been put out, rented, used, or just given out to strangers, whatever way you want to say it, but I see a lot of use in that cock. A lot of it being under very similar situations to what you've already been through. But I tell you this much, it will be very different with me as your owner. You won't be mistreated but you will be expected to perform and do as you're told to do. I bought you because of your sperm production, but I am now seeing a huge demand for your other talents. Do you understand what I am telling you?"

He was looking directly into her eyes and almost smiling when he softly answered, "Yes, I fully understand." He knew without a doubt that she was referring to women using his cock, his balls, his body, and his mouth. He had been through all of this before, but it felt different, coming from this beautiful woman who had just purchased him.

Pausing a moment, she looked at him and continued, "You will be trained and your talents developed more, if that is possible." Saying this, her hand immediately went back to his cock, squeezing it around the base. Immediately she could feel it begin to swell. Within seconds he was about half hard.

She laughed, "I don't know if making it bigger would do anyone any good. It's beautiful as it is. And your balls can't get any bigger, without affecting your ability to walk." Even the new slave laughed at this. At least he was friendly and appeared to be cooperating, she thought to herself. Her hand was now rubbing the almost fully erect cock. The pre-cum had never stopped flowing during her conversation. He was now so wet that seven her rubbing was producing squishy sounds coming from between his legs. She was astonished. He had already been forced too cum enough that he should be empty, but obviously he was still producing a lot. Just the amount of his pre-cum looked to be the same as an average males' full orgasm. He was obviously ready to cum again. She moved down closer to his hips, standing along side of the exam table. She stood and watched for a moment as her slow rub produced more pre-cum from the wide-open mouth of his cock. Her hand and his cock were literally covered in his clear thick fluid. He was rock hard and his balls were still lying softly between his legs.

As a male approaches orgasm, his balls will slowly draw up loser to his body, in preparation for pumping the sperm from the balls to the cock head. Drawn up close to the body means that the sperm has a shorter distance to travel, keeping it fresh. It's a survival mechanism for sperm in the realm of procreation. Since his balls were not drawn up, it meant that he was nowhere near an aroused state. His cock was, but he had a long way to go before orgasm. The doctor wondered if it was possible that all of the day's sexual treatment had numbed him. She looked down and watched as her hand sped up the rubbing. There was an immediate slight jerk in his hips and his head rolled back slightly, his eyes closed. No, she thought to herself, he is not numb. He's feeling all of her manipulations and very well.

She stepped back away from the exam table, glancing at the wrist and ankle restraints making sure that both were secure. There was no way that he could get free from either end of the table. And if he were to get a hand or an ankle free, she would hit an emergency button that would summon help and unlocked the doors at the same time. But something in her own mind told her that she was not in any danger. As he lay there watching her closely, she stepped more into the light where he could see her better. Since she was only wearing the short skirt, she knew that it was time for that to come off.

Standing back far enough that he could see almost all of her, she reached behind her and undid the zipper to the skirt. Squirming slightly, she slid the skirt over her hips and let it drop to the floor. Barefoot and completely nude, she stood there, allowing him to see all of her.

She was gorgeous, he thought to himself. Before this he had only seen her in an aspect of fear, waiting for her next move, her next painful manipulation, or for her to start cutting into genitals that refused to acknowledge his own fear. But now, she stood there, radiant, so sexual that his cock was responding to her without him even thinking about it. He could feel his cock swelling harder than normal, as if about to bust. His balls were actually churning, wanting to spew out without even a single touch.

She was a magnificent creature, short and petite, dark hair that was cut in a very short style. Her breasts were full and rounded with nipples that looked hard enough to cut him. Each nipple was fat and erect, as if begging to be attended to. Both of them were surrounded by a very large dark brown areola. Her entire body was darkly tanned except for a tiny area where a small patch of pubic hair was located. It was trimmed very short and matched her dark hair. Her pussy lips looked slightly swollen, her mons being pronounced and obvious even in the dim light. What he didn't know was that her vaginal entry was swollen, having been overly stimulated for the past several hours while she played with her new slave. Yes, she was a woman, in all aspects. Where the slave had been toyed with and forced to cum, she had not. She had watched and participated, but with no release for herself. She was overdue and she felt it. She could feel the moisture between her lips, more than enough for both of them. It had been held back for a long time and now it was making its way outward, coating her inner thighs where they met with her shapely torso.

She just stood there watching him. She was actually enjoying the affect she was having on him. She felt more like a woman than she had felt in a long time. She had seen him made hard, repeatedly during the past several hours. But now she was witnessing a new level of hardness that he had not yet exhibited, even when he was cumming. Just the sight of her body before him was causing him to respond more than he had all day. Inwardly she laughed as she thought to herself how he was almost drooling. It had been a long time since a man had reacted this way to her, even with her just standing in the nude before him. She could make any of her male slaves cum whenever she wanted, but this new slave wanted her. And she wanted him too.

After several minutes of them both watching each other, she stepped back up closer to the exam table. She bent over close to his face, her right nipple brushing against his shoulder. "Do you like what you see?" she asked him, smiling.

"Yes, undeniably," he moaned.

She bent closer and kissed him softly on the cheek. "Maybe your new owner won't be such a bad thing, after all. Did you ever think of that?" she asked coyly.

"I've never been the possession of anyone like you." She glanced down and saw that his cock was thicker than it had been all afternoon. The head was flared so wide that it looked as if the purplish skin would split. It was swollen to the point that the pre-cum could not escape the shaft. With just her fingertips, she ran her hand down his chest to his belly where they lingered for a moment before moving to the neatly trimmed pubic hair. As her fingertips touched his pubic mound, she heard his breath quickly suck in. His entire body seemed to tense.

After a moment he breathed, "Did your examination of me tell you anything?"

She looked back at him slowly, smiling, "Who said that your exam was over? There is plenty of you that I want to examine, more thoroughly!" His head rolled back as her fingers pushed into the bottom of his pubic mound, feeling deeper and deeper. Two of her fingers rested on the topside of his cock, deeply embedded inside him. His breathing had become slightly erratic and his erection was something that looked like it would burst.

There was a lot more of him that she wanted to feel, to know, to experience. She had plenty of time and he had nowhere to go. Her fingers pushed deeply into the skin directly above the base of his cock, where the pubic ligament attaches to the pubic bone. Feeling deep inside of him, she could feel that the pubic ligament was very soft and mushy, almost as if detached. Immediately she knew that the ligament had been stretched or abused so much that it had become detached, almost as if dislocated.

"Am I hurting you?" she asked, her fingers poised to push deep into him. As a doctor, she had seen males brought into the emergency room when she was an intern. These males were in a lot of pain, due to a 'dislocated cock'. Since there is no bone present in the cock, dislocated is a misnomer. Actually, it's the pubic ligament that has been damaged, normally by the male thrusting too hard and sinking it into his female partner at an odd angle.

"No, it does feel good. Sort of like a deep massage." He was still lying still, allowing her to do the exam.

Detaching the pubic ligament, or stretching it, would have given him an extra inch to inch and a half in length. She wondered if the person doing this to him, had known what they were doing, or if they had done it totally by accident. It would have been very painful at the time that it was done. She knew of different methods to manually "pop" the pubic ligament, giving the male some additional length, normally a process that is done frequently and over an extended period of time. The male, or the owner of a slave would have to be pretty determined to put the slave through such an ordeal to make his cock longer. But in some cases, it would be well worth it. This was not one of those cases.

She estimated that his cock was over six inches prior to the lengthening. Now he was just over eight inches. His modification had been done very well, but wasted since the vast majority of women could not take his length anyway. As she continued to probe the damaged area, she watched him closely for any signs of pain or discomfort. It appeared to her that he had been altered for some time, since he did not show any sign of pain.

She continued to probe the mushy area, feeling along the top and down both sides of the thickly muscled cock. It obviously felt good to the slave, as he lay back softly moaning. On both sides of his cock she could feel somewhat the same as she felt on the top. All around his cock, at the base, she could feel the same soft mushy feel where the muscles and the pubic ligament had been stretched or pulled out all together. Because of this his cock would be very limber, able to bend 90 degrees in any direction, whether it was flat against his pubic bone, flat against his pelvis, or bent down far between his legs. It was obvious to the doctor that he had been through a lot of modification, probably against his will.

By this time, the doctor had become more than aroused by her closer examination. She was sopping wet and she could easily feel her engorged pussy lips. Her clit was tingling and reminded her moment to moment that it needed attention. All this time she had never even touched it. Stepping back from the table she decided that she could do more of her exam in a different position, satisfying two problems at the same time. Ross was laying still his eyes closed dreamily, his cock still at a stage that looked as if it would burst. His ball sack was still laying soft and flat on the table, waiting for the next level of arousal. The doctor moved closer towards his face, leaning down close to him. Almost in a whisper, she asked, "Am I hurting you?"

"Ummm, no, please continue," he moaned.

She walked around to where his hands were still restrained above his head. Using a wooden box, she stepped up onto it and climbed onto the exam table. Being above his arms, she carefully crawled on her hands and knees, down the length of his body. She moved slowly as her pussy passed directly over his face, allowing him to catch her aroma. She came to a stop once she reached a comfortable position where her face was directly over his pubic area. Even with her short height, she knew that they were both positioned perfectly to explore each other. She wanted to explore him further and part of the exam was to see what his reaction to her would be.

She held still for several moments, waiting to see if he would make any move toward her. Her legs were spread wide, her knees resting at the top of his shoulders. She was comfortable enough; her hands and arms supporting her upper body above him. She didn't have to wait long for him. She felt the softest touch to her right pussy lip, as if brushed by feather. She couldn't contain it as her breath sucked in, an obvious sign of her arousal. She held still for a moment, waiting since he had stopped, the moment he heard her suck in air. After a few moments, she felt it again; the same soft touch on her right pussy lip. Her lips were already engorged and this only heightened it. She could feel her entire pussy tingle as the soft touch became a little stronger. He was now softly licking her pussy lip, barely caressing it with his tongue.

She brought her breathing under control and fought to contain her concentration. She opened her mouth wide and pressed her face down to his cock head, taking it in slowly, sucking deeply. His body tensed as her tongue began to dart all around the thick head. She could hear his breath as he sucked in, feeling her mouth perform on him. She almost immediately felt the head flare wide in her mouth, signaling the rise in his arousal level. She continued this, pushing her tongue as far as she could into the wide-open mouth of her fat toy. Her hand clutched at his shaft, pulling upward, drawing the foreskin up tight and over the head. He winced as she held the tight grip on his captured thick skin. She kept him captured in her mouth, sucking hard and pulling the foreskin in deeper with the suction.

His hips pushed upward against her face, the cock head trapped in her mouth. He only sped up his oral manipulation of her pussy making her body shake as she tried to continue the suction to his organ. He was now lapping at her, hungrily, tasting her. This new slave was unlike any slave she had before. He was trying to give, more than he was receiving. It was becoming a battle to see who would cum first. His training had taught him to pleasure the woman first.

As she continued working on him, he dipped his tongue between the puffy lips, sending an immediate shock through her body. She stopped only long enough to enjoy the sensations. As his tongue pushed deeper between her lips, he gathered the copious amount of lubrication and moved upward, coating her clit. She sucked in hard as her entire body tensed. She couldn't believe that the slave had so much affect on her body. She felt as if she were on the verge of cumming, every nerve in her genitals on fire. He continued, gently lapping at the hardening bud. She pulled herself together for a moment and continued her oral attack on his cock. She immediately pushed her left hand in between his thigh and ball sack. As her fingers curled around his left ball, she could feel his body tense up. She squeezed it hard and began to suck harder on the flared head. Immediately she could hear his breathing become more erratic. It appeared to her that he could be nearer to orgasm than she thought. But as she progressed with his body, she also moved to the next level.

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