tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 06

The New Slave Ch. 06


Chapter 6: Security Takes Over

Rachel and her security team entered the lab and found the slave rolled over on the exam table, completely exhausted and sound asleep. Even Rachel was amazed, seeing the exhausted and disheveled look to her boss. Dr Sherry still had a lot of the thick evidence on her lower stomach, pubic area and thighs. She stood, almost dazed, at the head of the exam table slowly putting on a lab coat to cover herself. Rachel and her team moved in and quickly handcuffed the sleeping Ross. Sitting him up on the exam table, he was barely awake when they helped him down.

“Go ahead and put him up, I think that he deserves some rest. I’ve never seen any male put out as much as he has. You think that he’d be empty.” The doctor just stood, staring at the exhausted slave.

“I would have thought that he was already exhausted when we finished examining him,” Rachel told the doctor. Rachel was also standing and staring at the soft cock hanging down from the slave. Even soft, he was still hugely thick. There was still a slight flow of pre-cum oozing from the raw head. “I was pretty rough on him. By the looks of things, I am assuming that you took more out of him, after we left,” Rachel mumbled. She had never seen this much sperm. It was on the slave, the doctor, the exam table, and large puddles on the floor. She couldn’t even begin to estimate the total amount that was evident.

Dr Sherry gave them some more brief instructions and they quickly took him from the room.

The slave was taken to what they referred to as a holdover area. This was a room used to temporarily house a slave, usually for only the night, where he could be fully restrained. Ross was taken to the holdover. The room was normally only used when a brand new slave was brought to the facility. It was very small but heavily secured. There was a very small bathroom with shower, and a bed that was bolted to the wall and floor in a corner. Security had designed the room and made it small in the event of a fight with a slave. A smaller room made for a smaller fighting arena. Further, the bed was in the corner, creating a smaller area for a slave to fight back if he didn’t follow orders. Ross was placed in the bed, still sound asleep. His ankles were loosely tied to the lower bedposts and his wrist restraints attached to the headboard, giving him room to be able to move around but not sit up entirely. In this manner, he could still sleep well, even restrained. Then the main light in the room was turned off and the door double locked. Neither entry nor exit could be made without one of the security personnel present, having the correct key.

Prior to leaving her office that night, the doctor already knew that the slave had exhausted her. She only wanted to sleep. But she did spend just enough time at her desk, hand writing her notes about the examination and her instructions for the slave. She had a feeling that she might be sleeping late the next morning. Both she and the slave slept deeply that night.

At just after 6:00am Rachel and another security officer arrived at the holding cell. Rachel looked into the small room and saw the sleeping Ross, almost in the same position that they had left him in, ten hours before. He had been sound asleep when they left him and he appeared to be still sound asleep. Since Rachel had been present during most of the examination the day before, she knew that the slave had good reason to be so tired. What happened after they left the exam room would have increased his level of exhaustion. Rachel was also more than aware of the doctor’s sexual interests and appetite. She had never seen such huge amounts come out of a slave before. She was almost wet, just thinking about the activity of the day before. And here very shortly, the activity would continue. She also knew that the slave would probably not like his new training regimen.

Dr Sherry had left detailed instructions with Lorin as to what she wanted done with the new slave. She wanted him tested immediately in the morning by security and then taken to the prep room where he would be cleaned up and ‘made ready’ as they called it. These instructions had been passed along to Rachel who was now ready to start the second day with the new slave. The very young security officer with Rachel was somewhat new to the doctor’s facility and was more than excited about her work. Rachel was aware of this, remembering when she first started with the doctor. She laughed to herself knowing that the young woman with her would be more than aroused with the prospect of what they were doing. Rachel could always see it in the new hires, the stares in their eyes as they were given a tour of the milking facility. Rachel had just met this new one. This was her first day at work and was assigned to Rachel for orientation. She would eventually be assigned to the security detail under Rachel, but until then, she was just a new hire. She even had that sleepy look in her eyes, having come to work at 5:00am for a special assignment.

Rachel stood at the door, surveying the room for the slave’s location and what he was doing. He was still sound asleep. The one thing that did stand out in her view was his cock. Lying on his back, his loincloth was flipped back onto his stomach. A massive erection was sticking up from between his legs. Rachel was still amazed, thinking that he looked longer and thicker today, than he had the day before. She had worked with the doctor long enough to know what she was seeing: a nocturnal erection. When a male is asleep, his body goes through what could be called a systems check. The cock is pumped full of blood becoming erect. Since he is asleep, there is more blood flow to the cock and it has the ability to become firmer and longer. The big give away is the lack of pre-cum. There was none showing at the tip of his cock. The vast misconception is that a male is having an erotic dream, but in truth, it’s just physiological. He could be dreaming about anything from playing sports to digging a ditch, not necessarily erotic. But this afforded Rachel the chance that she needed to carry out the doctor’s instructions.

The new security officer, Allison, looked into the window and started giggling, seeing for the first time, the slave’s endowment. Rachel had heard it before and just smiled. All of the new hires were this way, almost innocent in their curiosity. Since a lot of them were so young, they were virtually unfamiliar with the male species.

“Oh my gosh, his thing is so big,” she mumbled, her voice excited. At her young age, she was unfamiliar with males. It was obvious to Rachel that Allison had not dated and had probably never been around a male. Allison’s eyes were wide open and she was almost breathless, as she continued to stare into the small holding cell.

“It’s not sexual. It’s just that he is asleep and very relaxed. His body is doing a sort of systems check, on his equipment.” Rachel continued to watch Allison as she stared into the room. “Believe me, he was exhausted yesterday. He’s out like a light. I was there during his initial exam.” Allison’s head immediately jerked around toward Rachel.

“Exhausted, exam. What do you mean?” Allison’s curiosity was peaked. She wanted to know more.

“His exam. You do know what I’m talking about, don’t you? He was purchased yesterday and brought here. The doctor examined him extensively. That’s why he is exhausted.”

Allison looked completely confused. She didn’t understand what Rachel was talking about.

“How old are you?” Rachel asked her young trainee.

Lowering her head somewhat, Allison mumbled, “19, but I’ll be 20 in a few months.”

Rachel quickly realized that she had been correct about Allison. She was very young. Since the Women’s Rights Laws had gone into affect years before, there developed a huge age group of young women that had no knowledge of the male anatomy or their behavior. What they knew had been found in books or pictures, or from word of mouth. There had been no interactive socializing that had been common in everyday life as young males and females came to know each other. To some degree, the days of innocence had begun with the new laws.

“That’s ok. You shouldn’t be embarrassed. I’ll help you as we go. You do know what this facility is, don’t you? You know what is processed here, don’t you?” Rachel was curious as to what the new hire knew. With her innocence, she might not understand what the doctor was collecting.

“Sperm. When I was interviewed, the doctor told me all about her cosmetics line. She said that the facility was sort of like a dairy, except that male slaves were used instead of cows. I knew that slaves were brought here, and I sort of figured it out from there.” Allison’s eyes brightened and were wide as she talked about the ‘activity’ that took place at her new employment. It was obvious to Rachel that Allison was a lot more than curious. She was excited.

“Do you have any idea just how this ‘dairy’ works, or how the males are used?”

Blushing hotly, Allison looked down, “I’m not that naïve. I don’t know the details but I can pretty well figure out what the end result is.” Allison had now begun to shuffle her feet, fidgeting with her hands. She was embarrassed at her young age and didn’t want to be laughed at.

Rachel just looked at her. “Don’t be embarrassed. Most people know nothing about what we do here. It sounds to me like you’re going to fit in well. I do think that you’re going to like it here.” Rachel smiled warmly at her. “If you want to know anything, or have any questions, ask me. And remember this, don’t ever be embarrassed. You’re going to see and learn a lot of things here. The vast majority of young women of your age won’t ever get to do or see what you’re going to experience.” Allison smiled broadly. It was obvious that she was becoming more relaxed.

“Ok then, let’s get started. You’ve got a lot to see. I do think that you’re really going to enjoy your work.”

“Oh, I have no doubt about that. No doubt at all,” Allison was getting more excited by the minute. She continued staring into the small room at the sleeping Ross.

Quietly, Rachel unlocked the door and entered the room with Allison behind her. Rachel went to the slave and looked him over closely. He was rock hard but as noted, there was no presence of pre-cum. His cock head was completely dry. All of them could smell the sexual odors that indicated the activity of the day before. He literally reeked of sex. His pubic hair was matted and thick, as well as the hair on his stomach and thighs.

Rachel quietly laughed, “Rode hard and put up wet,” to no one in particular. Allison had crept up closer to the slave, staying as quiet as she could and watching Rachel for her next move. Neither of them could take their eyes off of the massive cock. Allison had never seen a male’s genitals before, except in books and magazines that she and her friends had kept hidden away. This was her first experience with a real male. Rachel began to explain to her again, the concept of a male sleeping and what an erection was. She made it clear to Allison that what she was seeing was not sexual, but just a physiological function.

“Yea right. Not sexual, just a function,” Allison mumbled, her mouth almost watering as she moved closer to the slave’s waist. She was mesmerized by the fleshy protuberance.

“But he is huge. I have never seen anything that size.” Allison was beginning to come around and was suddenly curious to learn about what she was seeing.

“He is a lot bigger than the average male,” Rachel commented, watching Allison closely. “I’ve seen slaves that were bigger than him, some longer, some thicker. Some were just plain monstrous. But this one is pretty thick. It’s his balls that make him valuable to the doctor.”

“His balls?” Allison asked softly. It was apparent to Rachel that Allison wasn’t totally aware of the ‘activity’ that was performed at the facility. Allison stepped to the slave’s feet, viewing him from a different angle. It quickly became obvious that she had not even noticed his balls, her eyes transfixed on his still erect cock. Allison suddenly gasped out loud. She had just noticed the huge fleshy sack lying down between his thighs.

“Unfucking believable. I’ve never seen anything like that. Is he ok? Is he injured or is there something wrong with him?” Allison was shocked. She leaned down for a closer look, almost holding her breath. It was obvious to Rachel that Allison had never seen the male anatomy or any of the vast differences in males.

“Oh, believe me. He is more than ok. He is what we will probably consider very valuable. Those balls are OP’s. They’re over-producers. He is capable of huge amounts of sperm. His body can produce a large amount of sperm continuously.” Rachel just stood back and smiled, watching Allison’s delight as she continued staring at the huge parts of the slave. If Allison was aroused before, she was now getting a full blast of arousal.

“I can’t believe this. I’ve never seen anything this big, even in the magazines that I’ve looked at. Does he function, I mean, does he, I mean, can he, I mean, …” It was obvious that Allison was getting an entire education with each passing moment.

“He’s fully functional. I can vouch for that. I was present and got to play with him yesterday, when he first arrived. Why do you think he’s so exhausted?” Believe me, he is more functional than you’d believe. Fabulously functional you might say.” Now it was Rachel’s turn to be smiling. “The more we work on him, the more you’re going to see. Just relax; I’m going to show you a few things right now.”

Rachel went to the small bathroom and got a towel. Folding it up she placed it on the floor next to the slave’s bed, at his hips. She knelt down on the towel and motioned to Allison to take up a position at his feet.

“Kneel down and get comfortable. This might take a little while, but I suspect that it will not. Even though his ankles are restrained, get ready to hold him down, just to keep him from jerking too much.” Rachel watched Allison as she moved in closer to the slave’s ankles.

Rachel leaned over and gently wrapped her left hand around the base of the thick cock. Grasping it she watched Ross intently. He moved slightly, taking in a deep breath. He was exhausted but beginning to wake up. Rachel nodded at Allison, indicating that she was getting ready to do something. Allison gripped his ankles, bearing down slightly on them. With his arms restrained over his head, he was basically pinned to the bed. Rachel squeezed his cock harder and began to rub it briskly with full long strokes. Ross immediately woke up with a start trying to rise up. Allison saw that he was waking up and pushed down on him, holding him tightly. He jerked hard, again trying to rise up. Rachel just smiled at him, continuing her fast jerking motion. She wondered if he remembered her hands on him from the day before. Even with her hard jerking of his cock, he seemed to settle back down in the bed, knowing what was going to be done to him.

“Just relax baby, this shouldn’t take but a few seconds. You look as if you’re ready to go again,” Rachel said to him, looking down at the bloated sack.

“Unbelievable,” was all that Allison could say. She had never seen any sexual activity in her life, except for what she had read about. And to her, reading was nothing like being there to actually watch. Allison was quickly turning into a voyeur.

The doctor had told Lorin that she wanted a sample taken from him, first thing in the morning. The sample would indicate the motility of his sperm after having been emptied within 12 hours before. This would tell the doctor how fast he was producing new sperm, whether he was what they called an over producer or a sleeper. An ‘OP’ as they called it had ability to produce sperm on a faster and heavier level. A sleeper was a male that didn’t produce very fast. There were two theories on male production. One main school of thinking was that the faster sperm was taken from the male, the faster his production became. If he were drained on a regular basis, he would compensate and produce sperm faster. The other thinking was that the less he was drained, the more he would build up a supply. The doctor had seen both types of males through her facility. She was hoping that the new slave was an OP, producing mass quantities of his milk.

Rachel knew what the testing was for. She was now quickly pumping the slave’s cock before he could even get fully awake. While still popping it with her tight fist, her other hand reached down between his legs and found the soft ball sack.

“Hold him tight. He might start bucking. After yesterday, I’m sure that this will hurt a little,” Rachel told Allison without looking at her. Both of them were carefully watching what Rachel’s hands were doing.

She already knew the size of his balls from the day before, and probed deep into his sack finding the left ball, the bigger of the two. She wrapped her fingers around it and began squeezing it, an attempt to help the slave cum quicker. She had played with male slaves for the past several years and still found it to be more than enjoyable for her, not to mention the slave. She, like so many of the female staff, found an extreme sense of control over the male watching him writhe and jerk from an intense orgasm. It was enjoyable to the male, but it was also very enjoyable and erotic to the female giving the pleasure. Rachel found that she liked playing with a large male a lot more than playing with the smaller or average sized males. And this new slave was very very large.

He was now beginning to pant and Allison was more than enjoying the show. He wasn’t resisting and seemed to be lying back, allowing Rachel to force him to cum. Allison’s eyes were glued to his genitals, watching Rachel expertly jack him off, his hips beginning to thrust and jerk. Allison couldn’t believe that she was getting to watch something so sexual, on her first day.

“What I am doing to him is a ball manipulation. You’ll learn how to do this, later. But for now, just watch carefully. My fingers are inside his sack, putting a rhythmic pressure on the large tube inside his sack, squeezing it, releasing it, squeezing it, releasing it. In the next few moments, his ball will start to spasm and won’t be able to stop when the sperm starts pumping out.” Rachel continued her manipulation.

“Should I do something or help you?” Allison asked as innocently as she could.

“No, just watch. He’ll erupt in a moment.” Rachel could see that Allison was almost drooling, just enjoying what she was about to see. She couldn’t wait.

Rachel had kept up a steady pace but now was beginning to pump his cock harder, pulling the foreskin up high over the fat head. Pre-cum was now flowing freely all over Rachel’s hand, making squishy sounds with each stroke. His panting was more erratic and he was very close to cumming. Seeing all of this, Rachel reached into her pocket, quickly pulling out a small vial. The vial was clear plastic, very smooth, about an inch and a half long. It was open on both ends and designed to be pushed into the male’s cock, in order to collect a sample.

“Did he go?” Allison asked, thinking that the copious amount of pre-cum was sperm. There was so much that it did appear that he had cum. Rachel looked back at her young trainee, wondering where she ever came up with the word, ‘go’. It was a word that only older women used, embarrassed to say the word ‘cum’.

“No, what you’re seeing is his pre-cum, the fluid that comes out to lubricate him or his partner. See how clear it is?” Rachel had stopped rubbing long enough to let Allison get a good look at the thick clear fluid that was now going everywhere. “When he cums, you’ll see thick heavy spurts of a whitish cream. And believe me, with this slave, it goes everywhere. Just watch.”

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