tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 13

The New Slave Ch. 13


Chapter 13 The Slave, The Prostate

Heather just sat and watched the exhausted slave. She was beginning to find herself tired also. Besides tired, she was still aroused and had been working on the slave, paying no attention to her own sexual need. This wasn’t something that occurred often, but now that she was feeling that old feeling, she wanted to do something about it. This new slave was bringing up old familiar feelings that had been dormant for some time. So much sex on a daily basis made it very mundane for almost all of the staff. It wasn’t so much sexual, as it was just a job. But Heather was like all of the other women at the facility. There were times when ‘the mood’ came over her. This was definitely one of those times. Having watched Ross cum so many times, she wanted to enjoy in the fun.

The slave was still slumped in the special restraint chair. She sat watching him for several moments, trying to figure what method to use next, to make him cum again. She knew that there was still plenty inside his balls, judging by the huge amount that she had just extracted from him. She knew of a multitude of ways to make a male cum, but she had never had to start thinking up ways with just one slave, in one day. It wasn’t a problem. She wanted to use the methods that would work the fastest and get the most from him. Her job for the slave’s first day was to literally drain him. Take him to the point that he could cum, but have absolutely no ejaculate. She had never seen a male cum so much, so often. She glanced over at the overfilled rubbers lying in the specimen cups. So far, it equaled about the amount of 10 males, not just one man.

“Feeling better baby? I bet you haven’t cum that much in your entire life. Does it still feel good, or is it becoming a painful chore?” She sat watching him, feeling her own moisture becoming more obvious to her. She could feel the puffiness in her vaginal lips that indicated that she wanted to be relieved. They were swollen and beginning to throb. The increased blood flow to her pubic area was becoming more pronounced. She couldn’t ignore the feelings that were beginning to surge through her.

“Just relax baby, a few more minutes,” she said, getting up off the wet towels. She walked over to another cabinet and opened it, looking all through it. She finally found what she was looking for. Ross was still recuperating and didn’t notice as she pulled a small insert type of vibrator from the drawer. Bullet shaped, she quickly applied a small amount of KY-jelly to it, and then returned to the sperm soaked towels.

“You don’t mind if I join you, do you?” She stood smiling at him, watching his reaction closely. He barely looked up, seeing that she was holding the chrome colored vibrator in her hand. In the other hand was the control attachment, connected by wires. Watching him as he watched her, she smiled and then slowly slid the lubricated shape into her pussy. She was so wet that there was no resistance as it popped into her. She slid the vibrator control to her other hand, and then pulled her legs back together, clamping them together tightly.

“Ummm, this is going to be fun. We can play together, what do you think?” She moved up closer to him, kissing him on the cheek. Her breasts were again pressed into his chest, her nipples hard and erect. Just the act of putting the vibrator in place had moved her higher up in arousal

“After all that I’ve done to you, it shouldn’t take much to send me over the edge,” she said, turning on the switch of the control box.

“In case you didn’t know it, I do like to watch.” Putting the setting on low, she leaned back and closed her eyes, the effect of the vibrator instant inside her tender pussy. She was feeling the effects of the low hum now going on inside of her.

“It’s been pretty easy going, so far. I know it’s getting harder for you, but we have a long way to go. Of course that depends on you and how much you can pump out.” Her eyes were still closed as she talked softly to him. She was still pressed up against him, her hand now moving down between his legs. He was immense, even soft. His foreskin was beginning to become swollen and was stretched back, behind the head. The head was swollen just from all of the deep contractions and was flared wide, pre cum oozing again. Even in a soft state, his cock hung down heavy and long. His balls were again hanging down, showing his lack of arousal. They were still bloated and firm. She placed two of her fingertips at the mouth and began to smear the copious amount of his lubricant around the tender head. She could feel him begin to swell.

“Ummm, good boy. You’re such a fast learner. That’s what I like to see, a cooperative student.” She continued her manipulation of the head, feeling his shaft swell even more. Letting go of the engorged tip, she moved her hand down to the soft sack and began to softly probe the two orbs. He winced slightly as she gently rolled one ball around between her fingers. His cock was pushed up against her wrist, pre cum beginning to coat her forearm.

She stepped back away from him, watching his eyes closely. They were closed. He was again enjoying her touch.

“You like my training, don’t you?” She stood smiling at him, her legs spread slightly as the low hum continued deep inside her. She was now wet enough that there was a single drip making its way down her inside thigh. “Will you be a good boy and behave yourself?” She stood watching him closely. His eyes were barely open. He nodded his head up and down. She bent down and released both of his ankle restraints. She eyed him closely, and then stepped in close to him, releasing the restraint on his right hand. She pulled his right hand across his chest and latched it into place, under his left arm. She then released his left hand restraint. Keeping a tight grip on his wrist restraint, she turned him around facing the chair and reattached his left hand restraint to the chair. Being in an almost standing position, she had him stand fully upright. He was now restrained again, but standing and facing away from her. She walked around to the backside of the movable chair and released two latches, allowing the chair to bend down in the middle. Moving the chair into a new position, it now appeared more like a small table or bench, rather than a chair. Ross was in a position where both of his wrists were attached to the corners of the ‘table’. She then leaned down and reattached both of his ankle restraints to the outer legs of the ‘table’. She made sure to spread his legs wide enough that he was very open and very vulnerable.

“Just relax baby, I’m trying to get you as comfortable as possible. Lean over,” she said as she gently placed her hand in the small of his back and pushed him forward. He immediately bent at the waist, allowing his upper body to rest on the ‘table’ top. She always marveled at the endless possibilities of this special built chair. She now repositioned each wrist restraint, one at a time, stretching his arms outward, toward the end of the table. In this position, he was standing, his ankles locked into a wide spread position. His upper body was laid out on the table, his arms locked out away from him. In this position, he could rest his head on the table. She even placed a pillow under his head for comfort.

“Now that is a fine view, if I do say so myself,” she said, laughing softly. She was standing behind him, enjoying the view of his spread legs and more than exposed butt. She couldn’t see his face, but he was about as red as he could get. His embarrassment was obvious as his cock began to soften. His cock was growing softer by the minute, but his balls were still stuck out, on display for anyone wanting to watch. In this position, both his ball sack and his butt literally begged for attention. And Heather knew that she would pay proper attention to them.

“If you could see what I’m seeing right now,” she said, smiling at Ross. He turned his head, trying to look back at her, but he couldn’t see her. She stood admiring the sight for a few moments, enjoying the increasing sensations coming from between her legs. A slight shiver ran up her spine, her pussy beginning to feel slight contractions coming from deep inside of her. Using her bare foot, she slid the towel on the floor to where it was directly under the slave’s genitals, just in case of any accidents. It was still sticky and gooey and did not slide very well on the linoleum.

“I told you that your orgasms would be easy, becoming harder the longer that we go. After the last one, I have a feeling that you’re starting to become a little desensitized. Are you?” she asked, reaching down between his legs. Standing above him, she felt around for a moment, finding the thick cock hanging down. She gently began to massage the head again, feeling it harden in her hand. “That’s a good boy. Get it hard for me.” After a few moments, she could feel the shaft beginning to thicken and drop down. His balls were still huge and hanging down softly. She knew that his arousal level was pretty low.

Heather gave careful thought. She knew that she had a ways to go before she would render his balls completely empty. Her goal was to literally drain his balls to the point where there was nothing left inside of them. If she were successful, she would be able to make him cum one last time, but have absolutely no ejaculate come out. But she wanted to be able to do this, without completely desensitizing his cock. So far she had made him cum three times with very little force to his cock. It was becoming more difficult to make him cum. There were many methods that could force a male to orgasm, the first being pleasurable, then growing to uncomfortable, ending in painful ejaculation. The last ones would be virtually no sperm present. This was what Heather was aiming for.

“Ok baby, let’s see what we can do for those balls. I know you’re getting tired, but we’re almost there.” She continued to gently massage the head, smearing the pre cum around to soften the taut skin. Bending over his butt, she could feel his cock thickening and beginning to drop again. It was soft and unwieldy but getting larger. She patiently continued her gentle massage, feeling him grow harder. Finally, he was hard enough that he was capable of penetration, even though he wasn’t going to be that lucky. Being fully erect, she slid her grip up the shaft and softly grasped him, beginning to masturbate him. His back arched as her hand gripped the hard flesh, rubbing him firmly, but with short strokes. Feeling his cock preparing to cum again, she glanced down, to see that he was beginning to rise up on his toes. This was a definite indication that he was getting ready to flood her hand again with his milky cream. She just smiled, knowing how easy it was to control a male.

“Ummm, good boy. I can feel that you’re ready again. Want me to help you?” she asked, gently milking the hard cock. His hips were moving in and out, gently thrusting as her hand continued to work on him. She didn’t want to work his cock too much, knowing from experience that each orgasm produced a little more numbness in the cock. Feeling him getting closer to orgasm, she suddenly stopped, letting his cock bob and twitch in mid air, as if searching for her hand.

“I’m sorry baby. Hold on for just a moment. We can’t have you spurting your seed all over the floor. At least we can’t do that two times in the same day.” She backed away from him and moved over to another cabinet. She quickly removed a pair of latex gloves and a large, Swedish style massager. She moved back over behind Ross, putting only the right hand glove on. She loved using the massager on males. It’s design was built with springs that fit around the open palm, allowing the main motor and massager to rest on top of the hand, sending the ultra fast vibrations through the palm and the fingertips.

“And we definitely can’t forget this,” she said, reaching down and picking up another rubber. She expertly slid the rubber onto his still hard cock, quickly sliding it up the shaft. She placed an open container of KY-jelly on the floor between Ross’ legs. Plugging in the massager, she placed it on her left hand, securing it in place with the springs around her palm. She grabbed a near-by rolling type of office chair and moved it over closer to Ross. Sitting down, she rolled the chair up behind him, in between his splayed thighs.

She had used the Swedish type massager on males for years. It never failed to astound her just how fast the electric vibrator could devastate a males balls, literally forcing them to blow out. It was considered one of the most intense vibrations, compared to vibrators in general. Almost all of the female staff used the Swedish massager. With it, it didn’t take but a few moments to start cumming, whether it was a slave or a female. She knew that it would probably work faster on her, than it did the slave. She was in need of some relief for herself.

“Ok baby. Just relax, I can guarantee that this one won’t take long, for either of us.” She switched the massager on and held it for a moment, feeling the intense ultra fast vibrations pulsing through her left hand.

She leaned down and scooped the gloved hand into the KY-jelly, getting a good amount on her right hand. She then reached up and placed the massager on Ross’ butt, slowly sending the sensations into his rear muscles. She could see him immediately slump down, relaxing as the comforting sensations throbbed through him. She rolled her hand around, allowing the vibration to relax his left butt cheek and then his right butt cheek. She continued to press into him, as if giving his butt a deep massage. As the commercials had said, it was ‘melting his aches away’. She wasn’t concerned about his rear end muscles, but didn’t want to apply the intense vibrations to any sexual organs yet. He was slowly relaxing and enjoying the deep massage to his tired body.

“Hang on baby. You’re getting ready to encounter some turbulence,” she said as she slid the vibrator farther down his butt, her hand slowly moving down between his thighs. His body stiffened slightly, as if he suddenly knew where she was going with the intense toy. He began trying to pull his thighs together but they were secured tightly with his restraints. Her hand continued downward, moving only to his inner left thigh. She moved the vibrator up and down slowly, working the deep-seated thigh muscles. She could feel the tightness slowly move out of him as the vibrator forced the muscles to relax. He knew what she was going to do. Her hand then moved to the right inner thigh and did the same procedure to it.

“Ummm, I do think that we’re both going to enjoy this. In one motion, she quickly moved the vibrator up to the low hanging heavy ball sack, gently squeezing his left ball. His entire body jerked as he felt the fast and deep sensations pulsing through the battered ball. She let the vibrator work on it for a moment, then moved it to the right ball, squeezing it in a similar manner. He didn’t jerk as hard this time, but he was still up on his tiptoes, his thighs spreading further apart. He was enjoying the sensations.

“Hold on a minute, let me catch up with you,” she said, quickly pulling the vibrator away and moving it directly between her open thighs. She pressed her vibrating palm to her pubic area, covering her clit and lips at the same time. It was then her turn to jerk as she felt the first sensations pulsing through her. “Oh shit…” Her words trailed off. It would take her less time to cum than it did for him to cum. She kept the vibrator pressed up against her tender skin till she was right at the edge.

“Your turn,” she gasped, quickly catching her breath. She put the vibrator back to his hard shaft and gently squeezed her fingers around it. His body again jerked hard as he felt the impulses surge through him. Again, his feet arched as he stood up on his tiptoes, his butt rising upward as if to give her more access between his legs. She didn’t want to use the vibrator too long on him, knowing that it would numb his cock. She quickly pulled it away and placed it back between her legs. Her head rolled back, her eyes closed as she felt the intensity of the massager. She would cum at any moment, but wanted to savor it. Feeling herself starting to roll over the edge of a sexual cliff, she jerked the vibrator away from her now quivering pussy. Again she gripped his shaft, sending the vibrations into him. But this time she moved her gloved hand up to his butt and pushed her fingers in between his almost clenched cheeks. She moved her lubricated fingers around, smearing the KY-jelly around the tender orifice. She then watched closely as she pushed her middle finger up to the puckered entrance. He tightened up, knowing full well where she was going.

“Just relax. This is going to be very intense. Believe me, we’re both going to be enjoying this one.” She then pushed slightly, her middle finger popping into the tight entrance. His body jerked slightly as her finger pushed further into him. As lubricated as her finger was, it was easy to go deeper and deeper. She could feel him relax slightly as her finger probed around. Letting him get use to the intrusion, she squeezed slightly on his shaft, reminding him of what was happening to his cock. He remembered, immediately, his hips jerking as his butt rose up higher. She could see his thighs tense up hard. She could now hear his breathing coming in pants.

Knowing that he was close to orgasm, she jerked the vibrator away, placing it back between her legs. This time, she slid her middle finger in between the gooey lips, pushing them back, out of the way. Her finger moved immediately into her entrance, pushing deep inside of her. Her back arched hard as the first wave of the intense orgasm shot through her. She was now beginning to pant, her hips pushing outward, against her vibrating palm.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Ummmm,” she was moaning. It hadn’t been that long since she had cum, but this one was more intense than what she was use to. Her thighs tightened up hard as her feet arched, her head rolled back. Even as her orgasm rocked through her, she pushed her middle finger deeper into him, and then rolled it downward, searching out a small lump inside of him that she knew would enhance his orgasm. Feeling the prostate gland, she pressed it, causing him to jerk. Her orgasm was beginning to fade, her finger moving softly in and out of the overly sensitive pussy. She didn’t have to even touch her clit; it was already on fire from watching him cum three times.

“Oh shit baby. That was intense. Ummm, it was almost like we were doing it together,” she moaned, her finger still inside of her. “Damn, you are good,” she said, laughing. She slowly pulled the gooey finger from inside of her as the vibrations began to get too intense for her quivering pussy. She immediately moved the vibrator back to him, gently gripping his cock. Her right hand was still pressed against his butt, her middle finger deeply planted inside of him, massaging his prostate. He had not softened any.

“Now baby, I want to see just how much is left inside those balls. I want all of it this time. Do you hear me?” She was leaning around, trying to see his face. She couldn’t see him but she could hear his breathing. He was in a full pant, his hips beginning to jerk as she continued to squeeze the thick cock meat. His thighs were rock hard, indicating that he was almost cumming.

“Ok, show me,” she said, pressing harder on the enlarged gland inside of him. She could feel his body jerk as she pressed the gland and rubbed it harder. She immediately relaxed her grip on his shaft, almost letting go of it. Her vibrating fingers moved down quickly, encircling the hard cock head. His cock head was flared wide, bloated and hard from all of the increased blood flow. Even with the rubber on, it was obvious that quite a bit of pre cum had collected inside it. Her fingertips wrapped around the overly sensitive head squeezing it softly, forcing the vibrations deep into the tip of his cock. His entire body jerked upward, a loud gasp coming from him. He was struggling, jerking back, trying to get loose from the restraints.

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