tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe New Slave Ch. 14

The New Slave Ch. 14


Chapter 14 Heather Finishes the Slave

Heather knew that Ross was finished. But there was only one more thing to do to him. She would force him to cum one more time, but this time, there should be nothing coming out of him. It would be a 'dry cum' as they called it, somewhat pleasurable, but most devastating to his balls. It is a rarity that any male goes to the point of a dry cum. By that time, they're normally too tired to play and their arousal level is about as low as their sperm count.

Having stored all of his captured specimens in the refrigerator, Heather moved back over to the slave and pulled up her chair. She sat down, herself recuperating from a very powerful orgasm. She scooted up closer to the slave and began a close examination of what she had done to him. She had seen those results, in the specimen cups, but now she needed to check the slave. She would examine him for any signs of injury or damage. She was good at her job, but she would still check him anyway, medically.

"Just rest baby. You've been through a lot. I promise I'm not going to hurt you. Judging by your reactions to what we've been doing, I think you know that." She got comfortable in the rolling chair and moved in closer to his rear end.

"Just relax. I'm not going to do anything to hurt you," she said as she gently pulled his butt cheeks apart. Peering closely at him, she made a visual examination of his butt, noting that there were no signs of any injury, tears or bruising. He was in good shape. She wasn't so concerned about his rear. She was more concerned about the parts that she could not see, deep inside his balls sack and inside his cock. She knew that the huge forceful gushes of thick milk would irritate his urethra, well down inside his cock. Having forcefully expelled so much in a short time, his urethra would be inflamed and swollen. She could tell this because of the way his ejaculate was shooting out. Even though it was into a rubber, it was still obvious that it was irregular in the way it pumped out. His urethra would recover quickly, a little bit of antibiotics and a numbing agent would help him.

It was his balls that concerned her. Males aren't use to completely pumping out. In each orgasm, the balls contract and expand hard, forcing the sperm up the epididymus and vas deferens, through the urethra and outward, with great force. It was another one of Nature's way of ensuring successful reproduction. But as a male tires, he loses his arousal level and desire to continue. In the slave's case, there is no choice but to continue, till the trainer is through with him.

"Relax baby, you might feel a little tender down here," she said as her fingertips moved down to his enlarged sack. He immediately jerked as her fingers touched the swollen balls.

"Well, now we know, you're one of the types that swell up," she mumbled out loud. Heather knew that there were two types of males, those that had balls that would swell up and the other ones, whose balls would shrink down. She had found that overuse, or over stimulation would produce one or the other, bigger balls or smaller balls. Obviously Ross was one that would swell. His orgasms had been so forceful that she estimated that he would swell up largely. He did. He was also very tender to the touch. Even though his balls were probably empty, they looked massive and full. Their swollen appearance made them look like they were ready to explode.

"Wow, you are swollen," she noted, out loud. Her fingertips moved gently around the huge sack, feeling the outsides of each ball. His cock was completely soft, no evidence of any oozing or moisture at the tip. He was virtually dried out.

"Ok, this is going to hurt a little. Just hold still." She used one hand to hold onto the sack while her other hand's fingertips probed into the mushy sack. He immediately jerked as her fingers touched on his raw nerves. "Boy, you really are swollen. I'm not trying to hurt you, just hold still and relax."

She continued probing the mushy mass inside his thin-skinned sack. With his arousal level almost nothing, his balls were hanging down really low. There was no sign of any arousal. She could feel that the vas deferens and epididymus were greatly enlarged, probably from her hard manipulation of them. If not the manipulation, they were swollen from the huge gushes that his balls had forced out through them. Either way, he was extremely sensitive and tender.

About that time, Heather heard a soft knock at the secured door. Since she was wearing nothing, she quickly put on a lab coat and hurried toward the door. The only person that would even consider disturbing a trainer when she was working would be the doctor herself. Heather pulled the lab coat across her bare chest and quickly unlocked the door.

"Hi Heather, I thought I would stop by and see how the new slave was progressing," the doctor said as she stepped through the door.

"Hi doc, we're doing great in here, come on in and see what we've got. I think that you're going to be surprised," Heather said, opening the door wide.

"Now that's an arousing sight," the doctor said, her eyes trained on the slave's exposed rear end and spread thighs. I bet you've been having fun with this one, haven't you?" The doctor hurried across the room, getting a closer look at the huge sack and cock hanging down softly between the spread thighs. "He sure is swollen, were you too forceful on him?" The doctor was worried that Ross might be injured or damaged. She leaned down closer, visually examining the exhausted slave.

"No, no force at all. As a matter of fact, he's been very responsive to my softer methods. You won't believe how much I've gotten out of him," Heather said, going over to the refrigerator. She pulled out the rubber filled specimen containers and showed the doctor. Each container held an overfilled rubber. The doctor looked into the containers, noting how each one had large amounts of sperm, but very little pre cum. Even after the day before, the doctor was still amazed.

"I had a feeling when I first saw him, that he was an over producer. He's capable of putting out more than anything we've seen before. His amounts are unbelievable."

Both of the women stood, staring at the huge amounts of sperm inside the containers.

"So, where are you at right now. Anything to report?" The doctor wanted to know what had been done so far with the new slave. It was obvious to the doctor that Heather had been having her own fun, which was not a problem. The doctor would have worried if her female staff didn't exhibit any sexual behavior. Heather was no exception to this. Standing there, Heather's lab coat was wide open, a sticky fluid smeared all over the tops of her inner thighs. The doctor noticed it, glancing down and smiling. "Is he good?" The doctor wanted to know.

"Yes, very very good. He did seem to boost my arousal, somewhat." Heather quickly pulled her lab coat together, trying to cover herself.

"No, no, I don't mind any of that at all. Relax. I would hope that you enjoyed yourself. I have. This new slave does seem to bring out something in me. I'm not surprised that he does the same with you." The doctor was smiling. "Mind if I join in?" the doctor asked sincerely.

"No, not at all. I could use some help. I think that he's about cum'd out. It's taking longer each time to extract from him. He's not holding back, but he's getting tired out, I believe." Heather had resumed her position on the rolling chair and moved back up behind the slave. She was holding the tender ball sack in her hand, showing the doctor how swollen he had become.

"I think that I might be able to lend some assistance here," the doctor said, moving around to in front of the slave's face.

"Hi Ross," the doctor said dreamily to the slave. "Have you been having any fun? Is my staff taking good care of you?" The doctor looked sincerely into Ross' eyes. She bent down to him, her face only inches from his face. She reached up one hand and gently stroked the side of his face. "Poor baby, you look so tired. The first day with a trainer is always hard. Bear with me, in time you'll be pumping out a lot more than you did today. You'll see. Or maybe I should say, 'you'll feel'." She gazed into his eyes, trying to determine if he was ok or not. She knew that his multiple orgasms were pleasurable, but she also knew that this much sexual activity on him could be too much.

"I think that we can dispense with this," the doctor said, reaching up behind his head and undoing the ball gag. She released the buckles, gently pulling the ball from his mouth. He immediately opened and closed his mouth, his jaws aching from the gag. The doctor leaned down gently placing her lips on his lips. She kissed him softly, her lips barely pressed to his, for several moments. She was pleased to see that he immediately kissed her back. He smiled up at her, and then closed his eyes, as if he thought he was about to be sacrificed. It was to be a sexual sacrifice and he knew it.

"Ross, would you like for me to help you?" she asked, staring into his eyes. Without opening his eyes, he nodded his head yes.

"Heather, I do think I'll stay and help. Do you mind?" The doctor was already taking off her lab coat.

"No, not at all. He's your slave. I'm just here to train him," Heather replied, laughing. "Besides, we've been having a lot of fun together."

"I can tell," the doctor replied back, nodding toward Heather's lab coat covered legs. The wetness between her thighs was thick enough that it could be heard when she walked or crossed her legs. She was a sticky mess. "I think for the sake of the slave, that you should get rid of the lab coat, don't you agree?" The doctor knew her staff well. She knew that Heather was very sexual and wanted to play more with her new toy.

Blushing, Heather stood up and took off the lab coat, exposing her near perfect body to the doctor. Heather was quite a bit younger than Dr Sherry, but the doctor was more than confident in her own assets. "What method would you recommend, Doctor?" Heather asked, watching the doctor as she remained in front of the slave's face.

"Arousal. Pure and simple arousal. Visual is one of the best arousal techniques there is for a male." The doctor stood up and began unbuttoning her blouse. She was already wearing a skirt that barely covered her form. The doctor undid the buttons of her blouse, then her long sleeves. Pulling the blouse from her bare shoulders, both Ross and Heather could see that she was not wearing a bra. Heather had seen the doctor nude before, and was always amazed at the erotic beauty of her body. Even at an older age than Heather, the doctor's body was probably better than most of the younger women at the facility. She definitely did not look her age.

The doctor tossed her blouse over to a cabinet. She then reached back behind her and unzipped the tight fitting skirt. Kicking her heels off, the doctor slid the skirt over her hips and let it drop to the floor. She stood before Ross, totally nude, her legs slightly spread, her eyes glued to his eyes. He was smiling as he took in her sexuality. She had as much effect on him, as he did on her.

She leaned down close to his face, whispering to him, "We're gonna have fun, aren't we?"

"Shit, what did you just do?" Heather asked, sitting up straight from her bent over, examining position. She was still holding his sack, gently massaging the swollen battered balls. "His cock just twitched and started thickening. His balls probably dropped a whole inch. He is definitely coming around."

"Nothing, just helping him with his arousal level," the doctor answered nonchalantly. "You just have to know what works and what doesn't work," she said demurely.

"We're both gonna have fun, right?" The doctor peered closely into Ross' eyes.

He smiled, whispering back to her, "Yes."

"I think we should start out softly, then move quickly to rougher and rougher, depending on what it takes. I think those balls can probably go again," the doctor told Heather. "He can rest tonight and tomorrow, but today, he still has to show us what's inside those cum bags. I do want all of it."

"Ok," Heather mumbled, thinking that there was no way that Ross would cum again.

"What have you done so far?" The doctor asked.

"Well, I jacked him off first, pretty fast. I then did orally on the head with manual on the shaft. Then I switched to a manual release, manipulating his vas and epi. I just finished him with a prostate massage. Each one resulted in huge amounts, till this last one, which got a little from him. I'm not sure that there's much left in him."

"Very good. Sounds to me like there are endless possibilities left. You haven't used electrical or anything rough on him, have you?"

"No, but like you said, there are tons of methods left." Heather knew of a lot of ways to get more out of him, but she was trying to start out slow. Even the use of a vibrator had been somewhat rough, but it was only on the head of his cock. She could have really worked him over, using the vibrator on his head, his shaft, his balls, and even his prostate.

"Great. We still have a lot of ways to extract from him. Today, we're just getting started. Let's up the level a bit. Do manual as long as you can, then go to the vibrators if you have to. I want to save electrical and some of the other methods till we just have to." The doctor was still staring into Ross' face, smiling at him. He could still see everything there was to see of her.

"Ok, I might as well start, he's pretty thick right now, and his cock is dropping," meaning that his thick cock was starting to lengthen, dropping down farther and farther. "I'll go as soft as I can on him, I don't want to desensitize him."

"You can go rougher if you want to. Believe me, his balls can take it. Just don't rough up his cock too much. It's pretty battered already." The doctor was gently holding Ross' face with both of her hands.

Heather moved in closer to the slave. She quickly put on a pair of latex surgical gloves and smeared a large dollop of KY-jelly onto the palms of her hands. Smearing it around, she reached up to the bloated ball sack and began to squeeze and massage the round orbs trapped inside. The new slave immediately jerked as her hands began to manipulate him. With the strong body jerk, the doctor pressed her hands to his face and slowly brought her face down to his, gently kissing him on the lips. As she pressed her mouth to his, Heather began to manipulate the already overly sensitive balls. In short time she would have them quivering, forcing them into what they called a 'hard orgasm'. It would be an orgasm, which she would force. The only question between the doctor and Heather was whether there would be any male milk extracted.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross moaned hard, his body jerking hard as Heather pressed her fingers far into the fleshy balls. They were swollen and tender and her fingers were forcing the nerve endings to flare and fire. Doctor Sherry grabbed tighter onto Ross' head, pressing her lips harder to his mouth. He was returning her kiss except for an occasional jerk or gasp as Heather continued her torturous manipulations.

"Relax baby, Heather is going to make you cum really hard. I'm trying to help you. Just keep looking at me. If you relax it will help you get there quicker. Then we'll let you rest." The doctor was looking into Ross' eyes, seriously and sincerely. His body jerked hard again, his butt rising up off the table. Heather had just probed deeper into his left ball with her fingernails. She was slowly forcing them into spasms, which would force them to release a hard gush of his milk. With a little more manipulation, his balls would literally, 'let go'.

"I think he's just about there," Heather told the doctor, warning her that she was going to get rougher. Heather quickly retrieved a rubber and rolled it onto his thickened cock. Surprisingly, there was a substantial drip of pre cum, collecting around the fleshy head. The foreskin was still covering the head, telling Heather that he wasn't near orgasm yet. She pressed harder into the tender balls, making the slave yelp out loud. His entire body jerked up off of the table.

"Pump your hips baby, push down with your pelvis," the doctor instructed Ross in between her wet kisses. Her mouth was all over his face. Their deep kisses had both of them wet around the mouth. Ross was beginning to pant, trying to breath through his nose while the doctor's mouth worked on his mouth. The doctor was more than enjoying herself, a wetness beginning to seep out from between her legs. She wanted to help the slave successfully cum again. "Push hard, feel her hands on you, working you, forcing you. You're almost there, show me some milk," the doctor instructed Ross breathlessly.

Wearing a rubber, his pre cum had lubricated the inside making the surface more slippery and enjoyable. Heather knew that it was time to attack his cock. He was fully hard now; the head pushed out and soft, the foreskin rolled back tightly. Heather's hands could feel the thickness of his cock, most of that being the swelling that she had inflicted on him. Peering at his cock, she wondered if any woman could accommodate something as swollen as he was. He was painfully swollen, even in her sadistic opinion. When she stopped her manual stimulation of his balls, she could actually feel them twitch and quiver, indicating that they were about to 'puke' out their contents, if any. She quickly pushed harder into the fleshy meat and squeezed. His body responded immediately, jerking hard, his legs shaking, his breath coming in hard pants. He was almost there.

"Rougher," was all that the doctor said, in between a long hard-pressed kiss.

Heather applied all the force that she could into both hands, squeezing into the bloated balls as hard as she could. His entire body jerked one time hard, his head jerking completely out of the doctor's grasp.

"Ahhhhhhh, Unnnggghhh," came a long wail from the slave's mouth, both of his balls making one really hard contraction as they tried to expel the contents that Heather was so desperately after.

"He's there," Heather said out loud, as her attention turned to the spasming cock hanging down, so far untouched in this session. She kept one hand applying hard pressure to the more responsive left ball, as her right hand quickly moved up to grasp his cock. She squeezed the shaft hard and began a slight milking action, pulling her fingers down the length of the quivering organ, helping to milk it.

"Unggghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, unggghhh, unnnggghhh," came out of Ross' mouth as his head jerked upward, his hips thrusting wildly. More than anything, he was trying to help the crippled balls push, just to finish himself off. It was more desperation than it was pleasure. If he cum, she would stop the painful manipulation of his balls.

"He's trying. I can actually see his balls contracting," Heather told the doctor. Heather was now leaning down close to the slave's genitals. She was intently watching as her hands worked him. Mostly, her attention was on the slave's rubber covered cock head, watching to see the spurts, if there were to be any. She continued watching closely, her hands holding the swollen sexual organs tightly, almost motionless. She could see the head finally flare hard and wide, trying to pump out the contents that would have been coming up from the balls, into the cock's urethra, and out into the rubber. So far she could see that he was cumming hard, even though it was forced and not pleasurable. She was not seeing any of the telltale spurts into the rubber.

"Push baby," the doctor told the slave, her hands holding onto his head tightly. She pressed her lips to his mouth and began kissing him deeply. She knew that her mouth on him affected him. He also affected her. She could feel the twinges, deep down below her lower abdomen. Her pussy was literally contracting, wanting something to be inside it.

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