tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 49

The New Slave Ch. 49


Chapter 49, Security Has a Problem

Tawny just stood standing there, her eyes fixed on the bejeweled cock and balls. The idea of this type of jewelry was to desensitize a male by keeping him bundled up tightly. It was also to keep his sex organs attractive and add a touch of jewelry to the normally nude male slave. Lastly, it was to prominently display the male 'jewels', and Ross' were definitely on display for the two officers.

"This is an attractive one and with a very nice size. But I've never seen balls like these," Tawny said as she stepped up closer to Ross and gently reach out, cradling the ringed balls in the palm of her hand. "I've seen big cocks and I've seen long cocks, but I've never seen balls that are as big as these or so obviously full," she said, her hand frozen as she examined the ring that held the stuffed balls. What she was saying was true. Tawny had been security for Mistress Francesca for the past couple of years. During that time she had seen almost every size and variety of cock that there was to see, from normal sized, to huge, to freakishly huge. She had also used quite a few of them to play with, working them till she was sated from their use. Tawny had been very good at judging how far she could use a cock before it might affect the Mistress' party. As long as the male could still perform, the Mistress didn't mind Tawny's personal playtime.

"This guy is painfully overloaded. They're really bloated. I've never seen anything that big or full," Lacey said as she finally closed her mouth and sat back on her haunches, staring at the male meat that was still only inches from her face. "He smells good," she added with a laugh. The vast majority of women confused Ross' ball size with being full or overloaded with sperm. Most didn't understand that they were just large sized and normal for him.

"He does smell good. Smells like vanilla sugar or sweet almond or something. I'm wondering what he tastes like," Tawny said as she finished unbuttoning her uniform shirt. She quickly pulled it from her waistband and took the uniform top off. Tawny was aware that the Mistress knew of her propensity for using the male slaves before they were suppose to be shown. It had never been a problem. Tawny was discrete and never mentioned her playtime to the Mistress. Tawny had a fascination with the taste of a male and had also discovered that if she 'swallowed' all the evidence, then there was nothing to clean up and no telltale signs of her usage. She was more than interested in taste and amounts. It had become somewhat of an obsession to her. By mental health standards, they would say that her interests bordered on fixation. In Tawny's inner circle of friends, they referred to her as a sperm vampire.

"You're not thinking about it, are you?" Lacey said, glancing up at Tawny. The fact that Tawny was already getting undressed, told Lacey that Tawny was going to 'taste this male'. Lacey had laughingly referred to Tawny's addiction, as her 'collection', meaning the flavors and samples of many different male slaves. "This guy could drown you," she added, laughing at her joke about his ball size.

"I have yet to find a male that didn't taste good," Tawny said with a glint in her eye. She was now unbuckling her gun belt, removing it and putting it on a table that was out of Ross' reach. Before Lacey could even get up from the floor, Tawny was down to a bra and a thong. Standing before Ross, it was obvious that she had an affect on Ross. His cock had become swollen and longer, beginning to drop down as it lengthened. Lacey just enjoyed watching the genital action as Ross became more aroused by Tawny. Lacey had enjoyed a few of the male slaves in the past, but it was not very often. Her excitement came from watching what was going on, with other security officers and the slaves, or just watching the show that the Mistress was providing for the party guests. Normally, Lacey would reserve her fun for a rare occasion with an exhausted male slave, or when she got home and was alone.

"Do you want to feed me," Tawny said seductively, her eyes glued to Ross' eyes. She reached out and gently began to slowly rub just the foreskin covered head of the lengthening cock. She glanced down at it to judge his sexual progress. Its progress was more than obvious as it thickened in obvious twitches. He was almost full size. "I'm gonna feed from it and you're good beg me to finish you," she said as her hand alternated to his balls, squeezing them firmly.

"I don't think that the Mistress would like that very much. Besides, I think that she has plans for me and you're not part of it," Ross said with a grin. His attitude alone just about sent Tawny over the edge. She was use to doing what she wanted, and with whomever she wanted. She was that bad variety of cop that was use to getting whatever she wanted. Ross was a slave. How dare him even think about not doing what she told him to do? That was ok. She didn't mind. She would punish him as she extracted another sample for her collection, a biological and internally collected specimen. She didn't have to see her collection on a wall display or in a pretty case. She remembered each and every extraction with great graphic detail.

"You definitely have an attitude, don't you?" Tawny said softly as she stepped up closer to Ross. She smiled as she reached up and undid the clasp that held her overstuffed bra together. As endowed as she was, her breasts spilled out as soon as she undid the clasp. Her huge and erect nipples stuck out, telling Ross that she was more aroused than she wanted him to think she was. Her bra had barely hit the floor as she reached down and slid her thumbs into the waistband of her thong. She quickly slipped them down and let them fall to the floor. She stepped closer to Ross, letting him smell her perfume. With the exception of his visible arousal, Ross appeared unmoved as he watched her.

"You'll be begging me to drain you before we're through," she said smiling up at him. Her hand slowly moved up from his balls to his cock, softly gripping it. She then realized that he had gone soft. For just a moment, her eyes flashed dark, letting Ross see her anger. She wasn't use to being sexually ignored like this. No man had ever been soft when she played with him. She wanted a warm thick sample from him and he wasn't going along with her play. With Tawny's body and sex appeal, every male in the past, had been hard before she even touched him.

"I think that the Mistress has other plans for me tonight, which don't include you. I figure that before the night is out, I'll be milked several times while you're home watching reruns on the TV," he said with a grin. Her fingers tightened around the soft cock, squeezing it. He grimaced slightly as her grip tightened around the mushy skin. "I do really appreciate the offer, but I'm saving myself," he said grinning as he jumped from the hard squeeze of her punishing hand. Tawny was furious. Obviously, Ross didn't understand that this wasn't an offer. It was an order.

"I'm sure she does but that doesn't mean that I can't give you a quick milking, right now. You get what you need and I get what I want," she said as her grip loosened and she began to softly rub the soft appendage. This had worked in the past, with a vast number of male slaves, but wasn't working this time. Her anger only worsened.

"I don't think that you're his type," Lacey said with a laugh. It's obvious that he isn't aroused by you," Lacey said as she glanced down at the limp cock that Tawny was working on. This only angered Tawny more. Lacey had worked with Tawny quite a bit and had grown tired of her 'better than thou' sexual attitude. Tawny thought that she was about the hottest thing ever to be born and her attitude showed it. Tawny's grip immediately moved to the over stuffed balls that had no escape. They were on display, but worse, they were trapped as her hand gripped as much of them as she could, using both hands. She began squeezing them, waiting and watching Ross for a reaction. As her hands tightened around the trapped orbs, she smiled and waited for Ross to react. He didn't. That only made her madder. She squeezed hard till he finally jerked.

"So, you do have some feeling down there," she said as she continued squeezing. "Wouldn't you prefer me to suck it out of you, rather than squeeze it out of you? Believe me, the oral is a lot more fun than the mashing," she said as her fingers continued to mash the ripened balls.

"Tawny, you're gonna hurt him. If you do, the Mistress is going to kill us for sure," Lacey said as she watched Tawny's hand turn red from the exertion she was applying. Lacey had seen Tawny get pretty rough with males, normally just Tawny's way of having fun with the captured male slave. This time, she was going a little too far for Lacey's liking. She could see that Tawny's fingers were deeply embedded into the already swollen sack.

"It's his choice. He cums, one way or another," Tawny said as she relaxed her grip a little. Her hand immediately moved up to the surprisingly hardening cock. She glanced down and saw that he had thickened and was beginning to drop again. Quick to understand male sexual response, Tawny immediately moved her hand back to the captive balls and again began to squeeze them again. Ross winced as she tightened her grip. She stood there, smiling up at him and watching as he began to pull back away from her. The sexual response was evident to her, his cock was hardening. She didn't have to look down to feel the pre cum that was beginning to flow out onto her hands.

"Tawny, stop it. You're going to hurt him or at the very least damage his looks," Lacey said as she stepped in closer to watch what was happening. She could see Ross' balls turning red from Tawny's tight grip. As her hand tired and the fact that she couldn't get her hand all the way around the sack, she decided to pick on one ball and abuse it. She quickly let go of the captured sack and felt for one ball. Since they were stuffed through the silver ring, she had to really push hard into the tight sack to get her fingers around just one ball. She pushed her fingers down hard, into the skin and felt the inner and outer side of the targeted ball. Having her fingers placed, she simply squeezed hard. Ross immediately jumped, pulling back away from her.

"Oh, they like that," Tawny said dreamily as she let go of the tortured ball and glanced down. It was obvious that Ross' cock was swelling and getting harder. "Now I know what I'm gonna do. I'll just squeeze it out them one at a time and let my mouth take care of sucking up the good stuff. That way we both get what we want. You get milked and I get a tasty warm sample from you," Tawny said with a laugh. She glanced down and saw the Ross' cock was fully erect. Some males reacted very well to aggressive ball stimulation but not all of them. Tawny was more than capable of going either way.

"Now that's more like it," Tawny said as she stepped back and took a look at the rock hard cock that was more than slick with pre cum. She quickly knelt down and moved in closer to Ross. She grasped his cock in one hand and held it up against his stomach out of the way. Her other hand firmly grasped the trapped sack and began to feel for the soft spot between each ball. There, she would slip her fingers in and get a good grip on one ball at a time.

By this time, Lacey had relaxed some, seeing that Ross was hard again. She had worried that Tawny might take things too far. Lacey also was not use to seeing males reject Tawny. She had never seen a male that didn't get instantly hard when Tawny took her clothes off. Today had been a first. But since Ross was hard, then Tawny could take her newest sample and then they'd be through. Since it was a party, Ross was one of the slaves that were there to entertain the female guests. They wouldn't be too entertained if he couldn't get hard.

"It's obvious that the prep girls did a good number on you. I'm assuming that you were enhanced. I don't think that I've seen a cock head and foreskin this red, in my entire life. It's not from me. You were really red when I first took your loincloth off. I really hope that doesn't affect the flavor," she said with a big grin as she cut her eyes upward at him. She immediately leaned forward and placed her puckered lips softly around the tip of Ross' cock head. She gently sucked in, savoring the almost neutral taste of his pre cum. She sucked deeply for a few moments and then leaned back, watching him. She wanted a few moments to savor the taste, before she extracted a fresh batch from him.

"He looks primed and ready. Why don't you just finish him off and we can get him out of here," Lacey said nervously. This entire episode with Tawny wasn't going like the normal. Usually, Tawny was finished by this time and licking her lips, enjoying the thought of one more male and his load for her collection. Lacey was nervous. They didn't call this a waiting room for nothing. The purpose was to wait, for something. That something indicated that the slave was going to be doing something. If they were still in here, playing with a slave, and it was his time to be performing, someone would come looking. Lacey was nervous.

"I enjoy a warm batch. The longer that I play with him, the more his balls are preparing a fresh feeding for me. Besides, how often do you get to see males that respond to ball stimulation? You don't see that very often and I'm enjoying it. She immediately pushed her fingertips down forcibly into the trapped sack, causing Ross to jerk. "Don't jerk like that. Makes me think you aren't enjoying it," Tawny said in an innocent voice. She pushed into the sack harder and Ross again jumped back, trying to avoid her punishing fingertips. She noticed his reaction but also saw how hard his cock was. She pushed deeper into his sack. Even with the rough manipulation of his balls, his arousal and impending orgasm were obvious. The heavy veins along the length of his cock were bulging out.

"Unnnggghhh," Ross cried out as he jerked back away, hard enough that her fingers actually popped out of his sack. "You're going too deep, you're hurting me," he moaned as his balls slowly flooded blood and fluid back into the mashed orbs.

"No slave has ever jerked away from me," Tawny hissed, her anger obvious as her face turned red. She knelt there, clutching the ringed sex organs, her other hand slowly massaging the hard cock. She slowly stood up, her hand continuing to work the slick hardness. Facing Ross, she let him view her gorgeous body, seeing that her nipples were hard enough that they appeared painful. Each nipple was blood red and hardened. Tawny's arousal was more than obvious. What wasn't obvious was how close to orgasm she was, just from the torturous action she was inflicting on a male slave. She knew her body and this was sending her over the edge. Tawny's body was so sexually responsive, that she could quickly approach orgasm, without even touching herself. Tawny had learned years ago, to wear a small tampon tucked deep into her vaginal opening. She would cut the string off, just so that it wasn't obvious to anyone else. As she became more aroused, her juices would flood her pussy but nothing would come out, till she was alone.

"Tawny, that's enough. We're going to get in trouble. Let's get him into the waiting room. I'm sure that he is just about up for the show," Lacey said pleading. At least Lacey was still wearing her uniform, all of it. She was nervous about what was going on but watching Tawny's sex show also more than aroused her. Tawny had no problem with being watched as she played with the abundant amount of males that passed through the Mistress' home. Lacey was more than content to remain the voyeur.

"I just want a quick sample," Tawny said almost dreamily. It was obvious that the slave rejecting her was working on her psyche. She was determined to get a load from this slave, and to punish him at the same time. The next time she met with him, he wouldn't be so quick to turn her down. Besides, what she was offering was worth more than gold, in her mind. Tawny envisioned herself as a sex goddess. It never dawned on her that the males were captive slaves and that they feared punishment more than the need for her favors.

"I have just the thing for the occasion," Tawny said as she padded barefooted across the room to where her gun belt was laying. "This will help him a lot," she said as she pulled a stun gun from her belt.

"No way, Tawny. You can't use that on him. Everyone will know. Put it up, you're starting to scare me," Lacey said almost pleadingly. Now Lacey was more than nervous. She had never seen Tawny do this type of thing. Tawny had used the stun gun on slaves before, but normally with a good reason that involved security or safety.

"It's just to get him started. Jump-started you might say," Tawny said with a grin. She took the stun gun and walked over to Ross. Facing him, she pushed him back hard, causing him to fall against the exam table behind him. With his legs spread and chained to the floor, he was spread wide, his organs thrust out for Tawny's further use. He was still hard and with the ring around his cock and balls, his cock appeared to be more than ready for milking. It jutted out obscenely. He caught himself, his elbows resting on the table; his hips pushed out, his upper body arched back over the table edge.

"Believe me babe, this is going to be more intense for you than you're use to," she said as she came closer to him. As she reached him, she reached out and held one hand against his chest, forcing him to remain in the spread and thrust out position. Handcuffed as he was, it was easy to control him, his body weight back and resting on his elbows. In essence, he could not move without struggling to stand up straight. She looked down and placed the stun gun's two electrical tips against the silver metal ring. "I bet this will send his cock in to overdrive," she said as she moved the electrical tips around the ring, as if to find a good position to shock him.

"You can't use that on him. Remember that last guy that you zapped in the balls. Hell, it wasn't even on his balls, just close to his balls and he sprayed out like a loose fire hose," Lacey said worriedly, hoping to calm Tawny down. Lacey knew that the situation was bad, but there would be no stopping Tawny.

"Oh yea. I remember that one real well. That was awesome. I remember how messy he was. That creamy goo got on everything. That was a good one," Tawny said as she smiled and remembered what she considered a great moment in orgasm history. She had wanted to do that again, with a male. The only problem was that the male was rendered temporarily inactive, no sex and barely talking. She had later estimated that she had completely emptied both of the slave's balls, in one continuous gush. The electrical current had an unbelievable effect on his balls.

"And if you zap him now, you're going to get the shock too," Lacey reminded Tawny. Since Tawny was holding Ross back against the table's edge, her hand was in contact with him and she would more than guaranteed, get the shock also. Tawny immediately understood and stepped back, pulling her hand from Ross' chest. Tawny looked around the room and went over to a cabinet. She grabbed a large plastic drinking cup and came back to Ross. Surprisingly, during this time he had remained hard. Tawny saw this and immediately began to rub the hard organ. Within seconds, Ross was fully panting and breathing hard. Even knowing what Tawny was going to do to him, his sexual arousal couldn't be lessened. He didn't want her to, but his cock wanted the sexual sensations that the electric shock was going to give him.

"Tawny, just jack him off and get it over with. You can't use the stun gun on him," Lacey said, just wanting Tawny to get finished.

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