tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 52

The New Slave Ch. 52


Chapter 52, Two Sex Slaves Perform for an Audience

"Now remember Ross, Darcy is fully aware of what is going on. And I know how men worry about these things, but she can't get pregnant. Believe me, I know that for a fact," the Mistress said with a laugh.

"She actually can't get pregnant?" Ross asked. It wasn't out of fear of pregnancy as much as it was a real concern over the very young Darcy. With her age, and as sexual as she was, Ross just figured that she was a very fertile young woman.

"No, she can't. She was hurt years ago with some serious internal injuries. She's healthy now, but she can't become pregnant," the Mistress explained quietly. Ross listened silently as the Mistress explained.

"In the show, Darcy is going to be led out onto the stage as a slave in chains. She will be restrained where the audience can get a good look at her. Believe me, the audience loves the sight of Darcy when she's nude and writhing in chains. She's really animalistic and can definitely put on a show when she wants. I think you'll know what I mean when you see her, so don't let that frighten you," she said with a laugh.

"Frighten wasn't the word that I was thinking of. Darcy, nude and in chains, writhing like an animal. What more could a male want," Ross said laughing. The Mistress just looked at him and grinned.

"After a very short time, Sun'Li will come in and begin to perform on Darcy as a warm up for you. In all honesty, I'm not sure who is getting warmed up, either Darcy or Sun'Li. Sun'Li will probably have Darcy cumming within a few minutes. Either way, you'll then be lead into the room in chains and restrained by Sun'Li. At that point, Sun'Li will begin to play with you, her attempt to get you 'prepped' for Darcy. She'll then prep Darcy a little bit more until she's ready and then she'll lead you into Darcy, so to speak. The entire concept is basically, two slaves being forced to fuck," she explained.

"It sounds really staged and almost ceremonial, almost corny. I don't mean any offense but as fun as it might be for me, I don't know how all of this will look to your guests.

"Believe me, I know you, Darcy, and Sun'Li. If anyone can make this look good, you three will. Besides, the guests are all voyeurs to the max. They enjoy watching anything that is sex, especially if there is an element of hostility or resistance involved. And this will be hot, for them. They'll love it. They're not Broadway critics, they're horny females that love to watch. Just do what comes naturally to you. You'll also want to exaggerate your moves, your actions, your talking so that all of them can see and hear everything," she said with a grin.

"I know it's not scripted but are all of us on the same page?" Ross asked.

"Ross, it's sex. It doesn't have to be scripted and there is no dress rehearsal. Besides, you and Darcy have been together before and the guests loved that show. This is just part two of that event. Look at it that way. Believe me, when they see Darcy, they'll all be getting wet. Then when they see you and that thing, they'll go crazy," she said with a laugh as her hand reached down and grasped the hard meaty appendage. She smiled and then let go of him. "Come on, you need to be ready," she said as she turned and lead Ross down a hallway, escorted by two of her security officers. As before, the closer they got to the 'arena' the more he could hear women cheering and laughing. It sounded like a large group.

Ross thought that the entire idea of the performance sounded pretty weird if not down right goofy. He had no doubt that it would all feel very good in a sexual way, but the entire thing sounded half-baked. He wasn't looking forward to it. He wasn't an actor and this group was looking for a real show. He was already beginning to feel embarrassed and he wasn't even on stage yet.

"Right now all of my guests are enjoying a show. They're watching a male slave that was loaned to me by a good friend. He has certain qualities that make him very entertaining to watch. There's no doubt that after these women watch him for awhile, they're going to be thrilled in seeing Darcy and you," she said, walking as she continued trying to talk Ross into the entire concept.

"Is the guy that bad?" Ross asked curiously.

"Bad? No, he's not bad at all. Matter of fact, he's actually pretty good. That is, if you like watching a male jack off his 14 inch cock. He's huge in that one area, but his balls are very normal. So, he works it and works it, making it into a big show, and then finally pumps out a few dribbles. But, the women love it. They get so worked up, and he's really good looking," she said with a laugh. "Don't worry. Even with Darcy being restrained on her back, and you in chains, Sun'Li is going to make it into a hot show. You'll see," she said seriously.

"We're ready," came a voice from behind Ross and Mistress Francesca. Ross turned around and was amazed at Sun'Li. She had taken off the white silk sarong and was now wearing a slave's chain mail costume. As a costume, it wasn't much. Besides being very little in size, it was also see through. The size of the link openings gave plenty of view to her already gorgeous body. Ross immediately saw that Sun'Li's nipples were rock hard and standing out. She was already in the mood for the show.

She looked unbelievable in an aggressive sort of way, totally unlike the submissive slave girl that Ross had just met. She was also wearing an ankle slave bracelet, identical to Darcy's. She looked more like a female gladiator than the slave of a slave girl. The costume consisted of two very scanty pieces. There was a piece of 4 to 5 inch wide chain mail that hung below her tiny waist, just above her pubic bone, draping down to the floor between her legs. It hung from a single chain that ran around her tiny waist, and rested over the flare of her hips. The tiny chain mail strip barely covered her pubic area with all of her legs and hips exposed. The top was also made of chain mail, more like a lose fitting V shaped piece that barely covered her breasts and tapered down to a point on her belly. It was only attached together on the back of her neck. As long as she stood straight up and didn't move around, she would be modestly covered. If she moved one gorgeous leg, the bottom piece would split in such a way that there would be a fleeting but tantalizing glimpse between her thighs. Ross immediately knew that the guests would love this show. He did already.

"It appears that my modification on you is doing well," she said with a grin as she looked down at Ross' swollen erection. It was sticking out obscenely, an angry dark red and bulging heavily. Ross had momentarily forgotten that he wasn't softening any. It appeared that he was going to be hard for some time. He wasn't feeling the shaft very well, but the itching sensation deep inside of his cock head was definitely causing the head to remain huge and flared. He glanced down and looked back up at her, an obvious blush on his face. "Don't be shy, it looks very appealing. The guests are going to love that thing," she said with a smile.

"You might think that it looks good to the opposite sex, but I'm not so sure that it'll perform very well. It feels strange," he said reaching down and grasping the thick organ. "That itching or burning sensation is distracting, not to mention how big the head feels. It feels like it's about to explode," he said glancing down.

"Don't worry, it's not going to explode. Besides, it makes you look massive and virile. The guests here are use to seeing some pretty strange things. I think you might be one of the first males that has a cock and a cock head that are actually proportionate to each other," she said with a laugh.

"Well if it isn't my arch enemy," a voice whispered from right behind Ross' ear. It was close enough that he could actually feel her breath on the back of his neck. He quickly turned to see Darcy standing right behind him. She was smiling and surprisingly to him, she looked unbelievably good.

"Wow. Now that's what I call an costume," he said stepping back and looking up and down her small but overly developed body.

She was wearing a slave costume, made from one long thin piece of chain mail in a gold almost sparkling color. With her dark tan, the gold looked radiant. It was a unique one piece. Some would call it a gown, except that it only covered several inches of her, straight down the middle of her body. It had a high Mandarin collar up the front of her neck, and then spread down and outward toward her bare shoulders. At the midline of her breasts, the gold chain mail drastically narrowed inward till it reached her lower belly where it was only about an inch wide, much like an upside down V. From her lower belly downward, it widened to a 4 to 5 inch wide strip that hung down to the floor. Besides it's scant appearance, it was loosely woven chain mail and did nothing to conceal what was underneath it. Her hips, legs, and sides were fully exposed. If she took a step, the floor length strip of chain mail would move, giving a fleeting glimpse between her thighs. The only thing seen from the rear was a chain holding up the top at her neck, across her back for her breasts, and around her hips to hold the floor length strip in her middle.

"It's obvious that you like it, or has Sun'Li been playing with you," she said with a grin looking down at his huge erection. "She has many talents and I assume that you have been rewarded with one of them, tonight?" she asked as she continued to study his jeweled and thrust out sex organs.

"I can thank Sun'Li for this," he said, glancing downward.

"Did she pleasure you and get rid of some of that goo that you refer to as seed? Or did the good doctor have her girls take care of that pent up supply of milk?" she said, her hand gently fondling Ross' rigid meat.

"No, they took care of that back at the facility," he answered.

"Doesn't look like they took very much out," she said as she bent down and took a closer look at his genitals. Her hand continued to gently hold onto his cock, holding it upright so that she could look at his sack. "I know that the Mistress's guests will love it, but I really don't want you blowing your nuts out inside me," she said quietly.

"I think that I was sufficiently drained. I made sure to have them save some for you," he said with a grin.

"Obviously," she said with a laugh. "I'm not as worried about you dumping your milk in me, as much as I am worried about you pounding into me. Sun'Li took the time to make sure that I was prepared also. You might say that I'm a little overly sensitive right now," she said as she pulled back the long chain mail front of her costume. Pulled to one side, Ross could see that her pussy was obviously swollen, the lips puffy and the same angry red as his cock. Her clit was so swollen that it was sticking out like a tiny penis.

"Now that looks tantalizing," he said as he reached out and gently touched her clit. She immediately moaned, her eyes closing momentarily as she enjoyed the enhanced sensations that her body was feeling. Ross held his finger against her clit for a moment, actually feeling the throbbing sensations that she was feeling. He gently rubbed it and watched in amusement as the barefooted Darcy shifted her weight and opened her legs wider for him. He continued to rub gently as she leaned forward against him, fully prepared to let him continue until she could cum.

"Damn," she moaned as she leaned against him, pressed into his chest. It was obvious to Ross that her entire vaginal area had been put through something similar to his experience with Sun'Li. It had only taken her a few seconds to become fully aroused and on the brink of cumming.

"I made sure to take good care of her," Sun'Li said with a big grin. "When we get started, she won't have to fake an orgasm. She'll probably have to fake 'not' having an orgasm," she said with a laugh. Ross had his hand under the long portion of the chain mail, the gentle movements obvious as the chain mail moved in and out. His finger was just barely touching her inner pussy lips. Ross could feel that she was sopping wet. He had barely started and she was beginning to slowly move her body up and down against his finger, slowly humping his hand. Darcy was beginning to moan louder.

"I think you two should save it, at least for another few minutes. I think that our endowed slave is about to finish," Mistress Francesca said with a laugh. She glanced out toward the audience of gowned women that were enjoying the solo performance. Standing in the dark, all of them could look out into the room where about 20 to 25 women were all enjoying the show in front of them. Ross could see that all of the women were attractive, young to middle aged, and in various stages of undress. It was apparent that some of them might have been involved in earlier performances. One woman was completely nude and holding what appeared to be a wet towel in her lap. Ross could only imagine what she had been doing.

In the center of the room, not more than about 8 to 10 feet from the guests that surrounded him, was a male on his knees. As Ross watched, he could see that the male was chained at the ankles, and secured to a heavy steel bolt on the floor. The male was down, knees spread wide, and grasping a freakishly long cock. Ross could see that the male was obviously a slave; his loincloth discarded a few feet from where he was performing. Ross was surprised to see that the slave was very young, muscled, tanned, very handsome and very endowed. If Ross were considered massive sexually, then this male slave would be considered mammoth in size. His cock was about 10 to 12 inches long and very thick. What was shocking was the size of his cock head. The more than obvious dripping head was about the size of a tennis ball.

"Unbelievable," Ross said as he watched the male do very exaggerated jerks and pulls on his distended organ. The male's ripped stomach muscles were flexed and tight, his breathing erratic and gasping as he continued to jerk the sizable organ, then suddenly stop. It appeared to the guests that he was on the verge of orgasm, but would suddenly let go of himself to extend his own pleasure. Ross also noticed that the male would glance up and around at the guests, cutting his eyes back and forth as if surveying the crazed women. It was obvious to Ross that the male was performing for the women. Each time he would stop, he would let go of his cock. Each time, the massive organ would literally bounce up and down as if going through strong spasms, ready to spurt at any moment. The guests were going crazy, watching every move of his act.

"Unbelievable is right," the Mistress said, almost in a moan. "He is rather appealing. I have noticed that every time he performs, one or sometimes two of the ladies immediately will arrange to take him away. I honestly don't think that any of them are actually using him but I have never heard of any complaints," she said with a laugh.

Suddenly the audience went crazy with the women laughing, jeering, and yelling loudly. Ross turned in time to see a single thin stringy rope like jet of sperm shoot from the tip of his already huge cock head. The male on the floor had completely let go of his now jerking cock and was rocked back on his knees, cock thrust out as it shot several smaller spurts out onto the carpet. Within a few seconds it was over, the slave gasping and panting as his cock quickly deflated. The women went wild, clapping and cheering for the spent male slave. He smiled and lay down on the floor, legs spread wide as his still huge but soft cock lay flatly on his stomach. Ross turned to see Darcy and Sun'Li staring and watching the finale. They both looked at each other and grinned.

Almost immediately, two security officers came out into the arena and unchained the happy looking male. He was led to a hallway door and escorted out. Within seconds, two women got up and followed closely behind the two security officers.

"See what I mean?" Mistress Francesca said with a grin. "He is in demand, but I don't know what they do with him. Such an excess of fabulous meat," she said as she shook her head and laughed. Ross watched as another of the Mistress's scantily clad female slaves came out to the arena and cleaned up the still obvious evidence left by the male slave. The female guests all began moving around and talking, while some got up to get more refreshments.

"I think this would be a good time to get started," the Mistress said to Sun'Li. Sun'Li turned to Darcy and held out a heavy gold colored chain. Darcy smiled and turned to Sun'Li, allowing her to wrap the chain around her wrists, restraining them in front of her. They both turned and slowly walked into the arena, Darcy with her head down like a captive. Immediately there was a hush as audience members turned and watched, several of them hurrying back to their seats. With each step that Darcy took, the chain mail would move back and forth, giving the audience members a quick glimpse of her smooth skinned pubic area. They all were familiar with Darcy and couldn't wait to see her luscious body or what she would do next. She was already a legend at the Mistress' house.

Even in the dimly lit room, the guests leaned forward, craning to catch a better glimpse of Darcy, even if just a nipple or her pussy. She was more than popular and they loved her. Sun'Li lead Darcy to the center of the room and pushed her roughly to the floor. Darcy appeared angry and defiant. With exaggerated force, Sun'Li positioned Darcy on the floor, sitting upright but on her butt with her knees bent and her legs out, the long chain mail draped between her spread legs. As Darcy appeared to struggle to get up, Sun'Li slapped her hard across the face. Nothing was said, but Darcy glared back at Sun'Li, the fear and the defiance obvious on her upturned face. Sun'Li glared back and pushed Darcy back onto a pile of pillows on the floor. Unable to get up, Darcy struggled as Sun'Li quickly undid the chain and pulled Darcy's hands back over her head and fastened them to a bolt in the floor. Darcy's upper body was stretched back, arms over her head, her full breasts heaving seductively as she struggled. With Darcy secured to the floor bolt, Sun'Li stood back and surveyed the helpless female captive.

"This is getting good," Ross whispered to Mistress Francesca. Ross couldn't help but see the gorgeous Darcy as so sexually arousing. He could feel the sensations in his cock as he continued to watch.

"Look at the audience," Mistress Francesca whispered back. Ross noticed for the first time, that the women were all hushed, all staring and watching what was unfolding in front of them. They weren't cheering, yelling or even talking. All eyes were on the center of the arena. They were spellbound.

Neither Sun'Li nor Darcy spoke a word. All communication was through movement or a glance or just a look. Sun'Li was also more than sexually appealing. Her body movements were sexually aggressive. She posed and stood, allowing the audience to get a good view of her sexuality also. This gorgeous oriental female that they had not seen before, was fascinating to several members of the audience. Sun'Li slowly moved around behind Darcy and undid the chain that held up the neck and top of Darcy's costume. The front of Darcy's gown immediately dropped to her tiny waist, giving everyone the sight of her full and rounded breasts. Her nipples were already engorged and erect. It was obvious to the audience that Darcy was aroused by her captivity and treatment. Sun'Li leaned down and gently began to fondle one nipple of Darcy's breast. Rolling it between her thumb and forefinger, Sun'Li only smiled cruelly as Darcy's head rolled back in obvious arousal.

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