tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 59

The New Slave Ch. 59


Chapter 59, Kim Takes a Few Extra Turns with an Exhausted Slave

Kim and Terri rested and relaxed in the warm pool, alternating between dozing off and just sunning themselves on the warm sandy ledges. It was late afternoon before they began to stir.

"We'll have to get an early start in the morning, to get all the way back to the truck and get him into town," Terri said as she slipped out of the pool. They both had been out in the wilderness, hunting escaped slaves for the past week. The afternoon and early evening reprieve had been a relaxing break, not to mention the sexual events with the restrained male slave.

"Do you think we'll get much for capturing him?" Kim asked as she sat and watched the sleeping male slave restrained to the tree.

"Oh, I can guarantee that we're gonna get a lot for him. We'll just have to do some checking around and find out what rich bitch is searching for him and then go and collect our money. He'll bring in a lot of money, I'm sure of it. With that kind of money, we can even take off for a few weeks for a much needed vacation. I'll make some phone calls as soon as we get into a town, see what I can find out. I know quite a few people that can tell me who might be missing and what's going on," Terri said as she slipped into a pair of shorts and a tank top. She was sexually satisfied from her afternoon entertainment with Ross, and wasn't the slightest bit interested in the nude male tied to the tree. Once was good enough for her. Kim was still more than interested. She watched him even as he slept, the thick fat cock resting between his still restrained legs. She could still feel the stretching sensations that had vigorously exercised her vaginal canal.

"You really think he'll bring in good money?" Kim said, still not convinced.

"I guarantee it. He's a sex slave; I think that we both proved that point, especially you. If he were a regular run of the mill slave, he'd have popped his nuts as soon as one of us slid down onto him. No, he's a sex slave. He lasted way too long to be anything else. I bet that if you tried him, you'd probably find that his mouth is as good as his cock when it comes to fun. Believe me, give it a try, he has a talented mouth," Terri added as she rummaged through her backpack.

"Maybe we'll get a bonus for him. Maybe he's someone important or someone's lover," Kim said as she watched Terri finish dressing and combing out her wet hair. Kim was still enjoying the warm water of the pool and sight of the sleeping male on the ground. Kim was use to getting some quick pleasure from a male and then taking them back to their proper owner. Most of her pleasurable moments consisted of a quick hand job on a more than willing male. This leisurely enjoying a male and then relaxing around the campsite was great. She found that she was even hungrier than normal and very relaxed and contented.

"Oh, he's someone's lover all right, for the right price. Believe me, he's a sex slave and he gets rented out. Someone makes a lot of money with his cock and those balls. All we have to do is find out who is missing an older slave with a big cock and huge balls and we'll have it made. Believe me, it won't be hard to track down this one's owner," she explained.

"Well, ok, if you say so," Kim said dejectedly.

"What's wrong? Why so glum?" Terri said, suddenly looking up and finding that Kim was sulking.

"Why can't we keep him? If he's that expensive, why don't we just keep him and use him when we want?" Kim asked with a pleading look on her face.

"You've got to be kidding? You don't keep slaves like this one. He'd be trouble. Besides, he's for fucking. That's what he does. Keeping him would be like keeping something valuable. Someone is looking for him, and we'll be the ones that save the day by turning him in. If we kept him, we'd be in big trouble. I know what you're thinking, but save that thought for the next male we catch. You'll enjoy that guy just as much as this one," Terri said angrily. She was getting tired of answering Kim's questions.

"Ok," Kim said dejectedly and got out of the water. Her hair was wet and slicked back. Her nipples painfully erect, even in the heat of the valley floor.

"Are you cold?" Terri said as she watched Kim leave the pool and walk over to her pack.

"No, why?" Kim answered sullenly. She reached into her pack and took out a towel to dry her hair. Seeing Ross watching her, Kim made it a point to remain nude for his benefit, facing him as she towel dried her hair. She knew that his benefit was going to be her benefit, later. With the stretching that her vaginal muscles had endured, and the fact that Ross was now awake and watching her, she couldn't help but become more aroused.

"Just wondering," Terri answered with a grin. It was obvious to her that Kim was still very much aroused. She was actually surprised that after all of Kim's sexual fun with Ross, that she could even be thinking of sex. Kim walked directly over to Ross and stood over him, dripping water on him. Ross was awake, his eyes continuing to watch Kim as she moved to his side. He could also see that she was aroused. Besides her nipples, her vaginal lips were flared and distended. She was very aroused. She stood there for a moment, just watching him, her eyes moving from his eyes to his cock. It was as if she were debating something. Even Terri began to watch the two of them, wondering what was going on.

"Do you think that he can still fuck after that last cum?" Kim said suddenly. By this time, she had leaned down and was looking closely at his cock. It was soft, but thickened from all of the use and the fact that he was still wearing the oval ring that trapped his organs. All of him was on display. Kim just sat looking at him.

"After all that we've done with him today, I doubt it," Terri answered. "Why do you ask?" she said as she eyed Kim. Kim was kneeling in the dirt, beside Ross, her hand now grasping the soft meaty organ. She was gently flopping it back and forth across his pelvis bones, softly bouncing it from side to side.

"I was just wondering. Every time I've had a chance to play with a slave in the past, he was taken away before I got to play with him a second time. I've never had the same slave twice. I was just wondering," Kim said quietly. Terri just watched her.

"Well then, what are you doing with his cock?" Terri asked suspiciously. Kim was flopping it back and forth, forcing a renewed blood flow into the flaccid organ. It didn't take much to see that it was beginning to thicken quickly.

"I'm just looking at it. It's a good one. I think that it fit me perfectly," Kim said as she watched it flop back and forth. "It does have some weird marks on it though," she said as she stopped playing with it and let it lay back on his stomach. He was thickening and beginning to lengthen very slowly. The dark red marks under the head and around the foreskin were swollen and puffy looking. She looked at them closely.

"What marks are you talking about?" Terri said as she walked over to get a closer look.

"These," Kim said as she stretched the foreskin down on the underside of his cock. "Does he look swollen to you?" Kim asked, glancing up at Terri. Terri bent down to look.

"With a cock that size, he always looks swollen to me. The thing looks like a huge sausage. It makes me want pizza," she said laughing. She looked closer and could see the angry red marks and bruising on the underside, just below his cock head. "Damn, I hadn't even seen those before. Those look like bite marks. I know they're not from me," she said as she leaned down for a closer look.

"Bite marks? They're not from me," Kim answered defensively. Terri reached out and squeezed the base of his shaft, forcing the blood up into the extremity. The foreskin and head immediately swelled from the forced blood pressure.

"Damn, it looks like someone has been chewing on his cock. It looks like it might be a little infected," she said as she turned it from side to side, examining it closer. "I don't think that it's anything that his owner can't get fixed. It's not our problem," Terri said as she stood up and walked away.

"Does it hurt him? I mean, do you think that he can he still fuck?" Kim said with a worried tone in her voice.

"He's a male. If he gets hard, he can fuck. If he doesn't get hard, then he can't fuck. It's about that simple," she said with a laugh. She went back over to her pack and began to take some equipment out.

"Well, he's getting harder. I guess that means he can still do it," Kim said, the obvious glee returning to her tone. She gently laid the half hard cock back on Ross' stomach and petted it as if it was her pet.

"I'm starved. Why don't you start cooking us something while I make up the camp?" Terri said as Kim sat watching Ross. It was obvious to Terri that Kim wanted Ross to harden up for a little more of her private use. She was also skeptical that Ross would be able to, or that Kim would enjoy it as much as the first time. "Come on, it'll be dark soon, let's get everything set up and eat," she said, drawing Kim's attention back to something besides Ross' cock.

"Ok," Kim said cheerily as she smiled at Ross.

He had been watching her as she played with him. Kim smiled because she could feel him hardening in her tight fist. He had grown thicker, the more she played with it. She knew that she was ready for round two, and now she knew that he was also. To Terri's surprise, Kim got up and went over to her pack. Within a few moments, Kim was dressed as much as she wanted to be dressed, wearing only a tiny thong bottom and a loose oversized t-shirt. As well used as Ross had been that day, she did look very inviting in the skimpy bottom that barely covered her shapely ass and swollen pussy lips. Terri didn't say anything but only shook her head and laughed at her strange partner. Kim continued to watch Ross as he followed her every movement with his eyes.

Kim started cooking for both of them, using a bottled propane camp stove and outback pots and utensils. Meanwhile, Terri busied herself with setting up their sleeping bags and inflatable mattresses. It wasn't long before they had a more than adequate camp set up with good food and comfortable sleeping arrangements. Terri had checked Ross to make sure his restraints would hold him. She was confident that he wasn't going anywhere during the night. That way, both she and Kim could get some much-needed sleep. Ross wasn't comfortable, but he was stretched out, legs spread and on the ground, his arms still handcuffed behind the tree. The handcuffs would definitely hold him.

Kim prepared several packaged freeze-dried meals, making extra food for all of them. She wasn't worried about supplies, knowing that they were going back into a town the next day. They had to. Having Ross would mean that they would hurry back to a town and sooner or later, hand him over to someone. They could re-supply before their next slave assignment. Besides, they were looking at some vacation time anyway. Terri was starving and helped herself to a large portion of the tasty meal. When Kim pulled out a third plate and began to portion out food, Terri just watched. She couldn't believe it.

"You're not going to feed him, are you?" Terri asked.

"Well, yes. Don't you think he needs it? He's probably starving. He's obviously been out here longer than us, without food. Besides, I think he worked pretty hard today," she said laughing. Kim walked over to Ross and knelt down next to him.

"I don't believe you. He can eat when we get him back to his owner. You act like he's some kind of pet. Next you're going to want to put a leash on him and have him do tricks, or rub his tummy," Terri said with disdain.

"Oh, he's better than a pet, and I kind of like the idea of a leash. That would be kinky. Besides, he's already done a few tricks today and I definitely wouldn't be rubbing his tummy. I'd rub him, but not his tummy," Kim said kidding Terri back. She reached up and held onto Ross' gag. "I'm going to take this off. But Terri doesn't like you. So if you want to eat, then you'll keep your mouth shut and not talk. Don't fuck up or she'll take you to the pound," Kim said laughing. Ross nodded his head up and down. In the past three days, he barely had anything to eat and he was famished. Eating berries for three days just didn't do it for him.

"I'm tired. I don't want to hear his whimpering and pleading. They always do that shit and it pisses me off. They start begging and whining," Terri said as she leaned back and enjoyed her meal. "Besides, he's your pet. If you want to feed him, then you do it," Terri said as she sat and watched Kim. Kim immediately undid Ross' gag. He didn't try to talk or anything. He just waited; he was that hungry as Kim started spoon-feeding him. Terri just shook her head and laughed as she finished her food.

"Besides, he needs to keep his strength up. I might need him for some fun," Kim said as she finished feeding Ross. Ross didn't say anything and never tried to talk. He figured that it wouldn't do much good that they would talk to him when they were ready. Sooner or later, they would be asking questions, he was sure of that. One of them was bound to figure out that Ross knew whom his owner was and how to contact them. As soon as Kim finished with the plate of food, she put the gag back over his mouth.

"I don't know if I would be using him anymore," Terri said as she lay back on her sleeping bag. "With everything we did earlier, he stinks like he's been fucking. He smells like day old sperm," Terri said with a laugh.

"Ummm, I think he smells good," Kim said with a grin. She just sat there watching Ross. She made sure to keep her knees spread just enough that he could see the bulging lips that pushed out against the soft cotton thong. She was obviously very swollen and she wanted to make sure that he knew it also. It hadn't escape his notice

"You would like that smell you little strumpet," Terri said as she lay back and got comfortable. The rest of the evening was spent with Terri and Kim talking about how much they were going to make from the capture of one slave, what they were going to do with their money, and their sexual exploits involving slaves. Kim listened intently as Terri told of one after another, sexual adventures with captured slaves. It only made Kim even hornier than she already was.

One more night out in the wilderness and they could get back to their own comfortable lives for a while. It would be a much-needed break. Both of them were tired. Besides the usual climbing, walking, and hunting, the day had been a very strenuous sexual one. They both were feeling it. It had been dark for several hours when the conversation finally ran into long pauses and even longer lulls. In short time, Terri got up one more time and went to check on Ross' restraints. He was asleep when she checked him, finding that he was secure enough for her satisfaction. She knew that the police handcuffs would guarantee his remaining right where he was, while they slept. She went over to her sleeping bag, lay down on the top of it and quickly dozed off. The weather was warm, almost hot, allowing both of them to sleep outside of their sleeping bags. Within seconds, everything was quiet except for the sound deep breathing coming from three very tired individuals.

Ross wasn't sure what woke him but he was suddenly startled awake. From past experience, he knew better than to jump or show any movement. He lay still, listening to the sounds around him. Without moving, he cut his eyes around, looking into the semi darkness for any signs of movement. He could hear an odd 'plopping' sound. He waited and listened to the slow rhythmic 'plop', 'plop', 'plop', 'plop' sound that continued for several moments. As his eyes adjusted to the half moon light, he could see Kim, her back propped up against her backpack. She was on top of her sleeping bag, only about 10 feet from him. She was wide-awake, her knees up with her feet spread apart flat on the ground. The plopping sound was something being tossed from one hand to the other, like playing with a tennis ball or toy. He watched her for several moments. She seemed entranced with the thing in her hands.

She continued to play with the thing, tossing it back and forth for several minutes. She then held it up in the air, looking at it closely. She reached up and squeezed it, watching it intently as she shifted it from hand to hand, as if weighing it. Ross then realized that she was playing with the used rubber that she had taken off of him, earlier that day. He continued to watch her obvious enjoyment of the heavy cream filled rubber. She lifted it up to her face and smelled it, then sat staring at it and then began to toss it back and forth between her hands.

Ross watched her for several moments surprised at her obvious enjoyment in the goo filled toy. He wondered if possibly Terri was right about Kim being strange. She again held it up to her nose and smelled it, but this time her other hand snaked down her belly and into the top of her thong. Within seconds Ross could see her fingers moving quickly under the skimpy cloth between her thighs. Even in the dim light, Ross could see that she was masturbating, her fingers quickly moving in and out, concealed only by the thin piece of cloth that made up the bottom of the thong. He watched intently as he saw her quickly approaching an orgasm. She played for several moments and suddenly her legs straightened out tightly and flat on the ground, her feet arched hard, her toes pointed as her head rolled back, an almost silent gasp coming from her. Her fingers moved frantically as she let out a soft moan and then slumped down onto her sleeping bag.

Kim lay still for several moments, her heavy breathing obvious even in the half-light. She pressed the overfilled rubber to her face as she pulled her still wet fingers up to her nose and sniffed them. After several moments, her legs relaxed and she seemed to settle down. She suddenly glanced over at Ross. She stared at him for several moments before she realized that he was awake and watching her. She smiled at him, then quickly turned and glanced over at Terri who was obviously sound asleep. Turning back to Ross, Kim smiled and stuck the tip of one wet finger into her mouth, sucking on it seductively. She grinned at him as she continued to suck on her fingertip. She brought her knees up slowly, spreading her feet apart to give him a better view. Ross could feel his cock twitch as he watched the performance only 10 feet away from him. After several moments of finger play, she slowly reached down between her legs and ran a fingernail across her pubic mound, downward till it reached her lips. She gave an obvious shiver as her finger danced across the scantily covered lips. She glanced back over at Terri who was lying on her side, facing away from them.

Glancing back at Ross, she smiled and drew her hand back up to her face, slowly licking the one finger. Ross watched intently as she glanced around and then sat up. Reaching down to her sides, she grasped her t-shirt and quickly pulled it up over her head. Even in the dark Ross could see that her nipples were taut and erect. She leaned back down, resting in an upright position against her backpack. She spread her legs further apart and then reached up and cupped the bottom of one breast. Hefting it up and down gently, she moved her fingertips up to the hardened nipple where her fingers began to slowly pinch and pull on it. Within a few moments, she leaned back, her head rolling back as she enjoyed her own solo pleasure.

After several moments of playing with each nipple, Kim opened her eyes to see that her audience was still enjoying the show. She felt around beside her and found the used rubber, then brought it back up to her face. She held it there for several moments, letting Ross get a good look at it before placing the cold, hours old sperm bag into her mouth. She held it there for several moments; her lips and cheeks bulged out from the sheer size of it as she warmed it back up to 98.6 degrees; her body temperature. She slipped it from her mouth and back into her hand while she sat and smiled at Ross. She sat up and looked directly at Ross. Using her free hand, she pointed to him and then pointed to the saliva-covered rubber. She then pointed between his legs and his now hardening cock and then pointed between her legs. Ross wasn't too sure of the sign language, but he understood the concept. He nodded his head up and down as she sat smiling at him, playing with her overfilled sperm balloon.

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