tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 61

The New Slave Ch. 61


Chapter 61, Ross is Returned

It took just under 3 hours to walk out of the canyon and get to the truck that Terri had hidden away. It was common for slave hunters to hide their vehicles, especially in outer areas such as the area that Kim and Terri were hunting in. Their trip to the nearest town wouldn't take that long and both were in a hurry to get rid of the recaptured slave and collect their money. Terri was sure that Ross was an entertainment slave and would bring high dollar. This would all have to be done very quietly, since slavery and sex were two things that didn't go in the same sentence, according to the laws of the land. So, they would quietly find out who was missing a slave, get him to the rightful owner, very quietly be paid by the more than rich and generous owner and then quietly leave. It was all very simple. But where would they start to find the owner. If the slave had been on the run for a longer period of time, he could have escaped from as far away as another state. They didn't know.

Upon reaching the truck, Ross was beginning to lag behind. Since Ross was completely nude, Terri was keeping an eye on his genitals. His balls were immense and she knew now, that he was either injured or something was wrong with them. They were far too big, even for a well-endowed male. The tightness of the scrotal sack told her that he was swollen. His cock was big but it didn't appear to be as swollen. Even soft, it was thicker than the average male that they were use to dealing with. She figured that his cock swelling was due to their rough treatment the day before, and especially Kim's playing with him. Terri knew that her partner was pretty enthusiastic if not overly aggressive when she was playing with a captured slave, especially if he was resisting at any level. Kim liked it when they resisted, her hands could easily work a slave's cock raw.

The truck had been hidden several hundred yards from a nearby highway, in a ravine with heavy tree growth. Hidden as it was, it was almost like a small oasis in the rugged terrain. At the truck, both Kim and Terri opened water bottles and set back, relaxing after the long walk. Kim made sure to give Ross plenty of water. She had noticed that he was beginning to walk slower and lagging behind. He seemed a little bit dazed as he followed behind Terri. There was nowhere to go. All he could do was follow the person in front of him.

"Do you think he's ok?" Kim asked as Terri sat in the shade sipping water. Ross was sitting on the ground, a sleepy look on his face. He looked almost like he was dozing off. It was warm but not really that hot. They hadn't been working that hard and Ross should have been in pretty good condition.

"I'm not sure. Back at the camp, I would have thought that he was fine. But I'm starting to wonder about that blood thing. I've been watching him and he seems a little bit out of it. It's obvious that he's swelling. I can see that. I don't know what is wrong with him but he almost seems to be feverish. But that's not our problem. We just have to get him to his owner and get the hell out of here," Terri said as she watched Ross. He was handcuffed in the front, sitting cross-legged in the dirt, under a nearby tree. The huge swollen ball sack lay in the dirt.

"Well, one thing is for sure. He knows where he belongs. Why not just ask him?" Kim said with a dumb look on her face. "We might save a lot of time and get our money," she added quickly.

"I had thought about that. I was going to question him, but I wanted to get back here where we could talk to him and be close to the truck. If he tells us anything, we can just jump in and take off. I'm in a hurry to get this all done. I definitely hope that his owner isn't too far away. Maybe it's someone near by," she said as she stood up and wandered over near Ross.

"Let's do it. I'm a little bit tired of this camping stuff and I could use some real food," Kim said.

"Hey big boy," Terri said as she walked over to Ross. He didn't seem to hear her. He just sat in the dirt.

"He's ignoring you," Kim said as she sat back and watched.

"Hey! Stand up. Let's get you situated. The quicker we get you back to your owner, the sooner you can do your thing," Terri said with a laugh. Since Terri was convinced that Ross was an entertainment slave, she figured that he would be rented out to some woman or be taking care of his female master, sexually. She figured that if he was that good, then someone would be missing him, or at least, certain parts of his body, very quickly.

"Let's get him secured before we talk to him," Kim suggested. She stood up and walked over to the truck. Since it was a 4 door SUV, she opened both back doors to let some of the heat out. The back cargo area had been rigged up with heavy steel eyebolts that would securely hold a captured male down. He could be restrained in the truck and they wouldn't have to worry about him getting loose. Kim hooked up the ankle and wrist restraints to the eyebolts and had them ready for the handcuffed slave.

"Stand up, let's go!" Terri said to Ross as she stood over him. Ross slowly rolled over onto his knees and stood up. Terri helped him up and then walked him over to the SUV. In the cargo area, there were bolts on the rear sidewalls where his arms could be restrained and then larger bolts on the back floor, near the cargo door, where his ankles would be restrained and spread apart. The windows of the SUV were tinted black where no one could see into the vehicle. With the rear cargo door down, Ross slowly moved up onto the cargo door and sat down.

"Get all the way in," Terri instructed him. Kim was waiting in the rear fold down seat. She had the restraints ready. Ross scooted backwards into the cargo area. Sitting on his butt, he came to rest up against the back seat. Terri immediately put ankle restraints on him and fastened each one to the eyebolt located at the sides and rear of the SUV. With his legs spread wide and his ankles locked into place, Terri hopped up into the cargo area and knelt in between Ross' outstretched legs. She saw that Kim was ready and she quickly undid the handcuffs. Immediately, Kim pulled Ross' left arm out to the side and fastened a wrist restraint around his left wrist. Terri held his right arm out as Kim grabbed it and fastened it in the same way as the left. Fully restrained, Ross was sitting on his butt facing out the back window, both ankles spread wide apart and held securely. His arms were stretched out to both sides and locked into place in the cargo area sidewalls, and his back up against the rear of the fold down seat. He definitely wasn't going anywhere now.

"Ok. Let's see what he has to say," Terri said as Kim got comfortable in the rear seat. Terri reached up and pulled the gag from his mouth. Immediately, Ross began to work his jaws and mouth, trying to get some feeling back into the strained jaw and neck muscles.

"Feel like talking to us or do you want to be an asshole?" Kim said laughing from the seat directly behind Ross. They were use to slaves that wouldn't give any information, fearing that they would be returned to their owners for punishment or worse. "If you don't want to cooperate and talk with us, I'll sic Kim on your cock. She'd like chewing on it some more," Terri said glancing up at Kim. Kim immediately smiled, her eyes opened wide. She was more than interested on playing one more time with the sleepy eyed male.

"I would have talked anytime that you wanted. You didn't have to gag me," he said spitting out bits of dirt and sand. "All you had to do was tell me what you wanted."

"See, now there's the problem. Take the gag out and he's already talking too much. We pretty well got what we wanted and didn't have to listen to you during the fun," Terri said firmly. Kim leaned around Ross and looked at him, now hearing him speaking.

"You've been asking about who owns me. I would have told you. It's Dr Sherry," Ross said as he continued to work his jaws.

"What?" Terri cried out, a look of shock on her face. "You belong to Dr Sherry?"

"Yes. I was sent to Mistress Francesca's house and got grabbed as her security was holding me for Dr Sherry's security people. I didn't escape, I was taken," he added quickly.

"Oh shit. Are you talking about the doctor that owns the stables and the big medical clinic in 'this' area?" she said loudly.

"I guess so. I don't even know where I am right now. Her name is Dr Caren Sherry and she does own horses and a large medical clinic, among other things," Ross said looking up at Terri in surprise.

"Yea, I've heard about those 'other things' as you put it. Oh shit. We're in trouble now," Terri moaned as she crawled out of the cargo area.

"What? What's wrong?" Kim asked quietly as she got out of the vehicle and followed after Terri. Terri was pacing back and forth, some distance behind the SUV. It was obvious that she was very agitated. She was biting on a fingernail and walking back and forth quickly. She was deep in thought. "What is it?" Kim asked again, beginning to get worried.

"We're fucked. We are severely fucked!" Terri said as she continued pacing back and forth. "You don't get it, do you?"

"Who's Dr Sherry? Why are we fucked?" Kim asked as she tried to follow Terri back and forth as she paced.

"Dr Sherry? You don't know who she is?" Terri said as she wheeled around and faced Kim. "She's that doctor that lives just across the county line. You know who she is. She has stables all right but we aren't talking about horses. She owns a whole lot of male and female slaves. She has her own security people that are probably out hunting us, right now. We're more than fucked," Terri moaned.

"Hunting us? Why?" Kim answered, the fear starting to show in her voice.

"Are you an entertainment slave?" Terri yelled bluntly as she turned back to Ross.

"I've been called that," Ross said as he sat and watched the frenzied Terri.

"Oh fuck me. Shit!" Terri moaned as she began to pace farther and farther from the SUV.

"You've got me scared. What's wrong?" Kim asked, the worry obvious on her face.

"He belongs to Dr Sherry, the medical doctor in the next county. Sherry owns stables and she also owns an entire business that uses male and female sex slaves. I can guarantee that her security people are out looking for us, right now. I even know her head of security, Rachel … something. I know Rachel. She's good and if she's hunting us, she'll find us. We're totally fucked. Not only are we not going to get paid, but she might just take us into slavery and turn us out as sex slaves. With the power that she has, she could just make us disappear," Terri said in a low tone, trying to keep Ross from hearing them.

"What? Sex slaves? Us? You've got to be kidding," Kim said in horror. She was now starting to get scared. "What do we do?"

"We get rid of him as fast as we can. We leave him here and haul ass. If they can't find him, they won't know about us," Terri said breathlessly. She was trying to formulate a plan but wasn't thinking straight.

"We can't just leave him here. No one would ever find him out here," Kim wailed, the panic becoming obvious in her voice.

"Do you want to get licked or fucked for the rest of your life, as a slave?" Terri said to the wide-eyed Kim.

"What do you mean?" Kim cried out. She was now starting to hop around, panic running through her.

"What do I mean? If they catch us, they might just turn us into sex slaves. And I doubt that it will be for any paying female customers. They'll probably just leave us tied down and let the male slaves take turns with us," Terri said in a whisper. "With her and her security people, it'll be like you and I never existed. We'll just cease to be. They'll absorb us into their slave business and we'll never be heard from again.

"Why can't we return him to the doctor and then we'd be the heroes?" Kim asked in total innocence. "That might work. We're not the ones that took him," she added desperately.

"We aren't the ones but we did fuck him, several times. We didn't return him right away. We went ahead and had our fun and then didn't get him back. Slave owners don't like that shit. Customers don't use entertainment slaves and not pay for their fun," Terri said.

"Oh shit. Oh shit," Kim cried out, tears starting to run down her cheeks. "But we can't just leave him out here. He'll die out here. They'll never find him," Kim said between sobs. She was starting to lose it.

"That's the point. We have to get out of here. He's done enough damage for us. If I had the balls, I'd shoot him right here and now," Terri said as she glanced back at Ross. He was sitting back, his head back and his eyes closed. He couldn't hear the conversation.

"No. We can't do that," Kim sobbed. She was scared to death. Terri suddenly wheeled around and headed for the back of the SUV. She walked up to her backpack on the ground and pulled the pistol from the holster. She turned and moved straight to the rear cargo door area.

"Terri NO!" Kim yelled. Kim was scared but she wanted no part of Terri's plan.

"I'm not going to kill him," Terri hissed as she got into the back of the SUV. "Go around and undo his wrists. We got to get him out of here and get ourselves out of here," Terri ordered. Kim was scared but she quickly moved into the back seat where she undid the wrist restraints. Terri quickly undid the ankle restraints and backed out of the cargo area. Ross didn't know what was going on, except that Terri was now holding a gun on him and looking very upset.

"What do we do?" Kim said as she moved back around to the rear of the SUV.

"Get out of the truck," Terri ordered. Ross watched her carefully and slowly moved out of the rear area. He held his hands up in front of him, submissive and compliant.

"Hey, whatever you want. Just tell me what you want," Ross mumbled as he eyed Terri.

"Get over to that tree," Terri ordered as she tossed a set of handcuffs to Kim. "Handcuff him to the tree and hurry," Terri said as Kim quickly moved toward Ross. Ross watched Terri over his shoulder as Kim pushed him along to the tree that Terri had pointed out.

"Sit down," Terri ordered Ross. Kim immediately moved behind Ross and handcuffed his wrists behind him, around the tree. "There, that should keep you for awhile. When we get to town we'll call and tell them where to find you. You won't be out here that long," Terri said, the gun still trained on Ross' head. He sat back against the tree, watching her closely. She stepped up closer to him, now that he was secure.

"He's good. The cuffs aren't too tight and not too loose either," Kim said softly.

"Get in the truck," Terri ordered Kim, who was nervously pacing up and down. Kim immediately went to the truck and closed the cargo door. She then quickly went around to the passenger side, got in and closed the door.

"Are you going to tell them who we are?" Terri said menacingly. She pointed the gun to the side of his head. She stepped up closer to him, pushing his legs apart with her foot.

"No. I really don't even know who you are," Ross answered back, glaring up at her. He didn't think that she had the guts to shoot him, right there. He knew that she could get away with it, but he hoped that he was sizing her up correctly. "I have no reason to say anything about you, except that I was lost out here. If you want to know if I'll talk, I can tell you that I won't. I have nothing to lose and nothing to gain, either way. It serves no purpose. Besides, you're not the ones that got me into this spot," he said looking up at her. She just stared at him for a moment.

"Good. Keep it that way," she said as she wheeled around and headed to the SUV. She glanced back at him once, wondering if she had made the right choice. She didn't know. She got into the vehicle and started it up. Kim looked back over the car seat as they drove off. In less than a minute, they had driven out of sight. Ross sat there for a moment, knowing that he was in dire straights. He knew that if one of them didn't call, he would die before anyone ever came around. He waited and hoped.

In less than 30 minutes, Terri was stopping in the first town that they came to. Seeing a pay phone, she pulled up to it and stopped, sitting and staring out the front windshield. She just sat there, thinking and staring at the pay phone.

"What are we doing?" Kim said softly as she watched Terri. Terri just sat there for a moment, staring. She then quickly opened the console and pulled out a small address book, fearing that she might change her mind if she thought about it long enough.

"Here. Call this number and ask for Rachel. You can tell her where the slave is located. She doesn't know your voice, but she does know mine. She won't recognize you. " Terri said blankly. Kim just smiled, knowing that her friend wasn't as cold hearted, as she had feared. "Quick, just go do it before I change my mind," Terri said. Within a few moments, Kim was back in the truck and smiling.

"There on their way," Kim said quietly as she sat and watched Terri.

"What did you tell them?" Terri asked without blinking as she stared out the front windshield.

"Nothing. I just told the girl that answered, where he was at. I didn't tell them anything else," Kim answered.

"Whom did you talk to?" Terri asked.

"She said that her name was Rachel. She said that she would be on her way."

"That was all that she said?" Terri asked, turning for the first time and looking at Kim.

"No. She didn't say anything for a moment, and then she thanked me. She sounded relieved and sincere," Kim said as she watched Terri.

"I don't know if we've heard the last of this or not," Terri said as she started up the SUV. "They might be hunting us or they might not. We'll have to wait and see." Kim just sat and smiled at her odd partner. She was happy that no one had been hurt. At least nothing as bad as where it was headed. Terri eased the SUV slowly into traffic and started heading out of town, in the opposite direction of Ross. Time would tell.

Rachel got the phone call from an unidentified female. Based on her experience, she immediately suspected that it was a slave hunter. She knew quite a few of them but didn't recognize the voice. She immediately notified Dr Sherry and quickly arranged for a team to go with her and get Ross. She didn't know if it would be a short or long search but prepared with first aid equipment and food and water. It didn't take them long. Kim's directions had been precise. In less than an hour from the original phone call, Rachel pulled up to the area where Ross had been left and walked immediately to the grove of trees where she found him. Seeing his nude form handcuffed to the tree, she could see that there was a definite problem between his legs. She was more than familiar with what his organs looked like on a normal day and this was not his normal look. She didn't tell Ross what she was looking at that worried her.

"Boy am I glad to see you," Ross mumbled as he looked up and saw her. She immediately could tell that he seemed a little disoriented.

"Get the back of the SUV ready, we'll need him lying down," Rachel ordered the other two security officers. They had come prepared. Besides the food, water, and first aid supplies, they were all heavily armed. When it was obvious that there was no trap or a trick to finding Ross, they quickly loaded him into the SUV and got him comfortable in the back. Ross was conscious but seemed dazed and slow thinking. He was as thrilled to see Rachel as she was in seeing him. She got into the back of the SUV with him and helped to make him comfortable. She told him to lie back and rest till they could get him back to the facility. Almost immediately, he was asleep.

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