The New Slave Ch. 64


"Damn, that is a lot. I thought that they said that you had been 'used' while you were away. I know she said that they milked you twice, before I got here," she said curiously. She held the tip of the rubber, upside down and dumped the thick gooey contents onto the paper towels, squeezing the rubber till she had completely emptied it. She leaned down closer and looked carefully for any signs of blood or any irregularity with the creamy sample. She was relieved to see that there was no sign of blood and that the fresh specimen looked normal in color and consistency. She knew that with the forced mechanical release that she had just performed, that there should be a large amount of sperm, mixed with seminal fluid. If the sample had been mostly clear, that might indicate that the vas deferens or the epididymus was damaged. The specimen looked abundant and healthy. She wadded up the paper towel and dropped them into a trashcan.

"That was a lot more sperm than I was expecting, based on what Dr Sherry had told me," she said as if having a conversation with the unconscious slave. She leaned down and lifted an edge of the warm moist towel that was wrapped around his cock and balls. Peaking underneath the towel, she could see that his skin was a bright red color from the hot water and that his sack had softened considerably. His balls still looked huge, but she could tell a slight reduction in their thickness. She had done this method on slaves hundreds of times and could actually see the miniscule size decrease that others might not see.

"Well, let's get the hard part over with," she said as she pulled the hot towel from the softened genitals. She quickly positioned her chair between his thighs and again took up the same hand positions. Her left hand tightly clamped around the neck of the ball sack while her right hand grasped his left ball. Using her thumb and fingers to squeeze it, she pushed upward on it and quickly had it wedged against the tight almost non existent opening that the ball would have to slip through. It would be tight but she had to force it through the ring.

Grasping the battered ball between her thumb and forefinger, she couldn't feel any reduction in size. It still felt huge. But she knew that any reduction was good, even the slightest reduction. She had held thousands of balls in her fingers, always enjoying the smooth feel of the small orbs. She had become more than familiar with their different textures, their subtleties, and the small variations that made up each individual male. It aroused her greatly. It aroused her even more when she was squeezing or mashing the sensitive oval seeing the immediate response from a male. She also knew that it was a lot more fun when the male was conscious and aware of what she was doing to him. It was still arousing, but not as much fun when the slave was unconscious.

"Come on," she moaned out loud as she exerted more and more pressure on the tender ball. Having used the electricity on his battered balls, they had become somewhat numbed up, allowing her to get rougher with them. She had experimented enough with a TENS unit to know this. In short time, the feeling would return and the slave would become a fun plaything again. But for now... "Come on, just a little," she gasped, her hands already tiring from the pressure of holding the sack tightly and her other hand trying to push the ball through. She could feel it beginning to slowly push through the tiny space between his genitals and the ring. Just a little bit more...

"Uhhh," she groaned as she felt the ball pop through to the other side of the ring. The slave jerked as he subconsciously felt the ball mashed almost flat, slip through the tightly fitting ring. She breathed a sigh of relief as she stood up straight and flexed her aching hands. She was beginning to think that cutting the ring off might have been a better idea. She could have easily stitched up any damage that she caused with a high-speed electric saw, unless the saw actually hit one of his balls. That would have been a problem.

"Damn, you sure made it difficult," she said as she leaned against the exam table. She rested for several minutes, admiring the sheer thickness and size of the ball that was now trapped on the other side of the ring. The rest was easy. She walked around the slave's feet and stood in between his legs. Reaching down, she grasped the ball that was still below the ring and squeezed it, easily pushing it upward as she slid the ring down and off of his genitals. Immediately, both balls fell downward to their normal resting position. There was a deep dark ring where the oval had been pressed up against his pubic area. She reached down and rubbed the skin briskly, watching the blood flow return to the trapped skin. The skin tone changed enough to satisfy her that there was no damage in that regard.

The blood flow to the slave's genitals had not been interrupted, but it had been restricted for a long period of time. She had taken a sample from him without any erection, and had heard nothing from Dr Sherry that would indicate that his previous two milkings had been from a soft penis. She was guessing that there was no nerve damage or any damage to his blood flow. " Well, there's an easy way to find out for sure," she said mumbling to herself and laughing. Using her gloved hand, she gently began to flop the soft organ back and forth, from one side to the other. This method would ensure that blood was forced to flow into the exhausted organ by centrifugal force. Basically, she was manually forcing his cock to become erect.

"Well, that's a good sign," she said as she immediately felt the base of his cock beginning to thicken and harden up. She watched it for several moments, seeing the obvious rapid swelling as it began to inflate into an erection. "That's good hun. Now that you have a really good unrestricted supply of blood flowing into that thing, it just wants to show me how well it functions. It wants to function, doesn't it?" she said in a teasing voice. She continued to flop it back and forth, watching it as it grew to full length and hardness.

"Now that is a good specimen of male flesh," she said with a grin. Holding the rock hard cock in her hand, she gently squeezed all around the shaft and the head. From her experience, she could feel that it was hard and firm, but that there was actually no tissue swell. It was all cock. Looking on the underside, she could see the obvious bite mark and even though it wasn't swollen, it was still an angry reddish color.

"With as much antibiotics as they pumped into you, I don't think you have anything to worry about, when it comes to infection. I'd say that is a very healthy cock," she said grinning at him. He was still unconscious.

"I'm really going to have to wake you up. You're lying there and not getting to enjoy any of this work that I'm doing. It's starting to get a little bit boring," she said as she watched her hand slowly jacking him off. A steady flow of pre cum was oozing from the gaping mouth, coating her latex gloved hand. "Oh the fun we could have it you were awake. I hope you don't mind, but I just have to get comfortable. This outfit is starting to get in the way," she said laughing as she quickly removed her left glove. She continued watching her hand working him. She continued slowly rubbing the hard cock as her other hand reached down and under her short skirt. Bringing her hand up to her overly awakened pussy, she groaned as her fingertips touched the smooth skin that was aching for attention.

"The least you could do is help me a little bit, after all the help I gave you," she said with a groan as her fingers slid past her panties and into the sopping wet area between her vaginal lips. She gasped audibly as one fingertip eased slowly inside of her. She bent over, leaning against the table, her one hand slowly masturbating the unconscious slave as her other hand began to satisfy her pent up sexual frustration. She had been busy and hadn't any time to pleasure herself for the past few days. For many reasons, working a male's reproductive organs always got her aroused, especially if the male was endowed. Today was no exception and this male was endowed. Glancing up at him, she also thought that he was handsome. She didn't get to work with many good-looking males or even ones that were cleaned and bathed. Her research made use of males that had 'functioning' equipment. Looks had nothing to do with their highly experimental and research oriented genitals. Her research was about reproductive organs and sexual function, not about looks or appearance. Besides all of that, she couldn't afford the stable of males that Dr Sherry bought and sold. It was those rare occasions such as this, which afforded her the opportunity to sample, research and enjoy. She meant to take full advantage of the time.

It was almost immediate that she felt the sensitive area between her thighs begin to give in to her insistent fingers. She could barely continue to massage the hard cock in her other hand, as her orgasm began to erupt deep inside of her. She leaned against the table as the waves rolled throughout her small frame. As it reached a peak, her hand on the slave came to a stop and squeezed hard as she moaned and enjoyed the release that was so pleasurable. She relaxed momentarily and enjoyed the sensations that were firing through her belly and thighs, knowing that it was the first of hopefully, many more to come. It only lasted a few moments but it was satisfying. She knew that intensity would come in short time.

"Now I really wish you had been awake for that one. You could have helped me," she moaned as she leaned harder against the exam table. She was momentarily spent, a thick wetness spreading out from between her legs. It was a warm good feeling, a feeling that caused her arousal to climb even more. She had no qualms in using a slave to satisfy her own needs, but normally, the slave would be conscious during her playtime. She turned and glanced at the dark red hard cock in her hand. There was now a steady flow of pre cum leaking from the engorged cock head. She knew that he had been milked twice before she arrived. She had then taken a good-sized sample from him, just to check for any signs of internal damage. He was now leaking pre cum copiously from an obviously 'ready to go' cock. She wanted him awake so that she could question him about his sexual activity over the past few days. This would tell her more about the possibility of any injuries.

"It's almost time to wake you up. But first there are a few things that need to be done and a few things that I am curious about. Don't worry hun, it's all for the sake of medical research," she said with a soft laugh. Her vaginal muscles were still contracting hard and telling her that they weren't satisfied enough.

Dr Lynn had treated and researched enough male reproductive systems to just hold the male organs in her small hand and accurately gauge their sizes. Even members of her staff laughed and joked about her accuracy with penile measurements. She was almost always 100% accurate in her estimations.

"Let me see what we've got here," she said as she grasped the thick base of the slave's cock and began to work it. He had softened a little, due to her inattention to it while she finished herself. Within moments, she had it hard and thick, throbbing to indicate that she was quickly bringing him toward another orgasm. "You've got a very nice size, especially the thickness," she said with a clinical tone. Her hand couldn't fit all the way around it. She held it momentarily as if mentally measuring it. She felt the base and then slid her hand up toward the head, feeling the slight change in thickness as it extended to the tip. She changed her grip and pulled the intact foreskin down taut, examining it for any deformities. Finding none, she then squeezed her hand tight and pulled the shaft and foreskin upward, forcing the head to engorge with blood and flare wide. She watched closely as the head became momentarily bloated and then shrink as she relaxed her grip.

"And it's definitely responsive, even after an abundant orgasm," she said as she watched for any signs of damage or injury. "I would love to hear the story about that," she said as she used her little finger to peel open the gaped mouth of his cock head. As a doctor, it was obvious to her that the mouth had been torn or continuously stretched for an extended period of time. She slowly inserted her gloved little finger into the mouth and pushed inward. She was able to sink her little finger all the way down into the shaft, past the head with only a small amount of resistance. She eased her little finger around, feeling the ultra smooth urethral lining of the outer half of his cock. Feeling no abnormalities, she eased her finger out, dripping pre cum as it emerged from him.

"I bet that you have one massive penile root," she said in surprise. Having noticed that his cock tapered slightly as it went down the length, she surmised that the root would be larger than the base of his shaft, a common aspect of the male anatomy. "Did you know that the vast majority of women and almost as many males, don't even know that a cock has a root? Based on the penile length that is exposed, there is at least double the length and even more, that is rooted inside the body and beneath the pubic bone?" she said to him, as if administering a final exam in male anatomy. In fact, the cock is all one long length of tissue with the smaller portion of it being outside of the male body. The portion that is tucked inside and behind the pubic bone is longer and normally thicker than the portion that sticks outside.

"So Ross, since you're about 8 inches in exposed length, the next time someone asks you how long you are, you can tell them that you're at least 16 to 19 inches long," she said with a laugh. "And you wouldn't be lying," she said with a grin as she glanced up at his face. Dr Lynn had done extensive testing on males, having measure penile length, thickness, and root thickness. The research was more for her pleasure than it was for any medical purpose. It was what she jokingly referred to as her 'hands on' approach to male medical research.

"Well, lets just see! Just relax babe. Now that the ring is off, I can get a really good estimate of your root thickness. All you have to do is lay there," she said with a laugh.

She moved around to his right side and leaned over him, her left gloved hand resting on the lower end of his pubic bone and her right hand poised at about the middle of the soft skinned sack. Using the thumb and middle finger of her right hand, she gently pushed into the middle of the soft pliable sack in a straight line. Pushing all the way into him, her fingers moved past and between the two balls and even deeper into the soft tissue. Moving gently, the tips of her two fingers could feel the underside of his cock as they probed deeper into the soft sack. Using his sack as a 'sort of' entrance, she slid her thumb and middle finger along the underside length of his cock till they could go no further. She then pushed down firmly on the base of his cock to hold it steady and in place with her left hand. Her right hand fingers pushed further in harder and then curled upward, to grip around his cock from the bottom side. In essence, her thumb and forefinger were gripping his cock from inside and under his pubic bone, the root.

"Damn," she whispered as her fingers tried again to reach around the massive root deep inside of him. She couldn't get her fingers around it. "You must be at least a 6 inch circumference, as much as a 7 maybe," she said as her fingers struggled to get a grip around the root. Letting up the pressure of her left hand, her right hand fingers were able to slip a little further deeper, but she still couldn't get her fingers around the internal shaft. She smiled as she gently retracted her fingers from the reddening sack. Doing a measurement in this way, tended to greatly stretch the thin skin that surrounded the two huge balls. She quickly checked the skin and found nothing but a deep reddening where her fingers were pushing in.

"Well, as much as I've seen of you and as deep as I've been inside of you, I might as well give you the most thorough exam. I'm going to do a very special favor for you. By the time I'm through examining you, I'll know if you've ever had any injury or any problem. Besides, I'd love to see just what a thicker than normal root looks like, from the inside. Don't worry hun. You're not going to feel a thing," she said as she walked over to her bag. She quickly pulled off her gloves and discarded them, retrieving a small leather zippered case. Opening it, she laid out several packaged sterilized scalpels on a rolling surgical tray.

Dr Lynn was finding herself very attracted to this older male slave. She was use to working primarily on much younger males. This one was different. He was handsome and he was definitely endowed. Cock size didn't mean that much to her, she had been with much larger males and even smaller males. It wasn't in their cock size that she was interested, but more in their abilities, or even at times, how and what they might think. She was excited by a male's creativity with sex. She knew that there was a strong possibility that she could quickly lose interest, as soon as he opened his mouth and started talking. The vast majority of males she worked on and enjoyed, quickly bored her with their straight sex. It was just sex and rarely any fun. She wanted someone that could give her the intense pleasure that she could rarely find. If that person happened to be one of her research slaves, then that was ok too.

"First off, I want to see just what makes your cock tick," she said with a laugh. "Do you get it? Cock tick? Not 'clock tick," she said laughing even harder. She watched him as if he would break out laughing any moment, but he didn't. She quickly went over to a sink and scrubbed up, then dried off with a sterile towel. Dr Sherry's own personal exam room was well outfitted, able to handle everything from minor injuries to minor surgeries.

"Ok, let's see what you have for me," she said as she quickly slipped on another pair of surgical gloves, careful not to touch anything to contaminate her. She could see that with no stimulation, his cock had shrunken down to completely flaccid, drooping down between his outstretched legs. Having seen the sedative that Dr Sherry had given him, Dr Lynn wasn't worried about him waking up. He would remain unconscious until she chose to wake him up. That time would be coming up pretty quickly.

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