tagBDSMThe New Slave Ch. 66

The New Slave Ch. 66


Chapter 66, Dr Lynn Continues her Sexual Research

Dr Lynn quickly cleaned everything up around the surgical platform, wiping down the small amount of blood and disposing of the soiled towels and gauze. She also disposed of all the implements that she had just used, surgical tools to a nearby sink and disposables into the trash. Within a few minutes, it appeared that nothing had changed from when she first entered the room, with the exception of 4 small sutures that held the slave's ball sack together. Other than that, she was ready to continue with her research.

Her first goal upon being called to Dr Sherry's facility was not research, but in regards to an injured male slave. With his injuries thoroughly examined and all of the genital injuries treated, she was now able to spend her time enjoying what she enjoyed most... the slave's body and its sexual functions. Dr Lynn was well versed in male sexuality and functioning. She had become such an expert in the field of reproductive medicine that she frequently was called upon, all across the country to give lectures on her research. Most of the time, the female doctors found her lectures and power point presentation to be more arousing, than boringly educational. She was a popular speaker. The pictures that accompanied her lectures were even more popular. She found it interesting that her fellow female doctors enjoyed so much the pictures of healthy, endowed and very erect male slaves.

"I think that it's about time that you woke up and became involved in our little play time here. You might be a little sore at first, but I can guarantee that I will coax some surprisingly large amounts out of that depleted sperm supply. And if you and I can't coax it out, I can always force it out," she said, heavily emphasizing the word force. She quickly went over to a scrub sink and easily found the sterile towels. Cleaning herself up, she put one towel under the hot water and soaked it, then rung it out. She carried it back over to the still unconscious slave and quickly cleaned his genitals, taking away the last evidence that she had done anything with him. Besides, she preferred playing with a clean slave, rather than one that had sperm or blood on him. The blood didn't bother her at all, but she did prefer a clean cock, if she was to play with it. Disposing of the wet towels, she found a clean sheet and placed it over him, discretely covering only the lower half of his body.

"I bet that your cock would like to cum just to make sure that your balls are still healthy and functioning, wouldn't it?" she said with a laugh. "No problem. We're going to have you cumming a lot before we're done." She quickly looked around the room and made sure that everything was tidied up and that no surgical evidence was obviously displayed. Part of that was for the slave's mental benefit and part of it was for Dr Sherry's benefit. Dr Lynn knew that her friend and colleague would not be too thrilled with one of her male slaves being opened up like over ripened fruit. But she also knew that she could easily explain why the procedure had been performed and its necessity. She wasn't worried about that. She also knew that before she was through with the slave, she would convince Dr Sherry of her value in the facility's future work and would also have this male slave lined up for her own personal use, on a very regular basis. He had been more than entertaining while unconscious, and Dr Lynn suspected that he might be even more entertaining when conscious and alert.

"Ok, it's time for you to wake up and show me your stuff. Actually I should rephrase that. I've already seen your stuff and it's some very healthy stuff. I want to see how well you can do when you're conscious," she said with a grin as she went over to her own medical bag and took out a new syringe and a vial. Loading the syringe, she walked back over to Ross and quickly injected him with a stimulant that would counteract the sedative that he had been given. She stepped back away from him and secreted the syringe in her lab coat pocket. She stood watching him for a moment when he suddenly jerked awake.

"Well, hello," she said softly as she stood next to him at the exam table, her eyes locked onto his.

"I must have drifted off," Ross said as he blinked his eyes and shook off the drowsy feeling in his head. Within seconds, he was wide-awake and alert. He glanced around the room, a confused look on his face. "I really must have drifted off. Dr Sherry and Rachel were just here. What happened? I feel like I've been sleeping for days," he said as he looked at Dr Lynn in confusion.

"Nothing happened. You just woke up. How do you feel?" she said sincerely. She couldn't help but notice that he returned her gaze, intently. She also noticed that his interest in her was instant.

"A little groggy, but I'm getting over it. I feel pretty good compared to how I felt a little while ago. Or at least I think it was a little while ago. How long have I been out?" he asked, the confusion obvious in his expression.

"Just for a little while. I'm Dr Lynn, one of your physicians. You look kind of confused. Dr Sherry and Rachel were here with you but Dr Sherry called me in as a specialist. She wanted to make sure that you were ok and it just happened to be in an area that I specialize in. Do you remember what happened?"

"Sure, but I remember that I didn't feel too good just a little while ago. I feel great now. Those must have been some powerful drugs," Ross said glancing around the room.

"No, no drugs. The only thing that they gave you was an IV for fluids, a powerful dose of antibiotics, and a very mild sedative. I'm sure that you're feeling a lot better, thanks to the fluids. You were really dehydrated. The dehydration would make you feel really bad. But that's under control now and here we are," she lied with sincere smile.

"You're a specialist. Do I need a specialist?" Ross asked, a worried look coming over his face.

"No, now that I have checked you. But with the possible injuries that you had suffered, she called me in to make sure that everything was where it was suppose to be and not damaged. And now that I have examined you, I can say that you are definitely healthy and everything is in good shape. And you do happen to have a very good shape. Now we just want to make sure that everything is functioning as it should," she said with a grin. She leaned closer to the exam table and put her hand on his covered upper thigh. Her eyes never left his eyes. He didn't fail to notice her hand placement.

Ross was immediately struck with her beauty. She was absolutely stunning. She was small and petite, her long black hair framing her face and her eyes. Her deep bright blue eyes were literally mesmerizing. She was one of the most beautiful women that he had ever seen. Even after the draining sexual episodes of the past several days, he could feel a stirring between his legs that surprised him. All of this and he hadn't even seen what was under the lab coat that covered almost all of her. That didn't even matter to him at the moment; her eyes were enough to keep him fascinated with her. That and the fact that her hand was slowly moving up his inner thigh. She kept her eyes locked on his eyes.

"We really need to make sure that you are functioning as you should be. Dr Sherry would be upset if you lost any function or any of your ability," she said with a big smile. She was waiting to see if he complained of any pain as his arousal began to kick in.

"I'm not sure if my functions, as you call it, are capable right now," he said seriously.

"Do you remember what all happened to you?"

"Sure. I was dehydrated, not knocked out. No head wounds, no injury to the head, no blurred vision or spots, no black outs or anything like that," he explained.

"Why don't you fill me in on the details," she said, her hand stopping where it was. She wanted to hear what had happened, in his words. She wanted all of the explicit details. Or at least the ones that were important to her aroused curiosity. She enjoyed playing with male slaves, but she also enjoyed arousing stories about them.

"Well, I had been taken to Mistress Francesca's for a performance. She had me perform for her guests and then I was with a woman for the rest of the evening and night. When I left the Mistress' estate..." he said before she interrupted him.

"You know what details I want to hear," she said with a smile. "It's those kinds of details that will help me properly diagnose you," she said softly.

"You mean the sexual parts?" he asked softly, almost embarrassed. He was more than taken in by Dr Lynn's beauty, but he was also embarrassed to be telling her the details of the past few days. Not knowing her, he didn't want to sound crude or vulgar to her. He didn't know her, but he already liked her; he didn't want to spoil anything with all of the sordid details. Ross had learned years ago, that some women liked hearing the details and some didn't.

"Precisely. It's those sexual details that tell me what exactly happened to you. You do know that you have an infected bite mark on the underside of your penis," she said seriously.

"Yes, I know," he said, his face blushing red. She was a doctor, she would be familiar with hearing these details, but he was still embarrassed. If she weren't so attractive, it would have been easier to explain the details to her.

"I want the sexual details, beginning the day that you were delivered to Mistress Francesca's estate," she said casually as if asking for the time of day or directions to a location. To Ross, there was not even a hint as to interest in her face. She almost looked bored as she listened to him. After all, she was a doctor, he thought to himself.

"Well, I was prepped for that evening's rental by two of Dr Sherry's prep girls. I guess that you could say that they were a little bit rough. But there were no injuries or anything done to me that actually did any damage."

"How many times did you cum and how much total," she asked straight forward with not even a blink.

"Uhhh, two times and both were quite a lot in amount. They were trying to reduce my sperm amount, which was supposed to reduce my arousal level. When I arrived at Mistress Francesca's estate, I did one show with one of her female sex slaves and came pretty hard once again. After the show, I was taken to one of her guest's room and cum two more times," he said, his face getting redder and redder. Dr Lynn was enjoying his discomfort, and it was exactly what she wanted to hear about. Her own arousal was beginning to climb upward.

"So you're saying that you orgasmed 5 times in a period of a couple of hours?"


"You said that you orgasmed twice from prep girls and then hard with the Mistress's sex slave, why was that one different?" she asked seriously.

"That time was inside of her and without a condom," he replied as he lowered his eyes away from her persistent stare.

"Hummm. Why inside of her and without protection?" she asked.

"The Mistress told her audience that they were going to see a slave impregnate her fem slave which was supposed to excite the audience more, but I don't think that was going to happen," he answered as his face got redder.

"You don't think which would happen, the impregnation or the audience getting aroused?" she asked quickly.

"Oh, the audience was more than excited to watch this type of show. I don't think that she can get pregnant and I don't think that Mistress Francesca really wanted that either. The audience loved it."

"Ok, I see what you mean. Did anyone do anything to you that hurt or was painful to you?" she asked seriously.

"Most of the prep work was somewhat painful, there was a lot of pulling and twisting, and squeezing. But that type of stuff has been done before and was never a problem," he answered quietly. Ross was not the type to brag, and the more that he told Dr Lynn about the events, the more that he thought it sounded like bragging. He didn't like the tone of his own words. Dr Lynn did, finding them informative and more than arousing.

"But even after the rough prep work, you had orgasms?"

"Yes, three more times," he answered, embarrassed. She watched his face closely.

"And what about the amounts?" she asked.

"Quite a bit, but that was probably because of what I was doing and then whom I was with," he answered honestly.

"The who and the why aren't important. But you do say that you were continuing to put out heavy, large amounts?" she asked.

"Yes, each time. There was reduction in the amount, but still quite a bit," This was the information that she was wanting. She wanted to know about amounts and how many times. She didn't care about who did what or this girl or that girl.

"Go on, then what happened?" she said.

"That night, when I was waiting for Dr Sherry's security at Mistress Francesca's place, I was kidnapped by two women and they both took turns with me. That was when I was bitten by one of them. I had two orgasms, sizable but less in amount. Is that what you're wanting to hear about?" he asked, now fully embarrassed by having to tell this gorgeous doctor all the details. To make matters worse, her unbelievably blue eyes never left his. It was as if she was peering right into him.

"Yes, exactly. Did you receive any injuries during this time, besides the bite?" she asked seriously.

"They were rough with me," he said hesitantly, more embarrassed.

"Did either of them do anything to your balls or penis that could explain any damage that you might have?" she asked, an impatient look on her face. With her demeanor, Ross had no idea that she was enjoying every moment of the conversation. She could feel her pussy beginning to become more and more excited, a definite swell starting in her vaginal lips as they became more engorged. The juices were already flowing from the earlier medical sex. Now her sexual parts were beginning to beg for some attention.

"Well, they were rough and that was when I got the bite, but nothing else. When they were finished, I think that they just dumped me in the canyons," he explained.

"Ok, go on," she urged him.

"I was out in the middle of nowhere for 3 days and then captured by two slave hunters. They had me for an evening and a night, handcuffed to a tree. They weren't that rough but they did me three times. One of them used a Taser on me when they first caught me," he added.

"Did the Taser discharge get anywhere near your balls?" she asked with mock concern. Since she had already examined his balls, she knew that there was nothing wrong. The Taser's electrical discharge would have left obvious burn marks on his skin.

"No, not at all. They were just rough, nothing else happened."

"So you're telling me that you had 7 orgasms in one night, all of which were large amounts?" she asked.

"The first ones were. Then they got less and less with each time."

"I would think so," she said with a laugh. Dr Lynn didn't consider seven times in one night a great accomplishment. It was very good but not legendary. What was interesting to her was the description of the amounts. Heavy amounts were what Dr Lynn was very interested in. "Then you were in the canyons for 3 days with no sex, then captured and had 3 more orgasms?" she asked looking at him.

"Well, I wouldn't call it rest but the amounts were very abundant."

"Describe what you mean by abundant," she insisted.

"Well, there was a lot, each time. It was thick and heavy. I think the word you want to hear is motile. The amounts were very motile," he answered. He looked at her both embarrassed and confused. She wanted more and more detail and seemed to really enjoy hearing the graphic descriptions.

"Thick? What color was it?" she asked, her eyes staring through him. "Was it whitish, milky, or clear?" she added.

"It was white. Almost all white," he answered. She just stood there smiling. What she wanted to know was what the amount of pre cum versus the amount of actual sperm. Since he described it as being almost all white, that indicated a heavy amount of actual sperm. She now knew that he was very potent.

"So what you're telling me is that you orgasmed 10 times over a period of four days, and that was with 3 days rest in the middle? That isn't that impressive. Any male could do that," she said as her hand began to move up his inner thigh again. It wasn't impressive but what she wanted to know was the amounts of sperm that he was producing. She had already surmised that he was an over producer. All of this confirmed for her, that he could handle the larger demands that might be made on his reproductive organs.

"I didn't say that it was impressive. You were asking me to tell you about it," he said angrily. He hated the thought that it might sound like bragging, but she had wanted to hear it.

"Relax. I'm not being mean to you. I was just commenting. Besides, it sounds like a very good amount, for an older male," she said with a grin. She actually was impressed with the first day's amounts but the three days of rest told her that he could continue to produce large amounts, continuously. He would be perfect for her research. Her teasing him was more of a challenge than a tease. He didn't say anything. She also liked the idea that he was embarrassed in talking to her. She was more than bored with males bragging on their abilities. She was use to males bragging on their potency or their size. This was something that she heard on a daily basis, in her lab. Ross' behavior and embarrassment was refreshing to her.

"None of that was my own choosing. I don't exactly get to pick and chose whom I am with. I'm told what to do and who to do it with," he said quietly. His cheeks had turned blood red.

"Good, then we agree on that. Since you're a performer, I want you to perform for me, now! I want to see that abundant amount of seed. Besides, I need to run some tests on your ball function and it would be perfect timing to see just what you can pump out of those monster nuts of yours," she said with a smile as she began to slowly unfold the sheet off of his waist line. She folded the sheet back, down to below his knees, exposing his cock and balls. She stood for several moments, looking over the soft flaccid genitals. She could feel him staring at her, watching her closely. She immediately knew that he was interested in her. After all of the past years with male patients, she could pretty well identify which ones wanted her and which ones just wanted the sex.

"It looks pretty limp right now. Lets see if it can wake up as fast as you did," she said glancing up at him for the first time after folding the sheet back. He looked away, across the room. To her it was obvious that he was embarrassed. She found that strange for a slave that was being used sexually, as much as he was. It was also a different response than she was use to seeing in male slaves. She was beginning to like this slave a lot.

"You have really dark tan lines for a slave," she said seriously as if it was the first time that she was seeing him. She could actually see his cheeks flush again with embarrassment. He did have a very small white area of skin; the rest of him being dark tanned. Just his pubic area and cock and balls were white skinned.

"I'm an entertainment slave. The doctor requires that all of the entertainment slaves are tan and healthy. She says that it makes us more 'marketable'. It even applies to the female slaves," he replied softly, still looking away.

"Well, you're obviously very healthy," she said as her fingertips lightly touched his foreskin covered soft cock. Without looking, she could actually feel the thick organ twitch from sexual excitement. She began to gently rub just the foreskin-covered head. She also noticed that it responded very quickly to her touch. He sighed deeply as his head tilted back on the pillow, his eyes closing. Medically, it was a very good sign of his impending recovery. She smiled at him but he wasn't looking at her. She continued to watch his face as her fingers gently rubbed the quickly thickening organ. Within a few seconds he was fully thickened and beginning to quickly lengthen. "Very healthy it would appear," she said again with a grin. Opening his eyes, he was now watching her closely. Her fingers didn't stop.

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