tagGroup SexThe New Summer School Ch. 02

The New Summer School Ch. 02

byAlex Finch©

This is the second and concluding part of the story. Be sure to check out the other half, and get yourself up to speed!


Dave could not sleep at all that night. The perfume and musk of Kylie Simmons and the sweat and moans of Tara Jones had him indelibly marked, like the sun burning permanent shadows into his eyes. He had long since thrown his pajamas off the side of his bed. Those panty-tangled knees and bronze cushioned breasts! He wanted them sleeping next to him, their snores on his chest. His penis radiated with bliss as he felt their eager bodies riding him over and over. He had never had such an orgasm as that afternoon, and here he was, jerking off already! He knew it was the satisfied grins those girls wore afterwards that really got him, the snobbish satisfaction they exuded as they lazily sauntered into their clothes. And the excitement in the rest of the class. Dave absolutely could not wait to deal with the rest of the class.

And Lucy! Her flannel nightshirt laid bunched up beside her as she pleasured herself, feet in the air. She had managed to drift off to sleep before, only to dream of those two boys beside her, their beautiful arms cradling her as their hands slid into her favorite places. She was cozy and bubbling for more attention, and her bed was suddenly made of warm silk, their bodies all enveloped. She ordered them both to eat her pussy at once, but she woke up in a sweat, with only her pillows for company, and her stiff mattress for support. No matter; she had never in her life been ashamed to masturbate, and this occasion surpassed her most crazed former midnights as a bookish college girl with no intention to sacrifice too much pleasure for study time.

Dave’s cell rang first, over in his corner of town. It was way too late at night for anything unextraordinary.

“Mr. Fulton,” emanated the privileged purr of Summer Cross, “You have to come to school early tomorrow, like a class period or something early. I’m coming in to homeroom no matter what.”

And no time to answer.

Seconds later, Lucy’s bedside phone came to life. She rolled over to get it.

“Ms. Lucy. Be in room 154 a half-hour early tomorrow. Please. I’ve really got to see you and Mom and Dad can fuck themselves. Please.”

Chet Cross. Not an English scholar. She had no time to answer, and 154 was not the usual room, but it sounded like a plan, and good thing she taught Science.


Dave thought he was too early as his passcard released the front doors. He hurried into his homeroom. He had gotten no sleep that previous night, but his energy was high and his blood was pumping like he’d been chaste for ten years. He entered the room, closed the door, and only then noticed Lucy sitting on the teacher’s desk. Her eyes betrayed her own lack of beauty sleep, though she surely didn’t need it. Her body seemed glowing with energy underneath her drawstring capris and cashmere poncho. She was missing her glasses and her shoes were already abandoned in the corner.

“Dave? Why are you here?”

“Um… I was going to prepare…”

“Oh shit, you got a phone call too. Didn’t you?”

“… yes.”

Footsteps in the hall.

“Ok… Dave. We’re sticking together, right? We wanted to do this and we did it, so we’re backing each other up, right? Right?”

“Yeah. Yeah, we’re doing it. You and me, Lucy.”

The door swung open, and there were Summer and Chet, looking fatigued and effervescent, just like their teachers.

“Hi,” gasped Summer, “Our parents are chasing us.”

Even in a hurry, pursuers no doubt hot on her tail, Summer had taken the time to dress well, her skinny hips kissed by a deep hued jean miniskirt and her ribs hugged by a sky-blue belly shirt, all 110 pounds of her wrapped like a gift. Chet was also dressed to kill in slacks and an absurdly expensive t-shirt of while little else was noteworthy.

“We pulled out in my car… we kinda thought our parents wouldn’t be around, but Dad was late for work and Mom hadn’t left for the gym. I… I think they know we’re here.”

Dave and Lucy were thoroughly puzzled.

“Well… why did you call us here?” blurted Lucy.

“Ms. Lucy,” huffed Chet, “I have to know… did we all go nuts in class yesterday or something, or… or this this stuff gonna keep going on?”

Lucy steeled herself, them smiled as warmly and strongly as she could, which had considerable effect.

“Why yes, Chet. Yes. I’ve been thinking my lesson plans over at my home, and I believe the learning environment of our class will be much healthier with a uniform change. The boys uniform will now be only briefs or small boxers; I will bring tape to measure them if they are too long. You will all need to learn to respect the study of a woman’s anatomy at a prestigious university, so I will remove my own clothes. Some days I may ask for volunteers to help me. I will bring slides and movies to teach you all about the many beautiful variations of the female body, and its many vital parts. I will certainly reward good students with first-hand lessons every class.”

She had rehearsed it for twenty minutes before driving over.

“And… and you, Mr. Fulton?” asked Summer, her eagerness transparent.

“Absolutely. The class can dress in whatever they please, although it gets very hot in our room, and I won’t want to wear much. We’ll be moving our focus to creative composition, and I will call on several members of the class to tell effective stories. We will want to bridge the gap between mental and physical contemplations, so sexual content is a must, and masturbation will be strongly encouraged to enhance the connection. And if the class is up for it, there will probably be time for quite a bit of physical expression of creativity as well.”

The rich kids stared agog.

“So… so…” stammered Summer, “…so you’re gonna have sex with, like, the whole class? Both of you?”

“Yes!” replied Dave and Lucy.

“Jesus FUCK that is SO NOT FUCKING FAIR!!!” pouted Summer.

“Ms. Lucy, please, I want to have sex with you so much,” pleaded Chet, “I don’t want to leave at all and I want you to fuck me before we go, please.”

“Daddy and Mom are coming real soon, but I wanna do you SO bad Mr. Fulton…”

Summer was silenced with a kiss as Dave scooped her up into his arms, lifting her feet right from the ground. She was a slow and thorough kisser, her tongue caressing his own and sliding all over his mouth. Lucy grinned and fell to her knees and planted a smooch on Chet’s belly, lifting his shirt up and nibbling at his navel. He gasped in joy, and she planted wet kisses all over his chest, throwing his shirt across the room. Summer’s lips tugged on Dave’s mouth as their kiss ended, and she moved right up to his ear, flicking and teasing it with her tongue as Dave groped around for the buttons to her skirt. Failing that, he pulled down on it fiercely, and Summer squealed and giggled as her hips and cheeks popped free from their prison. Her brother was already drunken from Lucy’s kisses, which had become long, simmering licks up to his neck. She moved too fast for him to feel her breasts, so her rubbed her shoulders clumsily. She mercifully stood up and pecked him on the lips, and he took the opportunity to grasp her breasts through her clothing. Her nipples were fully erect. Chet tremblingly removed her poncho, revealing a black bra of thin satin. Dave savored the sight of Summer’s lacy emerald panties, wrapped so tight around her pussy, as she plucked away the buttons on his shirt and cast it to the floor.

At this point, Lucy heard a car pulling up. She knew who it was. She glanced at Dave, who perhaps registered some recognition as her rubbed his hands down Summer’s sides to her butt, which he lightly slapped, much to the girl’s delight. The approach grew louder, but Lucy grinned as Chet began to suck on her nipples right through her satin shield. The noise soon stopped as the car parked. The men’s pants were the next to go, as Lucy fumbled with Chet’s belt as warmth spread from her nipples deep into her breasts with each puff fleeing from the boy‘s mouth. His pants grew loose and Lucy knelt down to remove them, and boldly ran her tongue against Chet’s penis through his cotton shorts. Dave had backed away from Summer, and removed his own pants slowly, and tossed them into the corner, the girl’s bare torso heaving in approval between her belly shirt and panties.

“You’d better take it all off, Mr. Fulton,” she murmured.

Dave obeyed, tossing off his shoes and socks and whipping off his underpants, his penis standing arrow-straight. Chet nervously stepped out of his own slacks, as Lucy continued to ravage his masculinity, her tongue threatening to shred his garment.

“Oh Jesus, Ms. Lucy… don’t make me cum yet. I want to see your legs…”

“You like my legs, Chet?”

“Oh man, they’re the hottest legs I’ve ever seen… I’ve been jerking off thinking about them every night…”

“Wow… then you’d better see them up close. C’mon. Unveil them.”

She stood up, and Chet immediately pulled loose her drawstring, and began tugging the capris downward. He moaned as her black satin panties were revealed, and he took his time to bask in her skin. He let the pants rest halfway down, on her knees, and he planted kisses on each of her hips, right below the skinny elastic band. He knelt as he pulled the pants down further, so each new centimeter of skin would be at perfect eye level. The capris were soon a ball around her ankles, and she daintily stepped out of them.

The front door quite unmistakably opened far in the distance.

Dave had to peel Summer’s top of her already glistening body, her little tits sticking to the flimsy material and bouncing back to their proper positions leaving her and her brother in only their underpants. Summer gazed down at Dave’s penis, clear syrup already beginning to lubricate him.

“You pre-cum so fucking much Mr. Fulton. That‘s cool… I want it all-natural.”

Footsteps in the hall, getting closer. Dave heard them clearly.

But there was Summer Cross, quivering and expectant.

Lucy heard them too.

But there was Chet Cross, begging for a great fuck.

So Dave grasped Summer’s breasts from behind and began to smooch the rear of her neck, his penis brushing against the relative coolness of her back. Lucy’s mouth opened wide in teasing mock surprise as Chet skillfully relieved her of her bra, his face beaming. And Mr. and Mrs. Cross stormed into the room.

The twins were not lying. Mr. Cross was dressed for the start of a business day. He was only forty-two, a year older than his wife. They had married very early in college, and Mr. Cross was still quite presentable. His suit must have cost thousands of dollars. His hair was just beginning to lose its color, and his moustache was getting thin. He worked out on his lunches, and it showed. Mrs. Cross was an impossibly elegant woman, only as tall as Summer, with impossibly straight blonde hair and dark eyes. She also spent time every day at the gym, at least since having her last child, and had forged her body into delectable shape; she always tried too hard to be skinny as a younger woman, and had long since come to adore her curves, her voluptuousness. With nannies to mind the children, she had lots of time to work out, prepare parties, and write steamy, explicit romance novels which she swapped with the other creative wives of her clique. She was wearing her best tracksuit, lavender pants over matching mesh shorts, and a white tank-top over a white bra.

Perhaps if one of them had said something, even quietly, it could have broken the mood, and the strange path of Ravine Point Prep would have been quite different. But neither parent spoke. Their mouths merely hung open, as if they needed to breathe in the surprise of the scene before them in mighty gulps. Given the circumstances, Summer was the first to speak.


The tone was bratty, snotty, rebellious. Her face was frowny, defiant, self-absorbed. And then her voice sang out in ecstasy, a deafening coo as her face became a portrait of carefree indulgence, as Dave’s hand crept inside her panties and his fingers gingerly entered her soaking pussy, his kisses loudly audible against her back. Chet did not acknowledge his parents’ presence at all, as Lucy had snuck behind him, and pulled his cock right out of his shorts. He winced with each gentle stroke of her hand.

And the Crosses kept watching, standing side by side, their eyes locked on their offspring. The room smelled of sex, and perhaps it was that narcotic scent, reaching deeper and deeper into the parents’ brains that caused them to pause.

Mrs. Cross unconsciously rubbed one sneakered toe with the other, then moved her foot up to scratch on her designer ankle socks. Her footwear alone must have cost hundreds of dollars. But her son had so little of his expensive clothes left on, and he looked so happy. Her boy had a magnificent body, she thought; all those varsity sports had paid off. Her face grew tense as she watched Lucy, this under-clad succubus, stroking his cock. It was very big, at least nine inches, and it must feel so good in that woman’s hands. Chet kicked off his underpants and Lucy came around and knelt, giving his mother a good view of the best blowjob of her son’s life. Mrs. Cross’ heart pounded. Chet was a full-grown man, and was enjoying a man’s pleasure. Lucy pulled so much of that big prick into her mouth, and Chet gutturally responded to each mighty suck as he caressed Lucy’s breasts and back. He was a considerate lover too. Mrs. Cross scratched above her knee, almost up to the leg of her shorts, still hidden beneath her pants.

Mr. Cross was paralyzed. His girl was shouting as her naked Adonis explored her cunt. She was biting her lip and sweating, her breath wild as her instructor licked her. Mr. Cross could not remember her looking so alive, so intense. He didn’t know her voice could be so loud. He had to loosen his tie. Summer had been eighteen for months now, but Mr. Cross could not imagine his adult child as a sexually active woman. Dave’s sticky hand rose out of her panties and her grasped both of her breasts and he began to lick her more completely, beginning at the rim of her panties and lapping all the way up to her head. Her breasts were so gorgeous, soft and springy in this man’s hands, her ripe nipples so hard and red. She made so much noise having such fun! Surely she would fuck as many boys as she pleased in her years at college, and she’d look back on those days fondly as an older woman! And those young men would never know a better lover, a more potent affair! Mr. Cross began to sweat himself when Summer wiggled away from her man and removed her own panties. Her daddy gazed at her shaven pussy, then her dainty butt, then her glossy lips as she kissed her lover’s instrument and stroked his leg with the tips of her manicured fingernails.

Mr. Cross glanced over at his wife. She was beginning to perspire as well, and she had worked one foot out of her shoe, and was rubbing her socked foot over the laces of the other. He felt like he was choking. He threw his jacket off, and removed his tie, but the lump in his throat still prevented him from talking. His wife looked at him in the eyes, her face utterly confused. Her belly itched under her tank-top and she was rubbing her sides with her moist palms. Summer popped Dave’s penis out of her mouth, and she howled in laughter as he lifted her up and sat her on the desk. He began to eat her pussy and she wrapped her legs around his neck and crossed her ankles, crafting a veritable portrait of casual sexuality. Chet began to roar as Lucy rimmed her tongue around his cock. Mrs. Cross finally gathered all of her breath and croaked:


Her voice was tinged with sex, there was no denying it. Mr. Cross found the strength to speak.


The same uncontrollable inflection. Mrs. Cross was rubbing her hips and her other shoe had fallen off.


“Mmmmmmm…” Chet responded with a grin, “In a minute Mom.”

“S… Summer!”

“In a second Daddy!” she chirped as her lotus filled with Dave’s pulsing tongue.

“Ch…Ch… Chet!!”

“In a minute… in ten minutes Mom!”

Summer giggled like a devil as Dave attacked her clit.

“In… in TWENTY minutes, Daddy!!!”

“Oh GOD, in an HOUR Mom!!!”

The Crosses stared at each other again, their own desire now unmistakable. His wife, standing in her socks. He had enjoyed her body so many times! But it had been years. Her husband, sweat pouring onto his shirt. She would fuck him anywhere those many years ago! The dorm! The pool! The tennis courts after dark, oh her very favorite with her pink comforter dragged all the way off her bed across the campus! Such a long time ago. Her legs were itching so very much and she tore her warm-up pants downward. Her supple, muscular legs were moist, and her mesh shorts had never seemed so skimpy to her, and she suddenly felt very provocative and very, poisonously, lecherously good.

Lucy finished her work, and Chet removed her sopping panties. Summer hopped off the desk, and Dave sat in her place. Lucy perched beside him, and the Cross twins began to pleasure their teachers. Lucy and Dave looked right at the Cross parents and leered.

That was it.

Mrs. Cross’ mesh shorts fell to her socks. Any man at the gym (and more than a handful of women) would kill to see this luscious middle-aged socialite in those conservative orange cotton panties, and Dave had a splendid eyeful as the woman’s daughter gorged herself on his prong. Her face was so serious, her lips in a scowl as she turned to Mr. Cross. He met her gaze and began to unbutton his shirt. He wore nothing underneath it. Her face melted into a pensive stare. Lucy wondered if he had ever enjoyed sex with his staffers. He was definitely the kind of man she might give it a shot with at the club, now that his body was available for perusal. Mr. Cross began to shiver as he pulled off his shoes and socks and his wife gasped for air as she nervously, uncontrollably threw off her tank-top. Lucy and Dave stared at them more, occasionally groaning as Chet and Summer continued to lick and suck. The Crosses met their licentious gaze as the wife unclasped her C-cup and the husband pulled off his slacks, revealing his own red briefs and a very considerable erection. Their children’s teachers beamed wickedly and nodded ‘yes’ to them.

“It’s… it’s so wrong!” croaked Mr. Cross, seemingly on the verge of orgasm.

“I… I can’t… OH my GOD it looks so GOOD,” yowled Mrs. Cross, “We… we used to have sex so much…”

“There’s nothing stopping you!!!” shouted Dave, Summer playfully nibbling on his shaft, “You need to let everything out!”

“You two look so hot,” declared Lucy, her voice strained through her clit‘s throbbing, “It’s so hot to be so horny with each other, and you should fuck every single day, and you should start right now.”

“Ohhhhh… ooooh the kids…” mumbled Mrs. Cross.

Summer turned to them, her mouth dripping with syrup.

“Mommy. Me and Chet are gonna fuck whoever we want from now on. And you and Daddy should fuck all the time because it feels so good. We don’t mind. Promise.”

The Crosses faces became flush with joy, as if a massive burden had been lifted. Both of them threw off their underwear. Mrs. Cross began to finger herself violently, her cunt fully unshaven, her pubic hair proving her to be a natural brunette. Two fingers were stuffed between her pussy lips as her mouth twisted upward in total joy. Mr. Cross indulged his cock with long, slow strokes. He was not as massively-endowed as his son, but bigger than Dave. The two of them greedily enjoyed the sight of their children having such slutty fun.

“Oooooh Chet,” shouted Lucy, “Your mommy wants to watch you fuck me with that big cock!”

Chet pushed Lucy down onto her back as Summer and Dave cleared off the desk. He mounted her, bent down to suck on her breasts for a second, then entered her body, her experienced pussy still tight around his rod. He pumped slowly, entering her more every time, until his full measure was inside her, their thighs slapping together loudly. Mrs. Cross dug deeper into her cunt.

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