tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas

byKrenna Smart©

The Night Before Christmas

Baby was crying
That woke up Johnny
He tried to keep her calm

Momma and daddy
Were fussing and fighting
Johnny kept baby from harm

Daddy said “Jesus
I ain’t got no money
I’ve had it, I’m goin’ away”

Momma said “Johnny
We’ve got to do somethin’
Come kneel with me, Johnny, and pray”

The junk man came over
And Momma found money
To buy herself some crack

The baby was sleeping
And Johnny was hungry
He got up and slipped out the back

He used his dad’s hand gun
“”Just give me the money
I know what I’m doin’ is wrong

Johnny got money
He bought food and diapers
He felt like a man who was strong

Momma said “Johnny
You’re such a provider
I just know that we’ll get along”

Johnny was sleepy
Tomorrow was Monday
Time to go back to school

Mom didn’t wake him
He missed his first class
Johnny felt like a fool

The next class was English
But he hadn’t studies
He too the test and failed

Teacher said “Johnny
With no education
You’ll spend your life in jail”

“In five years there’ll’ be college
You’re smart. You can make it.”
“Sure and the check’s in the mail”

Johnny was angry
Johnny was hungry
Johnny had no cash

He went to the food store
He grabbed a few items
And got out of there real fast

Eating his dinner
He headed for Main Street
He washed a few window: got rich

He headed for home
Ran into the junk man
The junk man gave him a pitch

Junk said to Johnny
I know you’re a smart one
Work for me for a while”

Johnny said “no man
I don’t sell trash”
And headed home with a smile

When Johnny got home
The door was wide open
The social worker was there

Momma was gone
The baby was crying
The neighbors were starting to stare

John took the baby
He held her for comfort
Johnny was lost in despair

The worker said “Johnny
Go get some possessions
You’re now in the care of the state”

She looked at him sadly
Took hold of the baby
And Johnny started to hate

They got to the station
They farmed out the baby
But Johnny had to wait

Johnny was thirteen
He went to a group home
They told him to mind what he said

They gave him some dinner
Said “Court’s in the morning”
They gave him a room with a bed

His roommate was bigger
He took Johnny’s sneakers
And said he was in for a fight

Johnny said nothing
He sat in the corner
And stayed awake the whole night

He went to the Court house
He talked to a lawyer
Who said he’d make things all right

They went to the Court room
The Judge said “be patient
You have a room and a bed

If you’re good in the meantime
You can visit your sister
We’ll find you a mother instead”

He went back to the group home
The whole place was empty
He cried ‘til his eyes were red

“T was the night before Christmas
Johnny was lonely
Johnny shot off his head

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