tagMatureThe Night We Met

The Night We Met


The night we met was the last day of my second semester; I was still a Freshman at my local JC. I knew that I had failed my last final for the day and my best friend 'Lo' had been begging me all week to go to a party with her that night. The party was for her ex-boyfriend's birthday. He had been trying to get back with her for months and finally guilt her into the commitment, but she didn't want to go alone. I really didn't want to go, but she was always doing things that she didn't want to do for me, so I felt obligated to her. We both knew that all of her ex's friends just wanted to get me drunk so that they could get into my pants. The thing is that I know myself, and knew that if I did get drunk enough I would do allot of things that I wouldn't do if I was sober. Of course she begged me, and I finally said yes. She knew that I was trying to rid myself of boy drama and was not looking forward to this party.

Lo started trying to get me hyped up for this party saying that there would be this guy there that I didn't know yet. She said that he was pretty cute. "How do you know he's cute, have you met him." I knew she didn't know what she was talking about and her answer only confirmed what I had already thought, "Well, I've never met him, but I did see him in the parking lot when I dropped Dan off to golf." (Dan is her ex) Great, just what I needed, he could be dog ugly, "His names Dino, and don't laugh, he's suppose to be really nice." This past semester I had the worst luck with men, and decided at the age of eighteen that I was giving myself a break from it all. Despite her efforts the name Dino didn't intrigue me in least and in fact did the opposite. No more men, or parties, or even messing around. I had had it. So walking into his house I knew I would be less than happy. The trip there almost stopped us from going. I had to go home to get ready, which didn't take long, we left and I hit a huge dog with my mom's car, and then ran out of gas. All signs pointed that someone obviously didn't want us to go to this party but it turns out we ran out of gas right in front of a friends house. We re-fueled and went on to the party. When we arrived there were only a few cars outside and I started to laugh knowing that this was set up just to get my friend out there so her ex could beg her to get back with him. She didn't find it very amusing.

Once inside it was only her ex, and two of his friends. One of his friends I knew, and couldn't stand, and the other was someone I had never met before, I assumed this was Dino. The trio was pretty drunk and I found that funny because her ex and his irritating friend are even lamer drunk than sober. We sat down and acted like a couple of bitches, and they started to get stoned. I didn't want any so when it came to me, I passed it to this new guy. He didn't even look at me or say thanks, and that was all I needed to judge and deem him as a 'dick head' for the night, silently of course.

After a while we all kind of switched around where we were seated and I moved across the room from dick head. That's when I noticed that dick head was hot. I mean really hot. He was tall about 6'2" and about 210 pounds. He was in jeans, a long sleeve tee, and worn out blue-green hat. His skin looked tan this golden brown with these beautiful upper arms and broad shoulders and he had these faint lines around his eyes that made him look like he must be constantly smiling throughout his days. His eyes were sort of this bluish greenish color not quite hazel and they drew me into this hypnotic type of stare that I couldn't seem to break away from. As I was staring at him, he looked right back at me, no expression, just there. That was when I took a long swallow of my Corona and as seductively as I could I wrapped my lips around the top of the bottle and allowed my tongue to dip just inside the rim as I let the liquid flow into my mouth and down my throat. He watched as if he was enjoying the show I gave as much as I enjoyed giving it. When I was done I lowered the bottle right between my thighs and he smiled at me, got up, and asked me if I wanted another corona- with a lemon.

I laughed at him and said "I'll take a corona, but how about one with a lime."

He just smiled and was gone.

When he came back we were all standing in the room and as he handed me my new bottle of beer I lifted my old one to put it on a nearby table and when I did this I had to reach causing my tight shirt to ride a little more up my stomach and he caught sight of my belly button ring and asked if he could see it. Of course I said yes, and gladly raised my shirt a little. When he stood back up he did so slowly and he tilted his head so his eyes met mine and that's when I noticed that he was definitely older than any of us. I was surprised to find myself acting kind of shy, but finally returned his stare and asked how he knew my friends ex. He simply replied,

"we golf together."

Okay not much to go with, but my friend interrupts and asks,

"don't you work at the middle school, it's right across from my house and I swear I've seen you there."

"Yeah, I thought I recognized you, were you unloading some groceries the other morning,"

"That was me, I knew you look familiar."

All I could think is 'great, there he goes. He doesn't even like me, he likes her, and why do I care, I'm acting jealous, what's with me.' And I sat back down and watched t.v. trying to understand why I was feeling like this. They kept talking and chatting it up.

"So, what do you do at the middle school?"

"I'm a substitute teacher over there."

'great' I thought, I wanted to become a teacher to, and he had such a great voice, gosh I really am acting jealous. By then I thought that he had no interest in me. That is when my friend surprised me and said,

"That's cool, that's what my friend wants to be when she graduates. She's an English major."

And for the first time in what seemed like hours he turned to me and smiled, of course I realize it was only a minute or two that they had spoken, but I was so drawn in by his smile that I felt ignored if it was not directed towards me.

As we met each others gaze we just stared and I realized that he was waiting for me to speak. So naturally I felt stupid for have been so lost in his eyes, in his presence, that I could feel myself getting hotter.

That's when I spoke, "yeah, I'm an English major, I write poetry. Well I try at least, but I want to become a teacher."

That's when Lo chimed in, "she's really good to."

He had this look on face and I am not sure that he even heard Lo, he just stared at me with those gorgeous eyes, never saying a word. Then he slowly started to get a smirk on his face and I knew he was wondering of what it was I might be really good at. I somehow managed to pull my knowing eyes away from his own and turned to Dan, and not knowing how long he had even been in the room asked,

"So how old are you today?"

"Well actually my birthday was earlier in the week and I went golfing with Dino, today just seemed like a good day to celebrate it. I'm 20."

Then Dino said, "how old are you girls?"

Lo spoke first "I'm 19, and Sara's 18, how old are you?"

before he could speak Dan answered, "he's 27. Had a birthday a few months back." I thought it was wierd that Dan spoke for him and the two men just glanced quickly at eachother and than back at us.

Lo and I just looked at each other and smirked, "what are you doing hanging out with us, aren't we a little young?" "I never would have guessed you were 27." after I stated those facts it seemed like everyone in the room just talked among them selves.

You see by this time the irritating friend had passed out, and Dan's older sister and friend had shown up. I could tell that Dan's sister was totally trying to get Dino's attention, but he just turned to me and asked, "do you want to go outside?"

"Why?" I of course knew why, but by now I could tell he was interested and that's when I always start to get a little cocky.

"I just thought we could talk out here, it's kind of getting louder in here, and I just thought..."

"yeah we can go outside" I interrupted, "but let me go pee first."

With that I drug Lo with me to the bath room and she said she was more than ready to go home, and I found myself begging for at least ten more minutes with this hot golfer. She finally gave in and after we both pissed I met back up with Dino outside Dan's room and said I was ready.

Once outside he didn't say a word to me and it was freezing so I just looked over at him and said, "so did you just bring me out here so I could freeze my ass off?" I was trying to be playful, but was irritated at the same time.


And with that we kind of moved at the same time and I found myself in a warm embrace, a hug. And there was nothing but perfection around us and I felt that I had known him forever as we continued to hold each other for at least three or more minutes. I was the one to look up at him first, and as soon as he looked down I kissed him. This kiss was, wow, I don't even know what happened or whose tongue was in whose mouth first but I knew I was getting incredibly wet. So wet that I knew I had soaked my panties, and knew from the hardness pressing into my hip that he liked the kiss as well. We somehow went from standing near an empty built in pool to sitting on the porch steps which were no where near where we started and I was straddling his waist and rubbing and rocking and riding his cock through both of our pairs of jeans. His left hand had just found my right tit when my friend hollered out into the night that she was ready to go, and me knowing that she had already waited well past ten minutes reluctantly lifted myself from his lap.

On my way up from his waist I brushed my hand across his noticeably large bulge and smiled down at him.

When our eyes met I said, "So, are you going to give me your number or what?"

He looked at me surprised that I asked him and said "Of course, you know you could stay over here if you want?"

Smirking, I knew what he wanted, and hell, I wanted it to, but there was something about him I couldn't place and I thought I should make him wait. "Where would I sleep?"

"Well I'll be in the living room, and I'm gonna have to say that you would be with me."

I told him thanks for the offer but I didn't think it was a good idea, but that I would call him.

He seemed less than satisfied with my answer, but shrugged his shoulders in acceptance and kissed me on the side of my neck while we walked into the kitchen, him wrapping his arms around me and holding my body tight to his as he walked right behind myself. He was nuzzling into me and kissing me and whispering all sorts of things into my ear when I saw Dan's sister giving he and I some of the nastiest glares she could muster, all the while I acted unfazed, which by her I was, and wrote my digits down for him. He reached over me and wrote his down as well, all the while digging his hard on into my ass while I pressed back into him as hard as I could without thrusting (God his cock felt huge). He nuzzled back into my neck and asked me if I was absolutely positive that I didn't want to stay. I just kissed him and told him that I would give him a call. Then I turned and walked out of the house and passed Dan with his eyes full of tears and wished him a happy birthday only in passing and got into Lo's car.

She looked at me and said, "I can't believe your not staying."

I just looked right back, expressionless, "Me either."

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