tagIncest/TabooThe Not So Private, Private Cavern

The Not So Private, Private Cavern


Tim rubbed his eyes as the clock on the bedside began chiming loudly at 5:00 am sharp. He didn't know what was worse, the sound of the alarm clock or his mom's shrill voice yelling for him to get up. Either way, the last thing he wanted was to be up this early on a Saturday morning.

"Get up, Timothy!" his mom called as she pushed into his bedroom, "We have to be on the road by no later than 6 and I hope you already have your bags packed!"

"Mom, I am 19 years old and a freshman in college," Tim said sleepily, "Please call me Tim."

"Whatever you say, Timothy," his mom replied mockingly. "Now get your rear in gear!"

Tim bounded out of the bed after his mom left his room, thankful for the privacy. It had been a couple of months since he had stayed at his parent's house and he had gotten used to the semi-privacy of his dorm room. He looked down at the bulge in his boxers, a result of his "morning wood", and longed for some personal time. Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards so he quickly showered and got ready.

He obediently followed his mom's directions, as he piled all of the suitcases into the Tahoe. It felt like there was a never ending stream of bags as he struggled to get everything inside. Looking back and forth between the Tahoe and the bags that were still piled in the driveway, he wondered if his mom and sister had packed the kitchen sink too. Regardless, he made quick work of the packing, finishing just as his "help" finally showed her face.

"Good morning Timmy!" his sister, Sally, chirped merrily.

"Tim! My name is Tim!" he snapped back.

"Geez, what the hell has gotten into you this morning!?" she snapped back.

"Nothing..." he replied, "I just want to be called Tim is all. Everyone wants to call me something else."

"Well, get over yourself before they get out here," she replied almost apologetically, "Dad is in one of those moods today."

She was right too. All the way to Tim's uncles house all his father did was complain and argue with all of them. Nothing they did was good enough, the road was to slick, the traffic too backed up, and he was just in a pissy mood overall. Tim couldn't have been more thankful than to see his uncle's cabin appear in the distance.

When they got there, Tim set to unloading the Tahoe. Thankfully Sally lent a hand that time, so the unloading went a whole lot faster than the loading did. Between the two of them, they had the bags all in the house and in their rooms just in time for their uncle to serve them up some burgers.

Tim hated to admit it, but he was actually looking forward to the upcoming week. Both he and his sister were off for Thanksgiving break at their respective colleges, and being at his Uncle Tom's seemed almost like old times. Tim and his Uncle Tom always got along real well and he couldn't wait to go hunting with him later in the week. It was his new wife and her brat daughter that he didn't care for too much.

His Uncle Tom had met the "gold digger", as Tim's mom liked to call her, in a chat room online. They chatted off and on for a few months before she came out to visit him. From the get-go she and her daughter, Andrea, weaseled their way into the house. Within a couple of weeks, they were both living there permanently. Within two months Uncle Tom had made the arrangement permanent by marrying Nancy.

That was about a year and half ago. Tim's mom never got over the short courtship and never warmed to her new sister-in-law. It was just as bad with Andrea, she was a whiny high school senior brat that always seemed to get her way. She was always looking down her nose at Tim and Sally, acting as if she were better than they were. The fact that she wasn't there when Tim and his family arrived brought a smile to his face.

"Uncle Tom, do you mind if I go scout some hunting spots?" Tim asked.

"Not at all," Tom quickly replied, "I was thinking about hunting up in the hills. I've already put out some corn up by the old cave. Why don't you find us a good spot to hunt from?"

Tim quickly put on his hiking boots and made his way up the hills. It was good clear day for scouting and he felt energized by the thought of the upcoming hunt. Last year he had bagged an 8 pointer and this year he wanted to match that or do even better.

He found the spot that his Uncle had directed him to and began looking for a good vantage point with a clear shot. Finally he climbed on top the rocks above the old cave and found what he thought was the perfect spot. Picking up a stick, he lay in the prone position and took aim.

"Hell yeah!" he said aloud, "This will definitely work for me. Now I just need to find a place for Uncle Tom and dad."

As he began to climb down from the rocks he heard sounds coming from inside the cave. He paused, thinking it was a wounded animal or a mountain lion. 'Perhaps it's a bear,' he thought. After all, it wasn't unheard of to find a bear in the mountains of Virginia.

He stopped near the cave entrance and listened intently. The sounds were definitely coming from deep within the cave, but it definitely wasn't a wounded animal. It sounded more like an injured hiker as the sounds of moans echoed along the walls.

Tim looked around to see if there was anyone there to help him, and not seeing anyone he slipped silently into the cave entrance. Placing his hand on the wall, he used it to guide his way into the depths of the cavern. It didn't take long at all for the darkness to set in, the path barely visible by the sunlight behind him.

As he rounded a corner, Tim could see a light emanating from deeper within the cave. With every step he took the sounds of moans grew louder and louder. Finally, he reached the opening that the light was shining from. Dropping to one knee, he peeked around the corner.

Tim now knew why Andrea wasn't around when he and his family arrived earlier. It looked like he had stumbled upon Andrea's secret hiding spot. The inner cave was about 20 foot by 20 foot and she had brought down several battery powered lanterns. They were scattered here and there throughout the cave giving off enough light to do anything she wanted by.

Tim didn't have to wonder what that was either, as he found the source of the reverberating moans. She had made herself a nice comfy place to lay by spreading old blankets on the floor of the cave. Not only that, it looked as if she had added several pillows as well, which she was using to prop herself up comfortably.

She half-lay, half sat in the middle of her makeshift bed completely nude. Her long legs were drawn up to her body and spread wide, giving Tim a perfect view of her neatly trimmed pussy. One of her hands was up under her ass pushing a small vibrator into her asshole, while the other hand was deftly massaging her pussy lips and hard little clit.

Andrea lay there with her eyes closed, completely engrossed in what she was doing and unaware of her silent watcher. Tim watched as she slid three fingers deep into her moist canal while biting her lip and moaning in pleasure. The only other sound was the slight hum of the vibrator as she worked it in and out of her well lubed anus.

Tim felt himself beginning to stiffen instantly at the sight that lay before him. He was definitely seeing Andrea in a new light, and one that he truly appreciated. She was absolutely stunning! Snobbish or not, he wanted to do nothing but fuck the hell out of her right then.

Forgetting about the stick he still clenched in his hand, he brought his hand up to adjust himself. At the same time ramming the stick into the side of his face, causing him to wince and let out a small exclamation in pain.

"Who's there?" he heard Andrea call from within the lighted cave. "You better show yourself and know that I am armed."

"Yeah, sure you are," Tim said sarcastically stepping into the light, "you're armed with a loaded vibrator."

"Oh, it's only you," she said, trying to cover her naked flesh.

"So sorry to disappoint you," he said walking into the cave. "Nice little hideaway you have here. Does my Uncle know about it?"

He looked down on Andrea, who was struggling to cover her sex with on hand and her breasts with the other. She wasn't doing a very good job at either, with her mound of tit flesh hanging below her arms the only thing she was covering was her nipples. He could smell her sex permeating the air, the sweet juices enticing him and making him even more aroused.

"Of course not," she said, "and please don't tell him either. It is my only real place to escape and be by myself."

"You're secret is safe with me," he assured her.

"Why?" she asked in a confused tone, "I've never done anything for you. Why would you keep my secret place safe?"

"Oh, there is no doubt that you have never done anything for me. In fact, you can be a grade-A bitch most of the time. But everyone needs a place for some privacy." He said matter-of-factly.

"Grade-A bitch, huh?" she said with a small laugh, "Yeah, I guess I can be a bitch at times."

Tim caught the small twinkle in her eyes and wondered what was going on in that pretty head of hers. She still tried to keep herself covered up, but she seemed much more relaxed with him than she had ever been before. "I guess when everything is bared you have nothing left to hide." He thought to himself.

"I think one of us is a little over dressed for this party," he said laughing.

"I guess so..." she said quietly, her face turning a deep shade of red. "I guess you got an eyeful, huh? How long were you there?"

Tim shrugged his shoulders absently, "Long enough," he replied.

"I see..." she said just as quietly as her entire body turned red in embarrassment.

The feeling of awkwardness began to set in as they both realized their current situation. After a short awkward silence, Tim turned and stepped back towards the entrance to the cave. As he reached the entrance he heard her call out, "Where are you going?"

"To leave you to your private place..." he sighed.

"Hold on..." she replied, "I was thinking that it really isn't fair of me to have this place just to myself."

"What are you saying?" he asked quickly.

"Why don't you stay for a while?" she said quietly, "Even though it is a bit weird, I've enjoyed our small chat."

"Ok," he said, "if you insist..."

"I do..." she said as he turned towards her. She dropped the hands that were covering her privates and lay there naked there fully exposed. As his eyes widened in surprise, she said, "What does it matter, you've seen it all already, right?"

"True," he said with a smile.

"And I quote, 'One of us is over dressed for the party,'" she said smiling, "Fair is fair, Timmy boy."

Tim didn't even bother to correct her as he turned his back to her and began shedding his clothes. He folded and stacked his jeans and shirt neatly on the cavern floor. Pushing his hand into his boxers, he pushed them down slowly. The waistband caught on the head of his hard cock, causing it to bounce back and slap his lower abdomen. Fully naked, he turned to face Andrea.

This time it was his turn to grow bright red as she exclaimed, "Damn, Timmy!" when she spotted his hard cock.

He stood there watching her, uncertain what to say as her eyes ran up and down his naked frame. They travelled all the way up his body, taking him all in slowly. She met his gaze briefly, turned bright red and then fixated her eyes on his crotch. All the while she traced her hard nipples with the tip of her finger, her tongue sliding out of her mouth as she instinctively licked her lips.

"Timmy," she said softly, "does it hurt to be so hard?"

"Hurt?" he said perplexed, "No, it doesn't hurt. Why do you ask?"

"I've never seen one in person before," she said, face flush with embarrassment. "I just wondered... can I touch it?"

"HELL YEAH YOU CAN!" he thought, but said, "Of course..." as he stepped towards her.

She reached up and grasped him, gently wrapping her fingers around him and caressing his taut skin. He felt her fingers exploring his hard shaft, tracing the thick vein under his cock and circling the head. It felt fantastic when she cupped his balls and hefted them lightly, rolling them between her fingers.

"It's so beautiful," she cooed softly, "How does this feel?"

"Wonderful..." he moaned lightly as she stroked his shaft gently, "you've never been with your boyfriend?"

"Mom and Tom won't let me date. Even if they did, most guys shy away from me. Probably because I am a 'Grade-A Bitch', huh?" she said half jokingly.

"Naw," he replied, "they shy away because you are so beautiful they don't know how to approach you."

"Awww..." she said, "that is so sweet, Timmy!"

She tightened her grip on his cock, stroking it faster and harder. Tim's eyes glazed over as the sensations of this beautiful, not-so-snobby version of Andrea, caressed his manhood and explored his balls. It was the most delightful experience he had ever had. He looked down on her as she stroked him with one hand and twiddled her clit with the other, the sight was so sexy that he almost couldn't contain himself.

"Mmmm...." She moaned lightly, "how many girls have you been with, Timmy?"

"Counting right now?" he asked.

"Yes," she said as her fingers slipped into her wet canal.

"One..." he said softly.

"Ohhhhh...fuck..." she moaned a little louder as her finger found her clit. "Just one, huh?" she said through clenched teeth. Her hands were a blur, one stroking his shaft while the other worked in and out of her own pussy.

She looked up at him with lust filled eyes, "I want to lick it.... Can I lick it, Timmy?"

"Please..." he moaned, feeling his balls growing heavy with cum.

He dropped to his knees and positioned his cockhead at her mouth. Andrea propped herself up on one arm, pulled her fingers from her pussy and grasped his hard shaft with her slick fingers. She guided him towards her mouth, sticking out her tongue and gingerly licking the crown of his cock. He moaned loudly as she tickled his slit with the tip of her tongue and then licked all the way around the head.

"Does this feel good?" she asked him. His only answer was another moan as she pulled him into her hot mouth. He felt her lips circle his cockhead, holding him tightly between her lips as her tongue flicked experimentally over his sensitive crown. She released his cock, letting it slip from her lips and looked up into his eyes.

"Touch me, Timmy, please..." she begged softly.

Tim adjusted slightly, sliding his hand between her soft thighs. He quickly found her sweet pussy folds and lightly traced them with his fingers. She moaned loudly as his fingers found her inner folds, parting them and slowly swiping at her moist entrance. He toyed with her pussy lips, exploring her sex like she had his, finding and rubbing her clit lightly before pushing his fingers deep into her wet tunnel.

"Oh... fuck...Timmy!" she moaned loudly and then grasped his hard cock and pulled him back into her waiting mouth.

She attacked him with a voracious appetite as he continued to twiddle her clit and finger her juicy pussy. He knew he was doing it right when she moaned around his hard shaft. Despite her teeth grazing his flesh painfully and the one time she bit him lightly, it was the most intense feeling he had ever had.

"Andrea..." he moaned loudly, "I'm going to cum... Andrea..."

"Do it," she said, pulling her mouth off his cock. "Cum for me, Timmy!"

His fingers found her clit once more, circling and pulling at it lightly. Andrea's moans and soft shudders pushed him over the edge. He released what little control he had on himself as he began to cum.

A jet stream of cum shot out of his cockhead and splashed against her cheek. He moaned loudly as he continued to cum, spraying her tits and face with his thick, white fluids. At the same time, Tim slipped his fingers deep into Andrea's tight pussy and sent her over the edge with him. The mutual sounds of their orgasms echoed off the cavern walls and reverberated throughout the whole cave.

He didn't think he was ever going to stop cumming as his cock twitched spastically sending it all over Andrea. His body shuddered with delight as he reached his climax and his head reeled from the force of his ejaculation. He nearly jumped out of his skin when Andrea's mouth clasped over his cockhead, sucking him deep into her mouth and tasting his thick cum that now only oozed from his slit.

She sucked him dry, moaning with delight as she coaxed the last of the cum from his young cock. Finally, she let it fall from her lips and looked up at him. Their eyes locked and Tim found a new look in her eyes. A look that wasn't there before and it both excited and scared him at the same time.

"Damn..." she said, "that was fucking awesome..."

"No, that was fucking intense!" they both heard from the cave entrance. "Don't ever give me any more shit about calling you Timmy, either!"

Tim turned to see his sister sitting there, with her skirt hiked up around her waist. Her bald pussy glistened in the lamp light and fingers were slick with her juices.

"What happened to this being my secret place!?" Andrea exclaimed.

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