tagBDSMThe Not So Straight And Narrow

The Not So Straight And Narrow


She seemed to gulp as she rubbed my neck and shoulders. Yet, her hands still kept kneading and massaging my muscles. Her body was pressed against mine. I could feel the roughness of the lace edging and spandex of her outfit. Her bare skin touched each side of my hips as her thighs griped my body from behind.

"Well it is high time that you finally did it little girl. I have babied you long enough with your outmoded notions." I pulled around to face her and stroked her face. She seemed to start shaking a bit as I had breached the subject. I felt her rubbing her body against me and she got an innocent doe eyed look to her eyes.

She was trying to get me to forget about it and just to take advantage of her. "What do you think you are doing little girl?"

"Just trying to make my master feel better." She seemed to almost giggle when she finished that sentence. This had worked for her at least the last five times we had discussed the topic. The first time she had seemed to panic and then relax into this calm subservient mode. Her hands rubbed their way up and down my left thigh as she kissed my neck. I just sat and let her for the time being. I always did like this side of her. Her eyes seemed to look down each time as they met mine.

"Pleeeeeease Master can't we just go have a shower and go to bed after." She mewed and whispered it right in my ear. Two years ago this would have melted me like a slice of butter on a hot griddle. I don't know if I have grown jaded with near constant access to a willing partner or if it was the fact that this is the last barrier for our relationship.

"I think you can I will watch and then have my turn while you dry off and go get my lunch ready for tomorrow." This was new for her. Most guys had never turned down sex with her before and I had been the first to deny her as much as I have. Her hands seemed to shake more as the realization hit her that she wasn't getting out of it this time. Her legs seemed to grip my body harder like she was debating grabbing me and saying she wasn't letting go until I promised she wouldn't have to do it. As much as she bargained she could never get me to bargain that away. I watched her strip out of the spandex and lace body suit I had bought her. She had just finished her three mile run on the treadmill when I asked for a massage that had sent me down this path. Her sweat just brings out the growl in my voice. I licked my lips as I watched her legs move across to the linen closet. Her legs and hips seemed to attract my eyes with each movement they make. Their grace and beauty just scream erotic.

I watched her grab a towel and throw it over her shoulder as she walked into the shower. She used to wrap up in my big fluffy towels but I enjoy looking at her better in the state she was in now. I pinched her ass as she walked into the shower and turned it on. The fight seemed to drain out of her as the water hit her. I reached in and turned the cold up a bit. She hated the cold but it was something she would have to bear for now until we could afford an instant hot water heater. She quickly grabbed for the pink bottle of soap on the shower top and poured it on to her puff and lathered it up with her hand. She tried to fake a smile but I could tell her mind was a million miles away.

"Eyes up slave girl and smile more. I don't want to see you counting the tiles like you did last Monday." She quickly lathered her breasts and stomach trying to distract my eyes. She even pinched her nipples to emphasis how much they stood up from her body. The puff seemed to linger over her left hip as she soaped down her body. Her hands drifted up and down her body to emphasize the lather up and down her body. A finger traced a line up from her right hip along the side of her mid drift and ribs and along her collar bone and back down again. She was really going for the gold tonight. She only had teased me once like this before and that was after I had teased her for almost two hours without let up. She grabbed for more body wash and poured it on to the puff. Again the lather poured off of it as she held it under the shower and tilted her head back and poured it down the front of her body. The soap seemed to drift down her stomach and off each nipple as the soapy water washed down her front. She put one hand against the shower as she pirouetted with her back and ass turned toward me.

"Does Master like what he sees so far." She was definitely teasing and trying to make me forget the decision I had just made but it was going to happen.

"Yes but no dawdling." That suggestion was her quiet way of asking me to join her. Usually its just her need for a bit more hot water in the shower. This time it was purely an attempt at misdirection.

"Rub your ass like a good girl and wiggle it some." The echo through the bathroom seemed to shake her a bit but she instantly complied. Her hands drifted down her back and over the back of her legs as she bent over. I could see her breathing harder as she bent over. The tattoo she had on her right ass cheek seemed to jump out at me. I had re-designed her entire wardrobe to show off that part of her anatomy. Out went her bulky white panties and in came in the g-strings and thongs. I rubbed my tongue across the front of my teeth as I remembered the taste and sensation of running the flats of my teeth over that fragile bit of skin.

"Rinse off and dry off and get to making my lunch." Her eyes grew wide as she realized she had no chances left. I stroked the side of her face with the back of my hand as she turned her head.

"I will take a nice bit of the lasagna we had left over, some of the fresh bread you made, a bag of Pringles, and a slice of the chocolate cake that you have left over." Her mouth just dropped out and muttered a small "Yes sir" as she sulked away. I watched her reach into the bureau and pull out her pink thong and matching camisole as she walked back to the kitchen. She hates pink clothes and especially the pink lipstick I make her wear. She was such a tomboy when I found her. I even bought her a pink collar and matching dog bowl that has Princess written on the front. She fumed a bit when she saw it but when I shoved my hand down her pants and into her panties I knew she liked it. Her face had turned a bit crimson at the realization I had made and she had tried to deny.

Now as I watched her walk back after putting my lunch in the fridge she seemed a bit distracted still. She got in under the covers and I pulled off her clothes. The camisole seemed to strain to contain her breasts and almost groaned as I removed it. I tweaked each nipple as I reached into her nightstand. She seemed to wince at the thought. Her nipples had been the most sensitive part of her body before I met her. The piercing of her nipples had made them even more sensitive. I stroked a nipple after I put the ring in and then tugged lightly on the other ring after inserting the ring's twin. The panties ended up on top of her cami. I had stroked her thighs and calves as I pulled the panties off her. Stopping only to look at her holding her hands over her breasts as the panties rested around her ankles. I pulled them off and tossed them on the floor.

It was cool outside and the heat was gonna go off in an hour thanks to the programmed settings on the heat pump. She shivered a bit as I grabbed her around the waist and kissed the back of her neck. She snuggled up to me as I got closer to her. I grabbed her breasts from behind as I watched her begin to drift off. She mewed a bit and then turned around and buried her head into my chest. Her hand reached down into my boxers and rubbed my cock as she started to kiss my chest. A quick slap to her ass stopped her unauthorized play. She again rolled over with her ass firmly planted in my crotch. She knew she was not gonna get out of what she promised.

She had been a bit cold since Wednesday. We had sex only twice in those last three days before her appointment. She hadn't slept much getting up a lot and walking around the house. I still smiled knowing that she had promised me this thinking I would never do it. It was only when I found her journal that I learned that was the only reason why she had said yes. I had probably turned red when I had read those words. But I had made her learn a lesson she won't ever forget and couldn't ever forget.

The office was cold and sparse. I looked at the pictures on the wall. It was like a cross between a dentist office and a sales show room. I picked up the binders laying on a near by table and leafed through each. One was purple, one was gold, and the final one was a red color. Seemed to warn me of danger. I just sat down and stroked my slave's right thigh. She was filling out the form I had given her. It detailed her weight, height, eye color, and the normal statistics a doctor would require. She was bit afraid of the doctor with the needles and all. I would have to hold her when they drew blood for all the screening. I led her into the examining room and watched her remove her clothing and place it neatly on the floor. Her hand grabbed for the paper gown provided but a quick slap made my intentions known. I smiled as the nurse came in.

"Don't worry she won't bite." I smiled and watched as nurse began to get her various tools ready for the screening. Finally the paper and lab work was done and our contact at the agency came out to greet us in the waiting room.

"Well Mr. Caudwell and this is your lovely wife?" She motioned with her hands toward my slave.

"Well yes and no. Right now she is my loving little slave girl aren't you honey?" I slapped her ass to add emphasis to her predicament. The woman just laughed after I said that.

"Yeah we get that a lot around here. The men who enjoy your sort of lifestyle are very interested in our product. If I can inquire how did you hear about our match making service?" Her head turned to one side and her hand motioned us into the office. The skyline jutted out into the distance behind her. It was an impressive view a lot better than my office overlooking a parking lot.

"I heard about it through a common friend. She took her girlfriend here and said they both enjoyed it a bit themselves. Her name is Elmira." Her face seemed to light up as if I was Ali Babba saying "Open Sesame" for the first time.

"Oh Ms. Ranson's friend was a very enthusiastic participant in one of our matches. She even signed the release for the use of her video in our promotional materials. Would you care to watch it?" She licked her lips knowing that as any red-blooded male I would gladly say yes to her request.

"Yes, of course I would." I looked over at my slave as she turned a bit closer to white. She hated when she had to watch these sort of videos. I sat almost on the edge of my seat. I had already seen Elmira's video when she had first talked about the service. I looked at the flat screen tv as she put the DVD in. I was anxious to see how uniform the product was.

"Don't worry I know what your thinking but the DVDs are produced internal and are shot in HD from three angles within the room. We have the video cross indexed and divided into five-minute segments so you can easily reference a scene and we assure complete confidentiality. My slave finally froze and looked over at me with pleading eyes. The screen turned black and the old time countdown started.

"Nice touch by the way. Your company does make a quality product with regard to finish." The camera panned around the room and over the bed. It had a few paddles, a set of handcuffs, a small crop, a leash and finally a collar. I heard a sharp intake of breath as the two girls walked into the scene. The first girl was Elmira's former girlfriend Leslie she was a bit taller than I remembered and her raven hair seemed to frame an almost predatory look in her eyes. Her partner in crime was a slim blond with an elfish nose and a pixie hair cut. I was almost bored until I saw the blond leap onto the raven haired girl and shove her tongue roughly in her mouth. The girls seemed to wrestle around a bit before the blond managed to flip her over the bed and cuff her arms behind her back.

"This is one of the options you can choose. It is called a cuffing encounter. The first girl to get cuffed has to submit." The saleswoman seemed to almost be matter of fact as the blond grabbed for the paddle and began to roughly smack the raven haired girl's ass. The cries of pain seemed to echo through the speakers.

"Did Leslie think she was gonna be the top in this."

The woman seemed to shrug as she turned around. "Yeah according to her friend she wanted to be on top for once but she didn't know what she was getting into. That girl is a yoga instructor who teaches Judo on the side." I slapped my knee and kept laughing. The blond put Leslie's cuffs at the top of the bed and began ripping off the teddy that Leslie had worn in. The blond licked up and down along as Leslie began to struggle a bit. She shuddered a bit under the manipulation she was forced to endure. Her torso turned red and her hips arched up to the ceiling and toward the blond's hands. Their lips ground against each other. There was some real passion behind Leslie's force. That wasn't just a TV smash each other's face together kiss and hope it looks real. That was real.

I looked over at my slave as she tried to look out at the window I slid my chair over and wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pressed her head so that it was facing the TV. I whispered in her ear. "Don't you just wish you were there already." I kissed her cheek and she gulped again.

The blond ripped off her panties and rested her crotch right on Leslie's mouth and began to rock back and forth. The sweat beaded off of her as she rocked. She grabbed at Leslie's head and pushed it further into her crotch. She began to moan loudly and rub her nails down her own torso. Her hands quickly found her nipples and she began twist and maul her breasts. A breath and light wisp of sound escaped her mouth as her head tilted up to the ceiling.

Leslie's legs were moving back and forth frantically. The blond finally let out a contented sigh and got off of Leslie's face and reached under the bed. She pulled out a large strapon and I heard my slave gasp at the size.

"Can I limit the accessories that they have access to? I do not allow my slave those sorts of toys."

"Why sure Mr. Caudwell this is a fantasy of your and your partner's devising." Her words seem to calm me a bit as I turned my head back to the screen. I felt my slave release a rush of breathe as I stroked her cheek.

The blond slid the harness over hips and grabbed for Leslie's thighs and put them up over her shoulders. Her ankles locked around the blond's neck and both girls began to move back and forth in rhythm to the blond's thrusts. Sweat began to sprinkle the brow of Leslie's head as the thrusts picked up in pace. A smooth grunt left Leslie's lips as her hips ground into the blond's.

"She's holding back isn't she?"

"Miss I pity you with regard to taking him to a movie."

That seemed to brighten my slave's mood a bit.

Leslie finally let out a large scream and convulsed violently and the blond moved faster as she ripped Leslie's cuffs off the head board and pushed her now recovering girlfriend onto all fours. The blond withdrew the strapon and shoved it Leslie's ass violently. A few painful strokes later the blond convulsed as the dildo shoved its way home. The saleswoman paused the film in mid-stroke. She quickly flipped a switch and the screen changed to a chart listing all the various services offered.

I just want you to know first off as you found out all the girls who come to participate in this service are rigorously tested for all forms of disease and are given rigorous physicals to ensure that a good time will be had by all. But now with all warnings aside I would like to direct your eyes to this graph, we have a host of services. Role-playing, dom/sub as seen in the video, and arranged situations although those are bit more time consuming and are difficult to arrange. Also we have various other portions of the scene we can control. I heard this is what you inquired about."

"Yes but I would like my slave to step out. I want it to be a surprise for her." I laughed a bit as she walked out. My slave looked over her shoulder with a pained expression as her heels clicked across the floor. ....She would never knew what hit her.

I massaged her back as she was laying beside me the night before her appointment. She shivered slightly as I kissed her back. I was surprised when the agency had an appointment within 3 days of our meeting. My dear slave was a little bit less happy about the entire process but she would get used to it rather quick.

"Don't worry Honey it is just like riding a bike." I then began to massage down her body and squeeze her ass cheeks. She turned around and grabbed me with a tightness I haven't felt in awhile. I kissed her right on the lips and let her arms wrap around my neck. The pajamas I had allowed her to wear that night were quickly pulled open to reveal her chest. A wave of crimson drifts over her as the air licks her body. Her nipples were instantly hard when I found each with my mouth. I flicked the nipple ring back and forth within my mouth. Her hands gripped my back harder as her body tensed. My hand into her pajama pants and pull them down to her ankles. I flipped her onto her stomach as I rubbed the sides of her body. I kissed down the length of her body stopping at her ass to place a light bite right on the tattoo. She flipped her hair up and looked over her shoulder at me.

Her teeth were clenched tightly together and a look of pained arousal glowed from her face. I knew this was not something she wanted this but was something she needed for herself. I stroked her hair and pulled down my boxers. My cock manages to slip inside of her mouth as I pinched her nose shut. She slowly pumps her head back and forth. Her tongue swirls across the tip of my cock. I press her head further into my crotch forcing my cock all the way into her mouth. Her nose rubs against the base of my cock and I stop pushing and allow her to pull her head back. I grabbed her hands and pulled her up to face me sitting on my lap.

A quick slap to her ass makes her get on her knees and then onto all fours. I pat her ass with my cock and rubbed it over mound. She coos into the pillow she was holding between her hands. I look at her as she looked over her shoulder at me. I grab her ponytail and slap her ass.

"I do love riding my play pony it brings me such pleasure." She winces at the sudden slap but I felt her inch back onto my cock. I pull her up to her knees and rubbed each of her breasts. Her hips grind back into mine. My hips slam into her pussy hitting her ass cheeks as well. I nip at her shoulders and neck. Her breath quickens and her nipples harden underneath my hands. She begins to move her hips back quicker trying to meet mine with each thrust. I stop short on a thrust and run my hand up from her crotch to her throat and hold her there. Her body begins to quake underneath my hands as I slide them down her body to her clit. She finally falls over sweating as I pull her pajama pants back up and pull the shirt back over her nipples. I roll her back over into her place in bed and stroke her hair until she falls asleep.

I looked over her shoulder as she held the jacket together. Underneath was a black silk bra and g string. I wanted to just reach into her coat and take her right then. The payoff for waiting was what kept my hands back. I walked into the room beside her room and kissed her as she went into the room to wait. I looked through the glass at the room. There was another partition directly across from me. I assumed that is where the other girl's owner would be to watch the performance from their end. My slave took off her coat and sat down on the corner of the bed. She looked tense and apprehensive with each passing moment. She had always been painfully straight with regard to other women and now here she was ready to have sex with another girl for me. I looked down at the consent form that she had signed saying she was doing this out of her choice alone. Her hand had shook the entire time she had taken to sign the paper. She had still signed it though.

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