tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Nudist and the Virgin

The Nudist and the Virgin


The story below is written with the intention of putting my fantasy down on paper (symbolic) and allowing others to enjoy it as much as I do.

There are some conditions that must be met first though:

a. You must be of legal age in which ever state, county, country or universe that you reside in.

b. If you find graphic sex and detailed descriptions of sexual acts offensive, stop now.

c. If you enjoy this type of story or like what you have read then keep an eye out for more.

d. If you have comments or suggestions for future stories let me know, I'm open to ideas.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the stories that I post. You readers are the reason that we writers exist.

Thank you for your consideration.


It was still early and the sun was shinning. I was on my way to San Gregorio, the local nude beach. I was looking forward to spending the day naked and relaxing. Maybe meet someone to talk to, but mostly just relax and enjoy myself. I planned to stop along the way to get some sodas and eats.

As I drove through Half Moon Bay, I spotted a young girl hitch hiking. I pulled over and watched as she ran up to the car.

"As far as you can take me?" she asked.

"I'm going as far as San Gregorio. I can take you up to the crossroad near the beach entrance if you like."

"Ok," she said as she opened the door and climb in.

I told her my name was Bob. She said hers was Sue.

We rode quietly listening to the radio. As we neared the beach, she asked me if I was going to the nude area.

"Yes, I am."

I've never been to the nude area. I'm too scared and nervous to go, she said.

"Yea, It can be scary if you don't know what to expect." I replied.

What do you mean, she asked?

Well, most of the people that go to nude beaches are nice quiet people that tend to keep to themselves. Occasionally you do get some looky loos, but for the most part, it's just nice people who are enjoying the beach and sun.


Yea, honest! I replied.

She told me a friend of hers had led her to believe there were a lots of weirdo's at nude beaches.

Not true, I said. It's pretty safe there. If you think about it, you're never alone. There are people all around you.

You make it sound so nice and safe. But, I don't know if I could take my clothes off. I'd be too embarrassed.

I told her not everyone takes all their clothes off. Some people wear thongs, occasionally someone wears a bathing suit. You can't force people to go naked just because it's a nude beach. The more I told her about the beach, the more she seemed interested in going.

Finally, she asked me if it was okay if she went with me and if she didn't like there, would I mind giving her a ride to the crossroad.

"No problem, If you don't like it there I'll take you back up to the crossroads."

I paid the entrance fee and parked my car near the pathway going down to the beach. I gathered my bag and cooler. We walked down about halfway before we could see naked people on the beach. I stopped and pointed them out to her. She seemed okay and not upset as we continued our way down to the beach.

Once on the beach, I stopped and took my shoes and t-shirt off. We walked a half dozen or so yards looking for an empty driftwood palace we could claim. Finding a vacant one I set my bag and cooler down inside and unfolded my blanket.

I dropped my shorts. Looking nervous, Sue just stood there looking down at the sand not knowing what to expect next. I laid my shorts on the driftwood wall and I waked around the outside inspecting the wall. I thought if she had a chance to see me naked doing something non-threatening, she might not be so nervous around me.

Now, I'm not a bad looking guy. I'm 5'8" tall, weight in at 140 lbs, in good shape, with black hair, blue eyes. I have a nice uncut cock and shaved balls; I also have hairy legs and butt. I have some chest hair, mostly around my nipples and a treasure trail from my belly button to my pubes. Sue is blond; blue eyed and looks to be 15 or so. Later she told me she was 18. She has nice golden colored skin, a small waist, round hips and what looks like nice pair of tits under her top.

I walked back to the blanked and motioned to her to sit. I sat down cross-legged facing her.

Are you ok? I asked.

I'm just nervous and a little embarrassed, she replied.

"Don't be, and don't worry, you don't have to undress if you don't want to." I said.

Reaching for the cooler and I took some soda's out. I offered her one. Taking my book out of my bag and turned over on to my stomach facing away from Sue and started reading.

I had the feeling Sue was checking me out. I glanced back and sure enough she was. From where she was sitting, if moved my legs apart, she could get a clear view of my hairy ass and balls. As I read, I slowly moved my legs further apart. Eventually, I pulled my knee up toward my side. Then reaching behind me, I scratched the area behind my balls. I heard Sue giggle. I turned to look at her.

What's so funny? I asked

Oh nothing.

I twisted around and faced her. Are you feeling more comfortable?

Yea, I'm ok.

You want to go for a walk?

She nodded yes.

We got up and walked toward the water. With our feet in the water, we walk up the beach and away from our Driftwood Palace. Coming toward us was a nude jogger. As he neared us, you couldn't help but notice his cock swinging from side to side as he ran. He smiled and said hello as he passed us. As we continued walking we came upon two women sunning, one with a hairy pussy the other had a shaved one. Sue and I smiled at each other as we walked by.

About a hundred feet further up near a rocky outcrop were two guys blowing each other. I asked Sue if she wanted to go and get a better look. She nodded no, so we just hung around at the waters edge looking up toward the two guys. After a few minuets, Sue took me by the hand and we continue our walk.

We walked all the way to the end of the beach looking at the various naked people commenting about the different body types and sizes of cocks, tits, balls and asses we saw. I noticed Sue liked looking at hairy guys.

We walked back to our blanket. Sue was much more relaxed. We were sitting drinking soda, when Sue, pointing to my cock, asked me why my "thing" looked different. I told her I wasn't circumcised and they were. To explain better, I took my cock in my hand and moved my foreskin back exposing my cockhead. Her eyes as big as saucers, I pulled my foreskin forward over my cockhead. I told Sue that some parents have their baby's foreskin cut off at birth.

"I liked foreskin very much. It has a similar texture and feel as pussy lips." I said.

She blushed and looked away.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to embarrass you. I just thought you wanted to know." I said

She looked at me and said she was just being silly and that I was right, she shouldn't be embarrassed.

"It's just that I've never seen a naked man before and well, it's all so new and not what I expected at all." She said.

Seeing she was curious and wanted to know more, I told her it wouldn't embarrass me if she wanted to check my body out and ask me questions.

You mean I can look at you all over and ask you questions? She asked in a surprised tone.

Yes, you can even touch me if you want to. It's ok, I don't mind. I said.

"Really?" She said as she laughed nervously.

Yep, really! Look, touch, feel all you want and ask questions too. I said.

I laid down on my back with my hands behind my head, my feet on the ground, my knees bent up and my legs apart.

She scooted up between my feet and sat there just looking.

You're so hairy down there, she said.

Yea, some guys are. Can't help it, it's in the genes. I replied.

Pointing to my balls, she asked me why I didn't have any hair there. I told her I shaved my balls. That I like the way they feel shaved and that I started shaving my balls because I liked my balls sucked.

She didn't say anything, she just looked me over.

After a few minuets, I asked her if she would like to put sun screen on me.

Ok, she said.

I sat up and taking the sun screen out of my bag I handed it to her. I turned over on my stomach making sure to keep my legs apart.

She put lotion on her hands and started to rub it on my shoulders, then down my back. She did both my sides and then moved to my lower legs commenting how the hair on my legs felt so soft. She did my upper legs all the way up to my butt. I had kept my legs well apart, I knew she had a good view of my hairy ass and balls.

"Aren't you going to do my butt too?" I asked.

She squirted some lotion directly onto my butt then rubbed it on my butt cheeks, as she did this, she pulled my buttock open and rubbed lotion in my butt crack and over my butthole and down all the way to my balls.

Are all guys this hairy down here? She asked.

"If you mean my ass crack and butthole, No, some guys have more, some guys have less and some guys don't have any." I said.

She rubbed more lotion down my butt crack, pushing her fingers over my butthole and down past my balls.

"Finished," she said.

Want to do the front? I asked as I turned over.

"Sure, Why not." she said.

My eyes were closed as she rubbed lotion on my chest, arms and sides, down past my stomach all the way to my pubes. Moving down to my feet, she pushed my legs further apart and sat between them. She rubbed lotion on my lower legs, and then moved up to my upper legs. As she rubbed lotion on my inner thigh, her finger would come into contact with my balls on one side and cock and balls on the other side. By now my cock was swollen and leaking precum.

I guess I should put lotion on your "thing" too. You don't want it to get sunburned. She said.

Yea, I wouldn't like it if it got sunburned, I replied.

She squirted lotion in her hand and then started rubbing it on my cock and balls. My foreskin pulled back exposing my cockhead as she rubbed upward. Grasping my cock in her hand and gently squeezing and rubbing lotion up and down my cock giving me an instant boner. She stopped rubbing and just held my cock feeling it thicken and harden in her hand.

Holding my boner in her hand, I apologized.

"It's just the way you were rubbing lotion on my cock gave me a boner." I said.

Why don't you let go of my cock and put some lotion on my balls instead. I suggested.

Cupping my balls in one hand she rubbed lotion on them. My boner throbbing, my foreskin pulled back exposing my swollen shinny precum leaking cockhead.

"What's that stuff coming out of your thing?"

Grabbing hold my boner and pointing it toward her and said. "This "thing" is called a cock and the stuff leaking out is precum." It's what lubricates my cock when I jack off or fuck.

Still cupping my balls in her hand, I slowly stroked my cock, making sure my foreskin slid back and forth over my cockhead.

Why are you doing that? she asked.

Well, when I get a boner, it means my balls are full of cum. They start to ache if I don't empty them.

She sat there fondling my balls watching me slowly stroking my cock.

You want me to do that for you? She asked.

YES! I do. I said.

I took her hand and put it on my cock and showed her how to jack me. After a few minuets, I took some lotion and rubbed in my asshole.

Why are you doing that? she asked.

I want you to put your finger in my asshole and fingerfuck me while you jack me off. I said.

Putting lotion on her two big fingers. I had her stick them in my asshole and move them in and out as she jacked me with her other hand. I threw my legs up and reaching with my hands I grabbed my ankles and pulling my legs toward my chest exposing my hairy butthole. Sue fingerfucking and jacking me off like an expert.

Oh God! That's great Sue. You're doing it just right.

She squeezed my cock tighter and jack me faster, her fingers fucking my hairy asshole, my balls bouncing up and down as Sue jack me off.

Your balls are moving so much. Do they hurt? Am I doing it ok Bob? She asked.

You're doing great, but if you're worried about my balls, put them in your mouth and suck them. I said.

She bent forward licking them first, sucking one ball then the other into her wet mouth. Both balls now her mouth, she used her tongue to push them up against the roof of her mouth squeezing them as she sucked them. It was more that I could take. I moaned loudly as I shot rope after rope of thick white cum across my chest and stomach. Sue continued sucking my balls, fingerfucking my butthole and jacking me until not being able to stand anymore, I reached down and grabbing her hand I pulled it away from my cock,

Her fingers still buried deep in my ass, my balls fell out of her mouth as she sat up looking at me. Are your balls empty? Did I do it ok Bob? She asked.

Oh! Sue. Yes, you sure did. You did great, just like a champ. I said.

"Bob is that you're cum?" She asked.

Looking down at my chest and stomach I nodded yes. Then scooping some up with my finger, I stuck in my mouth and sucked it clean as she watched me.

Ummm! The food of the gods. You want some? I asked.

Licking her lips she asked, "You sure it tastes ok?"

Of course it does. I said, as I scooped up more cum sucking my fingers clean.

Pointing next to me I asked her to move up and just lick it off me. When she finished, I told her there was more under my foreskin and maybe some still inside my cock she could suck out if she wanted to. Taking my limp cum soaked cock into her mouth, she sucked and licked it clean. All this attention gave me another boner.

With her mouth sucking my boner, I told her my balls were filling up with more cum. If she just keep sucking my cock like she was it all came out very soon.

Nodding yes, she sucked my cock, fondling my balls, until I shot a second load in her warm wet mouth.

She sat up and said, "I like sucking your cum out."

"I like it too." I answered.

Leaning over she took my limp cock into her mouth. I told her my balls were empty and she would have to wait a little while before there was more cum. She kept sucking cock and balls, just enjoying doing it. I didn't want to stop her.

I told her she too had cum and if she wanted me to, I could suck her cum out just like she did mine.

Looking at me, she sat up and took her top off, revealing two perfect luscious tits. The she pulled her shorts off, leaving her panties on. I got up and knelt in front of her. I gently pushed her down on her back. Kneeling between her legs, I reached up and taking hold of the elastic waistband on her panties, I pulled them down over her hips and lifting her legs up in the air as I finished taking her panties off. Now we were both naked. I had a one hand on each of her legs. I pulled them open revealing her wet hairy pussy. I gently pushed her legs toward her chest. This caused her ass to lift up putting her pussy just below my cock. I let her feel my cock rubbing her pussy.

Letting go of her legs and leaning forward on top of her, I guided my hungry mouth to her tits. Sucking her tits and nibbling her hard nipples I rubbed my rock hard cock along her pussy slit. She wrapped her legs around my hips causing my cock to push past her pussy slit. My foreskin being pushed back as my cock slipped past her swollen wet pussy lips. She moaned as I sucked and nibbled her tits.

Teasing her wet and ready cunt with my cock, I pulled back and slowly licked my way down to her pussy. Pushing her legs up toward her chest, her pussy opened up to my eager tongue. I licked, sucked and nibbled her pussy. My tongue sinking into her love hole, my fingers teasing her erect nub. Fingerfucking her asshole, I licked and sucked her pussy through one, two, three orgasms, I thought my tongue would fall off.

I moved up to kiss her soft lips, my face and mouth covered in her cum, I kissed her deeply. My cock again rubbing her pussy slit, looking for the entrance to her love hole. With my hand, I guided my swollen cock into her pussy again feeling my foreskin being pushed back as her tight pussy enveloped my cock. My cock was sinking in deeper and deeper into her tight wet pussy when I met resistance. Then the realization hit me, Oh my God, she's a VIRGIN.

Sue was moaning and whimpering. I looked at her and asked her if she wanted me to stop.

No! No! Please don't stop. She said in begging voice.

Kissing her deeply, my tongue exploring her mouth, I gave a hard push and felt my cock rip past her virgin barrier and sink all the way. My balls rubbing against her asshole. I kissed deeply as I slowly pulled out of her pussy. Just before I was completely out I pushed back in feeling my cock bury itself deep in her tight pussy. I fucked her slowly feeling her pussy stretch around my boner as it went in and out of her pussy. She moaned loudly as I increased the speed of my thrusts. I was pounding her tight virgin pussy with all my strength when I felt her shudder almost convulse as she reached orgasm and I shot my cum deep into her pussy.

The hot sun beating down on our sweat soaked naked bodies, we were unaware that our loud lovemaking had attracted passersby. Looking up I saw three naked guys jacking off over us. Breathing heavily, I rolled off her, my cock making a "plop" sound as it pulled out of her tight wet pussy. The next thing I knew cum was raining down on the both of us. I kissed her as I rubbed their hot cum on her body and mine, my boner seeking the entrance to the warm wetness of her deflowered pussy.

Lifting her leg and wrapping it around me, I slipped my boner into her tight pussy with one easy push. I fucked her again thrusting hard into her as she pushed to meet me. I don't know how long our audience stayed, but by the time we finished fucking, they were gone. Sue and I were covered in cum and sweat. We held each other for what seemed a very long time. Then we got up and ran to the ocean to wash off.

Returning to our blanket to rest, I laid down next to her, my head near her pussy and hers near my cock. She told me she liked what we had done very much. Pushing her legs apart, I put my mouth on her pussy and started licking and sucking giving her clit special attention. Sue, didn't hesitate sucking my cock and balls, To my amazement she inserted her fingers into my asshole, I did the same to her. We sucked and fingerfucked each other for what seemed like hours, finally finishing in a double climax.

Now late; I told her I had to get back to the city. She asked if she could come with me. Smiling, I took her hand and naked we walked up to my car.

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