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The Nude Beach


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Moving to live near a nudist beach was a dream come true for me, a 45 year-old guy wanting to live a happy, single life. My name is Sven, by the way. I recently moved to Copenhagen. The exciting construction project I was working on there led me to discover a new country, and because of this a little more depth was added to my life. Visits to a Thai massage salon were a good option in the beginning before I knew where else to go to meet girls, and my horniness was sated there frequently. In the evenings, I studied Danish and realized that learning the words that differed from Swedish was not that hard; my understanding both verbally and in writing was getting better and better. With the erotic words and of course even the "dirty" versions, the big problem was learning to talk as if they sounded natural and I became very focused on that challenge. At work we had a mix of Swedes and Danes to the point where we developed our own hybridized language. We spoke Swedish intermixed with Danish and somehow made it work so we understood each other.

During my explorations of my immediate neighborhood, I had found a tavern that became my regular locale. There, I learned that once I got to know the Danes, many would become close friends. The couple who owned the tavern, Nette and Sören, were both 55 years old and we soon developed a nice relationship. They were like me, naturists, so we had lots to talk about. They challenged me to speak Danish and of course I improved. One Friday night we were hanging around after work with food and beer, when they came by and asked if I wanted to go with them to the beach the following day. I lit up and happily agreed immediately. The next morning we met outside the pub and we all got into their car and drove a bit through Copenhagen along Kögebukten. We turned onto a little side road marked only with the word "nudist" on a hand-painted sign.

There were already quite a few cars in the rather large parking lot, next to which was a small private beach. I learned that this was the most visited nudist beach in Copenhagen. The beaches in Denmark are different from home where it is just sand dunes. It was a bit hilly and everywhere in the little valleys amongst the hills were people sunbathing. We came to a hill with a sort of bowl shape at the top, and they explained that this was "their" spot. Everyone knew everyone and they respected each other's "reserved" areas. The sun was shining and we quickly shed our clothes. Of course, I could not help but ogle Nette.

She had a nice body. Whereas many other Danes were not so tall, her height made her even more sexy. Both were shaved and I glanced at Sören's cock, noticing it was smaller than mine. This bolstered me a bit as clearly even Nette noticed my size when I pulled off my pants. While we were undressing, other couples passed by who cheerfully greeted us, and I realized that they had many friends here. I decided to lay low and just let myself be led into their world this first time. The day passed and Nette had a picnic basket filled with sandwiches and we ate well and washed them down with a couple of cold beers. We went down to the water and bathed but on this particular day it was quite cold ... yet still there were many others there, and much to observe. It struck me that there were many families and even young people.

The time passed quickly and soon it was time to go home; I thanked them for a lovely day and both Nette and Sören thought this was a nice gesture on my part. But indeed, I appreciated many things about it. We'd had time to talk more, and we'd enjoyed each other's company.

Back at home again it was time to begin a new week, and it passed quickly. The construction work went well and I felt quite content. On Friday, I came to the tavern. As I approached, both Nette and Sören cheered happily and Nette got up to give me a little hug, which was a first. I took it as a good sign of our friendship. We had now seen each other naked, we had no more to hide.

As I got ready to go, they asked if I would like to go with them for a swim the next day, to which I readily agreed. The day passed as had the first, except that I explored a little more to get my bearings and of course did a little scouting of all the sweet girl flesh. The next weekend it was the same procedure. I came down to the pub in the morning. Nette and Sören were packing the car and I saw another woman there. We were each a bit curious and I almost instantly began to feel a twitch in my pants. I got a hug from Nette and Sören slapped me on the back, then they introduced me to their friend. She was named Ditte and was a woman of my age. Not so tall, she had a slender body under her bright summer dress that made me think of other things than swimming.

Nette explained that Ditte was one of their closest friends, and that it had been almost a year since her husband had passed away from an illness. She needed to get out and meet people to get over her grief. As we rode in the car Nette talked more about their friendship, and I could tell that there was a little more to it than just being friends. Ditte began to relax and told me about the loss and about herself. She had a daughter, 18 years old, and she too had had a hard time getting over her father's death. Both Sören and Nette relaxed from their sober moods seeing her happy mood, and we looked forward to having a nice day at the beach.

By now I knew the way to our place and it felt natural in every way. Once we did a little arranging the space was big enough that it had no problem fitting four adults even if it was a little more crowded. The girls ended up in the middle with Ditte closest to me. I wondered if this was planned for the two of us to meet. And when this was mentioned, I imagined I saw some blushing as she glanced over at Nette. But my strategy was to not rush and just see how things shaped up. Ditte seemed to have the same thoughts. She is a very attractive woman, with quite small but incredibly conical breasts, and I could not believe she had had a baby. Her stomach was flat and I saw something that made me react strongly. She had a completely shaved pussy and her mons Veneris was among the biggest I've seen. As she lay on her back my cock stood up; it was clear I was incredibly excited.

Sören wanted to go swimming and I tagged along. By now, I really needed to cool off a bit. Sören asked curiously if I liked Ditte and sure enough I did. He confided that all four had had many beautiful moments together, and that Ditte was a real ... nymphomaniac, as he expressed it. With her husband's death still fresh, Ditte had hesitated a bit at the invitation, but both Nette and Sören thought it was time for her to move on. He also said that I should not feel forced to do something just because we were both here. I said that my strategy, upon meeting new and interesting people, was to take it easy and see how it evolved. I told him that Ditte was a beautiful woman in my opinion.

We had talked earlier about sex and such but I felt I did not want to let go completely. We turned to go back, and just before we arrived Sören stopped me and asked if I liked Ditte's mons Veneris. I could not help but admit that I did and I had a tough job to not put my hand on it. Sören laughed and called it a Venus mountain that many longed for. I knew this was just light--hearted banter and even Ditte began to joke about the comparison. The sexual innuendos were infectious, and so I wasn't surpised when Ditte said I looked good in every way, a bit tongue in cheek.

Nette responded by saying that Sören was the sweetest bear she knew. Then she rolled over to him and began to kiss and caress him. I had, during my explorations around here, seen that there probably was "hanky-panky" going on among the pads but now it was very evident. Sören had his hands on Nette's butt and steered her a bit as she rolled. When she sat up, I saw that Sören's cock was now completely rigid. He looked at me with a smile and I returned it as confirmation that everything was OK. Ditte and I lay and watched how it enjoyed and when Nette lifted her ass so she could get Sören's cock in her pussy it was too much and I felt I could not hold back.

Ditte was also enjoying the view; her lovely nipples were stiff and I watched her squeeze and fondle them. I had learned that women who voluntarily fondle their breasts usually have very sensitive nipples. It excited me incredibly. We were completely taken by their fucking, and I felt a hand come closer to me. Ditte lay on her side with her butt toward me. I caressed her butt and let her hand linger dangerously close to my cock. She wiggled a little as if she wanted to feel it, so I moved a little closer to give her the chance if she turned her hand the right way. By this time Sören and Nette had not much longer left and shortly thereafter, the two had a nice orgasm. Sören finished with a couple of deep pulses into Nette before he pulled out.

Ditte's hand had now found my cock and she was stroking it gently. I hadn't yet ventured to caress her, I just lay there enjoying the whole situation. Nette lay on her back and exhaled loudly. Sören's cock glistened with all the juices before it slowly deflated. Ditte had now taken up my cock and stroked it slowly, and then subtly, so as no one would notice, she put it in position, I made myself lay still, and just watched and enjoyed. I understood that she wanted to feel it in herself and now my cock stood at attention directly against her butt. She lifted her thigh, and the stage was now set. She stroked her pussy so that her secretions started to come out and she found my glans and guided it to her slippery pussy lips.

Suddenly she pressed back and I was now inside her pussy. It had all been so wonderful to watch up to this point; at first I froze in surprise, but then realized it was my turn to take us to the height of pleasure. Taking hold of her hips I began to steadily fuck, slowly at first and then with increasing speed. I let my hand go down on her stomach and up to her breasts grasping one and catching her nipple between my fingers. She moaned and increased our movements. Sören and Nette watched us, which excited me even more.

Ditte's moaning and beautiful noises increased and now even I felt that I was close. I fucked her a little harder and could tell by her noises how close she was, and after a couple more thrusts deep into her she came. She tried to stifle her screams in the blanket, but those who were closest to us had already understood what was happening. I could not hold myself back any longer and gave her a deep thrust, when I emptied myself in her. I held her and gave her a kiss on the neck. We lay still for a moment, with my cock in her still and felt her spasms as they slowed, but which kept life in my cock for a little longer.

Ditte's body felt limp in the aftermath of the orgasm, and when Nette asked Ditte if it was very good Ditte just nodded. Ditte whispered to me that I was the first since her husband had died. I felt warm and happy inside at being the one who got her to dare to enjoy sex again. Sören suggested cheerfully that everyone go for swim, and to that I jumped up to join him, helping Ditte up. She was quick and gave me a close hug and whispered her sincere thanks for the beautiful interlude. I kissed her on the cheek backing return and told her she was incredibly beautiful and sexy.

We romped and splashed water at each other, and at a distance we probably looked like a bunch of teenagers. Eventually we ended up lying on the shore, letting the waves wash over us. I noticed how Nette and Sören began to paw at and fondle each other, which inspired me to caress Ditte. As I embraced her from behind my hands landed on her breasts. They were so pleasant to caress and the hard nipples pointed straight out. I felt wonderfully frisky from the experience like I dared to take another step.

We came back up to our space and I lay Ditte on her back. As I lowered myself down next to her, I glanced up at her, my gaze sliding down to her huge Venus mountain. I put my hand on her stomach gently, checking for her permission to continue, then let my fingers lightly caress her skin, circling to slowly approach the target; and the feeling when I finally cupped her mountain was indescribable. It was solid and beautiful and I had never felt anything like it. I placed a finger at the point where her nether lips divide, and let it lie still for a while; it was intoxicating. Ditte seemed to like it but got a little impatient, her legs parted just enough so she could flex her hips. I moved my hand position a little and she took the lead with her own finger down on her clit. That way she could control it all, which she seemed to like.

Our eyes met and I recognized the smile and with her eyes she said: 'Play more with me'. Our mouths met and we had our first real kiss. Our tongues found each other and I could tell that both of us were equally excited by our kissing. I still had my left hand on her pussy, Ditte's movements grew and I helped to give her a little extra, and caressed her finger. I had such a desire to lick her but thought better of it, given the risk that it would be sandy, so I made myself wait for a better location.

Sören and Nette had been lying and sunbathing nearby. It was time to go, they said, as they had to catch the opening of the tavern that evening, and so they stood up to leave. Ditte and I had to desist our explorations, and I think it was Ditte who was most disappointed. We packed up and drove home. During the trip I felt Ditte's hand come down my body slowly and we moved along each other, a trail of our hands. She had a short dress on and she guided mine to her thigh. I felt her soft skin and her heat, as Ditte sat with lightly parted thighs, a clear invitation to continue.

Sören talked on about all sorts of miscellaneous things as my hand approached Ditte's pussy. I felt that it was not right the place to try some ideas of mine, so I just let my fingers find their way into her damp cave. I rocked her at just the right tempo for her to cum quickly, wondering if she would have time to do so before we were home. Events decided for us, though, that we should hold back and pull out a bit for now; maybe we could go and find a better place to finish what we'd started. I noticed that we passed my construction site, so I quickly explained what we were building.

As we got out of the car and took our luggage, Nette was already on her way into the tavern, and Sören locked the car. There was no doubt that I would go with Ditte, as she held tightly to my hand. Sören asked if we could come down later and eat food and we said yes to both. I did think that this was one of the most easily arranged liaisons I had ever experienced. And of course I knew Sören and Nette felt that it was exciting to see that their little plan had worked. Ditte told me that she lived next door, and during the short walk she talked more about herself and her daughter, Sanne. She was a very independent and lovely eighteen-year-old who usually was out with her buddies. Then came a bit more about her husband, and I found that they had had a wonderful life together; and then further on Ditte admitted they were bisexual, and that she and Nette had often had good moments. Now she barely had any intimacy with a man.

Ditte and her daughter lived in an apartment that was wonderfully decorated and it was apparent that Ditte enjoyed doing the decor. As a builder, I had to meet various architects so I also had an interest in interior design. We went on a tour of her place; the whole apartment was like a jungle where the green plants held a prominent role. Even in the bathroom there were plants and I had a strong sense of a Roman bathhouse in its style, with many mosaics on the walls and the floor.

We came to the kitchen, where Ditte opened the fridge and took out a decanter of sangria. She poured it into glasses and we toasted each other with an air of solemnity. We moved to the living room and sat down. There was a small silence, the excitement was tangible and it felt like we were just waiting for someone to push the button so we could continue where we'd left off with our lovemaking. I felt it was time to take some initiative, so I began to tell her how nice it was to meet her, and that she was beautiful and exciting. The charmer in me felt that she ate up everything I told her eagerly, and soon it was time to make some physical contact. We lay on the couch and began making out. Her dress came off, followed by my clothes. I had to pause to look at her and I told her again how sexy she was. I felt a stroke on my cock, and she said it was the biggest she had ever had in her.

I could now pick up where we left off, but with a little more privacy. We resumed kissing and I could then kiss her on the neck and down along her shoulders and collarbone to her breasts. Her stiff nipples stood at attention and let my tongue slip around one before I was sucked on and licked and kissed her pillowy mound. Her moans at my ministrations were unmistakable, as I changed to the other and she asked me to suck a little harder. I happily massaged and caressed the other breast, taking note of how much she liked the nice tit massage, and this spurred me on to do even more. I continued the kisses down over her stomach and reached her Venus mountain. I wanted to see and enjoy it, and finally paused to look up at her and tell her that she had the most sexy Venus mountain I had ever seen. I lay my hand on it and instantly felt the heat. Ditte thanked me for the compliment and said there were many who paid attention to it. She spoke briefly about when she was a teenager in puberty, and had some anxiety about it and felt abnormal. She almost did not dare to show herself naked to anyone. But then there was an elderly man who had made her realize it was a wonderful gift and that she should be proud. The older man had taught her to enjoy fucking, and that her body really was something beautiful.

I could now devote myself to enjoying her gorgeous pussy and my fingers and tongue went exploring. I slid the tip of my tongue along her lips, my tongue lapping like a cat up against her Venus mountain. I kissed and caressed it and it was noticeable that Ditte enjoyed my touch. My tongue slid against her clit that was now stiff and at attention. I circled some more and delightedly nibbled then sucked on it interchangeably. In my previous sexual experiences I had learned that I could get a woman to orgasmic ecstasy by licking her pussy. Ditte was no exception, and now I heard her let loose and moan delightfully. A woman moaning in ecstasy has always excited me and of course it spurred me to lick her even more fervently.

Ditte's orgasm was somewhat different from the one she'd had on the beach, she could let it all out now and shake in the throes of passion, her loud moaning gave her orgasm a lovely setting. I knew it had been a long time and the pent-up feelings from a year of no sexual enjoyment now came out. In her afterglow, Ditte relaxed and I crawled up and kissed her, planting kisses up her body and all the way up to her mouth. Her nipples got an extra lick and some suckling before we were joined in a kiss. My cock had become very and now it lay against her pussy where it rubbed between her lips. I grabbed it and guided the glans toward her opening, then slowly I pushed into her tight pussy. So far my size meant that I always had to take it easy when I first entered a woman.

With a deep groan I slipped deeper into her, both of us feeling the shock of her tightness surrounding my hugeness; and then I began to fuck her. Her body was quite lithe and petite so I got the inspiration to try to lift her with my cock still inside. I took hold of her ass as she grabbed onto and then held my neck. My initiative went well and my cock remained inside her. She clenched her legs around me and now we could fuck standing up, in the most delightful ways. Ditte rediscovered the mystery of pleasure, and came with such exhortations, as we walked around and fucked. We ended up in the kitchen where I could lay her down on the table. I felt that I had not far to go now, so I increased my thrusts and fucked her at a furious pace. Ditte enjoyed it and rocked into me so enthusiastically that I wondered if she would get ahead of me. I decided to fuck on and hope for a nice joint orgasm. Suddenly we heard the front door rattle, and in came Ditte's daughter, Sanne. Ditte swore a little and said that she could not come now, I slowed up a little but Ditte asked me to fuck on, since I was so close and it felt so nice. She grabbed her breasts and rubbed her nipples to enhance the enjoyment and eroticism.

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