The Nurse's Uniform Pt. 17


"Yes Emma it does."

"Have you thought about what I said on the phone?" Emma asked as the sole of her shoe reached Mike's groin.

"Yes a little," he replied his fingers resting on Emma's slim, fishnet-stocking covered ankle.

"That is why I asked you here you know Mike?"

"What is?"

"To talk about 'where now'?" She replied her foot finding and pressing right on his bulge, which was rapidly growing.

He smiled at her as she slightly increased the pressure. "And here was I thinking it was because you wanted to fuck me?"

Emma smiled back, as she slid the dress off her shoulders and let it fall into a thousand pounds pile of haute couture by her feet. "You know me Mike, I'm a cake and eat it girl, so I want both."

"Well you no longer employ me and as it's unlikely you will in the future," Mike said, slipping her shoe off and replacing her nylon-covered foot between his now opened legs right on his erection, which was now obvious in the thin trousers; the same ones he realised he had been wearing when he had shagged Sammi. "You have had one, so now have the other.," Mike continued in a voice that was thick with want

His hardness under her foot felt great, she wiggled her toes sending nice sensations along Mike's cock.

"Unlikely? Why?"

"Because," he said smiling "I think I would rather fuck you Emma than work with you." As he said that, Mike ran his hand up the shapely calf muscle , round the bent knee and onto the inside of Emma's thigh right on that lovely patch of skin between her stocking tops and the grey silk, baggy French knickers.

"Mmmmm nice," Emma murmured again wiggling her toes on his erection, but also reaching behind her.

Mike was stroking Emma's inner thigh, the side of his hand brushing against her lips inside the slither of silk making up the gusset of the panties.

"Well," she went on pulling her bra off and dropping that onto her dress. "Que sera, sera."

Emma had no intention whatsoever of letting Mike go. She had her clutches into him, liked him and saw the fantastic business potential he had. That meant, as it often did with her, that she would fuck him and do business with him, irrespective of the consequences. She was confident that the combination of her tits, her fantastic sexual performance and the vast amount of money he could earn, would overcome any silly inhibiting factors, particularly any moral ones, which he may have. They had always worked in the past and she was determined they would this time; the hardness under her foot and Mike's hands inside her panties discovering her shaved mons, indicated they would this time as well.

She leaned forward dangling her spectacular breasts just in front of his face.

"How are these, Mike?"

He reached up and cupped the two wonderfully full and superbly rounded orbs in his hands. They were probably the best pair of tits Mike had ever held. He was an avid tit man as well as an avid and serial philanderer. In some ways, he was as sexually messed up as most of the clients he treated, as indeed were Emma and Sammi as well come to that. The differentiating factor between the doctor, the nurses and the patients was that being sexual dysfunctional didn't worry them, whereas it did the patients.

"They are bloody fantastic, Emma," he replied burying his face in their glorious, smooth softness.

Whilst Emma was manipulating Mike, but then she manipulated everyone, after all isn't that what having a Balkans background is all about, she did want him? That was not just a mental 'can't have so I want even more' viewpoint', but also a physical thing as well: he excited her, both emotionally and physically.

Leaving her boobs so that he could get to them with both his mouth and hands, Emma reached down and undid his shirt. He straightened up to help her remove it. She ran her fingers over his chest and tits and quite firmly pinched his nipples. She lowered herself a little and they kissed.

That felt slightly strange to both of them. In Mike's masturbation scenes with Emma, they had never kissed and Emma, really being an ultra high-class whore, tended to follow the tradition of that profession and rarely kissed her lovers. Presumably, whores think that their body is a sufficient product to sell and that their minds, and thus kissing, are not for sale.

That said, it was nice for both of them and quickly their tongues were probing deep into the other's mouth and their lips were squirming as their passion grew and their need for each other increased.

Mike got his arms round her, he pulled and that made Emma slip. She was laying half on and half off the settee where Mike was now sitting up from where he had been sprawled against the back of the sofa. He went to grab her, but she slipped, still holding onto his arms. That pulled him forward and they both fell onto the thick pile carpeted floor, Mike half on top of her. They both laughed at what had happened as Emma squirmed out from beneath and rolled them both over so that she was half lying on top of him.

"And the rest of it?" She asked, confusing Mike.

"My body, stupid," she explained her fingers going to his belt and quickly undoing it.

"Oh bloody hell Emma, why ask? You must know it's fucking fantastic."

"A girl always like confirmation you know and I hope it's going to be both fucking fantastic and fantastic fucking," she smiled sliding his zip down. "Come on get these down," she went on leaving Mike to remove his trousers as she slipped her hand into his boxers and grabbed his erection."

"Mmmmm that feels nice," she muttered as she looked at his now nakedness and rubbed his cock between both hands.

"It is nice," he grunted, his hips starting to move to the same rhythm of her hands. "And I know your body is fucking fantastic and we are going to have fantastic fucking."

Emma knelt on the carpet beside him. She let her gaze roam admiringly over the slim, but muscular body of her soon to be lover.

"I think you may well be right there, Mike" She said looking right into his eyes as she slipped her fingers inside the waistband of her French knickers. "I think we will fuck in a fantastic way just as after we will work together in a fantastic way."

"Hey hang on who said anything about that?" he said watching the grey silk start to slide down Emma's stomach and thighs.

She kept looking at him as she slowly revealed her bald pubis. "Who said anything about us fucking Mike, but we are."

"Mmmm, true," he said reaching up and stroking her tits as the panties slid down to her bended knees where she left them.

He could see her lips, he could see the folds surrounding her clit and he could see the glistening of her womanly juices as she dropped her hand onto his erection. She ran her fingertips up and down its length.

"I reckon," she said placing her hand on the back of Mike's that was caressing her breast. "That as fantastic as you will find fucking me is, so you will find the job offer I am going to make you."

She squeezed his hand against her breasts as she slowly pumped his cock.

"I doubt it Emma, you know me."

"Yes I do, very well, much better than you think," she said, half standing as she slid her knickers off.

"What do you mean?" He asked lifting his face up towards the luscious orbs dangling near to his face. He had barely run his tongue across one of her dark, largish nipples when she straightened up saying.

"I know you want wealth far more than you let on Mike and I know that you are disillusioned with treating the sexual nutcases that come to your clinics." Emma said as she knelt across him straddling his body at the hips.

"What makes you say that?" he asked as she leaned forward to give him her breasts and nipples.

"I just know and I know what it will take for me to have my cake and eat it."

Mike was now holding both of her tits, licking and kissing the flesh, the nipples and the crevice between them when he pushed them together. He felt her hand back on his cock. She lifted it and held its tip right against the slit of her lips.

"Mmmmmm," he groaned as he felt her do that and as he kissed her tits.

"Yes mmmmmm, too," she whispered pushing her breasts against the pleasure giving mouth. "Suck my nipple Mike, suck them hard."

"God yes," he replied loving hearing her say that; Mike was big into dirty talk when he fucked. Emma knew that.

"Do you like your cock being against my lips?"

"Yes, it's fantastic," he said just about being able to formulate the words through the nipples in his mouth.

"Do you want it up me Mike?"

"Yes, yes Emma."

"In me?"

"Yes, yes I do," he slurped, completely 'filling his boots' with Emma's tit flesh.

"In my pussy, Mike?"


"You want your cock up my cunt, don't you?" She asked pushing down a little so that the bulbous head went just between her lips, pushing them open a little.

"God yes Emma, I want to fuck your cunt."

"Mmmmm yes Mike, yes you will," she said pressing a little more so that all of the head was between her lips.

"This is the eating Mike?"


"I said this is the eating, or the cake, that's up to you."

"How do you mean?"

"I always have my cake and eat it Mike, you know that. I rarely do one without the other."

"So what does that mean?"

"It could mean this," Emma said, lifting herself up so that Mike's cock, almost, but not quite slipped out.

"Fuck no." He groaned.

"Or it could be what just nearly had and a million a year." She said pushing down again so the head was in her.

"Emma for Christ's sake, not here not now," He said, nevertheless still sucking her tits and nipples and running his hands between her legs, round her hips and over her gorgeous bum.

"No Mike, it is here, this is where it is, this is business."

"This?" She asked straightening her body and lifting herself up so that his mouth couldn't reach her tits and his cock slipped out. "And bankruptcy."

"Fucking hell Emma don't be so cruel," he moaned as his cock left the lovely, warm wetness of her body.

"Business is cruel Mike, especially at the high end where I play and where you could to. Where you could earn a million and more, have no debts and have these, whenever you wanted.

As she said that, Emma firstly plunged her body downwards and secondly leaned forward.

The feelings for both of them as Mike's cock surged right up Emma's sexual passage were amazing. He greedily sucked her tits. She remained in that position for a moment or two, then slowly once more straightened and lifted her body. Mike felt himself sliding out from her and her wondrous tits going out of his reach.

"This and a million" Emma said, once more plunging herself downwards, "Or this and nothing" she repeated, as she once more teasingly lifted herself.

In the end, it was no contest. Just as she knew it would be, it was always like that, and in the end Emma always won, well nearly always for there was still the little matter of Sammi to sort.

She beat Mike by fucking him as he had never been fucked before.

He had entered the apartment at two one afternoon and didn't leave it until after three the next morning. It was a monumental session and one that showed Mike that he too could have his cake and eat it: the million a year and to fuck this amazing woman, as she put it, when you like, but as he knew it would be, when she liked.

"Yes, yes," he grunted, not quite sure at that moment which was the greater desire, fucking Emma or a million a year.

"Yes what?" She asked placing both hands on his chest, her arms straight so that her almost brown, seriously swollen nipples were just out of his reach.

"You cow," he said, smiling ruefully."

"Yes I am aren't I? But a fucking good fuck too, if you say yes."

"I am Emma, I am saying yes, you wicked bitch," he groaned as she plunged herself downwards so that his cock was buried in her right up to its hilt.

"Oooooo," she said smiling, in triumph, "It does so much when you speak dirty Mike."

She then proceeded to fuck Mike. Wonderfully, energetically and fully.

Like most men, Mike loved the woman being on top occasionally' Emma had known that. Just as she had known that he would love: seeing her thrust herself up and down, watching his cock probe in and out of her, looking at her lips wrapped round and gripping his erection so tightly and feeling the additional pressure on him from the position. She knew that men also liked to see her facial expressions, closed eyes and opened mouth combined with staring deep into their eyes, watch her head lolling from side to side her hair flapping around and, most of all to gaze at her tits. There was no need for acting or exaggerations on her part with that. As she slid up and down on his cock so her tits seemed to have a mind of their own, jiggling up and down and flying around all over the place.

She was absolutely right. Mike adored what he saw and what he was feeling. Despite her, obvious extreme levels of sexual activity, Emma was still nice and tight, she gripped him well. That made for fantastic sensations as she forced her pussy walls up and down on his erection.

It was the tits, though, that provided the most sensational visual experience. Leaping and wobbling as her body soared up and then plunged down they looked fabulous and, if there is a more extreme adjective, even more so when wonderfully, she got hold of them. Squeezing, kneading, pinching and squashing she did what she needed to herself to make her cum at the same time as which that extra visual stimulation gave Mike his orgasm.

They showered together and Emma called down to the 'hotel' kitchen for a light dinner. After Mike had said "So I've had the cake, what's the eating it all about" they discussed his role in La Crème.

Then they fucked again, well they didn't actually fuck for she sucked him. Not just sucked him as most women do, not just until she made him cum as many do, not just letting him cum in her mouth as some do, but doing all of that and then, very obviously, swallowing his cum as few do.

It was more than twelve hours after Mike had arrived that they had sex for the third time. Emma had played with herself, her tits of course, and Mike to establish his erection. Even for sexually dysfunctional psychiatrists three big erections in one session can be hard. At one time it did look as though he might not make it, causing Emma to smile "Need some Viagra do you?"

"Fuck off," he'd jokingly replied stroking her tits and sucking her nipples knowing that was more effective than Viagra, having tried it, purely for scientific purposes of course.

Emma was stroking him; she could feel its stirring semi hardness. She knew it was getting hard, but she equally knew it would take a little more to get the full hardness, the hardness needed to fuck successfully. They were both naked back in bedroom where they had snoozed after she had sucked him.

"Give me a minute," she said.

"What do you mean?"

"Go and have a pee or something, I need to do something, I'll give you a call when I am ready."

"You can come back now Mike," she called out.

He returned to the bedroom his 'horizontal' prick looking slightly ridiculous. At first, he couldn't see what Emma had done, other than lie on her front. That was until his eyes readjusted to the mood lighting of the bedroom. It was then that he saw the lotions, the cream and the bottle of almond oil. It was then that he wondered, does she really mean what I think she means. He moved closer to the bed.

"How do you want me Mike? Like this kneeling or shall I sit on your lap?" Emma asked, naming the three favourite positions for anal sex. The mere thought made him very hard indeed.

Chapter 2

It was a difficult time for Sammi. She was fucked by Mike, she attended Mel's memorial service and was maid of honour at Roni's wedding to the cameraman.

Mike had an equally traumatic time. He fucked both Emma and Sammi, had a farewell fling with Clare and a raging row with Bernard who he blamed for the entire mess; after all he should have known better, and was facing bankruptcy unless he 'sold himself' to Emma..

Emma, as usual, sailed through the storms.

Ahmad was a little pissed that they had blown a few million on the clinic, but a couple of blow jobs in the Mandarin hotel in Singapore quickly overcame that. She had more difficulty with the German. He was a right sadistic bastard and she had to pay a price. Luckily, she had a couple of Thai girls who specialised in taking pain so she was able to 'give' them to Gunther for his pleasure. That one was so badly beaten she might limp for the rest of her life and the other had deep bites all over her breasts and thighs was of as little concern to her as it was to Khorlen; after all, if a girl gets paid twenty grand she should expect a little pain and aggravation shouldn't she?

Sammi and Emma had regular sex. And of course that became more adventurous. So, Sammi at last had a woman give her oral

Oddly, and neither really knew why, they didn't at first tell each other they had had sex with Mike. Mike didn't tell either of them, either. So, they were both in the dark. Neither knew that he was fucking the other one. Did that matter, would it have been a problem? No, probably not. They were beyond petty jealousies, each in different ways were sexual adventurers, each were sexually dysfunctional.

But then, one evening after they had made love, Emma had innocently asked. "What man last fucked you Sammi?"

Being still in the throes of her climax she didn't think, but sighed. "Mike, what about you?"

"Fuck me," Emma exclaimed.

"Yes darling I will."

"No, I meant that's my answer too."

That brought Sammi to her senses.

"Really, when?"

Emma told her the day.

"The sod, the cheating bastard." Sammi said without thinking, but nevertheless smiling.

"Why?" Emma asked.

"He fucked me the night before."

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