The Nymph Queen

byLady Malachite©

"You're right, this is fun," said the wife. "But you really don't understand. I'm meant to be the Nymph Queen. It's my calling! I will not rest until I find a way to fulfill my destiny." She continued with her speech until her husband had recovered his erection and thrust two more coppers into her hand, causing her to once again blow him.

The next morning, the wife awoke before sunrise, when all the rest of the castle was still sound asleep. Remembering her husband's story, she went to fetch the satyr with the largest cock, larger than that of a stallion, and took him down to the beach to try to summon the sea nymph. She sucked the satyr's cock until it was quite hard and almost four feet long, then had him put it into the water, which was now so stained with the runoff from the castle and the product of the fisherman's adventures that it was indistinguishable from cum. But no matter how many times the satyr thrust his cock in and out of the white, slimy water, the sea nymph did not appear. Finally, the wife lost her patience and stepped into the sea.

"My, the sea is nothing but cum!" she thought. "It can't be just from the orgy and from my husband! It must be magic!" She waded deeper and deeper into the cum, until she was up to her neck in it. She plunged her head under, looking for signs of the sea nymph, but all she got for her trouble was an eyeful of cum. After splashing in the sea for a couple of hours and swallowing more than one mouthful of semen in the process, the wife emerged, slimy from head to toe. The satyr handed her five copper pieces and fucked her repeatedly in every orifice, until sundown.

As night fell, the wife found that she could not bring herself to return to her little cot in the castle, and instead decided to set out on a quest to find another great sorcerer to fulfill her wish. She spent the night in a tavern five miles off, getting fucked many times on the bar and on the pool table. Her money bag full, she set off in the morning, taking customers along the way and inquiring as to tales of great sorcerers.

In the evening, she serviced a peasant, who was unusually well-equipped, and upon asking about sorcerers, learned that the peasant was in fact the king of the land, who made it a habit of dressing in common clothes and soliciting the affection of prostitutes. Now this king told her that he had in his service the greatest sorceress in the land, who three hundred years ago had defeated the great Wizard King in single combat, and who might be willing to exchange favors with a talented young prostitute.

The king took the wife to his castle, which was only a few miles off, and led her up an endless spiraling staircase into a great tower. The walls of the room were decorated with posters, and a great loft bed stood on one side. Suddenly, with a loud and strangely cute whoosh, the sorceress materialized in the center of the room. She looked not a day over eighteen and was decked out in a schoolgirl uniform, pleated skirt and all.

"Oh, you brought me something interesting this time!" exclaimed the sorceress gleefully, adjusting her breasts in her blouse so as to show as much cleavage as possible. "I knew I would enjoy working here! It's so much better than Rome! The Pope was such a prude, and wouldn't even let me masturbate the whole time I worked for him!"

The sorceress stepped forward and put her arms around the fisherman's wife. She kissed the wife passionately, thrusting her tongue into her mouth, as the king watched, his cock hardening.

"Ooh, tastes like cum!" the sorceress cried, licking her lips hungrily. "Is it yours?" she asked, turning to the king.

"Not all of it," the king replied. "This lady sucked off every man we came across on the way to the castle."

"Yummy!" exclaimed the sorceress, pinning the fisherman's wife to the floor and lapping up the copious cum from her mouth, face and tits. At this development, the king's bulge grew so hard that his pants burst open, revealing his oversized member, which had a king's crown tattooed upon its foreskin.

"Please!" begged the wife, panting for breath as the sorceress' tongue traveled down her body and into the moist region between her legs. "I've come a long way looking for a great sorceress to turn me into the Nymph Queen!"

"Well, then, fuck me, and then I shall consider your wish," said the sorceress, handing the prostitute a large strap-on.

The fisherman's wife was far from protesting, and began to don the strap-on, which had two thick curved ends that fit deep into her pussy and ass as she put the device on. She tightened the belt to hold the tool in place as the sorceress took it into her mouth and began to suck on its entire considerable length. Evidently, the strap-on was magical, for it immediately started to squirt loads of hot cum down the sorceress's throat, which soon began to trickle down her chin and onto her blouse and skirt. The king's eyes were glued on the scene unfolding before him, and he was stroking his erect cock more and more frantically.

The sorceress pulled the strap-on out of her cum-filled mouth, gasping for breath as the magical tool continued to squirt cum onto her face and cleavage. "Let me ride it!" she said, again throwing the fisherman's wife to the floor. She lifted her pleated skirt, maneuvered her gaping wet pussy over the strap-on, and slowly lowered herself down on it, moaning, her pussy instantly filled with hot cum. She rode it hard and fast, cum squirting everywhere, and the fisherman's wife moaned as the two-pronged base of the strap-on thrust in and out of her pussy and asshole. It was not long before both women came, and so did the king, squirting his huge load upon the top of the sorceress's head. The sorceress now found her pussy completely full of cum, so she slipped off the strap-on, and asked the fisherman's wife to clean her out with her tongue. After her pussy was licked clean, the sorceress again mounted the strap-on, this time sliding it into her ass, and continued to fuck it for several hours. The king, who was watching the whole time, came seven or eight times, and both women had hundreds of orgasms. Finally, the sorceress was so filled with cum that she felt she might burst, so she removed the strap-on from her ass, and the fisherman's wife again cleaned her out, swallowing gallons of sperm that cascaded out of the sorceress's ass.

The sorceress slipped out of her cum-soaked schoolgirl uniform, handed it to the king and sent him off to the dry-cleaner's. "What was it again that you wished for?" she asked, turning to the fisherman's wife.

"I wish to be the Nymph Queen!" replied the wife without pause.

"Oh, that's easy," said the sorceress. "A hottie like you will have no trouble becoming one. But there is one catch. You have had a spell cast upon you by my old foe the Wizard King, whom I transfigured into a horny sea nymph with big tits and a tight little pussy and ass because he was such a misogynistic bastard. Imagine him criticizing me for being bisexual! Anyway, to make a long story short, the only way to break this spell is to exhaust its effects. Before you're free to become the Nymph Queen, you must fuck every man, woman, nymph and satyr in the kingdom, starting with me."

Saying this, she donned the magic strap-on, which was still dripping with cum, and produced five copper pieces out of thin air. "Here is your payment," said the sorceress, pushing the money deep into the fisherman's wife's pussy. The cheap hooker immediately lay upon the floor and spread her legs as far apart as they would go, and the sorceress fucked her in every orifice for three days straight, until the woman passed out from exhaustion.

She awoke the following morning, and after servicing all the men and women of the castle, went off to the city to finish breaking her enchantment. There, she went about the city, pleasuring any man or woman she came across, charging two coppers a job, or five for full service. So successful was she in her efforts that the nymphs and satyrs of the forest heard of this miraculous hooker, and descended upon the city to see for themselves. She promptly fucked them all, and so impressed were they by her talents, that when her work in this city was done, they followed her to the next, and when she finished there, the next, until she had serviced her last client, an elderly veteran of the war who had neither arms nor legs, but was well equipped otherwise. As soon as he squirted his load into the depths of her ass, there was a great clap of thunder, and all the nymphs and satyrs knelt before her, taking turns eating her cum-soaked pussy and begging her to become their queen.

The fisherman's wife, of course, agreed, and they took her to an enchanted castle in the forest, where they transfigured her into the Nymph Queen in a ritual far too kinky to describe here. When she recovered, the now Nymph Queen called upon a group of satyrs to capture the sea nymph who had enchanted her, and they soon returned from their mission leading the transfigured Wizard King, who was bound in chains and looked like she had been well fucked along the way. The prisoner, much to her delight, was immediately set to work as a sex toy for the Nymph Queen and all her subjects.

As orgy after orgy passed, however, the Nymph Queen found that she missed her husband, and thought of sending the satyrs to capture him too, but before she could give the order, he appeared of his own volition, looking very tired, weary and horny, but happy to have found his wife. She agreed to take him back, if only he would go down on her for three hours straight, and he quickly obliged. The husband and wife then returned to the orgies, where they remain to this day, and you too might join them, if the Nymph Queen sends her team of satyrs to invite you.


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