tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Oath Ch. 04

The Oath Ch. 04


When Justin got home from work that night he knew something was up. His mother just gave him a wry smile, but his father had a strange look on his face.

"Sit down," his mother told him, as he entered the kitchen. "I've kept a plate warm for you." She was wearing tight shorts and a v-neck t-shirt.

She looked good and she didn't hide her cleavage when she bent over to put the plate in front of him. He didn't hide the fact that he was staring down her shirt, but he was a disappointed to find that she was wearing a bra.

She got up, flashed him that wry smile again, and then went to the sink. Her shorts were so tight and short that they didn't contain the cheeks of her ass.

Justin was eating his dinner, and watching his mom's ass, as his father came in the room. Justin's father, John, was dressed in a swimsuit and shorts. He was obviously going for an evening swim.

His father had no idea what his son was looking at because he was so preoccupied, but Justin felt guilty about it anyhow.

"Justin, ah, your mother and I have to talk with you," his father talked as if he was still deciding on what to say.

"Okay," Justin replied looking at his mom for some hint. Had he done something wrong? Had his father found out?

"It's about the Courtesan program," his father started. "Your mother and I talked for some time about it."

Justin looked again at his mother, but she just shrugged her shoulders.

I still think that it is a worthwhile program, and I'm really sorry about this, but your mother is still adamant against it, and I can't sway her."

"I can sway her Dad. I've swayed her before," Justin said grinning, and his mother had to turn around so as not to laugh at the double entendrė.

"I don't think so son. But you can try."

"It's all right Dad. Maybe Mom's was right. I don't need a Courtesan," Justin said straight faced.

"I don't agree with you, but I'm glad that you are being mature about it."

"It's okay Dad."

"Justin, you're a good son. I want to talk to you about something else. I know that you might feel frustrated by this decision and act foolishly."

"I won't Dad."

"I don't want you going out and having unprotected sex with some young girl and regretting it."

"I won't dad. I won't have sex with some young girl."

"It's nothing to be flippant about. When I was your age I lost a good friend to the disease."

"I know Dad," Justin said rolling his eyes at the much-repeated tale.

"I know that you've heard it before, but you didn't know how he died. I've never told you.

He knew he was going to get the disease since the young girl he had relations with died from it. He was nineteen, and knew he was going to die. They immediately put him in quarantine.

Finally the disease caught up with him, and I visited him in the hospital afterwards. I had to wear one of those exposure suits, and he was already starting to haemorrhage internally.

I don't have to tell you. You've seen all of the health videos, but when you see it in person its different. It's a horrible, horrible way to die. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy."

Justin now felt bad about being so impatient with his dad. He also felt a little depressed. His mom must have felt the same way, because she started to do dishes, and they had a dishwasher.

"Its okay, Dad. Mom's taking care of me."

"What?" His father asked befuddled.

"Mom is just looking out for me. She just wants to do what's right for me."

"Yeah. Right. Anyway, enough said. I'm going down to the pool for a swim. I'll talk to you later."

"Okay Dad."

John gave Katie a kiss and then headed out the door to the pool. The room was silent for a while. His father had created a pall over the room. But Justin being a young man who thought he would live forever, was concentrating on the only thing that mattered to him now; his mom's ass.

She was finishing up the dishes, and Justin got out of his chair to bring his plate to her. Her hands were still in the water, but she turned her body partly around to talk to him.

Justin put his dish in the sink and then put a hand on his mother's hip. Katie gave him a questioning look.

"I want to sway you," Justin whispered to her as he put another hand on her waist.


"Dad said it was okay for me to sway you. Don't you want to get swayed by me?"

"Mom's taking care of me. You're an ass," Katie said repeating the joke.

"I love when you talk dirty to me, Mom. Talk dirty to me."

"What are you talking about?" Katie asked trying to fend him off as he slipped a hand up her shirt.

"Talk dirty to me! Ask me to fuck you. Tell me you want my cock. Tell me that you touched yourself thinking about me." Justin slipped a hand under her bra, and tweaked her nipple.

"Where do you get this stuff from? And get your hand out of my bra. Your father's right here."

"I want you to talk dirty to me. Can't you just say 'Oh Justin fuck me?"

Justin was starting to get all hot and bothered, and even though John was in the pool, Katie couldn't afford to have her young son humping her in the kitchen.

He started to kiss her ear, so she took a glass of dishwater out of the sink, pulled his pants out by the waistband, and while he thought she was getting amorous, she poured the water down the front of his pants.

"Oh fuck!" Justin yelled as the soapy water drenched his groin. "What did you do that for?"

"Get upstairs and get changed. Isn't it bad enough that I'm putting out for you, that now you want to get kinky, too?" She was being serious, but she showed him half a smile to signify that she really wasn't mad.

"Mom!" Justin whined.

"You'll get it when it's the right time, not when your father is around. If he was ever to find out? And I'm not talking dirty to you, you little pig! I don't know who raised you to talk like that to your own mother."

"Mom I want to sway you."

"Oh, go fuck off, and get out of those wet clothes."

Justin broke away from her and headed upstairs to his room. "I just love when you talk dirty to me."

Later when John came in, she was sitting in the TV room watching a show and drinking a cup of tea. He had a look on his face that he had when he needed to talk to her, but he just stood there hovering over her.

"What?" She asked.

"I've got to go into work early tomorrow. I'll probably be gone before you wake."

"Oh John not again."

"I know. I know. But I have a ton of work, and I didn't want to have another late night at work. It seems like I never see you and Justin anymore."

"Whatever," she said frustrated.

"And remember that I'm leaving on Tuesday for that trip to Ohio."

"Oh shit. Ohio? I forgot all about it."

"I know. I wish that I never took this promotion, but remember Justin is leaving for college in a few months, and we need every penny for tuition."

"Yeah, I know. It's just that I feel like I'm married more to my son than to you."

"Well enjoy him, because in September he'll be at school all day, and he'll be too busy for his mom."

"Don't worry about that," she said irritated. She got up off the couch and brought her teacup into the kitchen. "Justin and I are spending a lot of time together." You wouldn't believe how much, she thought to herself.

The thoughts in Katie's head ran rapidly from her son to her husband, and then back to Justin as she swam laps in the family's back yard pool. She didn't know how this was going to turn out, but she was sure that her marriage was on rocky ground.

The sun was just barely up on that late June morning and it was already promising to be a scorcher. She had been so preoccupied that morning that she had no idea how many laps she had made across the built in pool.

Her one-piece suit felt silky and clingy in the cool water as she churned out her laps. It was a serious suit manufactured for competitive swimmers. It was white, high cut on the leg, and ridiculously see-through when wet.

She wore this same suit last year, and after she got out of the pool one day, she noticed Justin's eyes were not where they should be. He averted his eyes, shamefully, and made an excuse to go into the house. Katie soon realized that her girls were right out there for public view.

As she was thinking about how she had flashed her son that day she sensed another presence in the yard. Since she was in the shallow end of the pool, she stopped her workout, stood up, and rubbed the water out of her eyes.

She stood in the waist high water with her hands, prayer-like, in front of her mouth, and her arms covering her exposed breasts.

It was Justin, clad only in swim shorts and flip-flops, and he was throwing a towel on to one of the poolside chaise lounges.

"Hi Mom. I thought I'd join you," he said as he kicked his footwear off.

"Hi Honey. Sure come on in," she said, but he didn't wait for consent, but dove right in. He dove in the deep end and made a beeline for her. She stood in the same position as he swam up to her, then popped his head out of the water, and as looked up at her, he was grinning like a fool.

He had that same stupid grin that his father used to have on his face whenever he wanted "some." Though Katie thought that Justin's grin was a bit more endearing.

How had it come to this, she thought. He had become a sexual predator, and she was as helpless as a fawn. She had become a sex kitten to her son.

Justin took her by the hands and eased them down to the water. The morning sun was shining in her face, and she didn't have to look to know that he could see every inch of her tits through the suit.

"What?" She asked as saw that grin on his face through the glare of the sun.

He just grinned some more, and then started to get up out of the water. "I want to sway you."

"Not now Justin. Not here."

"Come on Mom, let me sway you," he said as he let go her hands and ran his fingertips up the side of her wet suit. He kissed her neck, pressed one hand on her tit, and grabbed a hand full of ass with the other. Violently he pulled her close.

He had his hands all over her, and she felt his rigid cock up against her pussy. She knew she would do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.

The first time she did it was out of obligation. The second time she was aroused and ashamed. The third time she gave herself freely and without reservation. There was no going back now, and she knew it.

She allowed herself to look at her son the way that a mother shouldn't. He was toned and tan and handsome. She felt his rock hard erection up against her, and though she didn't want to admit it, she wanted him.

Justin reached for the straps on her suit and pulled one, and then the other down her arm. She gushed nervously as he slowly inched her high neck swimsuit down her body.

"Justin, everyone can see us," she protested helplessly.

"No one can see. No one is up." He was right. The sun had been up for a while, but it was still very early in the morning.

Justin watched as both of his mother's breast became exposed to the morning air, she started to tremble, but not from the cold. Her breathing too was deep and erratic. Her nipples long and erect like two pink erasers.

Justin held one of her tits in his hand as he grabbed for her hand and stuffed it down his shorts. She couldn't find it at first, because of the bagginess of his suit, but then she found it; sleek and wet and firm in her hand.

She just squeezed the tip at first since stroking it in the confines of the suit was difficult. She remedied that by using her other hand to pull his shorts down and then off. He was now totally naked, and she was half exposed and soon to be fully exposed to whoever was watching, but she didn't care.

His cock was under water, or she would not have been able to resist the urge to drop to her knees, and take him in her mouth. He stripped the rest of her suit off and then lifted her ass up on the side of the pool.

She readied herself for him, but instead he dropped to his knees in the pool, and put his head between her legs.

"No Justin don't," she pleaded. She was in turmoil. She knew that he needed to learn this, but it just seemed too perverse to have her son lick her pussy. She had tongued with him, sucked his cock, and fucked him, but letting him eat her out was too deviant.

She was reluctant as he pulled her by the hips closer to the edge of the pool. Her desire soon changed things, as she felt his hot breath on her labia, and then his tongue on her clit..

The pleasure started at her clit, and then she felt its warmth spread throughout her body. It was still perverse, but now deliciously so.

She lay back on the side of the pool with her legs on his shoulders, as her son drew little circles around her clit with his tongue.

Without looking she grabbed for one of his hands that were on her hips, and guided it up to fondle her tits. At first he just cupped and kneaded it, but then he found her nipple and twirled it between thumb and forefinger.

The way he squeezed her nipple hurt so good, and she found herself arching her back in reaction. She was so aroused and wanton that she was oblivious to the world. She only knew that she never wanted him to stop.

"Justin, that feels sooo good. Don't stop baby. Right there. Yes. It feels so good. Make Mama come. Please," she panted.

Justin could smell his mother's as she became wet with arousal. He tasted that indescribable taste of her for the first time. It was like an electric charge was running through his tongue.

Katie was at the peak of her excitement as Justin sucked obediently. She let herself go free as the acme of the first wave took her.

Justin watched as the arch in his mother's back became more pronounced, and her breasts and rigid nipples reached for the morning sky.

Justin was finding out that there was nothing more arousing than a woman in the state of arousal, as his mother cupped her own breast, arched her back, and with her mouth open wide, moaned his name.

All he knew was that he wanted to fuck her. He stayed on her clit until she was done, but he couldn't wait to stick his throbbing dick in her, until finally.

"Oh Justin, fuck me. Fuck me now," his mother pleaded with him. He was up out of the water in a flash, grabbed her by the hips, and then watched as the head of his dick, and then the whole shaft, plunged into his mother's beautiful little snatch.

He couldn't take his eyes off her lips as they enveloped his cock. That cute little tuft of hair on her pubic mound captivated him.

"Oh God Mom, I love fuckin' you!"

"Yes baby, I love it too!"

He was now looking at her big round breasts and those tantalizing nipples awash red with emotion. Then to her pretty face, her eyes partly closed, and her red lips parted as she panted every time his dick entered her.

She looked up at him pleading with her eyes not to stop. And then he looked down again to her cunt, and try as he might, he couldn't get his dick any deeper inside of her.

"Oh Mom, I'm gonna come!"

"Oh baby fuck me!"

As he came, he lost all sense of consciousness, and his knees went weak and buckled. He didn't even have to fuck her any more. He just kept his dick as deep in her cunt as he could, and felt each wave of ejaculation as he shot his seed deep into his mother.

Exhausted he lay on top of her. His dick slowly shrank and then dropped out of her.

"Oh Justin, you are going to be the death of me," his mother whispered breathlessly in his ear.

Tim was sitting in the mall food court eating from a bag of chips and drinking a soda when he saw Justin walking over to his table. Justin had his break at about the same time each day so they arranged a meeting. Tim was anxious to tell his friend all about his Courtesan adventures.

"Hey," Justin said as he sat down.

"Hey," Tim's replied.

"What are you eating, chips?"

"Yeah. Want some?"

"Nah, that shit will kill you. I thought you were getting in shape for football?" Tim had already started practice sessions for his college team.

"Do you know how many laps I ran today, and how long I was at the gym lifting weights? One bag of chips won't kill me."

"You never know."

"What about you? You're not going out for football over at State?"

"I don't even want to go."

"What are you talking about? All you've talked about for the last year is going to college."

"Going away to college, not staying here and going to a commuter college."

"You were accepted to out of town colleges. Why didn't you go to one of them?"

"My mom. She's the one who wanted me to go to State."

"Justin man, you have to cut the apron strings. You're mom certainly won't."

"I know, but she said that since her and my dad were paying for school, she thought it was best that I stay local."

"Your mom is too controlling. You've got to get some independence."

"I know, I know, but how?"

"Well you'll have to suck it up for two years, and then transfer. It's the only way to get away from her."

Justin just shook his head in frustration. He loved his mom, but she had too much say in his life. Besides, he didn't know if he could wait two years.

"It's just like the Courtesan thing," Tim continued. "You're like the only guy in school who doesn't have one."

Again Justin didn't say anything. He just let it all boil up inside of him.

"You should have seen Linda the other day," Tim rubbed it in. "I actually had sex with her in the lingerie store. Right in the dressing room."

Justin looked up at Tim in astonishment. "What!"

"It's true. I got her to try on some kinky stuff, and I fucked her in the dressing room."

"You're lying!"

"Am I?"

Justin couldn't believe it. Tim was always so god damn lucky. First he got a real Courtesan, then it turned out to be this hot woman, and now he's fucking her in public.

"You know you aren't supposed to be talking about her this way?" Justin wasn't really indignant about Tim's indiscretion. It was jealousy and he knew it.

"That just sounds like sour grapes their buddy." Tim smiled, and Justin did too, but his smile was a sorrowful one.

Tim left, and Justin sat at the table alone. He only had a few more minutes before he had to get back from break, and he wasn't hungry, so he just sat there alone with his thoughts.

This whole situation was fucked up. He wasn't going to the school that he wanted. He was going to the one his mother picked out. On top of that he didn't have a real Courtesan. He was fucking his own mother.

It's not like he wasn't enjoying it. At first it felt weird, but as soon as he saw her naked, the lust just overcame any reluctance on his part.

And it wasn't like she wasn't willing. At first he thought she did it out of some sort of obligation to him, but lately she has been the aggressor.

Like the other night, they went to the local hamburger joint because his dad was out of town, and his mother didn't want to cook. They were sitting in the car in the back parking lot, and after they finished eating, she just opened his zipper, took out his cock, and without him asking, she started to suck his cock.

Initially it was surreal for him, because people were walking behind the car as he was fucking his mother's face. But lust soon took over any reservations he had, and soon he was holding the back of her head and ramming it as deep as he could down her throat.

Still, resentment harbors easily in a young man, and then it festers. It was with this burr under his saddle that he went back to work.

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