tagLoving WivesThe Obedient Husband Ch. 2

The Obedient Husband Ch. 2


A few days after Lily had her excursion with Alan she arrived home from shopping with a few parcels. She looked at me in a strange way as she went upstairs. A few minutes later she came back down.

"John, do you love me?"

"Yes, of course." I answered immediately, slightly puzzled.

"Did you enjoy the other evening, listening to Alan and me?"

"You know I did."

"Will you obey me in all things sexual?" The look in her eyes gave me warning.

"What if..." I started, but she cut across me.

"No what if's, either it's yes, and you will obey me instantly, or be punished. Or it's no, and we go back to doing what we were."

I remembered how our life had deteriorated once I became unable to perform, and then how excited we both were when she visited Alan, and how close we had been over the past few days. No contest.

"Yes, unreservedly."

"Good, go take a bath, I have left a woman's razor there. I want you to bathe then shave your body, and legs."

"Pardon, you want."

Quiet," she hissed in a dangerous voice. "I should only have to tell you once. Drop your trousers, and pants, then bend over and grasp your ankles."

I obeyed, even though we were in the kitchen, and the curtains were wide open that afternoon. Lily drew a wooden spoon from the cutlery drawer, and spanked me hard with it, five times on each cheek. I was gasping with pain.

"That may teach you to be better behaved. Now, say thank you mistress."

"Thank you, Mistress."

I was still bent over and she raised a foot to my lips, instinctively I kissed it. She then raised the other one to my lips, which I also kissed.

"Run along." She dismissed me.

I went up to the bathroom, and started the taps running. I couldn't find my usual bath gel, and had to use a flowery essence. As Lily had said there was a woman's razor there, and a new can of shaving foam. I was beginning to have my suspicions as to what she had in mind. I was nervous, but intrigued, and yes, a little excited also.

I wallowed in the hot water for a few minutes, and then turned my attention to shaving. There was little hair on my upper body, so that took only moment to get rid off. It took longer to do my legs, but I delighted in the feel of them afterwards. Then I wondered about my groin, she hadn't said how far to go. Then I thought lets go for it, and I shaved around my penis, and testicles, carefully. When I was drying myself, I saw how different I looked in the full-length mirror.

Lily must have heard me draining the bath as she gave me instructions from the landing.

"Don't get dressed, I have something in the bedroom for you."

I wrapped the towel around my waist, and crossed the landing to the bedroom. The first thing I noticed was Lily. She was wearing a red Basque, with matching knickers, suspender belt, and stockings; they set off her dark skin well. She was also wearing red stiletto heeled shoes. In her hand she had a riding crop. I gulped.

"Well, do you like your mistress like this?"

"Yes, you look fantastic."

She cracked the riding crop across my nipples.

"You missed out Mistress."

"Sorry, Mistress." I was too, that hurt.

"Because of your difficulty you are going to have to be my sissy. I have some appropriate items for you."

She gestured at the bed. There was female clothes, and make-up, even a wig.

"Get dressed," she ordered.

I dropped the towel to the floor. I picked up the pale blue panties, which were all lacy, and pulled them on, and then with her instructions I put on the matching suspender belt, and then rolled the black stockings on. Then a matching bra. To fill out the cups she had a pair of gel filled false breasts. Then a white blouse, and white minidress, that just covered my bum. In the mirror I could see the blue of t he bra showing through the blouse. Lily saw my glance.

"You look like a tart, and that's what you'll be."

The blonde wig came next; it came down to my jaw line, and curled under slightly. It felt strange the swishing of the hair against my neck, and cheeks. Lily then showed me how to apply my makeup. A foundation to help cover any beard shadow. Then eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. When we had done I hardly recognised myself. Lastly I had to put on a pair of stilettos also. I didn't know where Lily had got a pair to fit my large feet. They made my body change shape, so that my bum was raised, and my legs almost shapely. Lily made me practice walking up and down in them, which was difficult at first. The weird thing is that the transformation had made me feel excited inside. I was loving being submissive to my wife, and I was loving the power she had over me. She looked at me critically.

"Well, acceptable, I guess, but not convincing. I'm sure that'll improve. Now, you're going to be my slut submissive tart, so you'll have to practice." She slipped her panties off, and ordered me to lick her pussy.

She stood, legs straddled, I knelt down, and started licking her. She was already excited, and very damp. I always enjoy her juices on my tongue, and lips, and trickling down my throat. It seemed to be ages before she came, when she did her juices flowed out over my face. She had to clutch at my shoulders to keep her balance.

Once she had recovered, she ordered me to fix my make up. I sat at the dressing table to do so, whilst she watched, and ensured I did a good job.

Lily then reached into a bag, and pulled out a harness, there seemed to be two dildos's attached. I watched fascinated as she put lubricant on the smaller one, then secured the harness around her hips, to secure the small dildo inside her love tunnel. That left the larger one jutting threateningly in front of her. I suddenly realised, and she smiled at the look on my face.

"Don't worry, this won't hurt. Me anyway." She then ordered me to take of my knickers, then to kneel on all fours on the bed, with my arse sticking up, and backwards. I did as I was told, unable to take my eyes of the weapon. As I was doing that she spread lubricant on the cock, aping the wanking motions men make. The motion was also affecting the dildo inside her.

Then she approached me, and I could feel a lubricant smeared finger at my arse-ring. It slipped in, and she started to slide it in, and out, slowly at first, then faster. At first it hurt, then it became enjoyable.

"One finger isn't enough for my slut." She murmured. A second joined it. I gasped as my anus was distended. Then again, it became enjoyable. Soon a third finger stretched me, now it was painful, but she kept on sliding those three fingers in to the knuckle. After a few minutes of the three fingers, she withdrew them. Then I felt the hard rubber at my sore anus. She pressed it against the resistance. It seemed bigger than her fingers. I cried out, and then it slid in. It filled me, but it kept entering, all 7" of it until I felt Lily's thighs against my own. It seemed very painful. Then she started buggering me, slowly at first, then faster, and faster. Soon the pain receded, and I felt a kind of ecstasy. I could tell by Lily's gasps and pants, that the dildo inside her cunt was having its effect also. Eventually, Lily gave a shove as she spasmed around the rubber piercing her, and fell against my back. I collapsed onto the bed, the stiff cock still in me.

When Lily collected her thoughts she withdrew the cock. I was almost sorry for it to be gone, and my arse started stinging. "Did my little slut enjoy that?" Lily asked.

"Yes, Mistress.

"I know you did, you little whore, and I bet you want more."

"Yes, mistress." I said quietly. I realised I meant it also.

"Well, we'll rest now. I have arranged something for this evening. Fetch me a cup of tea, girl."

I jumped up to do as she asked, wondering what was in store for me later.

To Be Continued...

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