tagBDSMThe Obedient Husband Ch. 4

The Obedient Husband Ch. 4


It was my day off work, so I pottered around doing odd jobs mainly in the house. Then Lily came home.

"Take your belt off, pass it to me, then drop your trousers, and pants, and bend over." Wordlessly I did as she asked, wondering what I had done wrong. She gave me a half-a-dozen cracks on each butt cheek with my own leather belt. My arse was stinging.

"What were you up to this morning?" She demanded.

"This morning?" I repeated genuinely mystified.

"Yes, when you went shopping."

"I had to pay the paper bill, so I went and paid it." I was still uncertain what Lily was on about.

"Who did you pay?"

"The girl at the counter."

"And you tried to chat her up!" Lily exclaimed triumphantly.

"No, I wouldn't call it that. Just a bit of banter."

"That's not what I heard. Go upstairs, and get into your " Julie" gear." It was no good arguing. Once Lily had an idea like that it couldn't be shaken. Besides, I liked getting into my sexy underwear. I put on a white Basque, pulled in tight at the waist. Followed by lacy white panties, then black seamed stockings, black stilettos. Then I put ruby red lipstick on, and a blonde wig that came down to my shoulders. Soon after I finished Lily entered the bedroom. She took some handcuffs from the drawer, pulled my hands behind me and put the cuffs on. Then she put a blindfold on me. Then I heard her changing her clothes. When she had changed she snapped a collar and lead on me, and led me downstairs to the lounge. Lily then used me as a footstool whilst she watched a film on the Telly.

The doorbell rang. "Stay", Lily ordered. She left the room. I heard her welcome somebody.

"Julie, we have a visitor." Then she obviously spoke to the visitor. "Do you see what I mean? He can't give you satisfaction in the normal way. However, if you want to stay your welcome."

"Yes, I would like to stay," the visitor said after a moments pause. It was a woman's voice. It seemed familiar.

"Let me fetch you a glass of wine, red or white?" My wife enquired.

"White, please."

With their glasses of wine they sat on the sofa, using me as a footstool, and chatted for a while.

Then there was a few moments silence until Lily spoke again. "You have wonderful breasts may I see them." I couldn't believe I heard my wife say that to another woman. I didn't think she was that way inclined. There again I had found out things about myself recently I didn't know about.

The visitor hesitated. "Of course." She stood up, I could feel her calf's brushing against my flanks, and then I felt a couple of items of clothing fall on me. Lily moaned with pleasure. "They feel so firm as well, and your nipples are sticking out so far, I've just got to suckle them." I still couldn't believe what my wife was saying and doing, I just wished I could see. Neither woman had her feet on me now.

There were more sounds of kissing, and moans of excitement. I could also hear the slither of clothes being removed. After a few minutes of torment for me I received a welcome gesture from Lily. She removed my blindfold. I gasped with pleasure. With my beautiful ebony skinned wife was an attractive blonde female, with long legs leading up to a well-trimmed hairy mound that was so blonde it was almost the same colour as her milky skin. She had a slim, firm stomach, then nice breasts, with dark aureoles, and large jutting nipples. Her blonde hair covered her face as she suckled on my wife's more petite breasts. Lily smiled at me, obviously enjoying the moment. Lily ran her fingers down the girl's stomach sensuously, until it reached that place between her legs. Then she slid a finger father down. The girl sighed, and then opened her thighs, allowing Lily full access to her cunt. Lily slid a finger deep into her cunt, and started pistoning it in and out. The finger was very quickly covered in sticky juices, and I smelt the wonderful aroma of a woman in sexual excitement. As I watched the genitalia opened like a flower blossoming, and Lily slid a second, then third finger into the receptive girl. Then it didn't take long before she was bucking her hips, and grinding against my wife's knuckles. Then she screamed to a climax. They parted, and I gasped again. It was Anna, the girl I had spoken to in the shop that morning. Anna kissed my wife tenderly to thank her for the orgasm.

"Julie, lick Anna's pussy clean." Lily ordered. I started eagerly. I lapped at her still spread lower lips, enjoying the sweet taste of her juices. Lily and Anna continued kissing, and fondling each other until they deemed Anna sufficiently cleaned. I was disappointed to stop. Lily decided we would be more comfortable in the bedroom. She allowed Anna to take my lead, and take me there.

Once in the bedroom I was ordered to remove my panties. I did so.

"I thought you were slow cleaning our guest up." Lily announced. "Bend over." She then got a leather paddle from the drawer as I followed orders. She then spanked me on each butt cheek, six times, whilst Anna watched fascinated.

When she was done Lily put on her double headed strap on dildo. A smaller dildo for herself, (although still a respectable size), and a larger one sticking out from her groin.

"Julie, suck my cock, and suck it good." I took the rubber into my mouth, and started sucking and licking it.

"That's a large cock, Lily, are you sure I can take it?" Anna asked anxiously.

"Once this slut has lubricated it you'll be fine, sweetheart." Lily replied, talking lovingly to the girl.

Anna laid back on the bed, parted her legs, and started playing with herself to lubricate her pussy. Then the rubber was taken from my mouth, and the tip of it pushed against Anna's sweet pussy. Slowly, carefully, Lily pushed it in. At first Anna gasped in effort, then once it was in she sighed, contentedly. I could only kneel and watch as Lily started to screw the girl, lovingly, and tenderly. They kissed passionately all the way through their intercourse. Inevitably Anna's long legs twined around Lily's waist, and Lily responded with faster, deeper thrusts. They were both gasping, and sobbing with pleasure long before they exploded into a almost simultaneous orgasm. I thought it was wonderful to watch two women together. Once they finished they still laid in each other's arms, caressing, and murmuring lovingly to each other.

I was sent to fetch coffee, and quickly returned with two cups of coffee.

"Oh, I needed that." Anna said as she sipped the brew.

"The coffee?" Lily asked.

"No, the screwing. My husband works away, and he's been gone three months. I was really ready for that. I'm glad you came in to see me about your husband, Lily."

"I'm pleased too, I just didn't think it would lead to such fun."

"Glad you enjoyed it. Does your husband get anything out of these sessions?"

Lily snorted in contempt. "Who cares? More to the point, what about your husband. Are you going to tell him? What would he say?"

Anna pondered a moment. "Yes, I think I will tell him. He's always wanted to see me with another woman, so I'll tell him I've been practicing. That is if it's all right with you?"

"Of course it is. When he gets home we'll put on a show for him if you like, he can even join in if he fancies a three-some." Lily replied.

Anna grinned. "I don't think he'll be able to resist." She picked up the strap-on. "Now how do you use this?"

The two beautiful women explored female-to-female love making for hours whilst I sat on the floor, and watched. Sometimes I was sent for refreshments.

Once they had finished exploring each other's bodies hours later they snuggled into each other's arms to sleep. I had the task of gently licking their sore cunt's until they fell asleep, which they did all too soon. Then I curled up at the foot of the bed, and fell to sleep myself.

To Be Continued...

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