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The OC Preggo Babes


Linda was horny. Left alone for most of her day, and being 6 months pregnant can do that to a young woman. Being a 25 year old trophy wife was not all it was cracked up to be. Sure she lived in a multi-million dollar house over-looking the Pacific, money to spend as she pleased at the local, tony shops, but what she craved now was companionship. Her husband of over twice her age treated her well, but his focus was on his empire, especially now in her accidental pregnant state. He seemed almost repulsed by her body. He’s an idiot because she was a heavenly vision to be held.

Reclining in a chaise lounge chair by her backyard pool, she took in her bikini-clad body, her eyes trailing up from her French-manicured toes. Her tall, former Vegas dancer, frame was still very much a display of envy, and desire. The epitome of what a preggo “Barbie” should look like. She ran her hands up her thighs, following her eye’s lead. Her long, shapely legs joined her torso with a still firm ass that possessed head-turning jiggle as she strutted down the street. She still had a perfect transitioning curve of her hips-to-waist-to-chest ratio. She made sure to keep her regular dance, and weightlifting workouts because she knew she looked good, and she liked what she saw. Her body had maintained its waist even as a cute little pooch of a belly was beginning to become more prominent. She lightly tickled herself, running her fingertips across and around her belly. She was enjoying being pregnant, and was looking forward to seeing how her body would continue to fill out. She cupped her perfectly tear-dropped shaped breasts that were growing as fast as her baby was growing within her. She took in their heft, and extra volume. Much to her delight, her once large B-cups had now become small D-cups as her body began to prepare itself for motherly duties. Fuck her husband, she thought, I’m as hot as ever.

Fondling her breasts caused a swell in their nipples and a surge of blood to her neglected pussy. She gave a cautious look around her backyard, making sure, although it wasn’t needed; she had complete privacy in her secluded backyard. Reassured, she peeled the two triangles of material covering her breasts to reveal her now erect nipples. Gently grabbing each breast, she stroked each with a full hand, pulling from their base against her chest, up through her areolas. It felt good, very good, to be touched, even if it was just herself doing it. Stroking her breasts, she took her time, reveling in the sexual sensations her breast massage was producing in the rest of her body. She felt her face and chest become flush. She closed her eyes, focusing her mind on the sensations her breasts were feeling. Soon her pussy’s tingle was calling for more of her attention.

Looking around once again, she slowly brought her hand down across her body, softly caressing her little belly on the way. Her fingers grazed the top of the little patch of thong bikini material covering her hairless pubic mound. Already swelled, she lightly pushed down as she parted her fingers. Her spread fingers traveled down around her clit to her swollen outer pussy lips. The edges of her thong gave a trail to run her fingers along, lightly caressing her sex. Linda’s breathing started to become more shallow, and shorter.

Her left hand still pulling on her nipple, and massaging her breast, her right hand pulled her thong aside. Spreading her engorged–red outer lips, her full pink inner lips folded out. Gently rubbing two fingers on each lip, a moan escaped as she felt her wetness. A new thought crossed her mind, and she tried to bring her breast to her mouth. For the very first time she could reach her nipple with her tongue, and as soon as the contact was made, her pussy twitched, begging for a firmer touch. Linda’s moans became louder and more frequent as she curled her body, contorting herself to lick her hard nipple, and finger her ever increasing wet pussy.

She cupped her pussy with her whole hand, using her fingers to rub her lips and stroke her pussy hole; the heel of her hand mashing against her clit. As her muscles became more relaxed, and stretched, she made a lunge, and sucked in her nipple. Flicking it rapidly, her fingers were now on her clit, frantically rubbing her engorged clit. Her legs bucked as the first orgasmic wave overcame her. Needing to arch her back, she reluctantly released her breast, and threw her head back. “UUHHH, UUHHH,” she gasped as her fingers strummed her insatiable pleasure button. Her body shook, twitched, and recoiled as successive waves powered through her. Slowly she eased her ministrations, until she was again just gently rubbing her outer pussy lips, avoiding her too hot clit. Oh I needed that, she thought. But her body craved so much more.

Linda covered herself, if that’s what you would call her tiny bikini doing, and took a cat-nap. Awaking a little while later, she stretched as she stood, figuring she might as well get out of the house for the afternoon. After a quick shower, she dressed in a loose-fitting, but preggo-figure-flattering sundress, and grabbed her keys. She had left her Mercedes in the front driveway of the house after her morning dance workout at the studio.

Exiting the house she saw two women walking down the street towards her. Although Linda recognized them from the neighborhood, she did not know them. They both were the typical Newport Beach blondes: thin with big tits, gym-shaped legs, sunglassed beautiful faces with ever so slightly upturned noses. Their faces looked very much alike; one was in her early thirties and about 8 months pregnant, and the other in her mid-forties with a new born in a jogger-stroller.

Linda stopped at her car to watch the women approach her. She smiled as she took them in. The pregnant lady was radiating: her face and hips full with pregnant glory, a smile the whole time she was talking to her friend, proudly showing off her stretched tummy under her exposed sports bra, and low riding baby blue bike shorts. For being “so along”, she was able to keep a quick pace of a walk. Linda’s horny state, and past girl-on-girl fun, caused her to feel a wanton desire for her, as well as her partner. The lady with the stroller was as equally stunning, seeming to bounce a little extra in her steps making her large milk-filled breast jiggle wonderfully in the tank top covering them. Her tanned and toned legs extending from black Capri tights.

Both ladies stopped talking as they approached Linda, and flashed big, perfect teeth smiles at her. Linda smiled back and introduced herself as they approached.

“Please to meet you, I’m Mel,” said the pregnant one, “and this is Lisa.”

“Hi,” Lisa said as she recoiled the stroller’s top, “and this is Cooper.”

Linda’s body gave her a strange feeling of longing as her eyes fell on the scrunched-faced infant, not one month old yet. Linda cooed at him, “He’s beautiful.” Lisa beamed proudly at the compliment.

“How far along are you?” Linda asked Mel.

“Almost there, little over one month to go.” Mel replied, her face smiling a bit more. “If I may be so bold, it looks like you are right behind me?”

Linda raised her eyes, staring into Mel’s green eyes, gave a blushful smile and nodded. She caught herself, was she flirting, or just beaming? Mel caught the quick glint, causing wonder in what she thought she just saw, and allowed her eyes to drift down, casually checking out Linda’s breasts on her way to view her tummy. A little lull of thoughts silenced the women for a moment.

“Do you walk everyday?” Linda broke the silence.

Lisa saw what just happened also, and being more aggressive, decided to test the waters. “Yes, among other things, to get back in shape,” she demurely smiled at Linda, “We just started again a couple of days ago. I finally felt like doing it after the birth, even though Mel has been begging me to take her on for the past couple of week. Just a bit too sore, if you know what I mean.” Mel faintly snickered as she understood the double entendre as the two had just finished licking each other’s pussies’ right before they left for their walk. “Our walk is only a couple of miles along the bluff of the State Park. Care to join us?”

Linda’s mind raced, she was pretty sure the sexual tension had just been kicked up, but couldn’t clearly tell. “How about tomorrow, is this the usual time?”

“Yeah, we’ll be here to pick you up and see if you can keep up with our workout,” Lisa’s Cheshire cat smile betrayed her motive, Mel giggled at her brashness, but Linda was still not too sure what to make of the two beauties.

“Alright, I’ll be ready,” Linda told them, then her horniness made a test for them, “but I’d just like to tell you I can go for quite a length of time.” All three pussies tingled, but all three minds were too intimidated to make the first move. They said their good-byes, and Linda watched them stroll off, eyes focused on two asses that seemed to be sashaying a little too much for a normal walk. Linda’s pussy was pulsing, could it be, she thought, were they coming on to me? I can only hope, she wished to herself. She hopped in her car, and sped off to a sports store, looking for a new outfit for the walk.

Mel gave Lisa a friendly slug in the arm after Linda past them with a wave. “What were thinking you little minx?”

“I saw the way you exchanged looks with her, the way she was almost salivating,” Lisa teased Mel, “I’m surprised she didn’t invite us in for ‘snacks’!” The ladies laughed at themselves, and started planning how to make the first move tomorrow, both feeling girl juice dampening their walking shorts as neither had put on panties.

They reached the main gate of their fenced community, looked at each knowingly, and turned around, quickly raced back to Lisa’s house. Their pussies were on fire by the time they were inside. But in Lisa’s haste to place Cooper in his bassinet, he woke up with a cry. Lisa coddled him, rocking and swaying, trying to coax him back to sleep. Mel did not help things along a she was on a sexual high, not having any motherly instincts at the moment, and was kissing the back of Lisa’s neck, her hands clutching Lisa’s ass.

“I know you can’t wait anymore Lisa, let me eat you,” Mel’s hands sneaked into the waist band of the Lisa’s Capri pants and pushed them down to her knees. Lisa wanted Mel’s tongue bad, so she did what she needed: raising her bra, she placed Cooper on a breast, stepped out of her pants, and sat in her padded rocking chair, legs spread for Mel’s feeding. Mel almost beat Cooper to sucking on their respective momma juice.

“OOHH YEAH!” Lisa moaned. Mel had never eaten her pussy as she nursed, and her body was in full ecstasy mode from the new riveting sensations. Cradling tiny Cooper with one arm, Lisa placed her other hand on Mel’s head, pushing her face harder into her tingling and flowing pussy. She lifted her legs with Mel’s help, and draped them over the arm rests of the chair. “YEAH BABY GIRL, SUCK ME BABY! DRINK MY JUICE, SUCK ME DRY!” Lisa’s breathing was hard and fast. Little Cooper was also caught up in the action as he was sucking harder and faster, his little mind in survival mode as Lisa’s breast was gushing milk in its sexual heightened state. His little mouth could not collect all the milk gushing out and a steady stream poured down his chin, soaking his blanket. Lisa’s other breast was leaking as if someone was sucking its contents out as well. Soon a steady river was running down her belly, across her hip, running down either side of her thigh, soaking her ass cheek as it collected on the chair cushion on one side, and mingling with her pussy juice on the other. Mel tasted the mixture and doubled her efforts to suck in all Lisa had to offer, mixing pussy juice and momma’s milk. Mel’s mouth never tasted such sweetness.

Lisa released Mel’s head and grabbed her free breast. Milking it, she began to shoot her momma juice, aiming it at Mel’s head. Mel opened her mouth as wide as she could, leaving her tongue to vibrate on Lisa’s clit, giving a target for the sweet tit juice. Even with her best aim, her milk was shooting everywhere but Mel’s mouth, but happily she was drenching her friend’s hair and face. Mel inserted a couple of laced and curled fingers into Lisa’s soppy pussy, rushing her orgasm to crest. “YEAH! YEAH! OOOHHHHH!” Lisa’s voice was a guttural groan as she climaxed. Mel held her tongue still, pressed against the momma’s nub, but slightly wiggled her fingers inside the birth canal.

“UHHHH BABY! OOOOHHHHH MMMMMEEELLLLL!” She released her breast to hold Mel’s head against her pulsating pussy.

Lisa slowly lowered her legs as she came down from her high erotic state, and Cooper popped off, needing a serious burping. Linda touched Mel’s jawbone, drawing her up for a kiss. Just when their lips met, Cooper let out a loud obnoxious burp, and began to fuss again. Mel’s face gave a disappointed look, which Lisa read perfectly. “Don’t worry, I got an idea,” Lisa said as she stood up, grabbed Mel’s hand and lead her to the den. Lisa sat on the floor with her back against the sofa. Cooper wanted more milk, so Lisa popped him on the other breast, and then she scooted her ass away from the sofa a little. With only her shoulders and head resting on the cushions of the sofa, she looked up at Mel and smiled devilishly. Mel’s eyes lit up as her mind grasped what Lisa was inviting her to do. She quickly dropped her shorts, placed a knee on either side of Lisa’s head, and sank her steamy pussy on to her face.

Lisa saw Mel’s plump pussy lips glistening, and red. She instantly sucked them in her mouth as soon as they were within reach, rapidly flicking her tongue, batting the engorged lips like a boxer’s speed bag. “OH MOMMY CUNT LICKER!” Mel exclaimed, “OH YEAH!” Mel ground her pussy into Lisa’s face, but staying cognizant enough from kicking Cooper’s little face as he was again trying to keep up with his mommy’s mammary flow. Mel grabbed a breast and squeezed hard. Her breasts had started to slowly leak milk about a week ago, and she hoped in this incredible sex session her breasts would respond more. Her wish was granted as a silky, thicker fluid began to leak out of her hard teat. Bringing her breast up to her own mouth, she licked at the nipple, relishing in her own creation.

Lisa opened her mouth wider to encompass Mel’s nub. Once Mel felt her nubbin in, she directed her hip thrusts to rub her nub against the front of Lisa’s top teeth. Mel had to be careful for the baby, and also from suffocating Lisa as she was boring the weight of her pelvis hard against her friend’s nose. Lisa gave a couple of hard slaps on Mel’s clenching ass, getting her to rise. In an instant she pushed her off, laid the baby down on the floor, and repositioned herself under Mel. Now with free hands, she plunged fingers in both pleasure holes of Mel’s. Mel immediately began to buck her hips against Lisa’s mouth, her climax rocking her womb, causing her unborn to kick and stretch.

Cooper’s cries ended the oh-so-fabulous mouth-to-pussy connection as a breathless Lisa picked him up. Mel crashed down on the sofa, pressing against her pulsating outer lips, quaking with after shocks, her tummy moving and bulging as her own was kicking inside her. Cooper resisted his momma’s teat, and just needed to be cuddled and soothed to calm down. In about 5 minutes he was out, Lisa successfully laid him down in the bassinet, and Mel was still clutching her throbbing pussy.

“Wow girl!” Mel said, “You are so hot standing there covered in milk!” Lisa looked in a wall mirror and chuckled as her whole torso glistened in expectorated momma juice. “We need a shower,” she smiled at her friend laying on the sofa, and extended her hand.


Linda was so excited when she got home after her shopping trip that she had to finger her swollen pussy again. She even tried to get her husband to fuck her later that night, only to be rebuffed by him. Oh well, I think my new friends can help me with my itch, she thought to herself. She fell asleep dreaming of two mouths sucking her pussy.

Linda woke up alone again, her husband being the consummate businessman, already off to work. It was only 7:30. Damn, she thought, three and a half hours to go. She wasn’t hungry, too many butterflies, but knew for her baby’s sake she had to eat; besides she had to do something to make the time pass quickly.

With a half-hour before the meeting time, Linda got dressed. She pulled up her tight heather-gray shorts that barely descended to the top of her thighs. Not wearing any panties, she tried to find the best fit to show off her already puffy pussy region. Not wanting to be too brazen, she didn’t want to make a camel-toe, but figured what the fuck if it happened on its own. Her top was a white halter top with a support shelf. She bought a size too small so the material stretched across her breasts, showing the outsides of the globes bulging, hopefully displayed nicely for her new friends. Her nipples were just as excited as her pussy, jutting proudly against the top, extending out at least a half inch. She liked what she saw in the mirror, turned to see her back side, and squealed with excitement as she gave her ass a little slap. Having another excruciating 15 minutes to go, she went to the front window to stretch and keep an eye out for the girls. Her hopes materialized as the girls were coming early towards her house after only five minutes.

Linda rushed out the door, waved enthusiastically, and watched them walk towards her. The two women approached as if from a sexual mirage. Mel again was wearing only a sports bra, but one that was smaller than and not as tight as yesterday’s, allowing her breasts to bounce as she bounded up the street. Her white running shorts were very short, almost transparent (could Linda make out a small triangle of fur), riding low on her hips, proudly showing off her beautiful tummy, round and extended. Linda felt a twinge in her pussy and knew she was becoming damp. Mel’s outfit was not meant for walking.

Lisa was also dressed for something other than exercising. A tight, white tank top covered her upper body; her almost visible areolas had erect nipples, and her cute little pudge of a belly peek-a-booing with its soft contours, causing a winking belly button. Her shorts were a very short, loose fitting style made of sweats material, which were riding low on her hips too; Linda could imagine Lisa’s bubbly ass jiggling as she strode. Linda’s vision was almost transfixed by her lust, and an unexpected sense of fear overcame her. Her pussy was wet, and had it began to stain her shorts? She turned to lock her front door, and hopefully check her crotch for wetness in the window’s reflection.

“Fuck our walk,” Lisa whispered to Mel, “Look at her outfit, she wants us. Bad.”

“Uh-huh. I think she’s coming already.” Mel whispered back out of the corner of her mouth as they reached the driveway. Both ladies were taking in the young women’s gorgeous form. Their eyes flowed down the back of Linda’s turned body from her tightly drawn hair pulled in a pony-tail, down her exposed broad shoulders tapering to a little waist, her hips flaring out to frame her tight ass, supported by her long, muscular legs. Linda turned and caught their eyes staring at her ass and legs. Both ladies made no effort to conceal what they were doing, sending another jolt to Linda’s pussy. In fact as they got closer to her, their eyes stayed on her crotch. Linda’s juices had betrayed her and the front of her shorts, pulled inside her outer lips, a very plump vulva outlined for all to see, had a rapidly expanding wet spot.

“Good morning!” Linda sang, trying to act innocent, “How far are we going today?” Lisa and Mel met her half way up her walkway.

Lisa took off her sunglasses and with a look of pure lustful hunger told her in a husky voice: “All the way.”

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