tagBDSMThe Offer Ch. 2

The Offer Ch. 2

byTim Smith©

In the first installment my wife and I made a deal with a Rich Pervert By the name of Phil.

Phil walked her through many perversions in a 24 hr. time frame and lined her up for another in Mexico for a period of 48hrs. as well as upped the anti to 300,000 dollars making it all but impossible to turn down.

And said to be adventurous and grueling than the first.

And now the story...

* * * * *

After 2 weeks of rest for Liz I brought up the subject of Phil's new offer as we played out some nasty fantasies in the bed room.

Sense the incident I had seen a change in her sexual needs and mindset towards sex.

When I brought it up She immediately came alive with sexual energy in our fantasy and nearly wore me out in the next 2 hours and broke several items around our bed.

The next evening when I got home from work she was drinking heavy and said she needed to talk to me about something right away.

I sat next to her and she spilled the beans about loosing a lot of money several days before on an investment.

I had let her take 100,000 dollars of the money to start her own business and she had been a bit to hasty and was taken by a scam, to make a long story short The money would not be seen for a while.

I told her that with my 100,000 we would be OK for doing the things we wanted to do, but truthfully when we added up what we had dreamed of doing minus the taxes we may have to pay if caught we had very little left.

She asked what I thought, I told her If it was OK with her It was OK with me For her to be his again for 48 hrs. in Mexico.

I asked if she could handle it, she looked at the ground and said, I will have to if we want the money.

The next day I called Phil and Told him of the news, he said this time we would need a contract to be signed and he would not elaborate why.

We were to go to the same mansion and sign the contract next week.

A week went by quick and when we entered the home It was light and airy, hard to even believe that the things that had happened there only weeks before had ever taken place.

We sat and Phil entered the room, immediately Liz looked down at the floor and only briefly raised her eyes on occasion.

We looked over the contract, that neither understood, and signed it, both of us.

Some things I had seen in the contract bothered me, but we needed the money so I pushed them out of my head.

As we left Phil handed me a airline Ticket and I asked why only one.

He stated that I would fly down and Liz would be driven, (it was in the contract) Oh ya I stated.

There was a note for Liz in an envelope and in the car she read it aloud to me.

It stated she would be picked up at our home on a certain date prior to the 48hr. period starting with travel time to Mexico not included in the 48 hr. time frame, (as per the contract).

The note also said what she was to wear and not to bring any personal belongings.

The day came and Liz was picked up oddly enough by an RV 35 ft. I would say or so, or someone would call it a coach.

We kissed and the door opened on its own and she climbed the steps, the door closed behind her and the Coach whisked away.

When I reentered the house the phone was ringing and I answered.

It was Phil, he said the coach would be on the road for some time and my flight was 3 days from now and to fulfill our verbal part of the agreement as well as a small paragraph in the contract he was having his people stop by with some video equipment that would be installed so I could monitor Elizabeth's trip for 3 days.

My stomach dropped as the thought of seeing my wife on video for 3 days and not being with her made our separation even harder.

It wasn't 1 hour and the men were in and out of our home, and had installed the equipment with a 45 inch monitor in our living room.

There was a not they had given me as they had exited the house and I read it out loud .

Tim, do not touch any of the equipment or unplug it, you have control only of the sound.

The system will run real time with her journey to Mexico. Phil.

That afternoon I ordered out, as not to miss the thing starting up, and seeing if Liz was ok.

About the time the delivery fella was at the door I heard the set come on and talking over the speakers.

I rushed from the door with my food and got into place on the couch.

I was amazed to see the coach was very fancy inside and the camera was placed facing back from the front about where the rear view mirror would be, showing a kitchen area, and a good view of what looked to be a dinning table and at the back of the RV was a Large bed that was visible with the doors tied open leading into it.

I could see a maid milling about by the right of the bed and as she emerged from the room I realized it was Liz, dressed in a very skimpy black maids out fit with white fluffs, only covering the bottom halves of her breasts and a thong type panty bottom.

There were two black men at the dinette drinking beer and talking about Liz and another coming out of the restroom.

My pants began to get tight as the possibility of Liz having her first black man or men swam around in my Head.

The men asked Liz to get them some more beer and as she walked by one man slapped her ass and the other ran his hand down the back of her leg.

The third man started talking to the others and it was apparent her was in charge.

He told Liz That they had a long trip ahead and that by the time they arrived she would know all three of them much better.

The screen went black and that was it, this was to be frustrating for sure.

I made myself useful around the house and called into work to let them know I wouldn't be in.

I had intended to keep busy at work until my flight but the box in my living room was to hard to walk away from for fear of missing something.

I had dozed off in the chair when I heard some noise and awoke to the picture up on the screen.

The RV was dark inside but I could make out a woman, most likely Liz standing in the doorway to the back bedroom hands holding onto a rail above her head and legs as far apart as the small hallway would allow.

She was still in the outfit from before it appeared but the thong had been pulled to the side of her ass and I could hear her whining.

There were other figures around her, one man leaning against the wall behind toward me and two in front.

As I watched, there hands roamed from here to there all over her body.

The Man sitting behind her would start at her ankle and work up to her crotch and she would wiggle and wince when his hand disappeared in that area.

It was to dark to see what was going on specifically, at one point all three men's elbows were between her knees and vertical as she started to say , OH GODDDDD NO GGGGGRRR, Ahey, fuckkkkkk and her body shook uncontrollably.

I was sure at that point she had an orgasm.

Now a man on the other side of her brought something out from behind the wall that looked like a short broom stick or curtain rod with something the size and shape of a champagne bottle on the end of it.

When she saw what ever it was she said NOOOOOO, the screen went black and the sound stayed on long enough to hear a bit of rustling about and some smacks against skin with a sharp yelp from Liz and one man saying hold her legs damn it, then it was silent.

My head was spinning and my mind was going 150 miles per hour imagining what may or may not be happening to my wife, I think I passed out shortly there after.

Around 2:30 am The screen came on again and I could see the devise from earlier and other things strung about the floor as well as the thong panties.

There was movement on bed and I could make out Elizabeth's head going up and down over the largest cock I think I have ever seen on one of the black men laying crossways on the bed, and she was raised up on her knees with an arch in her back the other two men holding one leg each with there heads both be hind her ass, talking in hush tones and moving about with there free hand making her whine and growl around the large cock.

Her ass began to move and waves of ripples shot across her thighs and ass and the men behind said things like ya babe that's it that's the way, you can cum again for us, Oh ya.

Meanwhile her eyes bulged full open and cheeks flared outward as the man that was receiving the blow job pushed her head down all the way on his cock and growled.

She started to spray liquid from her nose as it flared and cough and at the same time bucked her hips and whined loudly around the cock, grunting to what almost seamed a beat to what was moving her back side.

Then the screen went black, the sound trailed again, longer this time with the men telling her it was time to cum again, slapping skin, whining, coughing, loud breathing through her nose, then some how it sounded as if she managed to scream from around the large cock, then silence, and a man said get the salts.

The sound was gone.

I slept until 10 am the next morning, it could have came back on and I would have never known.

A long time had gone by I think I lost track, I felt ashamed that I had taken myself in hand 4 times with the memory of what I saw sense the last time the monitor had been on.

That afternoon I heard noise from the set and ran to the living room to see what was going on now.

It was light in the RV and my eyes bugged out to see one black man laying on his back on the table to the right of the hall fully dressed with the other two holding my wife who was naked from the waist down over his face, each of the other men were each holding one arm and one leg.

She was saying, YES YES YES , OH GOD OH GODDDDD and cumming and shaking in there arms.

The man on his back was moving his head in all directions and slapping her hard on the ass.

It was at this point I saw a man with a video camera walking into the RV from the steps on the left of my screen, it was apparent they were stopped with the side door open.

The man holding the camera was a white fella and I had not seen him before.

A woman now appeared through the door and walked around the man with the camera and took my wife's head in her hands, one on each side and engaged in a long French kiss.

She then lowered her hands and raised my wife's shirt and exposed her breasts, taking each one in each hand and massaging, squeezing, and pinching her nipples.

My wife bucked and screamed moving the two large men holding her, and came again moving all three people attached to her.

Again the woman kissed her while holding her breasts by the nipples.

At the left of the screen another woman entered with a fake large pink penis strapped onto her around her jeans and the man beneath her moved away and the two men tilted her back on her back with her ass over the edge of the table.

The other woman positioned her self behind my wife's head sitting Indian style on the table with my wife's head against her chest.

As the woman with the strap on penis worked it into my wife's wet pussy the other reached around and cupped my wife's breasts from the sides bringing her thumbs and for fingers together over her already red distorted nipples and began to role them slowly smiling at the woman between my wife's legs.

The women worked her in unison to two more orgasms, commenting on how well she responded all the while my poor wife was mumbling unrecognizable words and staring at the woman with the fake penis in her.

Several times my wife would push back towards the woman as she neared her orgasm, using her waist and leg muscles to spread wider to facilitate the movement with the men holding her.

Now she lay limp in there arms, the woman with the strap on knelt between her legs and pushed first one then two, then three fingers inside my wife making lewd comments and twisting them about making my wife come briefly back to life and beg her to stop.

This went on for a while until the woman had her whole hand in my wife's pussy to her wrist and had my wife crying and begging her to stop while at the same time shivering in a small series of orgasms caused by the woman brutally attacking her clit with her teeth and tong.

Finally the woman removed her hand and told then to lay her on the table, head over the edge.

My wife was tuned around and laid the opposite direction, her open V now towards the woman that was before manipulating her breasts and her face crotch height to the woman that now had lost her jeans, strap on penis and panties, and now stood bottomless and over my wife's face.

The woman had a fantastic ass and was shaved totally clean.

She instructed my wife to eat her good or the other woman would fill her to the elbow.

My wife started to vigorously munch and the woman between my wife's legs slowly wet her fingers in her mouth and started to slowly role her clit forth and back coaxing a high pitched noise out of my wife.

As the woman started to orgasm the screen again went black and this time the sound went with it as well.

The rest of the day nothing came from the monitor that had been such a focal point in my life the last few days.

The next day I arose and headed to the airport, the trip was uneventful to say the least and I couldn't get Liz out of my mind.

I kept thinking of her being forced to cum over and over that eve in the RV.

I would see an image of her eyes bulging open, the two men behind working frivolously away at her most private parts, and how they possessed her with there fingers making her a captive of her own body.

When the plane arrived at the airport I was greeted by a man in a suit that helped me with my luggage to the limo that waited in the pickup zone.

We drove in silence for 3 hours out into what I thought was anything but desolate desert.

We came upon a gate at the end of the road with signs posted in Spanish, I had no idea what they said.

We traveled on some two miles or so, passed another gate then to a large compound looking almost military.

Once inside the look was 100% different, It was elaborate in construction and decor, looking a lot like a resort inside.

I was taken inside and shown my room and was told to wait there.

The phone rang and I was told dinner would be in 20 minutes and someone would pick me up.

In 20 minutes as said, a woman came and knocked on my door and took me to a large dinning room where I immediately recognized Phil and next to him Sat My wife Elizabeth.

Around them sat a small number of people I did not recognize.

The table was round and I was ushered to the only available spot and sat down.

Phil asked how the trip was and I answered politely but could start to feel the aggravation of not being in control of anything for a long period of time.

He explained that this place was a resort for the rich to explore there dark sides and that Elizabeth would be part of those proceedings in the next 46 hours.

He also said that when it could be arranged I could watch and even perhaps take part in things as long as it was feasible to maintain the customer's confidentiality.

As Phil talked my wife would look at me like a frightened animal then look down at her food.

We ate light and little was said, it appeared that most every one there must have worked at the resort.

When we were through I was told that after I was taken to my room someone would come get me and Liz was escorted off with Phil and two others, Liz looked at me once more then put her eyes down as she walked away.

Later that evening there was a knock on the door of my room.

I answered it and there was a woman standing there smiling and stated that there were things happening that I might be interested in.

I followed her down some corridors and into a dark warm room, the room was decorated in a colonial state and In the middle was my wife Liz, blindfolded and standing with her hands over her head, tied to some kind of a bar with leather cuffs on her wrists.

She was dressed in lingerie matching the colors of the room and surrounded by three women all fully dressed in nice skirts as if ready to go out dancing.

The contrast caught me off guard.

Directly in front of them was a glass wall separating the room in half, me and my wife and the three women on this side and chairs on the other, perhaps 20 or so.

At this time men and women some couples some alone, all wearing masks started to usher in the other room.

Once seated I was told to sit in a chair about 10ft from where my wife stood.

The women then brought over an old fashion divider and sat it in front of me and pointed to a round piece of glass at eye height that I could look through and left me alone.

I watched carefully through the hole at what was taking place.

The three women left my wife alone and went to the other side of the glass and spoke to the crowd.

They took places standing with the crowd as a couple and one fella walked around the glass to my wife's side.

The woman immediately knelt in front of my wife and pulled the thong panties aside and began to eat her, while the two men pulled her legs apart and ran there hands up and down her legs and grabbed her ass with there free hands.

Elizabeth went wild shaking and pulling at her bonds and saying OH GOD, OHHH, GGGDDDDD, as they worked on her as a team.

This went on until my wife started to scream, then the three stopped all at once.

The woman walked around to where they had originally been seated and picked up a gym bag and brought it back smiling at the others.

She took a pair of cuffs for my wife's legs out and put them on, she then took out some rope and handed it to both the men.

Both men tied the end of there rope to the cuffs and walked in opposite directions finding a place to tie and pulling my wife's legs far apart.

Then the woman produced a scissors and cut off every shred of lingerie left on Liz.

The men returned to my wife and began to paw at her breasts as the woman handed them both oil.

Both men oiled there hands and began to massage Liz's breasts making her nipples hard and stand at attention.

The woman busied herself between my wife's legs and my wife began to scream load and the woman stopped and pulled a gag out of the bag and quickly attached it.

The woman asked the men to move and pulled a leather bra from the bag, as she drew it onto my wife I noticed immediately that this bra was unique in the aspect there were small holes about 2 inches in diameter in the center of each cup.

The woman put it on and pulled it tight using a harness on the back.

My wife's breasts tried but stood no chance of coming through the small holes, all that had made it through was a lewd cone with the large nipple at each end.

The woman walked back to the front of her and started to work her fingers through the bra holes and pull flesh through.

Liz moaned and shook as the woman worked away.

In no time at all the woman had her full 36b breasts pulled out in a lewd display still coated with the oil that had mad it all possible.

They looked like swelled melon's with the large nipple on the end as they started to turn darker in color before all of our eyes, as the woman moved the gym bag between my wife's legs

And then she reached again into her bag and pulled out a devise looking like an egg with a wire attached to it, she moved it strait upwards and began to rub it over my wife pussy lips and at some point it disappeared up into her.

She now again reached into the bag and brought up a smaller one, she paused and added some oil to it and gently pushed it up into my wife's rear.

She now produced from the bag one large dildo and coated it with oil and pushed it slowly up her pussy pushing the plastic egg ahead of it, slowly feeding the wire in as she went.

The crowd was all watching closely as the woman worked professionally towards some goal that myself nor my wife were yet aware of.

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