The Office Mates Ch. 02


Susan came back to reality and noticed she was biting her finger and caressing her own breast with her other hand. Her moans had matched the rhythm of his thrusts. She felt his hot breath against her thighs as he dragged his cheek against her soft skin. She looked up at him and saw staring intently at her breasts heaving back and forth.

His grip grew tighter and his pace quickened. Susan bore down on her own orgasm building making her purring into moaning. She reached down stroking her clitoris and feeling his cock rocking back and forth into her. The pleasure was intense when at her touch and she stroked and rubbed herself vigorously.

"Aaaaauuuggghhhh..." she moaned loud only to trigger John to increase his pace.

"Oh yeah." John said feeling the head of his cock sending waves of pleasure shooting into his body. He felt his thighs beginning to swell and tighten as he felt his orgasm building up to release. He stared at Susan's body seeing it moving in tune with his own and feeling the pleasure it gave him.

"She's meant for me." He thought looking at her body.

She was pretty and other guys thought so as well, but she was attractive in John's eyes and that was the only thing that mattered right now. Her proportions were right. Not too big and not too small. Not too tall and not too short. Not too heavy and not too light. Beyond the perfect physical traits was her personality. She was sexy and sultry, yet playful and sweet which made the sex light and fun rather than just a release of tension and pressure.

John's mind slowly faded from reality and began release the negative stigma of coupling with his sister. "Aaaaahhh...aaahhh..." he moaned with his eyes fluttering in between a state of reality and ecstasy. Part of him didn't want to stop and enjoy the sensation to its fullest and come inside her, while the other screamed to him to not.

He pulled out and gave her another hot globby shower shooting his come onto her belly.

"Ahh...yeah..." she said and smeared the thick sticky ejaculate over her body.

John slowly regained his breath while his orgasm drained away from his body and Susan lied patiently until his feet came back down onto the floor.

"I love it when you come." She said and tasted his come on her fingers.

"Did you?" he said pulling her up into a sitting position.

"No. But it felt good." She said and gave him a big kiss shoving her tongue into his mouth.

She pulled away leaving a bit of spittle to splash on his lips and smile. John rubbed it off with the back of his hand looking at her with joy.

"You're so spunky, you know that? I've always loved that about you."

"You've always looked after me. That's always with me."

"I'm just being your brother."

"Maybe. But it feels like so much more."

"If this is your way of expressing your thanks, then you're welcome and then some." He said making her giggle.

"Then I've got a lot more thanking to give you, bro." she said and gave him a long loving kiss.

When she pulled away, they looked at each other tenderly and she hopped of the island back onto her feet. "Hungry now?"

"Yes, dear."

Susan had her robe wrapped around her again and John had slipped his boxers back on as well. They sat next to each other at the island eating cold cut sandwiches together. John looked at Susan thinking about something about her.

"What is it?" she said.

"I was just thinking. The times when we were growing up and the times I got mad and smacked you. I regret those times too."

"Hey. I got you in trouble lots of times. I remember the times I tattled on you. I regret those things. But that's in the past and we were kids."

"Yeah, but I still regret it when I think about it."

"Don't worry. That was us being kids."

"What about the other night? We weren't being kids then."

"No we weren't. But I understand."

"Understand? Understand what?"

"I knew or rather, assumed you had some pent up frustrations to work out of your system."

"What frustrations?"

"You know. With you and your ex?"

"My ex? That was over a year ago."

"I know. And have you been seeing anybody since?"

"Well, just because I haven't been seeing anybody in particular doesn't mean I haven't been going out?"

"Oh? So you've been having sex regularly since your divorce? And when I mean sex, I'm not talking about doing it solo either."

"Well, yeah." He said.

"Okay." she said and leaned toward him with a inquisitive look, "Then who?"

"Does it matter? Nobody you know."

"Humor me." she said not batting an eyelash.

"Well...there was Jessica."

"Jessica." Susan shot back, "Where did you meet her?"

"Meet? I don't know. I think it was at bar."

"Which bar?"

"Which one? What does it matter?"

"Which one?"

"I don't remember. I think it was the Red Lantern."

"What does she look like?"

"Look like?"

"You know? Blonde? Brunette? Tall? Short?"

"Oh. She was a blonde. Kinda short."

"How long was her hair?"

"Her hair? I don't know. Normal length. Like yours."

Susan sat up and sipped of her hot tea and shook her head. "You're such a bad liar, bro."

John was about to say something in protest, but slumped his shoulders in defeat, "When did you know?"

"I knew after the first question."

"Then why did you continue?"

"Oh, just to see how long you'd go."

"Do you question the dirtbags that hires you like this too?"

"We're not getting paid to question them. Just defend them."

"And that makes it okay?"

"Did I say that?"

"Whatever." John said waving a dismissive hand, "Tell me about this pent up frustration of mine."

"There's not much to tell. I was pretty sure you weren't getting any since your ex and everybody knew how upset you were with all that happened between the two of you. All I did was put two and two together. How could you not think about your ex in your next intimate coupling? And I understand where those emotions came from." she finished with a shrug.

John looked at her for a long while awestruck.

"What?" she said shrugging again.

"You know me better than I know myself."

"It was only obvious, bro." she said and picked up the dishes and placed them in the sink.

"Maybe to you."

"Yeah, well, I guess that's why they pay me the big bucks." she said with a smirk.

"You always were the smart one."

"Yeah. That sure didn't stop me from marrying a cheater either, did it?"

"You guys were sweethearts at college. You never would've known he was going to cheat on you."

"Yeah, but you did."

John looked down and shook his head, "I didn't. I mean, I felt a possibility that he had the potential to cheat on you, but that's probably how all brothers feel about guys going out with their sisters."

"Still, I should've taken your words to heart."

"Hey. That's water under the bridge." John said walking up to Susan and embracing her, "You've made me feel so much better. I'm starting to heal now, thanks to you."

"And so am I." she said and held him tight leaning her head on his shoulder. "But you know, the healing process does take a long time."

John laughed, "How long does it take?"

"Months. Years." She said then lifted her head and looked at him, "Sometimes...a lifetime." she said with deep soulful eyes.

John looked at Susan and felt the connection between them, but didn't know what. This wasn't the bond of being siblings or even being twins, but something else that felt warm and nice. He hugged her tight not knowing what to say and just held her close.

"Are you going to stay the night?" Susan said.

"I'd like that. Can I use your steam shower?"

"Can I join you?"

"But you had a shower already."

"Yeah, but that was before you dirtied me with your hot and sticky DNA."

"I thought you liked my DNA."

"What are you talking about? I love it." She said and kissed him.

John kissed her back and lifted her off her feet kissing her while carrying her over to the master ensuite. He set her feet down onto the cool yellowish travertine tile. John looked around and saw the double copper vessel sinks on one side with an enclosed steam shower tucked in the corner with a deep soaking tub besides it. The lighting was bright with a soft yellow tint giving the room the much needed warmth to the large tiled space.

"Your renovations came out nice." he said.

"Thanks. Worth every penny. And it'll be worth even more if you're here to share it with me." she said disrobing and letting it slide off her shoulders down to the floor.

It wasn't anything new to John's eyes having her disrobe before him just only a few minutes ago, but the sight was still equally arousing making John bite his lip at the sensation.

"How could anybody be a cheater, knowing they got to come home to this every night." he said marveling over her petite yet curvy body.

"Thanks. I love you too, Johnny." She said and her body began preparing for what was to come.

Susan opened the glass shower door and started the water which rained down out of the shower head. She pushed some other buttons which primed and readied the steam. She beckoned John in with a nod of her head and they stepped inside letting the hot water shower down on their bodies overhead. It wasn't too long when the steam began to kick in and hot warmth enveloped their bodies all around.

"This is better than a hotel. We don't even have to go to the Ritz." John said.

"Yeah, but you would've known it was me. Would you have gone all the way if I just asked you to?"

John looked at her through the steamy fog and thought about it. The mystery and the sexy teasing she did was tantalizing that brought him to the heights of sexual stimulation. He closed his eyes with a elated smile.

"I loved it. I really really loved it. It was such a turn on and it was so exciting. Those memories will be unforgettable."

Susan smiled feeling a relaxing warming rush across her body. She looked down and saw his cock was aroused and semi erect. She cupped his balls and stroked them speeding his erection to full within seconds making him give a guttural sigh.

"I'm really glad. But I hoping for many more intimate memories we can share together."

John reached to the control panel and shut off the water and turned up the steam and looked back at Susan, "I'd like that very much as well."

Susan didn't detect any thing off about his statement. It seemed sincere coming out of his mouth and her body felt a swelling of passionate anticipation. "Really? You mean that?"

"I don't know where this is going to take us and how far, but let's just take it one day at a time." He said and began fondling her pussy. "Is that okay?"

His touch on her clitoris sent a jolt of pleasure straight to the back of head, she swooned back just a bit before she caught herself. She leaned her back against the wall with her legs feeling like jelly. John held her up while continuing to stroke her pussy between the pink folds. Her jaw dropped open letting out a sigh that sounded close to a moan.

"Y-yeah, babe. That sounds okay." She said then closed her eyes let her jaw drop open.

She breathed in a shuddered breath and her body jerked at a ripple of intense pleasure. John sat her down on the wooden bench and knelt down in front of her opening her legs wide. Her pussy was wet with droplets of water of from the condensed steam. As they pooled, a streak of water would course down her supple skin down towards her spread open crotch.

John brought his face to her and lapped up the water and tang covering her labia up to her clitoris.

"Huuh...Hhhuuhh...Huuhh...!" Susan shuddered with each passing stroke of his tongue ticking her pink skin. She gripped his hair tight feeling the need to latch on to from the intensity.

Temperature was hot inside the stall from the steam and from within herself. She felt wave after wave of heat flush across her skin making her body sweat.

" feels so good." She moaned with an aching pleasure.

John could taste the salty sweat from her pores and the tanginess from her pussy when unexpectedly he received a surprise mouthful of pussy flavored juice that dribbled into his mouth.

"Errrmmmmm...!" John grunted from either disgust or ecstatic joy.

Susan didn't know which, but it sent signals of pleasure to her mind sending her quickly over the edge.

"HHHHhhhuuugghh....HHhhhhuugghh...HHhhhhuughhh..." she said taking loud and deep breaths and let it all out in one loud and long sound, "AAaaaaaauuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhh..."

The moan filled the stall long and loud bouncing off the glass and into John's ears to his extreme excitement. He didn't press into her this time but let her concentrate and feeling it run through her only to take little licks on her clitoris making her convulse at the shock of oversensitivity.

She leaned back against the stall feeling completely limp then opened her eyes to see John waiting patiently below her. He brought his head to her again and gave her another lick and she giggled closing her legs and covering her pussy with her hands.

"I love eating pussy. It just sounds so good when you come."

"Well you can eat me as much as you want."


"Of course. Don't you always want a blow job?"

"Well yeah, but I'm a guy."

"So? Women want to be blown too."

"Not my ex. I wanted to eat her all the time, but she didn't want me to."

"Now you're lying."

"Honest." He said holding his right hand up. "Whenever I tried, she'd step away or push me away. I think she thought my mouth was full of germs and it grossed her out or something."

"I guess she missed out then."

"I guess." John said rising to his feet.

Susan stared at his full on pulsating erection and looked back at him. "You need some help with that?" she said pointing at his cock.

"I was anticipating it." he said with a smile.

Susan raised her hands toward John's for assistance and he pulled her up to her feet with a slight bobble.

"Fuck me here. I'd rather not have to take a third shower tonight."

"You're so demanding."

"Hey. My house. My rules." she said.

"Yes, mistress." he said and positioned himself behind her as they both playfully giggled.

Susan bent over propping herself on the wooden bench and John penetrated her hot pussy slowly.

"Aaaahhh..." he said as his cock slipped inside her.

Susan grimaced then released her held breath feeling her body being filled with delight. She closed her eyes and smiled while picturing the sensation of his cock plunging in and out of her tingling pussy. John felt his cock surrounded by the heat of her body and pushed his shaft all the way inside until they were both hip to hip. He gave her hips a firm tug while pushing up against her which elicited a playful moan from Susan.

John began thrusting rhythmically and Susan bent over leaning her head on the bench with her legs standing apart with locked knees. She began to moan and pant with delight as his pace increased. He looked upon her see her wet hair matted against her body with wet strands across her face. Her mouth was opened making sounds of sexual bliss. Her eyes were closed and her brow was up as she was feeling the barrage of pleasure filling her body.

John looked down seeing his cock entering and exiting her pussy and felt turned on at the sight of ass. She brought her hands back and pulled her cheeks apart letting the droplets of water to stream down between her crack. He rubbed her hole with the pad of his thumb and felt excitement grow within him. He pushed his thumb inside her ass, feeling the tightness grab him and squeeze back.

Susan gritted her teeth then let out a loud breathy sigh and gripped the wooden bench tight as her body felt every sensation tickle through her body.

John couldn't tell if Susan's moan was out of pleasure or discomfort, but it didn't matter to him at the moment. It only excited him more and he quickly pulled his thumb out and replaced it with his index and middle finger and penetrated deep into her ass.

"Uuunnnnggghhh..." Susan grimaced again biting down on the tips of her fingers.

Upon hearing Susan's cries, John's orgasm immediately rose to its height. He closed his eyes and again felt the urge to come inside her picturing his come fill her pussy completely.

Susan felt his grip getting tighter and his pace faster and knew his orgasm was close upon her.

"Come inside me! Come inside me!" She said in her mind.

Susan's body wanted it just as much as he did, but her rational side did not allow her vocalize her desires, but she did moan louder and panted to match his quickened pace.

"Ohhh...Susie..." he said just before his cock felt like erupting.

John pulled out of her and shot out streams of come onto her wet ass and back. Susan reached back and began stroking her clit like mad feeling the hot globs land on her skin.

"Uunnnnggghh...yeah babe." she said feeling a less intense orgasm on her own.

She stood back up and turned toward John seeing his cock semi-erect and pulsating at each passing ripple. She grabbed his cock and stood close to him and John winced at the heightened sensitivity on his head.

"Come on, babe. Don't grow all flaccid on me. You want to fuck me some more, don't you?" she said.

"The body needs some time to recuperate, sweets."

"Oh, come on. It's not like you want to stop," Susan said wiping the come from her ass onto her hand.

She brought it up to her mouth looking at John, who watched intently, as she brought her tongue out and dragged it over the sticky globs of come before bringing it back into her mouth.

"Do you?" she said finishing her sentence.

Although John's sexual energy was completely spent on his orgasm, the sight of Susan raw sexuality was still quite invigorating to him.

"Are you really my sister?" he said shaking his head with a smile.

"Always have been."

"Then where were you when I was horny teenager?"

"You know," she said with a shrug, "At school. Doing homework. Doing chores around the house. Fucking."

"Girls too, right?"

Susan smiled with a raised eyebrow, but said nothing.

"You're naughty, sis." John said and turned the shower back on.

The water warmed their bodies as the steam had grown cool while their body heat grew during their period of sexual activity.

"You don't seem to mind."

John sat her down on the wooden bench and knelt down in front of her spreading her legs apart. The water rained on her belly and down her past her crotch and thighs.

"I don't." John said and brought his head into the raining water and put his lips on Susan's clitoris of a deep sucking kiss.

Susan's body shuddered involuntarily and she breathed out a stuttered breath before smiling and settling down in utter delight.

John's tongue danced on Susan's engorged clitoris as he slid his two fingers inside her opened pussy. He poked and prodded her and felt the velvety smoothness of her pink canal.

Susan's breath shuddered as he pressed his head deeper at the fork of her legs. She began to whisper off little squeaky moans as the air rushed in and out of her mouth. It was as if a balloon of pleasure was being inflated inside her body pumping bigger and bigger until the inevitable. A feeling of wanting it to burst and wanting it to keep filling was equal yet, she couldn't decide which she wanted more.

"Hhhhuuuhhhh...hhhuuuhhhh...ooohhh...yeahh..." she said feeling the growing energy bumping into her orgasmic wall.

Susan opened her legs as wide as she could and pressed John's face harder into her. She felt his tongue and lips licking and smacking her clitoris until it was more than her body could bear.

"AAaaaauuuggghhh...." she moaned releasing all her sexual energy.

As her orgasm coursed through her body, she felt the water grow cold for a moment, but became warm again almost immediately.

John pulled back and saw the blissful expression on his sister's face seeing her orgasm take full effect. Susan's face was relaxed with her lips parted breathing in the air. She looked calm and peaceful, then she opened her eyes and saw John staring at him. She smiled like a cute and shy little girl.

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