tagErotic CouplingsThe Office Team-Building Day Ch. 10

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 10


The next day at work was a Friday. I was in early, working at my desk when Courtney appeared in my doorway.

"Morning! Want to work on that report?" she asked, bubbly as ever.

She was wearing a light grey cardigan with white stripes, with a thin scarf covering her chest. She wore the flirty black skirt I liked, showing off her stocking-clad legs.

"Yeah, sure. Wheel that chair over and we'll get started."

We began working at the breakout table in my office, making good progress on the report.

"It's a bit warm in here, don't you find?" said Courtney.

"A little maybe," I offered unhelpfully, finding it neither cold nor warm.

Courtney unwound her scarf from her neck and tossed her hair. That's when I noticed the top she was wearing under her cardigan. It was a matching grey cotton top with a plunging neckline.

It was the first time Courtney had worn clothing that blatantly showed off her assets. Her breasts bulged over the neckline of her top, pushed up and out by what must have been a strong and supportive bra. Her cleavage began high on her chest and continued tantilisingly down her top. I could even see the point where the top of her bra ended, Courtney's pillowy tits bulging over the edge as if trying to escape of their own will. I felt blood rush into my cock.

"Mmmm, that's better," she said, catching me eyeing her exposed cleavage.

I squirmed in my seat and tried hard not to stare openly at her marvelous bust. We continued to work, Courtney inching her chair closer to mine, occasionally touching my arm. She leaned over a few times, resting her tits on the desk, causing them to bulge even more out of her top. She watched me carefully, knowingly, catching me sneaking glances at her voluptuous breasts. Rather than become annoyed or offended, she simply smiled and continued working as if nothing had happened.

"I'm still finding it warm in here," she said later that afternoon.

She removed her cardigan slowly, facing me as she pulled it behind her back, her tits threatening to burst out of her top. She placed it on the back of her chair and looked at me again as I consciously looked away, knowing I would be caught if I faced her. She moved her chair directly beside mine to continue our work. I shamelessly eyed her bosom, gazing down her top, mesmerised by her bulging boobs, growing excited by the dirty thoughts that raced through my preoccupied mind.

After working into the afternoon, during most of which I attempted unsuccessfully to conceal a raging hard on, Courtney stood up to retrieve a file from a cabinet. When she turned back and caught me ogling her breasts, she smiled and put the folder down. She then bent at the waist, looking me in the eyes and swiveled my chair to face her.

She leaned over to me, making sure I had a perfect view of her colossal tits, reached down and gripped my cock through my trousers, which was not difficult since I had a massive erection.

She put her mouth just above my ear and whispered, "I know it was you."

She squeezed my cock and breathed into my ear as I shivered.

"Wh-what do you mean?" I asked.

Again, she squeezed my cock through my trousers.

"My massage. I know it was you. Shooting your cum on my naked body."

She brought her breasts to within an inch of my face.

"I, uh... I don't--"

"--Yes you do. You jerked off on me and you watched Rachel and me have lesbian sex," said Courtney, looking down at me accusingly.

I breathed on her cleavage, not sure what to do. She slowly and deliberately rubbed my shaft, my cock growing harder.

"Well... then you also know that I know it was you giving me that amazing tit fuck. That it was you who sucked my cock. That it was you who willingly took my load on her tits."

"Yes. I know," she replied, then softly and sensuously, "... and I loved it."

I moved my head forward and touched my lips to the soft, fragrant flesh of Courtney's left breast.

A knock at the door broke the silence, and Courtney backed up quickly. I spun in my chair so that the desk hid my boner. The door opened, and Natalie stepped in. She was wearing a tight black blouse, open halfway to expose her deep cleavage.

"Quitting time you two! We're going to the pub for drinks."

Courtney picked up her scarf and sweater and a few files from the desk.

"Oh wonderful! I've got to meet Gavin outside, but I'll bring him along."

She skipped out without looking back. Nat shut the door quietly and sat beside me, swiveling my chair as Courtney had done and looking at my groin.

"Nice boner. It wouldn't have anything to do with Miss Titanic-tits, would it?" Nat giggled as she leaned forward to gently stroke me through my trousers.

"Absolutely. Man, she was teasing me like crazy today."

"That's the most skin she's shown of those fun-bags since she started here. I think you may be making some progress. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous," said Nat, pouting.

I leaned forward and cupped Nat's tits, squeezing them affectionately.

"Aw Nat, you know I'll never get tired of you. You're way too sexy and way too much fun."

I kissed her on the mouth as I felt up her tits. Her hands became busy with my belt. Another knock at the door. We made ourselves decent.

"Yep, come in," I said.

Courtney opened the door. She had put her cardigan and scarf back on.

"All set. Let's go you two!" she bubbled.

We had no choice but to postpone our lovemaking to follow Courtney outside.


The pub was fun, but relatively uneventful. I was not drinking much, and Courtney was spending much of her time with her unattractive and boring boyfriend Gavin. I flirted with Carmen, Nat, Sarah, and Alice, before I decided to head home.

"I think I'll call it a night. If I want to catch public transport I'll have to leave soon," I said to the group consisting of Courtney, Gavin, Nat, Mike, and Sarah.

"Oh? Already?" said Courtney.

"Unless any of you can give me a ride later. And judging by the drinks in your hands I'm guessing that's not an option."

"You could stay at my place tonight, if you wanted," offered Courtney.

"Um... but I thought..." said Gavin feebly.

"Oh it's ok Gavin, he can stay in the spare room."

I waited for Courtney to stare Gavin down, then she turned back to me expectantly, fingering the end of the thin scarf on her ample chest.

"Uh, alright. If it's not too much trouble."

"Of course not. Now let's have another drink," she replied, delighted.


We arrived at Courtney's two bedroom flat a few hours later. Courtney and I had not had much to drink, but Gavin was quite intoxicated. He stumbled into Courtney's room without saying goodnight, and shut the door. Courtney sighed, as she took off her scarf. I stared at her tits while she looked towards her bedroom. She turned back to me and sighed again.

"I know. Don't say anything. You can't always pick the winners," she said, unbuttoning her cardigan.

"Hey, who am I to judge?" I replied. "So, do you want to sit and chat, or should you show me to my room?"

"Just let me check on my drunken friend first. I'll be back in a minute."

Courtney entered her bedroom and left me sitting on the couch in the living room. I heard voices through the door, but could not make out the conversation. I heard a door open and close, then I heard another door shut. Five minutes passed as I waited for Courtney to return. Finally, after a few more doors opening and shutting, Courtney strode back into the living room, dressed in a white bathrobe.

"Sorry, I was trying to put Gavin to bed. He wanted to fool around, but in his state I doubt it would have done much good. He's none too happy about you staying over either."

"I don't blame him! Look, I don't want to cause trouble, Courtney. I'm happy to get a cab home."

Courtney sat next to me on the couch and touched my leg.

"Certainly not. I'd rather you stayed than him," she said, crossing her legs and smoothing the bathrobe.

"Thanks," I chuckled.

I looked at Courtney, trying to judge what might happen next. She simply returned my gaze, her arms crossed over her bust.

"So, you've invited me back to your place, your boyfriend is passed out in your room, and you're sitting next to me in nothing but a bathrobe. Some people might start to get ideas."

I smiled and leaned my arm on the couch behind Courtney.

"Who says I'm wearing only a bathrobe?" she returned.

"Please, prove me wrong."

Courtney smiled and snuck a glance at the hallway leading to her bedroom. She slowly untied the sash of her robe and pulled it aside. Underneath she wore a tight, white, spaghetti strap sports bra-type top that barely held her tits in. It scooped very low in the front, as her grey top had done. On the bottom she wore white brief-style panties. Her nipples were faintly visible through the fabric, as was the small patch of dark brown pubic hair at her crotch. I felt my cock rapidly hardening.

"See?" she said.

"I stand corrected. So you're not naked under the bathrobe. Somehow that hasn't stopped me from becoming aroused."

I took Courtney's hand and placed it on the bulge in my trouser leg. Despite the situation, she looked surprised.

"Courtney, our secrets are out. You know it was me who jerked off on your body during Rachel's massage, and I know it was you who wrapped those gorgeous breasts around my cock, then sucked me off until I blew my load on your tits."

I reached up and put my hand on Courtney's cheek.

"I think you brought me here for a reason."

I leaned in and kissed Courtney softly on the lips. It took a moment, but soon she began kissing me back. Our tongues squirmed against each other as Courtney's hand began rubbing my groin. I trailed my fingers down her neck to her chest, tracing them over the massive swells of Courtney's soft tits.

Courtney's other hand joined her first, and had my trousers open in a matter of seconds. She pushed them roughly down as I raised my hips off the couch. I pulled them the rest of the way off, removing my shoes and socks with them. My stiff cock pushed prominently out from my boxers, and Courtney gripped it hard with her left hand as she threw her right arm around my shoulders, pulling me against her, kissing me passionately. I placed my hand over her left tit and squeezed gently, feeling her nipple harden against my palm. Her breast bulged against the fabric pushing it up and against her other breast.

She moaned around my mouth, as her hand stroked me through my boxers. I felt up her tits, enjoying their soft, but firm consistency, feeling her small, hard nipples rub across my palm, becoming aroused by the thought of seeing them bare and unleashed from the confines of her skimpy, stretched top. Courtney broke free from my kiss and pulled violently at the waistband of my boxers.

"Get these off so I can see your massive cock," she hissed, pulling my boxers down my thighs.

The tip sprang free from the elastic band and flew up against my stomach. Courtney's eyes widened as she gasped.

"Oh! Oh my goodness, you are so big!"

She eagerly wrapped her fingers around my thick girth and held my cock pointed upwards, squeezing it with one hand and running the index finger of her other hand around the head, distributing my pre-cum. She gripped it with both hands and began to jerk me off, her eyes wide with excitement. Her arms pushed her breasts together, and they overflowed from her bra as I moaned quietly.

"Courtney, stand up in front of me. I want to watch you strip for me while I play with myself."

She kissed me, then released my cock, standing directly in front of me, her robe open, her hands on her hips. I began to stroke my cock as she ran her hands across her chest and into her hair, swaying her hips. She leaned forward, bending at the waist, and put her hands on my knees. Her breasts hung against her tiny top. Courtney shook them, and I watched as they swayed and bulged.

She straightened up again, pushing her arms together and causing her tits to pout deliciously. I was amazed at how her bra was able to contain her gargantuan orbs without ripping, or without them spilling out. I looked down her flat stomach to her small waist, and to her white panties. She had a camel toe, and her pussy had left a small wet mark on the fabric.

As I masturbated, I reached out and gently stroked her pussy lips through the thin material, feeling her warmth and wetness. Courtney squeezed her breasts, closed her eyes, and moaned. I applied more pressure on her slit and watched as her hips moved, grinding against my fingers.

"Oh yeah, baby. You're soaking your panties."

Courtney looked down at me and ran her hands over her stomach as she sucked it in, moving her hips forward.

"You make me so wet. I can't wait to put you inside me," she breathed, watching my hand stroke my long shaft.

"Strip for me, Courtney. Let me see those big, beautiful breasts."

Her hands slid up her ribs and her fingertips gained purchase of the bottom edge of her bra. As she continued to gyrate her hips against my stroking fingers, she very slowly lifted the material of her bra. I saw the undersides of her tits come into view as she peeled the material back. Her round under-boobs bulged as the material approached mid-breast. I stroked myself faster, excited by the approaching reveal. Courtney's crotch was soaked, and I was eager to strip her panties off and put my fingers inside her soft depths.

The sound of a door opening stopped us in our tracks. We froze, my middle finger pushing her panty material deeply between her pussy lips, her elbows akimbo, her bra squeezing tightly against her half-exposed tits.

A half-second later, we were both in frenzied movement. I yanked my boxers up and frantically kicked my remaining clothes under the couch with my heel. Courtney pulled her bra back down and threw her bathrobe closed, loosely tying the sash. She shooed me towards the nearest doorway--the kitchen--and I hid behind the door, looking through the crack. Courtney picked up a half full glass of water that had been sitting on the table, and sipped from it as I heard footsteps in the living room.

"Wha's goin' on? Wyrn't you in bed?" slurred Gavin.

"I was just getting some water. Go back to bed," replied Courtney coolly.

"Water, yeah, good idea..." said Gavin as he began to walk towards the kitchen door.

He was wearing a pair of baggy boxers and nothing else, his modest beer gut hanging over the waistband.

"Just have some of mine," said Courtney, holding the glass out to him.

"'S alright. I'll get my own." Gavin stepped towards her.

She quickly set the glass down and put her hands on Gavin's chest.

"I'll get it for you," she said as she pushed him down onto the couch.

He tried to resist, but stumbled and flopped heavily onto the couch. Courtney made him recline so his head was near the kitchen doorway, but facing away. This completely blocked his view of the kitchen. Gavin sighed heavily as Courtney swept into the kitchen to check on me. Seeing I was ok and well hidden, she got the water. I pressed myself against her from behind as she was filling the glass.

"Stop," she whispered.

I pushed the bottom of her bathrobe aside and stroked her wet crotch with my finger.

"He's too out of it to notice. Besides, I'm so horny right now. It's not fair."

Courtney finished filling the glass, and pushed her ass against my raging boner.

"I'll get him back to bed, and we'll continue where we left off. Just give me a minute."

She turned around and kissed me on the mouth, then stepped past me and into the living room. She sat on the edge of the couch and handed Gavin the water. He drank noisily.

"Better?" asked Courtney.


Courtney took the glass and set it on the coffee table. Then I saw Gavin's hand reach up and pull Courtney's bathrobe to the side, exposing her white sports top.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, trying to close the bathrobe.

"Come on, Court. We've barely done anything," said Gavin plaintively.

"You're too drunk. Let's just go to bed."

"Please, Court. Come on, jus' let me feel y'r tits a bit."

Gavin was pulling her bathrobe open, as Courtney tried to hold it together. An idea occurred to me, and I opened the kitchen door enough for Courtney to see me. She looked up at me, trying to mask her alarm. I held my finger to my lips, then pointed to Gavin and nodded. I mouthed the word "strip" then pointed to myself and mouthed "for me". I then pushed my boxers down and squeezed my cock invitingly at Courtney. By this point, Gavin was clumsily squeezing Courtney's left tit, and trying to pull apart her bathrobe with the other. Courtney seemed to understand my intention, and looked down at Gavin.

"Ok, how about I do a little strip for you. You can play with yourself while I do it," said Courtney, standing up to face Gavin (and me).


Gavin fumbled with his boxers and took out his penis. It was tiny, and he began to rub it with his fingers. Courtney dimmed the lights in the living room so she could adequately hide the fact that she was looking at me, and began her strip tease.

She swayed her hips and doffed her bathrobe. She ran her hands up and down her body, sometimes pushing her tits together, sometimes running her middle finger along her camel toe.

"Yeah baby, y'r gettin' me hard," slurred Gavin, his tiny penis sticking up like a thumb.

I stroked my cock watching Courtney, itching to touch her.

"Do you want to see my tits?" she asked, looking at me. I nodded, smiling.

"Yeah, get 'em out," said Gavin, drunkenly.

She repeated the action she had with me earlier, slowly peeling the thin top back from her enormous melons. She watched my hand rub my cock, then looked into my eyes and released her bosom. Her breasts seemed to explode out from under her top, their full volume being released into the open air.

They bounced heavily and her nipples pointed to the sides as they jiggled into perfect positioning on her chest. Again, their size, shape, and consistency amazed me as I stared, captured by their beauty. I was astounded at how such voluminous, curvaceous, sizable, natural breasts could belong to such a modest frame, and how they remained so full and perky.

My cock twitched and throbbed in my hand. I stroked it slowly, letting Courtney have a long look.

"Ooooh fuck yeah," groaned Gavin, rubbing his dick furiously.

Courtney slipped her skimpy top over her head and tossed it on the floor. She put her hands on her hips and let Gavin and me openly ogle her bountiful assets.

"Jump up 'n down. Bounce those titties," said Gavin.

Courtney put her arms down and linked her fingers in front of her crotch. She bent her knees, then made small hops, causing her full breasts to bounce against one another, colliding and sending waves of tit jiggling in all directions. And they truly did bounce. They did not flop, or sag. They bounced. Pre-cum leaked from my cock as I stroked myself, enjoying Courtney's bouncing bosom.

"Yeah baby. Now yur panties. Take 'em off 'n show me yur pussy."

Gavin must have been dizzy from watching Courtney's melons bounce, as he was slurring worse than ever.

"What's the matter, are my tits not good enough?" she asked crossly, crossing her arms under her bust causing it to bulge up and out, making them seem even larger.

"No, th'r great. I'm... I'm jus' gettin' essighted 'n you've nevrr let me see yur pussy before."

Courtney sighed and her chest heaved. She hefted her tits up, then slid her hands over them, letting them fall and bounce into place again. Cupping her right tit with her left hand, she slid her fingers down her stomach and over the crotch of her panties. She began rubbing her slit as I had done, kneading her breast softly and moaning. She then slipped her fingers down under the waistband of her panties and began rubbing herself, her breathing becoming quicker.

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