tagLoving WivesThe Old Clay Pot

The Old Clay Pot


My wife and I have just returned from our holiday in Greece and what a mistake it has been. My head is still in shock from what went on. Before I start let me fill you in on my wife, Her name is Donna and she is 36 we have not had a family yet. Her figure is still the same as when we met 12 years ago, She has nice size tits with great big fat nipples. Which I think are the best. They always seem erect and she always has trouble covering them up,

She fits into a size 12 dress at a squeeze, which I am always pushing her to wear as it makes her figure look much more sexy; and her nipples are more visible.

Donna is no super model but to me is my world, and I love her more every day.I know how lucky I am to be married to her.

She always looks after herself and shaves her pussy for me; As I love licking her.

We had arranged a 2 week self-catering holiday in zante Greece in June, which we had both been looking forward to as we had missed out on a break last year.

Donna had been shopping for weeks getting all her clothes and beach wear together; I had not seen her more excited all year.

We booked in our bags and boarded the plane.We were like a newlywed couple; it was fantastic.On arriving at zante airport we waited at the baggage collection point for our luggage,mine came through; but no sign of Donna's case. We waited until all the luggage had come off. But no sign of Donnas case,She was getting very upset as she had all her holiday clothing in that bag, I tried to calm her down, telling her that it would turn up.

I went to then information desk and explained that the case had not arrived,they were very helpful and told us to go to our apartment and they would bring the case to us as soon as it turned up. We boarded the coach, and soon arrived at our apartment at 9.00pm in the evening.

It was fantastic we had a sea view which was spectacular and only a 3 minute walk to the sandy beach, But Donna was really upset about having no clothes to change into, I tried to cheer her up and said, let go out and have a nice meal and if in the morning, the case had not arrived I would take her in to town to buy some new clothes, she agreed and said she would hold me to that!

We had a lovely meal and I treated her to some exotic cocktails which she really enjoyed and relaxed her, she soon forgot about the bag and we had a brilliant 1st night together, we returned to our room hoping that the bag would be waiting but it wasn't, We went to bed but Donna was in no mood for anything but sleep.

I woke in the morning with a full six inch erection hoping for a bit of action but Donna was only interested in finding out if her bag had arrived so off I went to the reception.

There was no sign of the case, and the airport could not find it, they thought that someone else had picked it up by mistake and that it may turn up at any time, I walked back to our room with the bad news, Donna was very upset so as I promised we set of to town.

We arrived at the old part of town which the taxi driver seemed to think was what we wanted, as we walked along some dirty lanes an old lady was standing outside a shop, which had all sorts of Greek clothing and tourist tat outside, she was calling us over in Greek and grinning at us with only one tooth at the front. Donna didn't want to go anywhere near the shop, and I should have listened to her but, I said come on let's have a look around, it won't hurt; We walked over, and the fat old lady welcomed us in paying more attention to Donna and guiding her in to the back of the shop. As we walk in it smelt damp and musty, there was lots of traditional lady's clothes hanging on the walls, I spoke to the lady telling her that we wanted some beach wear and clothes for my wife, and pointing at Her, the old lady started talking in Greek so I started touching Donna and showing her Donnas bra to try and get her to understand what we wanted, The old lady suddenly seemed to understand and went to the front of the shop babbling away Greek, Donna started telling me off, and saying that we should leave.

The old lady started bolting the door which was most strange and then came back with some old looking clothes and a clay pot, she then got hold of my wife's top and started lifting it up, Donna tried to stop her but she was very strong and the next thing Donnas standing there in just her bra and skirt with her big nipples straining and looking all erect, I started getting an erection she looked so sexy, the old lady was looking at her big nipples too and said something, then she started undoing her bra, the next thing my wife is standing in this shop with no bra on, she is trying to cover herself but the old lady's pulling her arm down to her sides, she seemed to have some control over both of us, I was transfixed just standing there watching her start rubbing some ointment in to her nipples from the old clay pot, she then starts pulling my wife's fat nipples really hard and grinning at me, I've got the biggest hard on I have had for years, and this dirty old woman knows it, I have never seen Donnas nipple look so big and engorged, they looked like two cocktail sausages, Then it dawn on me that my prim and proper wife was enjoying it to!

The old lady was saying something but I was in a daze, then she started taking Donnas skirt off, my girl looked so sexy, my pants were soaked with pre cum, Donnas eyes were glazed she was staring through me, When I look down next her knickers were missing and the old girl was rubbing some ointment in to her bald pussy lips which looked all red and puffy, from the old clay pot, she then guided my wife over to the counter and bent her over it, then from behind, dipped three fat old wrinkly fingers into the old clay pot, and while grinning at me started fingering my beautiful wife, three fingers at a time, I have never heard screams like it as my innocent sexy wife came time after time, Donna collapsed on to the counter, I thought the dirty old woman had finished with her, when she got up grinning and walked past me in to the back room, I heard her rummaging around for something.

Donna had not moved or said anything since the old woman had started rubbing her nipples with the ointment, as I went to the front of the counter I noticed her pussy was hanging open and her clit was hanging down throbbing, I had never seen her pussy so wet, there was a puddle of cum on the floor which I wanted to lick up, but I had to see if she was ok! As I got to the front of the counter she was facing the front of the shop her big fat engorged nipples were hanging over the counter and it looked like some liquid was leaking from them they looked so fat, I said "Donna babe are you alright" I lifted her head, but she was just staring through me, completely out of it I don't know what that woman had used or done to her but she was gone, I couldn't help myself I just had to feel her nipples, I reached out and touched one hanging down, it felt so hard and sticky I had never in 12 years of being married to her, seen them like this, I started pulling them just like the old woman had, she started moaning, I had to get my cock out I couldn't take it anymore, I pulled my six inch cock from my pant and started rubbing, my cock started getting harder and harder, it felt like it was going to burst, I had never felt anything like it the ointment from Donnas big fat nipples was now on my cock from my fingers, I had transferred it, I couldn't control the feeling, It was un controllable my cock was so big and hard but I didn't want to cum yet, I wanted sex.

Just as I was going to go back around the counter to fuck my wife I heard a grunt and felt Donna lunge forward, I looked up and the old woman was back standing behind my wife grinning at me, She had taken her skirt off, and was rubbing a what looked like a strap on dildo up and down my wife's pussy,It looked very old and made out of a olive tree branch, which had been whittled down and shaped in to an angry looking tool, it was about 12 inches long with a knot at the end the size of a large lemon, the tool looked very old and well used, The tip fitted perfectly in the old clay pot, and when she removed it the lemon size tip was dripping with the special ointment, The old woman without taking her eyes of me moved the tip of the special tool to the entrance of my wife's tight dripping pussy,I felt so horny all I wanted was to see the horrible old woman fuck my wife with the special tool, my wife had only had my six inch cock in her pussy in the last 12 years but I could not help her now I was consumed with lust and started shouting at the old woman to fuck my wife, The old woman new what I was saying but was teasing me, playing with my wife and I, She had that look in her eye, She had us both in her control, she looked at my cock and chuckled to herself thinking that and old woman was going to give my wife the fucking she has always craved, that fucking I could not give her, She then started rubbing the lemon sized tip up and down my wife pussy flaps, Donna started moaning I couldn't help myself and started pulling her fat nipples, The old woman looked me in the eyes grinning as she push the tip into my wife's pussy, Donna started shaking and moaning as the angry tip opened her up like never before, the old woman had about 6 inches in, about the hole tip, and then started rocking backwards and forwards not taking her eyes from me, she was smiling at me as I rubbed my cock, it had never been so hard, I was loving this, like nothing I had ever experienced before, I looked over and saw the old woman's legs, touching my wife's arse cheeks, and new that the special tool was fully embedded in Donnas inflamed pussy, and it would never feel the same to me again, and the old woman new that as she started laughing at me, Donna was in in heaven she was screaming and constantly having orgasm after orgasm, as the woman fucked her like I could only dream.

The old woman suddenly pulled the tool out and she fell to the floor exhausted, I was round there like a shot and buried my full 6 inches in to the hilt, she felt so different, like it wasn't my babe anymore, she was changed now, and forever.

I came in her for what seemed like an age; I exploded and fell to the floor next to the old woman.

As I lay next to her I saw something out of the corner of my eye, looking through the shop front window, was a big fat slob of a man about 20 stone plus in his late 50s holding a camcorder in one hand, and a fat cock in the other, He grinned at me and walk away.

After about 10 minutes I got to my feet, I help the old woman up, and sat her on a chair, she said something, I don't know what, and then I went over to sort Donna out, I couldn't find her knickers or bra for some reason, but I got her skirt and top and dressed her the best I could, her nipples were still so big they stuck out her shirt like torpedo's, Donna could not walk, it was like she was drunk, but I had to get her back to the apartment, as I went to leave the shop the old woman called me over and gave me a small clay pot and the key to the door and smiled at me.

We left the shop and walked to the end of the lane and found a taxi back to our apartment, the taxi driver could not take his eyes of Donna's tits, we nearly crashed twice, He also looked like the big bloke from earlier,

Anyway we got back safe.

To be continued.........

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