tagErotic CouplingsThe Old Man of the Mountain Ch. 02

The Old Man of the Mountain Ch. 02


Since Jan's phone call to her lawyer, we worked to make sure we were ready in case Greg decided to show up and try to find her. Ian had seen women who were determined before, but something that her lawyer had said had changed Jan, and Ian didn't know if he liked the change. Still there were preparations to be made for a potentially unexpected and unwelcomed guest.

Ian showed Jan the various perimeter sensing devices set in a semi-circle at the base of the cliff and about 100 yards from the house. He also showed Jan how his entire house was designed to blend in with the cliff so as to be virtually invisible to the casual eye. The two rifles and a shotgun came out and were loaded before being placed at strategic spots around the house with extra ammunition on hand.

For the entire day, Ian walked around with his cock pointing the way since Jan was in no way inclined to cover her luscious body. In the early afternoon, just after lunch, as Ian sat in his favorite chair, Jan came over and sat in his lap making sure to line his hard cock up with her gaping pussy. As his dick slowly entered the heavenly warmth and moisture of Jan's cunt, Ian moaned his appreciation. He pulled Jan's head to him and almost savagely kissed her sinking his tongue deep within her willing mouth. Her tongue fought back and soon entered his mouth, exploring almost all the way to his throat.

Jan wiggled her little butt with its flaming red pubic hair against Ian's pubic bone causing him to hump up at her demanding hole. She giggled as she felt his prick getting still harder in her warm cave of delights. Then she started a slow easy movement as Ian sucked first one and then the other of her nipples into his mouth where both is teeth and his tongue paid homage. She moaned her appreciation as her slickened cunt walls slipped up and down on Ian's spear. She ground her cunt harder and harder into Ian's lap and, giving a little cry of delight, she came all over his cock and balls. The little shudders and tremors that rippled through her body were enough to push Ian over the edge and he filled her honey pot with some hot sperm-ladened cream.

As they basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking, one of the perimeter alarms softly went off. Ian almost threw Jan off his lap in his haste to silence the low buzzing sound and check where the sensor was located. The location was almost where he had found Jan the day before. Then the two of them hurriedly went up to the upper level and looked out the small window in the direction of the sensor.

"Is that Greg?"

"Yes. Damn it! I was really hoping he wouldn't come. I didn't really want to believe he'd do that to me. Well, now I know. What are we going to do?"

"Nothing. I'm going to silence the rest of the alarms and as long as Greg doesn't find the house and try to get in, we are safest doing nothing at all. He's not too likely to find anything that looks like a place you could hide. What bothers me is that he came back here looking for you."

"But I can't hide here forever. I have a life to live, Ian, and I can't lead it trapped in some cave in the side of a mountain. I think Greg came back here because this is where he dumped me."

"You may be right about the reason Greg came back here. And, I know you can't hide here, Jan. I was... Well, never mind what I was."

"You were what?"

"Just a dream I had last night after we made love. It doesn't really matter."

"Of course it matters. Dreams are a doorway to the soul, aren't they?"

"Jan, let's not go down that road right now, OK?"

"What the fuck is he doing, Ian?"

"Looks like he found some of my footprints. But, relax. Everything for fifty yards around the front of the house is solid rock and he won't be able to follow my footprints for long."

They watched Greg blunder around the rock garden that was Ian's front yard, never coming within twenty yards of Ian's cave home.

After thirty minutes of fruitless wandering, Greg sat down on a rock and put his head in his hands. He was obviously worried about something. After a few more minutes, he took out a cell phone, turned away from the cave and made a call. While they couldn't hear what was being said, it became obvious from his movements that Greg was getting very angry over something that he was being told. When he hung up, he acted as if he were going to throw the cell phone over the side of the mountain, but stopped and made another phone call. This time he looked as if he were giving somebody orders as he faced the cave's windows.

"I wish I could read lips."

"I can, Ian, and that bastard just took out a contract on me for $25,000." Jan seemed outwardly calm even though her emotions were being taken for a roller coaster ride. "I guess I can scratch one boyfriend."

"From the way it's beginning to look, he's only after your money."

"Yes, and that's what hurts the most. If he had waited a little while longer, I was ready to set a date to marry the son of a bitch."

Ian and Jan watched Greg picked up some of the stuff he had brought with him, leaving trash and an empty drink bottle behind to litter Ian's front yard. He left the way he had come, not knowing that he had been within twenty yards of his prey.

Suddenly Jan broke into tears and leaned her naked body against Ian. As Ian put his arms around her and drew her closer, he could feel her hard nipples pressing against his chest. His hands caressed her back and she responded by wrapping her arms around his waist. As Ian looked down, Jan looked up and their mouths met in a frenzied duel that lasted long moments until their mouths parted and they started to peck at each other with their lips.

"Ian, I want to be fucked. I don't want you to make love to me. I want you to fuck me hard and fast until I scream."

"If that's what the lady wants, then I will be more than willing to fuck the shit out of her." Ian grabbed her and almost threw her down on the floor. His body landed on top of her and without any tenderness, he stabbed her cunt with his cock causing her to gasp in pain as his fleshy spear impaled her. She was only lightly lubed by her fluids and he was in pain himself as he entered her a second and third time. Her body responded by secreting the fluids that would make the copulation easier to achieve and Ian picked up the pace brutally pressing her into the carpet.

At this pace he knew he wasn't going to last long. His cock strokes were savagely hard and fast like a well greased piston pounding her into the floor. She moaned, she gasped, and she panted, but she never did scream. Ian increased the force and speed even more despite the feeling that his cock was being rubbed raw by her cunt. Then she screamed and Ian flooded her cunt with is hot creamy lifegiving sperm. Panting, he collapsed on top of her. With his sides heaving he rolled onto the floor next to her shuddering body, still climaxing without a cock or her fingers inside her.

"My God, Ian, that was good." Jan panted. "Sometimes I just want a good hard fuck to clear my head and set things in perspective, you know?"

"Well, I'll be happy to oblige any time you want, but I really prefer a gentle lovemaking over an animalistic fuck. Animals can do what I just did to you. I want to put a little bit more of effort into making the woman feel wanted and loved, not just fucked like a rag doll."

"I know. I also know that this sounds crazy, Ian, but I'm beginning to fall in love with you."

"Jan, I'm no prize. I've been around the block more times than I care to count. When I was younger, I didn't care how I got my rocks off. Hard or gentle didn't matter as long as I shot my load into a willing pussy. But, with you, I don't like the hard stuff. I want to love you and protect you from harm. I guess I'm falling for you, too."

They picked themselves off the floor and Jan reached for the phone. For an hour she talked with her lawyer in Atlanta and afterwards had a look of complete satisfaction on her face.

"Ian, how can I get to Atlanta?"

"Well, you can walk to Bristol up in Virgina and take a bus or walk an additional ten miles or so to the airport and take an airplane."

"Isn't there any other way?"

"yep. I'm just not sure if I want to do it."

"What's that?"

"Well about a hundred yards from here I have a garage hewn out of this same cliff and I have an MG stashed in that garage. The driveway is over some hard rocks, but it doesn't leave tire prints and the MG is gassed up and ready to go."

"Why don't you want to do it?"

"Jan, I don't know how to say this. I know we just met the a very short time ago, but I either really like somebody or really hate them. You I really like and I don't want to lose you in a big city like Atlanta."

"Ian, that's sweet, but until Greg is put behind bars, I really can't stay with you. Maybe afterwards I could, but not until he is in jail. I can't be looking over my shoulder waiting for him to try to kill me again."

"I know all that. Well, let me know when you want to leave and I'll get the MG out of the garage."

"Just let me get a few clothes on."

"Yeah, I guess I better get some on, too."

Ian and Jan were on the road within five minutes, but they did not stop in Bristol. They picked up the interstate and drove through to her home in Atlanta getting there after dark. After parking the car, Jan walked up to the front door and rummaged around the flower pot until she came up with the key to the door lock. She let them inside and then turned on the foyer light after closing the door.

Ian was speechless. He had never seen such luxury as he was looking at just then. The foyer was almost as large as some rooms he had been in. Jan took his hand and tugged him along up the staricase to the second floor. She flung open the door to a bedroom and dragged Ian over to the bed.

"Ian, you've got too many clothes on."

"Only as much as you do." Ian started undoing the buttons on his shirt and felt Jan's hands rubbing his chest and his back as she pulled him into a deep passionate kiss.

"I want you to make love to me this time. No hurried fuck. Just some slow, sweet lovemaking."

"Whatever the lady wants, is just what the lady will get" Ian responded as he watched her t-shirt climb over the twin mounds of her breasts, quickly joining his clothing on the floor. He fondled Jan's breasts as he laid her back on the bed, slipping between her spread legs. His tongue slowly traced the outer limits of her pussy's outer lips. His hands kneaded ther breasts and tweaked her nipples to full erection. When he had her moaning, his tongue dipped deep into her tasty honey pot and licked her pussy juices as they flowed from her inner body. Leaving the entrance to her cunt with his mouth, he slipped the fingers of one hand into her hot twat. His tongue dipped lower and penetrated her ass hole after fighting its way past the muscle guarding the entrance. Her hands pulled his head tighter against her crotch as her body shuddered through its first of many orgasms of the young evening.

As Ian lifted his head, she pulled him up and kissed him with a growing passion, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. Then Jan pushed him back and lowered her head to his penis, sucking it deep inside her mouth and trying very hard to swallow his phallus whole. Now it was Ian's turn to moan in pleasure. He warned her of his impending cum, but she merely added more suction to her efforts and drew several long, hard, hot blasts of semen from his body. After she had licked up every drop of cum from his now shrinking cock, she rolled over into his arms and kissed him once again.

"Are you ready to love my pussy now?"

"I thought I had."

"I mean with that lovely prick of yours."

"Well, if you can get it hard enough to penetrate, then I'm ready, not until."

Jan sucked his cock back to life and lowered her hungry cunt down over it, feeling the cock penetrate all the way to her cervix. She hissed her appreciation as he bottomed out and started moving her hips in that age old dance of life. Ian didn't have the urgency to cum and the slow love making took them both to the highest of highs before they exploded in and on each other. Then they merely rolled into each others arms and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep which ended only when the sun shone through the windows the following morning.

When Ian opened his eyes the next morning, he watched Jan put the finishing touches on her make up.

"How long have you been up?"

"About an hour. You were sleeping so well that I didn't want to wake you. I have to leave to meet my lawyer and then we can take up where we left off last night, if you want to."

"I want to do that very much."

"Good. I'll be back in a couple of hours or so. Kate can get you anything you need."


"Yes, my maid and cook." Jan pushed a button on her dresser and a young girl in a pair of shorts and a printed blouse came to the door.


"Kate, can you get Ian some coffee and something to eat, please?"

"Yes, ma'am. How do you like your coffee, sir?"

"Black, no sugar. And please, the name is Ian, not sir."

"Yes, sir. Would you like anything else, sir?"

Looking at her, Ian was tempted "yes, you", but decided that Jan may not like his sense of humor so early in the morning. Kate turned on her heel and went out the door.

"Pretty girl."

"Yes, she really is, isn't she. She also helps me in other ways."

"Such as?"

"Such as right now, I really don't have time to explain. I'll tell you later when I get back." Ian found himself alone laying naked under the blankets of a nice large bed. Jan was leaving for her appointment. He closed his eyes as he heard Jan say something to Kate and opened them when Kate entered the room with his coffee.

Kate moved with a grace that one usually attributes to cats. Her movements seemed to make her slink across the floor with the coffee tray.

"She's a lovely lady, Kate."

"Yes, she really is lovely."

The two of them watched through the balcony window, Kate at the window and Ian from under the covers in the bed as Jan got into her Jaguar and wheeled out of the circular drive.

"Well, now that she's back, I have a lot to do, so if you'll excuse me, sir."

"Of course, but you can call me Ian if you like."

"Whether I would like to or not, I won't, sir. That isn't my place and I just won't do it."

"OK." He was already speaking to Kate's back as she left the room. Ian began to guess in what other ways Kate may be helping Jan, but could not find it in himself to pass judgement, even if he had all the facts, which of course, he didn't.

Ian got up and found clothes in a box at the foot of the bed with a note that said that they had been ordered last night and that Jan hoped they were the right size. He pulled the pants on and found that they fit just about perfectly. The shirt was a bit large, but nothing that would cause any trouble. Sipping his hot black coffee, he left the bedroom and started wandering through the house.

The room across the hall turned out to be a library of sorts with all kinds of interesting books on the shelves. There was also a computer monitor sitting slightly off-center of the desk. Ian pulled up a chair, pput his coffee cup down, sat thinking for a long time while staring at the computer screen and then seemed to make up his mind. He sat at the computer keyboard and typed out a short note. When he had re-read the note and made a few minor corrections, he saved it to the hard drive. He then printed it and deleted the file that he had just created. He folded the note in half and scrawled Jan's name on it before putting it in the center of the desk and walking out of the house. He climbed into the driver's seat of his car and turned the ignition key. Within minutes, the house and Jan were in his past and he started whistling a sorrowful Scots ballad as he found his way back out the the interstate heading north.

The 1500 cc Triumph engine in the MG Midget purred mile after mile as he drove back to his cave. His note had thanked Jan for her hospitality and explained that he needed to get back to more familiar surroundings. In short, he said good-bye to somebody whose world he could never fit into without more pain than he wanted to give to the effort. The wind whipped through his hair as the miles rolled past under the wheels of his Midget.

When he got back to his cave home, he wandered around the place aimlessly for three days before drinking himself into a stupor and passing out on the floor in the living room. When he awoke, he drank himself back to sleep and slept this time on the couch instead of the floor. Ian was miserable and he knew why. He craved Jan's hot pussy wrapped around his stiff cock and her soft, yet firm, tits pressing against his chest. In his mind, he must have fucked her eight days to Sunday before he passed out for the night just as the empty bottle hit the floor with a quiet thud.

On the morning of the third day, Ian decided that he had had enough of getting drunk, besides he was out of Scotch and that was the only alcoholic drink he kept in the house. He showered and started to change into fresh clothes when he decided that he was going to walk around his own house stark naked. He sat down in his favorite chair and picked up the novel he had been reading before Jan came into his life. After a while, he became immersed in the book and didn't pay attention to the time. By suppertime he was famished and took out a steak to put on his built-in grill. He opened a bottle of Pinot Noir to let it breathe and built himself a salad, deciding that he had to make a Scotch run in the morning.

As Ian was pouring the wine, his driveway alarm went off. He looked up at the security monitor and saw Jan's Jaguar pulling up to the garage entrance. A smile broke over his face as he opened the freezer for a second steak to grill. Then he reached for a second wine glass.

What Ian saw next startled him. Both doors of the Jaguar opened and first Jan and then Kate stepped out of the car. Both of them were completely naked except for their lovely smiles. Ian reached back and took out a third steak and retrieved another wine glass. He then went to the front door and opened it. When Jan and Kate had reached the door, they were each met with a glass of Pinot Noir.

"I was hoping you'd come. Come in, both of you are more than welcome."

"Thank you, Ian. Kate has decided that she would like to become part of our household."

"You obviously told her about the dress code." Ian's eyes ran up and down Kate's compact five foot three inch body with 34B breasts jutting out from her chest. He noticed that she shaved her pussy and almost reached out to touch.

"Go ahead. Kate doesn't bite. She told me how horny you had made her when you were at the house and how hard it was for her to walk away from the bedroom and your body."

"Really? I thought she wasn't interested." Ian reached out and touched a very firm breast belonging to Kate's fine body. His cock started its rise and Kate's hand went down to stroke it, encouraging it to stiffen even more.

"I would love to oblige you right now, Kate, but I have three very nice steaks grilling and a salad in the making."

"May I help with the salad?"

"Yes, Kate, you can, if you want to."

"Thank you. I love salads and can do some amazing things with just a few ingredients."

"She really can, Ian. Kate is one reason I have to watch what I eat."

"Well, I don't care how much you eat, you look good enough to eat! I've had a hankering for the taste of pussy."

"Good. Kate and I can offer two very distinct vintages and I think you will like them both. Won't he Kate."

"You can bet your cock on it Ian. Jan and I are going to fuck you silly."

"What happened with Greg? Isn't he a threat to you anymore?"

"Oh, him. Seems he was killed in an automobile accident day before yesterday. Some mechanic failed to tighten his brake lines and he ran head-on into a tractor trailer rig on the interstate. He left me a fortune that he'd never told me about when he 'married' me."

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