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The Older Man


There is an older guy who walks his little dog around late in the day, we've nodded to each other several times as I've driven by him or when I'm leaving work and walking out and he's out walking his dog, he appears to live alone from what I can tell, and I've often thought or fantasized that's he likes to put cocks in his mouth and likes to have his cock sucked on.

I imagine myself going over to his house and sitting on the couch with him, watching TV, we sit close and moving closer, until our legs touch. My penis is getting hard already, and I happen to be wearing those short shorts. My cock is swelling the full length of the pant leg, and the swollen cock head is only about a 1/2 inch from the opening. He puts his hand on his leg, moving it back and forth, closer and closer, until he's almost touching the material of my shorts.

My penis is fully swollen now, making my shorts stick up along the pant leg, it's totally obvious how hard I am. I move around a little and adjust my shorts so they pull up a little, and that's all it takes for throbbing cock to stick out, my whole cockhead and then some. He tries to act like he doesn't see it and keeps watching the TV, but his eyes keep looking down, staring at my throbbing penis sticking out of my shorts.

His hand moves very slowly, rubbing my thigh, moving up little by little, so close to my exposed penis, then he finally bumps into it. I moan, and I push myself towards his hand, and his hand gratefully receives my cock. Oh fuck, his hand feels so good, gently squeezing, making my penis not just wet, but dripping wet, so much clear fluid on the head and running down my shaft. I do what he did, and move my leg until I bump into his, then slowly rest my hand on his thigh. I look down and I can see his cock is hard and sticking up in his pants, and I slide my hand slowly towards his bulge.

Meanwhile I pull my shorts up even more so the whole length of my swollen cock is now totally exposed and sticking out for my older friend to see and touch. His hand takes advantage of my throbbing exposed cock and slides up and down the whole length, squeezing at the top and bottom, making my cock leak out big spoonfuls of clear precum with every stroke. I'm so hard and excited.

I don't think my cock has ever been so engorged. My hand finally bumps into his nice bulge in his pants, and I move along a little quicker, my hand feeling the length of his mature cock, and I'm amazed how hard and big his cock is for an older man. I immediately reach for his zipper and slide it down, and after a quick moment of reaching in his pants, I'm rewarded with his perfectly straight 8 inch penis sticking straight up out of his pants. It makes my mouth water as I put my hand around it and give it a squeeze and that first stroke, admiring how nice of a cock it is.

We both have our heads turned towards one another now, each holding the other's swollen cock, pumping slowly, so not to rush the moment, and I cant help myself, so I lean over more and push my mouth on his, kissing him fully, my wet lips sliding around his, and he kisses me back, and for what seems like forever, we are locked together. Kissing slowly and deeply, tongues licking each other, hands stroking each others, what are now raging hard-ons. Fluid leaking out of each cock, practically pouring out, both of us rubbing the wetness with our thumbs, then putting our thumbs up to each others mouth, so we can taste our own juices.

But I don't want my cock juice now. I want his, his cock and juices in my mouth, I'm so hungry for his cock. We break our embrace and I immediately slide down in his lap, un-zip his pants the rest of the way, slide them down, and I take his penis in my watering mouth. not waiting to gently work it in, I take it all the way, as far as I can, his swollen cock head almost in my throat, and I close my mouth around it, sucking, then my tongue runs up and down the back of his cock, across the head, then back, all the while my mouth, locked tight around the perfectly straight shaft.

Once I've tasted his juices and made his penis even harder and more swollen, I slowly move up, while continuing the torturous pleasure of my tongue and suction around his penis. He moans and holds my head, running his fingers through my hair, pushing his cock up into my mouth when its time to go back fully inside, telling me to be gentle, he cant hold on much longer. I finally take my mouth off of his cock, and take it back in my hand and slowly stroke it, kissing it all over, then go down to lick his smooth shaved balls, and give them a warm tongue bath.

I look up and he is in complete heaven, the look on his face says it all. I have to suck more, and I know I'm flirting with danger if I suck too much, my older friend wont be able to hold back, but I want his cock in my mouth, to suck it, its so nice and hard, and so straight, and so big. I don't care any more and I grasp his penis and take it back in my mouth, and proceed to get what I want, his big load of hot creamy cum jetting on my face and in my mouth.

Sucking slowly but surely, and stroking at the same time, he moans and tells me again, that he wont be able to hold back much longer. I start to go a little faster, my tongue circling his cock head like a snake, up and down, all around it, pumping his penis fully up and down, and his penis is starting to swell, and the juices are pouring out of his beautiful cock. He moans and tells me he's very close, "please don't stop," so I continue for a moment, but then stop, looking up at him, "Oh fuck! please don't stop, I'm so built up now and so close," he pleads.

So I go back to pleasuring him again, but then stopping, teasing him, his cock is practically going to burst every time I stop, he doesn't know when I'm going to stop and start, he's so on the edge now, sweating, breathing heavy, his cock so hard and hot in my mouth and hand, and now I cant wait, I want his cum, I want him to ejaculate in my mouth, so when he sees me driving by or coming out of work, his cock will get so hard thinking about this moment. I'm sucking and stroking, and not stopping, and he's moaning now, he's going to cum and he cant stop it, mmmmm, my mouth is so open for him, his cock swells again, and then I feel the first pulse of his cock muscles, and an eruption of hot sperm jets in my mouth, so much, so hot, and for a moment I take his cock out, and jerk it, letting the cum spray freely, all over, splashing across my face, in my hair, and shooting beyond, so hot.

I quickly put it back in my mouth, and drink the rest, milking his penis, drinking his sperm down, so hot in my mouth, his cock muscles spasm over and over, it seems to go on forever, so many loads, until finally, he is drained, and my mouth is tired from sucking his big cock. In a quick minute, he recovers, and he is kissing me deeply and grabbing my throbbing cock, I was so caught up with his I had forgotten how hard I was.

He pulls my shorts off, and gets on the floor and takes my throbbing hard-on in his skilled mouth, giving me my own medicine, stroking and sucking, then stopping, building me up fast, he gently licks my balls all over while still pumping my raging cock, my juices flowing from my piss hole. Then he surprises me, instead of going back to sucking my cock, he goes from licking my balls to licking my ass.

Oh fuck, that feels so fucking good. His warm tongues darting all over, pushing in, then licking all over, going in again, his tongue fucking my hole. Oh fuck, if he keeps doing that while he strokes my cock, I'm going cum all over, I moan to him. That makes him push deeper in me, his warm tongue penetrating me, licking in me now, his fist skillfully pumping my cock, knowing just how to push down, then slowly pull up, milking my cock.

I don't want to cum yet, but it feels so good, I can't fight it. I tell him I'm very close, and his tongue goes up across my balls several times, and that's what sends me over the top. I feel the first wave of my cum shooting, and it shoots high in the air like a volcano erupting, it splashes all over him, while his tongues fucks my hole, making me cum so hard. Then he comes up and my cock is back in his mouth, sucking and swallowing, still stroking,, I cum so much and so hard I feel like I'm being drained of all my precious fluids, and they are all going in his mouth, drinking me down. I am finally milked dry of all my cum, and he kisses my cock all over, licking my balls one more time, and tells me I'm welcome to cum and watch TV any time.

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