tagLoving WivesThe Oldest: Number 21

The Oldest: Number 21


This story, like some of the others is out of sequence in terms of the time it happened. Regardless, some of my friends have asked me to tell you about Linda’s friend, Sam, the oldest man who ever fucked her. He left her with such strong feelings of enjoyment that she would never again fail to fuck any man who appealed to her, stranger or no.

The Oldest

Sam was 74 years old when he decided that he would drive the 800 plus miles from his home in Tennessee to where we were stationed in Texas at the time. I had sent pictures of Linda to him when we first started our correspondence a couple of years before from the islands. He had been kind enough to let me know of a female friend of his who was still in the islands at the time. They had been lovers for several years before he was forced by his age to retire. He wrote her, told her of my interest in swinging and asked her if she would like for me to visit her.

I was delighted to hear that she was interested, made a couple of visits over to her side of the island and had a great time fucking her. So, it didn’t take any great stretch of courtesy to invite Sam out to see us if he was in the area.

I certainly didn’t expect to see him begin that long drive at his age, but when he called and said he would like to visit, I told Linda and got her approval for him to come down. Sam had sent several pictures of him taking care of the ladies he was providing sexual outlets for and it was obvious to me that he loved eating pussy as much as I, if not more. At the time he was actively providing his services to three ladies all of whom were half his age, but whose husbands just couldn’t keep them satisfied. My kind of man!

Within that same week he arrived. I would have expected him to have been absolutely dog tired after such a journey, even assuming he broke it up with an overnight stay, but you can’t believe how full of energy he was when he arrived.

I met him as he pulled into our driveway, took his suitcase and led him inside. He saw Linda as soon as he was inside the house, pulled her into his arms and gave her a kiss that was as long as it was apparently delightful to her. She was breathless by the time he relaxed his hold on her and I could see, from the erect nipples poking through her blouse that she had enjoyed her first taste of his tongue in her mouth. It had the same effect on Sam. His own interest was obvious from the tenting of his trousers, plainly outlining a lengthy cock.

We took a few moments with him sitting on our couch, his arm around Linda, to let him unwind a little over a glass of iced tea. You would have thought it added more energy to his body than a full night’s sleep. All the while we were sitting there, talking about his trip, he had his arm over her shoulder gently caressing her right breast and occasionally giving it a gentle squeeze. I could tell without any words that he was as anxious to see them as he was to fuck her, and she obviously was getting that message judging from her erect nipples.

I was surprised when, despite what I thought would have been his exhaustion, he told us that he wanted to take us out to supper that night. I protested, suggesting that he should get a good night’s sleep before doing anything like that, but he prevailed. Linda ushered him to his bedroom and then suggested a hot shower. He was all for that, but then said he seldom showered alone and asked her to join him. She hesitated for a moment, but then reluctantly agreed. She went into the bathroom to get the water temperature regulated and was already in, getting soaped up when Sam, totally naked, joined her. She told me later that he spent the first twenty minutes or so insuring that she was almost sparkling clean, with occasional breaks to get his cock under control. She admitted with a giggle or two that she hadn’t helped that a great deal and had been surprised at how long and how thick his cock was, especially when she held it between her thighs as he lovingly sponged the soak off her breasts.

She managed to get him back to his bedroom so he could change clothes while she did the same in our bedroom. I noticed as she changed that what she had chosen to wear was exactly what I hoped she would choose to arouse a date. She had her half cup bra, thigh high stockings and a surplice neckline dress that showed quite a bit of cleavage – no panties.

Within a couple of hours of his arrival, we were on our way to a local steak house that had very dim lighting, a small dance floor, and excellent food. I suggested that Linda sit in the back seat of our car to “keep him company.” She slid in without a hint of reluctance. It was about a fifteen minute drive from our house to the restaurant and I could see in the rear-view mirror that Sam was using every bit of the time to get ‘better acquainted.’ Linda spent all the time playfully slapping his hand away from her tits and laughingly telling him to behave or her outfit would be wrecked before we got to our destination. When we arrived, she took a moment to straighten her dress and check her hair before, with one of us on each side; we escorted her inside each with one arm around her waist.

Sam was the perfect gentleman once we were inside – at least until the lights dimmed further for dancing. Before dimming, the lighting had been so dim that we needed the candle on the table to read the menu. Now it was almost totally dark. You could just make out the figures on the dance floor barely five feet away. Sam asked me if I wanted to dance with her first, but I demurred, telling him that I wasn’t a good dancer (and I’m still not) and suggesting that as our guest he take the first set with her. Linda once more had no objections and spent the next fifteen minutes being moved slowly around the floor in a loving embrace. Despite the dim light, I could see her face was flushed when she returned and suggested that we call it an early night to prevent Sam from becoming overly tired.

I doubt that was her concern at all, but I hastily agreed and once again ushered the two of them into the back seat of our car. Within the first few yards, Sam had pulled Linda into his lap. I could see one hand had disappeared beneath her dress and he was kissing her deeply.

I don’t know to this day whether he had fucked her in the car during that short trip back home and never told me, but he certainly made up for any missed opportunities when we arrived. He picked her up and literally carried her into the house and into the bedroom we had set aside for him. He had her dress off in minutes, and her bra pushed up over her breasts so he could suck her nipples as he sat on the side of the bed and undressed with her help.

As soon as his shoes and trousers were off, she got his briefs off and pushed him back on the bed. He offered no resistance as she straddled his legs and poised her hips over his cock, then reached between them and put it between the already swollen, red lips of her pussy. He pulled her forward so he could suck her nipples as she slowly lowered herself onto his rampant cock. It took her several minutes to reach the point her pussy lips were against his graying thatch of pubic hair, but then she sat up with a smile and a slow groan of pleasure before beginning to rock slowly back and forth. She reached orgasm within minutes, shuddering with desire as he held a breast in each hand stroking them as though he was milking a cow.

Norm, I can’t begin to tell you how erotic that scene was. I had already decided to leave them alone for their first fuck together, but I couldn’t turn away. My wife, still in her nylons and high heels, her bra pushed up over the rise of her breasts, was literally impaled on her lover. As soon as that first orgasm was out of the way, Sam managed to lift her with both hands on her buttocks until he could swivel to a position down the length of the bed with her help. He never took his dick out of her. He was screwing her again when I closed the door and went to our bedroom.

More coming. Part 2, the next morning.

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