tagBDSMThe One

The One


I am scared to death. Tonight I meet the man who has been living in my dreams for most of my life. My hands shake as I apply the final touches to my make-up. I want to look perfect for Him. I am wearing a short, tight dress of red silk. It has a plunging neckline, which clings to every curve, and shows my firm, full breasts to their best advantage. I chose red because that is the color of whores, sluts and cunts. I will be all of those to Him, and more.

The meeting is to take place in the hotel around the corner from my house. At 8pm sharp, my phone rings. I pick it up and hear, "482". It is Him. The One who's voice can simultaneously, thrill me, terrify me, hypnotize me, and cause me to obey His every command.

I make my way over to the hotel. Walking as He has commanded, so that anyone driving by will see the thing I have become for Him. I get many offers of money along the route. But tonight I will perform any and every act requested of me, not for money, but for the thing which feeds my soul.

As the elevator takes me to the 4th floor, my knees are so weak that I must hang onto the rail to keep from melting to the floor. I have never been so scared in my life. Or more happy. Tonight we will find out if each of us has found our One.

I stop outside the door to room 482 and fidget for several minutes, fixing my hair, my dress, stalling the inevitable. Then I hesitantly reach out to knock lightly upon His door. I wait a full minute, not wanting to appear too forward, then I knock again. Still no answer. Perhaps He is in the shower? I wait. When 15 minutes has passed, I knock once more, still to no avail. My heart begins to turn to stone as I sink down to sit on the hallway floor outside His door. An hour passes with no sign of Him. I resign myself to the fact that He has changed His mind about me. I want so badly to cry, but hold it in as I make my way slowly back downstairs.

I am nearly to the lobby doors when an announcement comes over the speakers, "Taylor. Please report to the hotel bar." I freeze in my tracks. Did I really just hear that? It's Him! He's the only one who knows I'm here! I hurriedly make my way to the lounge and scan the crowd. My eyes are drawn to Him immediately, even though we've never met. The photograph He uses as his avatar is imprinted on my brain. I wind my way through the crowd, feeling His eyes upon me the entire way, until I stand, trembling, before Him.

He looks me up and down, then signals with one finger for me to turn around. I do as instructed, and must have met His approval because He nods to the chair next to Him. I sit. He takes my hand in His and kisses it lightly. Then looks into my eyes and formally introduces Himself. Suddenly, His grasp on my hand tightens, and He quietly says, "Reach under the table with both hands, remove your panties, and give them to me." I doubt I can do it without anyone noticing, but I couldn't care less. I have been commanded. I surreptitiously slip my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and shimmy out of them. I pass them to Him under the table, and there is a twinkle in His eye as he says, "Good slut". I lower my eyes demurely, whispering, "Thank you, Sir" as my heart melts a little more for Him.

He orders a drink for me, and we spend the next few minutes studying one another, committing every detail of the other to memory. I am in mid-sentence when He interrupts, "Go to my room and take off your clothes. The stockings and heels may remain, for now. But that is all. Kneel on the floor in the middle of the room, hands behind your back. And wait quietly. The key is already in your purse." I leap from my chair and fly from the room to comply with His wishes.

I strip quickly, not wanting to be caught in violation of His orders, should He be on his way to the room right now. I kneel as instructed. But before placing my hands behind my back, I use them to fan my long blonde hair around my shoulders, and pinch my nipples to make them nice and hard for Him. I'm desperate for Him to find me desirable. I lock my fingers together behind my back, lower my chin to my chest, and wait. Minutes tick by, then an hour. My arms ache, my legs are going numb, and I am trembling all over. I know this is a test. One of many I will endure at His hands. And I will not fail. Another hour passes before I hear the key in the lock.

He closes the door and turns on every light in the room, the better to inspect His prize. He walks slowly around me, stopping every now and then to touch my hair, rub His thumb across my lips, cup my breast in His hand to test the weight of it. He pulls my panties from His pocket and steps quickly behind me, using them to bind my hands together. The passion and excitement this ignites within me is so intense that it makes me dizzy. I have never been so wet in my life! Never wanted anyone, or anything, as much as I want this man and the life only He can give me.

He steps in front of me, places His hand under my chin, and gently lifts my face until we stare directly into each other's eyes. He looks deeply into mine for just a moment, before nodding. He has seen what He's been looking for. I cannot tear my eyes from His as he begins to speak, "From this time forward you belong to me. I OWN you. You will devote yourself to my pleasure, and obey my every command. In return, you will be cherished as My most prized possession. You will be taken to heights you never dreamt possible, and will receive pleasure untold. I am the missing piece of your soul. And you are mine. Do you agree?"

I nod mutely, eyes still locked with His. He continues, "You will no longer address me as 'Sir', but as your 'Master'. Understood?" I whisper, "Yes Master", and watch transfixed as He begins to unzip His pants. "Open your mouth, cunt. Show your Master what a good little cocksucker he owns." He is fully engorged and pre cum is leaking steadily from His fat, shiny cock head. I open my mouth, and as He pushes himself into it, I moan at my first taste of Him. I am in Heaven.

Even as He begins to slowly fuck my mouth, I run my soft, wet tongue up and down the length of His shaft, and over, under and around His glorious cock head whenever He pulls back far enough. My lips wrapped firmly around my Master's swollen cock, I start to suck, feel His response as it twitches, taste it as more pre cum oozes from the tip. I am wild with lust, yet know my satisfaction is up to Him from now on. I must please Him to earn my pleasure in return.

I move my head up and down in perfect rhythm to His thrusting hips, taking Him deeper with every stroke. I dare to look up, and our eyes meet. My heart hammers in my chest at what I see there. He wants this as much as I do. Needs ME, as I need HIM. The realization rocks me to my core. I've never wanted anything in my life more than I want to please this man.

Without warning, I force my head down hard, choking myself on His cock but not stopping. Letting my throat muscles relax to take Him in, I hear Him whisper, "Sweet Jesus!" as He wraps his fingers into my hair and pushes His prick all the way down my throat. I panic as my breathing is stopped by the obstruction. Then relax, allowing Him to fuck my mouth like a pussy, and taking a short breath every time He withdraws enough to allow it. He begins to moan, and tightens His grip on my hair. His thrusting becomes faster, frenzied. He swells and begins to throb rhythmically, as I suck Him harder than He's ever known. His breath catches. He buries his cock in my mouth, it begins to jerk violently, and He proceeds to shoot a seemingly endless stream of the sweetest cum I have ever tasted down the back of my throat.

I swallow furiously, but cannot keep up with the flow from Him, and a trickle runs out the corner of my mouth and down my chin. I continue to suck and swallow as His thrusting slows, then stops. And I coax the last few drops from Him with my lips. He pulls Himself from my mouth, looks at me, then uses His thumb to wipe the cum from my chin and put it back in my mouth. As I suck it off, He smiles and says, "Good job, slut." And my heart soars!

He helps me to my feet, but my legs are too numb to support me. He scoops me up and carries me to the bed, then unties my hands. I rub them, shake them, trying to get some feeling back into them. But before that can happen, He grabs them and pulls them over my head, expertly using a short piece of silk rope to attach them to the headboard. He circles the bed and begins to undress. I watch, mesmerized, as His body is revealed to me in its entirety. I am aching inside with a need I have never known as He slips into bed beside me. But instead of turning to me, He lies back and closes His eyes. He sighs contentedly and murmurs, "Get some sleep. You have a long weekend ahead of you."

He falls asleep almost immediately. I, on the other hand, cannot. My heart is pounding, and the adrenaline coursing through my veins insures I will be wide awake for quite some time. I wiggle over onto my side, and in the faint light from the window, I watch my Master sleep. Until I too drift off with a smile upon my face.

I am awake before the sun comes up, and pick up where I left off, watching my Master sleep. When at last He opens his eyes and sees me, the corners of His mouth lift in the faintest of smiles. He Says, "Good morning, my sweet little slut. Did you sleep well?" I smile and nod, "Yes Master. Very well, thank you." He smiles back and gently unties me from the bed. "Good girl. Get dressed." I do as instructed, and we head downstairs for breakfast. Our conversation flows so easily it's as if we have known each other for years. Perhaps we have in another life. And it is that other life that we both now seek.

We pass the day getting to know even more about one another, and as the sun sets, we head back upstairs. Master reaches into His suitcase and pulls out a paper bag. Tossing it to me He says, "Go take a shower. You know how I want you shaved, so don't miss a spot. Wear only what is in the bag, put your hair in one long braid, and make sure it's well secured. Understand, my little cum whore?" I am already on my way into the bathroom as I say, over my shoulder, "Yes Master!"

As soon as I get the door closed, I look into the bag. It contains a pair of long black gloves with silver rings at the wrists and elbows, and the sluttiest pair of heels I have ever seen, nothing else. I rush to complete the tasks required of me, yet when I'm done, I hesitate before opening the door. I take a deep breath and compose myself, trying to slow down the jackhammer which is my heartbeat. Then I open the door to present myself to my Owner.

He walks around me, naked, erect, nodding admiringly, then He lifts my braid and inspects it closely. Suddenly He wraps his fist around it and uses it to pull me to the bed. He pushes me roughly to the mattress and growls, "Hold still, Bitch!" In a flash He is atop me, straddling my hips and attaching a clip to the gloves to hold my elbows together. He reaches behind me and pulls out a length of rope that He has already tied to the headboard. He weaves it in and out of my braid and finishes it with a knot at the end. Then he sits back and smiles at me. "Ready for round two, My Pet?" I begin to tremble, and moan softly. It is the answer He seeks. He smiles and laughs.

He slides forward onto my chest, and leans in to test the knots on my braid, making sure I am secured to the headboard. As his cock brushes my face, I reach my tongue out to taste it. At my touch, He grabs his dick and starts slapping me in the face with it. "Did I tell you to open your mouth? I've been in THAT hole. It passed the test, by the way. But, much like golf, a different hole is played in round two." He jumps off the bed, reaches underneath, and pulls out a long coil of rope. He uses it to bind my legs, spread eagle, to the lower corners of the bed.

Once done, He drops the full weight of his body onto mine, uses the head of His cock to part my pussy lips, and enters me in one hard thrust. I cry out, as He slams against my cervix, and strain against my bonds as He begins fucking me in earnest. Within a few strokes, my cunt begins to quiver, then contract around His glorious cock as I cum all over Him for the very first time. When He feels the gush of fluid drench His prick, He laughs and speeds up His thrusting, knowing now how I will respond. I do not disappoint Him, reaching one orgasm after another, thrashing and moaning beneath Him as I beg for more.

He suddenly pulls His cock from me, moves back up to sit on my tits, and orders me to lick his cock and balls clean. I do so with abandon, causing Him to leak huge drops of pre cum for my hot, hungry tongue to savor. "I have a much better use for that!" he tells me, rising from my chest and untying my legs. He flips me onto my belly, pulling me down until my braid is stretched taut. He forces my legs apart, and a moment later, I feel His pre cum dripping down the crack of my ass. "Round three", He says.

As I realize what's about to happen, I begin to tremble, and when I feel His swollen cock head rubbing against my asshole, the begging starts. "Please Sir. PLEASE! I've never done that!" He stops. In a low voice He says, "Do you wish to be owned by me, or not?" Terrified, I whisper, "Yes Sir." "Then I will have ALL of you!" He growls as He begins push against my virgin ass. I try so hard to be silent, and He is as gentle as He can be, but I can't help but whimper as He stretches me open with His rock-hard cock.

I force myself to relax for Him, and He moans as the head slips all the way in. He pauses, allowing me to become used to the sensation, then slowly, inch by inch, He pushes himself in until I feel His balls touch my clit. He pauses once more, leans down, and whispers, "Good girl". He begins to fuck my tight little ass with slow, short strokes, until my whimpers turn to moans of pleasure. But when I begin to thrust my ass back onto his cock, He laughs and pulls out.

Grabbing my hips, He pulls me up onto my knees, positions His cock against my asshole again, and grunts as He shoves it back in and starts fucking me hard and fast. I match every stroke. And wanting nothing more than to pleasure Him, I tighten my ass as hard as I can. He begins to moan loudly, and His cock swells, stretching my ass even more tightly around Him.

When I feel it start to twitch, I reach between my legs and begin to massage His swollen balls. "YES BITCH!" He grunts, slamming His prick deep inside me as it starts to contract. I grind myself down onto it as hard as I can, and use the muscles in my ass to milk Him, reveling in the animal-like noises He makes as He spews stream after stream of hot, sticky sperm into me.

After He is fully spent, He eases Himself from my once-virgin ass, and sprawls out next to me with a satisfied smile. He lovingly unties my braid from the headboard, and unclips the gloves, so that I can strip them off. Then He pulls me to Him, and we lie in each other's arms, content in the knowledge that our search is finally over. We have each found our One.

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