tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Only Currency She Had

The Only Currency She Had


It was a cold night in New Orleans. That meant it was about 40 degrees outside. Not that it affected me; I was from the east coast, where forty is short's weather. However, when it gets to be that cold down in New Orleans, the whole city nearly shuts down.

I had bigger problems. I had lost my ATM card the night before and I had no access to cash. I still had a credit card, but that doesn't really help when it comes to the commodity I was aching to buy. It had been four days since I had last smoked: a small joint on my porch before I went to sleep. If I had known it would have been my last smoke, I would have savored it more. Four days doesn't seem like a lot, but for an everyday smoker like me, four days has seemed like an eternity.

I had thought about going to the grocery store and explaining my situation to a nice young man and pay for his groceries on my credit card. Surely a young man would understand and be willing to help an attractive girl out. However, it was Sunday and the only all night food mart was over 7 miles away. It seemed like a long trip for a plan that was anything but fool proof.

My plan B was no better, but I needed some grass one way or another. I pulled up outside the old white colonial house and got out. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. A boy, about my age opened the door.

"Can I help you sweetheart?" He said smiling.

"Yea, um," my voice cracked. "I'm a friend of Jason's I was hoping to talk with him."

"Oh, right, a friend of Jason's. Sure come on in," he said moving aside and allowing me to pass. I did not recognize his face, nor did he recognize mine, but Jason had many friends and they were hard to keep track of. I first met him at Jazz Fest last year. He was selling eighths right out on the lawn. The stuff was decent too, considering the garbage that typically shows up in New Orleans.

He was also fairly easy to deal with. Jason was a college student like me. We even had a class together once. My point is that it's never sketchy when I buy off him. Well, that is, until now.

When I got to the living room I saw Jason on the couch with another one of his friends. They were playing video games and barely noticed me. Eventually, as the game ended, Jason glanced over my way.

"Hey, Jenna! How's it hanging? It has been a long time," Jason said smiling.

"Yea, well I've been getting my stuff from a friend," I said smiling. "But he moved so here I am!"

"Well, what can I do for the lady?" Jason said smirking.

"Um, well, actually can we talk in your room," I said. "I really need to tell you a story and it's kind of for your ears only."

"Oh, um, yea that's cool," Jason said. "Let me just grab my materials." Jason picked up the weed, scale and baggies off his coffee table and showed me to his room upstairs. It was nice and very clean.

"So what's up?" Jason asked.

"With what?" I responded.

"I mean what's the story?" Jason said.

"Oh, well, there isn't really a story," I said and then paused. "I need something on credit and I didn't want to discuss it in front of your friend." I waited anxiously looking at his face.

"Listen Jenna, it's nothing personal but I haven't seen you in three months and the first thing you want to do is pick up on an I.O.U. I mean I'm just not that comfortable with that," he said as he shook his head. He avoided my eyes and just sort of shugged my shoulders.

"I know it's out of nowhere but I lost my ATM card and I haven't smoked in a couple of days," I said almost pleading. "I swear I'll pay you as soon as my new card comes in, please!"

"I know the feeling. I would be happy to smoke you out on a bowl," he said.

"No, listen Jason, I need an eighth so that I can go home and take a bath and smoke a joint and relax," I said sighing. I could tell the conversation was not going anywhere. It was not just me. Jason was notorious for being unwilling to give out credit to anyone. I just figured it was worth a try. "Ok, what I am about to say stays between us, ok?"

"What Jenna? You're freaking me out a little," he said.

"Jason, how about you give me an eighth and I give you something you want?" I said.

"I'm listening," He said leaning forward.

"Ok, how about you give me the bag and I'll jerk you off or something?" I said smiling nervously.

"This is orange kush sweetheart. I was thinking you lose the top and give me hummer and then I'll call it even," He said without pause. "I think that's a good deal too, so take it or leave it."

I closed my eyes while I thought about how badly I really wanted this weed. It did seem like the only viable option. When I opened my eyes, I was met by Jason's anxious stare. He was quiet as I pondered his offer. Ultimately, I did not respond verbally either. I took a deep breath and lifted my t-shirt over my head.

I was glad to see I had at least worn one of my good bras. There is no reason to add insult to injury. It was a dark purple lace bra I had recently bought at Victoria's Secret and it supported my perky c cup breasts beautifully.

I got down on my knees and crawled between the legs of Jason, who was sitting on the edge of his bed. As I reached toward his belt buckle, he gently stopped me with his hands. For a moment, I thought the little prick was just going to let me have the bag. I thought maybe his conscience had led him to pity me in my vulnerable position. A nice though anyways.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Jason asked smirking at me.

"Um, I'm sorry," I said confused. "What's wrong?"

"Well, I think 'lose the top' implies your bra too," Jason said.

"Now wait a minute," I said leaning back slightly. "I don't..."

"Listen, it is what it is," he said bluntly. "Do you want it or not?"

He knew the answer was yes. "Ok, I'll take off the bra, but this isn't going to just keep escalating. I want to have the bag in my hand so this doesn't get out of control," I said looking up at him.

Jason nodded his head and handed me the Ziploc. I put it in my purse. "I get to shoot it anywhere I like too," Jason said winking at me.

"Just not in my hair ok!" I said. "I'm serious about that!"

Jason nodded again and I repositioned myself between his legs. He leaned back slightly on his bed. I unbuckled my bra and let it fall off my shoulders. I instantly felt the cool air from his wall unit on my bare breasts. My nipples quickly hardened and I rubbed them instinctively. I also felt the lustful stare of Jason, who was admiring my beautiful tits.

I decided I had tortured the boy long enough and leaned in over his crotch. With my nimble hands I unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. As I undid his zipper, Jason propped himself up so I could pull his jeans to the floor. He was wearing a pair of white boxer briefs, and I removed those as well, pulling them below his knees. Jason removed his shirt to complete the trend.

He had a nice body. He was slender but not that built. When I looked down to his crotch, his penis was still soft. It was not small but it certainly didn't look all that impressive flaccid. It was lying casually against his balls and right leg.

I ran my hands up his thighs as I leaned closer to his penis. It twitched slightly as I came closer to it. I used my tongue to gently lift his limp penis to an angle that I could wrap my lips around. As I took the head of his cock in my mouth, Jason let out a sigh of pleasure. I took his entire dick into my warm mouth and closed my lips around the base of his shaft. I began to suck intently as I slowly pulled my head away from his crotch, stretching his rapidly hardening member away from his body.

When I brought my lips back to the base of his shaft, I could feel his new found length pushing deeper down my throat. His cock was not yet fully erect, but the blood had started to flow to his crotch and I could feel the slight rigidness flexing against my twirling tongue.

This time when I pulled my head up, I let Jason's penis slide completely out of my mouth. It was about five inches long now and soaked in my saliva. I wrapped my right hand around his hardening shaft and pumped it up and down. His cock continued to grow as I tickled his balls with my free hand. He moaned and closed his eyes. Then I brought my mouth down and began to suck on his sack. I tongued his balls and took turns sucking on each one.

Typically, when I give head, this is not a necessary step. I find testacles particularly gross and I stay away from them, with the exception of a quick hand rub when I'm in the neighborhood. However, Jason's balls were shaved and I wanted him to get hard and cum as fast as he could. As I licked and played with his contracting sack, I continued to stroke his cock with my slender right hand. I felt his member getting harder with every stroke.

Just as I was starting to taste the salty disgustingness that had always deterred me from licking balls in the first place, I felt Jason tug upward on my head. His fingers were intertwined in my blonde hair and he pulled my mouth off of his smooth sack. As he gently pulled my face upwards, I let my tongue caress the underside of Jason's rigid cock.

As I came eye to eye with his Cyclops, I could see it was a little more than 6 inches tall and at full mast. The vein that ran down the underside of his shaft was pulsating with excitement. As was the purple head of his swollen cock, which pulsed as the blood rushed to his manhood.

"Suck it bitch!" Jason said. "Don't just look at it." I didn't like his tone of voice, but he did make a valid point. I put the head of his penis back into my warm mouth. I could taste the pre-cum ooze onto my tongue as I sucked gently on the head of his manhood. His pushed down on the back of my head and encouraged me to go deeper. I let his rigid cock slide all the way into my mouth. My nose pressed into his dark brown pubic hair.

The throbbing flesh pole fit comfortably in my mouth. I had engulfed bigger before. In fact, ever since I gave my first blow job I've always considered myself a natural. I relaxed my muscles and deep throated his cock. He moaned and bucked his hips as I sucked harder on his warm flesh. I once again began massaging his balls with my hands. Jason continued to sigh and pant in appreciation. I had only one thought on my mind: make him cum and go on home.

I began to bob quickly up and down the entire length of his cock. With my hands on his thighs, my lips slid up and back down his rigid flesh. The tip of his member touched the back of my throat as my nose grinded against his pubis. Occasionally, I would gag slightly and let his penis fall out of my open mouth. I would give it a few quick strokes and then force it back down my throat.

Jason reached down and began playing with my C cup breasts. I realized this was not part of our agreement, but, like I said, I wanted him to get off by any means at this point. I pulled his spit covered cock out of my mouth and jacked him off for several seconds as I looked up at Jason. His eyes were closed tight and he was breathing in short gasps.

"You like those tits?" I said rhetorically. "You want to fuck my tits?"

Jason did not open his eyes to meet my stare. He nodded quickly as he tried to control his climax. I took his hot rod and placed it between my boobs. My nipples were rock hard and pressed against my arms, which I folded across my chest to secure his cock's position. I spit twice into my cleavage and began to slowly bounce up and down. I had never tit-fucked a guy before and I was enjoying it more than I thought I would. The feeling of Jason's hard hot cock rubbing against my smooth breasts made my pussy start to stir. I felt a moist area developing in my panties.

I bounced my tits faster now and his cock popped in and out of my cleavage. He moaned and panted as I slid his penis against my tits. The friction of his flesh against mine sent feelings of pleasure through my spine as well. I spit into my cleavage again and continued to bounce up and down with my boobs tucked tightly around Jason's dick. Just as I was thinking that he had lasted longer than I had predicted, I felt Jason's whole body gyrate.

"Put it back in your mouth," he managed to say under his breath. I could tell he was holding his orgasm back. I released my tits and his throbbing cock popped free. I immediately put the entire thing into my mouth and deep throated his shaft. I could taste the sweat from my tits that had rubbed off onto his flesh pole. My nose was buried in Jason's pubic hair, but he clutched the back of my head and push down anyway. My face was smothered in his pubis and my lips pushed against the flesh at the base of his cock. His cock pushed deeper into the back of my throat, further than I had thought possible.

Just then I felt Jason explode into my mouth. His salty cum shot down my throat and nearly caused me to gag. I recovered gracefully and continued to suck on his pulsating cock. The sour liquid continued to fill my mouth. It tasted very strong and it was more creamy then a typical load. It was quite thick and I could tell it was the type that was going to be a chore to swallow.

When Jason finally stopped cumming and I felt his member start to wither in my warm cum filled mouth, I let his softening penis fall out of my mouth. The flaccid member was covered in saliva and semen, and plopped against his tight sack, which had contracted during his orgasm. I looked around for a convenient place to discard Jason's sour creamy gift, which I was still gargling in my closed mouth. There was nothing, not a wastebasket or even an old solo cup. I realized I needed to just bite the bullet.

I cringed as I started to swallow his funky spunk. It felt like one awful tasting loogie that was slithering down my throat. When I finally had swallowed all of the solution, I got myself together and put my bra back on. I wiped my tits clean of sweat and the excess cum that had slipped out the corners of my mouth. Adam laid calmly on the bed in ecstasy. It was as if I had sucked the life out of him. He just stared at the ceiling with a big shitty grin on his face.

I put my shirt back on and looked at myself in the wall mirror in Jason's room. I fixed my hair, which Jason had pulled every which way, and readjusted my skirt. I grabbed my purse and opened Jason's door, leaving without another word.

As I left his house, I wondered if he would race down to tell his friends what had just happened. I turned around and dashed back up to his room. Jason had still not recovered fully but sat up and covered himself when his bedroom door flung open. I shut the door behind me and looked directly act the naked boy. He looked confused now. "Listen," I said. "I don't want people to know about this so I want to make a deal. I will come do this same transaction every week until you don't want me to come back and, in exchange, you talk of this to no one. The minute I hear or even get the feeling you're telling people about this, I'll tell every girl I know that you got a small dick and you cum fast. True or not, word will spread. You understand?" I said staring him fiercely in the eyes.

"Alright," he said nodding. "I can dig that. Is there anything else?"

I looked over his toned physique. I could still feel the moistness between my legs. "Now that you mention it," I said putting my purse down...

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